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  1. I think it goes without saying that he doesn't represent mainstream Mormons, or even a large number of Mormons. I can't remember the last time I ever heard someone from the church mention him. There's plenty of people who share his views but if you listen to the leaders of the church they have made it clear they don't agree with the political right, with even some of them donating to democratic candidates.
  2. Got it for the first time two weeks ago. It burned through San Diego for the last month or two. My daughter got it at school and my wife quarantined her in our room, I got it two days later. My daughter was tired for part of the day and then bouncing off the walls for the rest of isolation. I was fine for a day and then got knocked out with a fever that had my heart pounding hard for 15 hours. After that I had symptoms of a really bad cold. My wife and I were going to go on a cruise for our 15th last week, but COVID nixed that. I'm really glad I decided to get insurance on the tickets.
  3. Somebody should probably tell her about how Lincoln suspended habeus corpus and put tons of objectors in prison for most of the war...
  4. 8 wounded and 6 dead, including an infant and a pregnant woman. Horrific. The woman pumping gas said the baby landed right in front of her. https://ktla.com/news/local-news/at-least-5-injured-in-fiery-crash-at-windsor-hills-gas-station/
  5. JWST blows us away with a view of a dying star JWST Dying Star Those aren't artifacts from the camera, those are waves of material being jettisoned from the star at regular intervals.
  6. After two years and being in Japan both times my family got it, I finally succumbed to the stupid virus in San Diego. My daughter got it from school, and of course my wife decided to quarantine her with us. Not too bad, though. I have been pretty tired with a headache and some slight chills but overall I can handle it just fine. Time to finally catch up on elden ring.
  7. Is there hope of for a successful third party? https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/28/politics/andrew-yang-forward-party-whitman-jolly/index.html
  8. You can see Jupiter's rings in these pictures. Freaking awesome.
  9. I remembered seeing this a week or so ago as I flew in to salt lake today. It was really depressing seeing the lake so low, and I don't know if Utahns will wake up to their predicament. Too many people just trying to pretend that everything is hunky dory and keep watering their huge lawns in the middle of the summer. It may take the crap hitting the fan for people to realize how bad the situation is
  10. I didn't even know that manscaping was a thing until you guys all started talking about it a little while back. My wife told me she isn't interested in prepubescent boys and has no desire for me to start shaving. Thank goodness, I hate the itching.
  11. Japan is amazing, but try and learn at least enough of the language to have a basic conversation. The Japanese are getting sick of hakujin who move there and think that everything exists to cater to them. Japanese people love it when you can speak their language. They will view you much more positively if you do.
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