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  1. Wyobraska


    You should keep your ideas to yourself from now on.
  2. Zac Taylor is the Bengals head coach now, not the Rams QB coach. So I was confused how Zac would coach up Love.
  3. Is he moving from the Rams to the Bengals?
  4. When Abojei got hurt, it severely impacted the line overall as well.
  5. I can't believe he is going to be the Democrats nomination. Such a failure on their entire party.
  6. But, it should be hotly debated for the next pandemic because there will be more in the future. It is a very tough question and should not be taken lightly
  7. What Pelosi tried to do was complete and utter bullshit. It should have been created in a truly bipartisan committee with no room for BS like the Kennedy Center. It wasn't the time for politics.
  8. With the many different interests and factions in this country now, are 2 parties adequate representation?
  9. You presume a lot in your post. You seem pretty angry about it all. I see you still don't want to have an honest conversation about it. I thought since maybe you knew so much about the subject you would have a good resource, I guess you don't. You aren't explaining anything to me by the way. All sources have bias. I understand this. So I really have two choices here, I can read articles with a pro coal or anti coal stance and I have done that. I looked at what data I could find and everything showed higher levels of arsenic, lithium, and other pollutants. To me, that means there is an issue, especially since coal ash was unregulated for the majority of its use. Therefore, I see the regulation as a good thing. Coal ash should be disposed of safely, not in unlined pits or on bare soil which could happen with proposed changes. If you aren't willing to have an honest discussion then I am done. This is a message board where ideas are to be shared or debated. So far you have not brought anything of substance to the topic.
  10. It says protests but talks about destruction of property. Destruction of property is not a good way to protest. They are not limiting a right to assembly are they? Just harsher crimes for vandalism?
  11. I thought you needed N95 masks and those are near impossible to get right now?
  12. Exactly. I hope that this pandemic will make people rethink the current economy. I doubt it will happen but I wish the US could move away from consume, consume, consume. It is unhealthy for people and the environment.
  13. So instead of wanting to have an honest discussion about it, you tell everyone that they are stupid? Totally makes sense. What would you like to dispute? Do you have a source where I can look at the danger at the margins? So in a report they found that 91% of coal plants they tested had unsafe levels of one pollutant or another. Duke Energy had to make changes to a lot of their sites, changes for the better. Communities shouldn't have to accept pollution in their water. Power companies have an obligation to keep the communities safe where they operate. https://www.utilitydive.com/news/cap-coal-ash-in-place-duke-and-others-have-learned-better/572755/ https://www.utilitydive.com/news/toxins-in-the-ground-inside-americas-most-polluted-coal-ash-site-and-indu/551339/
  14. So are you trying to say that coal ash isn't dangerous and shouldn't be regulated? How about mercury emission pollution?