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  1. Ironic fun fact- the player holding the "wimpy" trophy is Kevin Whimpey. https://utahstateaggies.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=756
  2. Naggsty Butler

    Week 7 gifs

    Coach Brennan after Army
  3. Naggsty Butler

    Week 7 gifs

    BYU fans watching Zach Wilson at qb
  4. Naggsty Butler

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Just came to post the same thing.
  5. Naggsty Butler

    Week 7 gifs

    USU continues on its way to the conference championship game USU to Wyoming
  6. Naggsty Butler

    hawaii @ byu

  7. It is only the second time in history that the escape system has been used on a rocket with astronauts. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45822845 Frickin terrifying. They are very lucky.
  8. San Diego State fans whenever USU fans mention SDSU
  9. Naggsty Butler

    Rank Em

    You realize he's a Fresno guy, right?
  10. Naggsty Butler

    Week 6 gifs

    Aggies messing up the kitties Me seeing CSU up 28-0 in the 3rd quarter and then checking back to see 30-28 still in the 3rd quarter
  11. Naggsty Butler

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    The irony of this thread is beautiful. Started to mock the dread and faux outrage the Democrats had over the prospect of getting a conservative SC judge, that it would lead to the end of the world. We are now at 85 pages and witnessing the collapse of our political system. Mugtang had no idea how profitable this thread would be.
  12. Naggsty Butler

    Week 4 gifs

    USU at the end of the Air Force game
  13. Naggsty Butler

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    Her argument is flawed. She bases her arguement on a number of assumptions that are false or unfounded. For example, she states that a woman can not get pregnant if a man doesn't orgasm. That is false, as pre-ejaculate can contain sperm which can reach the egg even if the pull-out method is used. Heck, there doesn't even have to be penetration and sperm from pre-ejaculate can still get inside the vagina and reach the egg. Mind boggling but still possible. If I understand her point correctly, she is arguing that men shouldn't pressure women into having unprotected sex, or that women shouldn't be expected to use the pill or IUD, and that men should be responsible as well and use condoms. I agree with her on that, but it requires some serious mental gymnastics to believe that men are 100% responsible for unintended pregnancies. If that wasn't her point then she didn't make a very good argument because it was confusing as hell.
  14. Here is the link to the white nationalist far right website that I first heard about this story on, the Breitbart Broadcasting Corporation. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-45535948