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  1. Agreed 100%. The money being spent to support our bases in foreign countries could be used for badly needed infrastructure improvements around the country. Even if they didn't cut defense spending, that money could be used to renovate our public shipyards which are in absolutely poor condition and unable to keep our fleet ready to deploy. We could use that money on R&D to develop weapons and defense capabilities so that we wouldn't have to worry about any threats to our country. Trump's supporters wouldn't have to have private fundraisers to build the wall anymore. There are so many things that money could be better spent on than building temporary bases in Afghaniraqia that are just getting abandoned anyway. Billions of dollars being literally left on the ground wasting away. Let everyone else deal with their problems, we will deal with our own.
  2. FedEx, Micromachines, Minute Rice, and a lot more
  3. I'm sure a pedophile would be joyous to know that his molestation of a child are viewed as acts of love but unfortunately for him that is a delusion
  4. I haven't failed anyone, let alone Idaho. You may want a comma in there.
  5. Complete collapse with 2 minutes left. Painful way to lose.
  6. So far a pretty exciting game. I was terrified coming into this one, St Mary's is good. We kicked their trash last year but they are definitely better this year. Very pleased so far.
  7. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
  8. A large portion of Trump's base has a raging hard-on for anything military related, and worships anyone considered "elite", such as SEALs, Delta Force, Rangers, etc. They will be quick to defend soldiers accused of human rights violations, saything things like " I detest the idea that we send our soldiers to fight and kill the most dangerous and deadly people on the planet and then second guess how they do it," or "Please go become a Navy seal and fight these terrorists. Show us how you can do it better before you call these guys criminals," or "Thats just how some of our military cope with the ugliness and nature of warfare. The PC culture, news media, and rules of engagement the military adopted under Obama's regime has hamstrung our military. Equating the US military with Isis and what they have done is disgusting," or "We do not need to follow all these UN rules during war. That is exactly what makes us lose wars and why Vietnam was lost. That is why the British lost the war and America was formed because we did not follow the rules of engagement. I am with Trump!" These people have also created an image in their heads that Trump ("I did this for the war-fighters.") understands the military better than his commanders, and is more patriotic than anyone else, saying things like "Thank you President Trump for standing up for the men and women in the trenches, on the hill, dodging bullets, jumping out of helicopters under fire not sitting behind desks shuffling papers and playing video games," and "Than God that we finally have a Comander in Chief who is actually willing to lead and make decisions!" and "Thank you, President Trump, for protecting our military personel against the unfair attacks from rabid pacifists and those with no idea what it is like in a war zone!" Ironically, these same people fail to remember or outright ignore the fact that Trump himself has no idea what it is like in a war zone due to getting a medical waiver for bone spurs so he could avoid being sent to Vietnam. These are the same people who, when news of a unarmed black man being shot by a police officer comes out and don't bother to gather all the facts, say things like "He shouldn't have resisted," or "he must have been doing something wrong, or the officer wouldn't have needed to shoot him." The police and the military are infallible in their eyes, and anyone who questions the motives or actions of someone in those groups they immediately dismiss the charges as "PC," "Liberal," or "Unpatriotic." Trump pardoned Gallagher and the other soldiers to please this part of his base. It cements this image of a Commander in Chief who has the backs of the troops and protects them from the ignorant brass and bureaucrats. If our soldiers happen to be a little bloodthirsty well that is just part of the job. When I was in officer training for the Air Force, we learned all about My Lai and Lt. Calley. The military does not want its soldiers becoming bloodthirsty monsters. The moment we allow ourselves to do that we lose our moral authority. If you don't see the problem with killing unarmed non-combatants then I suggest you read about My Lai, the Bataan Death March, as well as read Ordinary Men. We have a moral obligation to be better, to be above these kinds of actions, and Trump is not making America great by pardoning people convicted of war crimes.
  9. Aggie fandom in a nutshell. We have seen plenty of 25+ win seasons, multiple top 25 rankings, and consistent NCAA tournament appearances. But it all came from playing a weak schedule with a coach who wouldn't schedule against tough OOC games and teams composed of players who individually weren't amazing but were coached very well. We've only managed to get past the first round of the dance once in the last 50 years. Not a lot of chances for a good p5 opponent when that happens.
  10. I guess if you call St. Mary's a marquee win then that counts, but as far as marquee P5 games go, this is the only one I can think of.
  11. Sure, Nevada when the were top 10 twice, but I don't think we have ever beaten one of these marquee teams since I have started following the Aggies in 2004. I'd have to look at the records but I can't think of any off the top of my head. The last time we had a big OOC win was probably 2001 Ohio State in the tourney. Somebody else can probably correct me though. We always managed to lose the big name games.
  12. Probably the biggest non conference win I have ever seen as an Aggie. So good. Top of the world right now.