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  1. Naggsty Butler

    Space Force

  2. Naggsty Butler

    USU @ FSU

    One of the most exciting games in the last 5 years as an Aggie fan. Coach Smith is awesome.
  3. Naggsty Butler

    Government Shutdown Thread

  4. Naggsty Butler

    North Texas vs Utah State Game Thread

    333 passing yards and not having a good day lol. I get your point but I absolutely love having a QB who gets over 300 yards passing and is considered a "bad day".
  5. Naggsty Butler

    Famous Alumni from your High School

    Alta High School Julianne Hough is probably the most famous person from my high school. Ryon Bingham Kirby Heybourne Travis Knight Kealia Ohai Michele Vasconcelos Robert Adamson
  6. Naggsty Butler

    Stuff to do in San Diego

    I always stop by the Coyote Cafe in Old Town every time I go to San Diego. Their Carne Asada tacos are awesome.
  7. Naggsty Butler

    BYU to the Potato bowl?

    If you look at the picture they have for WMU, you'll notice it is actually a Northwestern player. Amateurs indeed.
  8. Naggsty Butler

    BYU to the Potato bowl?

    I wonder if that means they were planning on Utah State and things worked out differently.
  9. Naggsty Butler

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Great game Boise! The fans were awesome. I was sitting next to a Boise fan and we chatted all night. Super classy. Good luck next week!
  10. Naggsty Butler

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Seems like there is a ton of Aggies. Lots of chanting and cheering.
  11. Naggsty Butler

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Yeah we grabbed the shuttle. I parked for free right off campus.
  12. Naggsty Butler

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    I'm too "get off my lawn" kind of old fashioned for this fandangled Uber all the young people are talking about
  13. Naggsty Butler

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Weather is a million times better than I feared. Tons of Aggie fans, atmosphere is full of excitement, bronco fans are super friendly and welcoming. Can't wait!