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  1. Fresno thinking UNLV will be cake images (1).mp4 Fresno when UNLV goes up 14-3 Fresno in the third quarter, trying to get catch up with UNLV Fresno when UNLV is up 30-29 with 6 minutes left Fresno at the end of the game
  2. Lulz this game is now dependent on UNLV scoring a two point conversation
  3. Very very entertaining game. If I were a Fresno fan I'd be freaking out. If I were a UNLV fan I'd be freaking out.
  4. Same thing happened with an old high school buddy earlier this week. He passed after being in a coma for 3 weeks. Mid-30s, 4 very young kids. I just got word that my best friend's business partner died this morning after being in a coma for 4 weeks. Wife and a newborn. Get vaccinated. This doesn't have to keep happening.
  5. They are actually pretty similar. They wanted to reduce the amount of personnel and equipment needed to run the Ford reactors (A1B) so they basically just took the the Virginia reactor (S1B) and scaled it up. Way less valves and piping. Quite a bit of the information is only UNNPI (UNCLASSIFIED-Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information) or NOFORN, which I have at home with me right now thanks to teleworking. we have regular exchanges with the British navy where they get to come and play with our reactors and we go play with theirs. But I would be shocked if we did that with anyone else. I wo
  6. We already share information about our reactors with the UK, I believe. Our reactor designs are over 40 years old for the most part, and not classified to the point where we would never share them. There is nothing exciting about our reactors, really not anything different or better than commercial reactors found around the world. The only thing that is really classified is the power levels that they run at at a given moment and methods we use to keep them from breaking down. Hell, we don't even really keep secret what power levels they are capable of.
  7. It's going to be a rough year for me, my nephew is on the team, so I have to cheer for them, or at least for him. I'm hoping BYU and USU will both be undefeated by the time they meet up in two weeks. Unfortunately I figure Boise will take their rage out on the Aggies next week.
  8. That game was a blast to watch. Such an emotional rollercoaster. Props to Fresno for pushing through the pain (literally). Those back to back 4th down turnovers were crazy. Fresno didn't give up when they went down by 4 with less than a minute. Way to go Bulldogs!
  9. Amazing game Air Force. As a former airman, I love playing against you guys. Good luck for the rest of the season!
  10. I just broke my coffee table
  11. I'm having a freaking heart attack
  12. This game is crazy. Both teams over 500 yards of offense. AF with over 400 years of rushing.
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