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  1. Is there any realistic way for us as a country to reduce the amount of business we do as a country with China? Like I know we can put sanctions and other things in place but I don't know how willing our law makers are to do something so drastic. In my opinion China needs to understand that we will not accept the way they do business anymore. We will not tolerate the intellectual property theft or espionage. We will not accept business that relies on de facto slavery to produce goods. We will not tolerate putting citizens in reeducation camps in the basis of religion. We will not tolerate forced marriages to party members which is a form of ethnic cleansing. We will not sit back and ignore the human rights abuses. We will not ignore the rights and democratic freedoms of Hong Kongers being stripped away. We will not tolerate the lies and misinformation relating to China's Coronavirus response. China has taken advantage of us for long enough. I say we cut off our business and encourage our partners to do the same and let the CCP rot. Their own citizens are starting to get fed up. Maybe with a little pressure they will decide they have had enough and put the CCP in its place. Screw China.
  2. I'm up here in Kitsap county, about 20 miles west of Seattle. We just started seeing our first cases a few weeks ago. We figured it was just a matter of time so everyone has been pretty resigned to their fate. Last week, my 7 year old son started developing a fever and severe exhaustion. He had asthma induced allergies and his lungs are kinda messed up. He started coughing like crazy. For fun, he usually runs from one end of the house to the other as fast as he can regardless of any obstacles. On Friday he slept in our living room chair for over 12 hours. Fever, respiratory issues, severe fatigue, all symptoms of COVID-19. The pediatrician told us to monitor but not bring him in from testing. After two days, the symptoms subsided and he started running around the house again. Sunday morning he wanted to go jump on the trampoline at 8 am and 35 degrees outside. I told him he was nuts but was glad he was getting back to normal. He still has a temperature but otherwise is being his normal self. I work at a Navy shipyard and or work is a matter of national security, so they are very reluctant to shut anything down. If people are showing symptoms or a family member shows signs, then they ask them to stay home. I have been home on leave since Tuesday afternoon. On Monday my 3 year old daughter started getting a fever. By Wednesday she was pretty miserable. She had different symptoms but from what I've read the symptoms vary person to person. She has stomach pain (not diarrhea or nausea, just pain) and body aches. We took all three of our kids in to get tested for the flu. It was pretty hard to see my kids in this situation, all of them wearing masks. My little girl didn't even try to take her mask off, she was very cooperative. They told us they couldn't test us for COVID-19, sounds like they don't have enough tests and are saving them for people with severe symptoms. They told us if my daughter tested positive for the flu then we can go back to our lives as normal, just get fluids and let her recover. She tested negative. They came in and said they can't say for sure what it is but we should probably quarantine ourselves. So we have been hanging out in our house for the last few days. Fortunately, we have plenty of supplies. Our neighbors are super helpful, dropping off stuff if we need it. My wife has had a slight temperature, but otherwise feels ok. I have yet to show any symptoms, I'm usually the last when something rolls through our house. But from what it looks like, if this is what I think it is, it isn't that bad. Similar to the flu, affects everyone differently. The problem is there are lots of people not getting tested. So we really have no idea how widespread this thing is. A lot of people have already had it and recovered and didn't even realize it. It is everywhere. We should all do what we can to minimize the impact of this thing. Stay safe people.
  3. Influenza has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. It has had a lot of time to spread and entrench itself. This is just the beginning. There's only been 200k people infected (confirmed cases, not counting people who have the disease and aren't tested) in a few months. Give it a few more months before you declare Mission Acomplished. If this spreads like the flu it will kill millions of people.
  4. Honestly, I don't see my Aggies winning. They haven't been able to get past the Aztecs this season and I don't see it being any different tonight. We are just too banged up. Merrill was in pain last night, limping around at one point. Hopefully he is feeling better today but I don't think it will be enough.
  5. Great game, pokes. It was intense, even when we were up by 10 with a minute left. Tons of respect for your team.
  6. I live in the Puget Sound area, where we have the 10 deaths over in Seattle, school closures are happening left and right, and the possibility of work shutdown is a daily discussion. I have been emphasizing to my kids the importance of washing their hands. A high school just north of me just had a student test positive, and we all know it is just a matter of time before it gets to us. BUT, it has shown that it really isn't that bad, it is just a fever, coughing, and not a lot else. For the majority of the population, there really isn't anything to worry about. Just stay home if you are sick, wait for it to pass, and then return to normal life. The main concern, though, and the reason we should all be alert and careful, is that this disease DOES severely affect those who already have compromised immune systems, such as the elderly, or someone with respiratory issues. It is they who we should be isolating ourselves for. We don't want to be responsible for getting someone killed by the disease just because we didn't think it was a big deal. I am not worried about the disease, but I do worry about my son, who has lung issues. I worry about my dad, who has a failed immune system resulting from an infection following a kidney transplant. There are those who are responsible for caring for these kind of people at home, or by visiting them in a facility, and we shouldn't be careless about spreading it to them. So yes, this disease is really not something to freak out about, but Trump is an absolute moron when he suggests that we should go ahead and risk spreading it to others. That is how we will see more deaths. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK.
  7. Some pretty exciting news in energy- forget about tokamaks and cold fusion! https://newatlas.com/energy/hb11-hydrogen-boron-fusion-clean-energy/ https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a31080902/fusion-energy-hydrogen-boron/ If this works, we won't have to worry about the insanely high temperatures that conventional fusion reactors require. There is no danger of meltdowns or radioactive waste. If it can be miniaturized, it could be used in things like power armor, vehicles, backup generators, you name it. I'm pretty excited about this.
  8. I have struggled with chronic exhaustion most of my adult life. I have trouble sleeping through the night, waking constantly. I snore very loudly. Fortunately for my wife, she is a professional sleeper and can sleep through anything. She said that she got used to the sound of me snoring and it is actually a comfort for her, I guess because it lets her know I am there. Anyway, I started looking into my exhaustion, as it was severely impacting my job and my personal life. I got diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. I very reluctantly got a CPAP, which I viewed as a crutch that I would have to deal with, and struggled to get used to it. I hated it for 3 months. I would constantly take it off because it was so difficult to breathe. But then after 3 months, it was like something switched and I got used to it and now I sleep like a baby. My wife said she was freaked out at first because I stopped snoring and she thought I was dead. I highly recommend people with trouble sleeping or exhaustion to look into getting a CPAP. It's not for everyone, but it has made a huge impact on my life.
  9. Those of you in favor of reducing or eliminating corporate taxes, explain why. And those of you in favor of increasing corporate taxes, explain why.
  10. I'll be coming to San Diego for TDY for 6-9 months starting around June. I was planning on starting a similar thread but now I don't have to, unless people have recommendations for longer visits. Can't wait to come!
  11. Didn't feel anything here just outside Seattle. Matter of time before something big hits us here.