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  1. How is your son weighing him possibly bolting in the next 2-3 years?
  2. Well, ASU actually trying to make a game of it.
  3. Welp, that's pretty much it for this week's games besides some blowouts and the Hawaii game that I don't feel like finding a stream for. Hawaii needs to get a new TV deal
  4. I think they have my vote. Nevada had a bad loss but it was on the road. SDSU's loss was to Boise, although they had critical mistakes. Losing at home to a team that recently moved up to FBS and having multiple +++++ ups when trying to take the lead or tie the game puts them over the top for me. Also their coach going for it on 4 and 19 from midfield with 4 mins left.
  5. Are these Hawaii games not available on the MW App this year?
  6. Alright UNLV. Get a stop now after this TD
  7. Aggies with multiple times to win or tie that game. That's a rough loss.
  8. Aggies ball with :43 left. Let's do this! Ball at mid field
  9. Mountain West Digital Network. Roku App
  10. Holy shit. Potentially saved again by a JMU turnover.
  11. 4th and 19 with 4 minutes left at roughly midfield and you go for it?
  12. This game is crazy. That would have been a TD with a good throw.
  13. C'mon USU. You guys need to pull out a W
  14. What an ending in South Bend! Notre Dame seems to always lose when they break out the green jerseys
  15. I'm hoping WSU can hang on vs OSU. WSU fans seem to be cooler and the WSU seems way better, which is funny considering Barnes used to be at USU and seemed like a decent guy.
  16. Them and Nevada neck and neck after Wyoming pulled a game out of their ass
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