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  1. Schumer has done the same thing with marijuana. He wants this huge social justice bill that also legalizes marijuana when he could pass some bills that give incremental decriminalization like SAFE and MORES but won't do it because he wants to pass his bill. His bill is DOA unless he has a super majority
  2. UNM has to improve this year right? I expect Gonzales and Rocky to have that D a lot better.
  3. There needs to be voices on these boards for the workers and there needs to be more profit sharing with employees.
  4. I believe it goes even deeper into a culture issue. There is a societal problem where people are constantly chasing money because they have to or they want the latest shit. Too many parents have to dump their kids off at daycare and then barely even see their kids once they get home. This happens once kids go to school as well. With all the advances in technology and with the US supposedly such a great place, why is there such a small amount of time spent on family and community time? Parents get 2-4 weeks with their baby after they are born if they are lucky. There should be a minimum of 6 months and I could even see a year for the mother. Corporations and a lot of businesses don't care about their local communities. People are so busy from work and trying to raise kids that very few have time to have a positive impact in the community. Our values as a culture are +++++ed up. Social media has made it even worse. There are many more things besides these but I'm on my phone and tired of typing.
  5. His PR has to hate him. They need to take away his Twitter, never let him do interviews, and only issue press releases someone else wrote
  6. All of those states do hate Californians, the ones who move to their states and make the real estate insanely expensive.
  7. 100%. I'd like to see major changes to the corporation and other business structures. It is sad what many businesses have become.
  8. Agree 100%. To me the biggest changes need to happen as a society/community but I just don't see it happening unfortunately.
  9. Not all the time. People freeze. People get scared and make mistakes. It isn't a viable solution to stop these shootings from happening
  10. It seems no one was prepared for this. It took the border patrol guy awhile to get into the room because he didn't have a key to the room and couldn't break it down. They eventually got him a key.
  11. Which is why anyone saying the solution is to arm teachers is laughable.
  12. Maybe he learned to be a more accurate passer in 5 years but I doubt it.
  13. And what happens if they panic and accidentally shoot a student or if they freeze when they could have taken action since you never really know how you will respond to such an event until you are on it? What if a student somehow gets a hold of the teachers gun and has an accident? I think it is way too much to put on already strained teachers.
  14. This is what I am talking about. There will always be troubled kids to some degree but we have become a society that doesn't always have a lot of support for a lot people in general. I don't think there is a stomach for the big changes that are needed though.
  15. I think we are seeing larger symptoms of a truly +++++ed up society. We need big societal changes and I don't think there is any motivation from the public at large to change them.
  16. I wouldn't put those two things in the same category to be honest.
  17. Good to go at RB, QB is a huge question mark again. Will QB really matter though in Bohls offense is the bigger question.
  18. That NU/NU game is in Dublin, Ireland too I think. Terrible way to start your year.
  19. On the contrary, they should get the Sonics back. OKC never should have gotten them
  20. How do we disrespect others? I'm sorry you are still really mad about the MW-WAC split but I'm just going with facts. Coaches make or break college programs as well as the conference they are in. SDSU was kicking ass in bball way before Fresno joined and they had a few really good seasons with Hoke and Rocky before Fresno joined. They hired good coaches plain and simple. Look at your examples below. Nebraska has hired shitty coaches. WV has hired mediocre coaches. CU has hired mediocre coaches. It isn't just because they don't have a rival. I'm not hating on your rivalry and I love that there are 3 Cali schools in the conference but to say that Fresno was the impetus for SDSUs success is crazy. Let's ask a few SDSU folks, maybe I'm wrong. @Willie Cee @Koji VuV @East Coast Aztec @AztecAlien @SDSUfan @SDSU-Alum2003 @Dirtball @Old_SD_Dude @Aztecs Rising @AztecSU
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