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  1. One of my pet peeves is how everyone quotes blue's laugh like this. Capitalizing all the HAs isn't what made his laughing quirky, it was the exclamation point he put after each HA, like so- HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
  2. I remember reading about this when they were first arrested. The mom used her position as an administrator at the school to access student records and manipulate votes. She gave her daughter access to the records as well. Lots of violations there. They deserve to do time, but 16 years? Jeez that's harsh.
  3. Tumbler Ridge is a beautiful little mining town tucked away in the mountains. One of the coolest waterfalls I've ever seen is there, Kinuseo Falls. Also ran over a grouse while I was there. Not surprising the beavers did this. They're freakin mean.
  4. Jumanji came out 26 years ago. Face off came out 24 years ago.
  5. When this all started I don't feel much sympathy for the ousted president, because I felt like she was covering up the massacres. Now, looking back, I wonder how much control over the military she ever really had. I was looking at it from an American perspective, where the trust in our government structure is much higher and will established than in Myanmar. The democracy they had there was a facade that the military allowed to exist until they decided they wanted the power back. I feel terrible for the people there. I hope they can find a way to free themselves.
  6. When I first saw the news is was totally on board, but then I thought about the 1936 olympics, and how we went to Berlin and embarrassed the hell out of Hitler with Jesse Owens. Could we do something like that with China? Like, have a team of a bunch of Chinese Americans compete? I really just want to stick it to China in any way possible. Don't want to screw over the athletes, but also don't want to ignore China's human rights violations.
  7. J&J. I'm currently staying home from work today because I feel extremely exhausted. Can't focus. Just want to stay in bed. Maybe a tiny bit nauseous.
  8. I took a tylenol a few hours before I went to bed in case the the symptoms popped up. Well, 6 hours later, the tylenol wore off and I woke up with pretty intense chills. I took some more tylenol and they went away and I fell back to sleep. I feel fine right now, but I'll keep the tylenol on me in case it decides to wear off while I'm at work. Just a word of warning, if you ever find yourself with really bad chills and you have to pee, good luck. Be prepared to do some wall cleaning.
  9. Here in Japan as a government employee I didn't think I'd be getting the vaccine until I got back to the states. Military service members had priority, and that was really all the people in charge cared about. Civilians were not a concern. There were a few days where they told us there was a surplus of vaccines and we might be able to get one, but it never worked out. Then today, midway through the day, my boss gave us all vaccine questionnaires and told us all to head over to the base gym so we could get vaccinated. I got the J&J shot, which means no return visit! Not was effective as th
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/03/us/politics/trump-donations.html
  11. Again, if I am misinterpreting your comment, please ignore this. Worst case scenario, if we decide to remove ourselves from a responsible position and contract it out to the Russians or the Chinese, and they launch the waste into space, and the rocket explodes during liftoff, the nuclear material will be scattered throughout the atmosphere, causing widespread damage around the world. The reason Chernobyl was such a big deal was because the reactors were on fire, which caused nuclear material to be lifted up into the atmosphere in the smoke, contaminating millions of square miles. A rocket
  12. Not sure I'm understanding what you're asking here. Are you wondering if by exposing the spent fuel to the radiation of the sun it may change and become potentially more dangerous? If that is not what you are asking then ignore this. As far as the effect would be, it would be less than negligible. Dropping a small hunk of spent fuel into the sun is like dropping a drop of water into the ocean. It wouldn't make the slightest to the sun, and would vaporize long before it ever reached the surface. The elements that make up the waste would be broken down into their basic parts and be diluted
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