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  1. It was my understanding that you guys get your $1.8 extra but the rest goes to the conference anyway. You guys don't get an extra cut based on whoever broadcasts your games.
  2. Boise would get more money by agreeing to Fox instead of ESPN just like everyone else in the conference since ESPN wasn't offering as much, supposedly.
  3. Boise's games are negotiated different but there wasn't anything saying that they would get any more of the money besides the $1.8 million correct?
  4. There is a stickied thread up top for the game they call women's basketball
  5. I think the biggest thing against the MW is that Boise had to agree to the games negotiated on its behalf by the MW, which supposedly didn't happen. So my next question is, how is the Fox deal valid? I would hope Hair covered his ass with lawyers, but he probably didn't.
  6. The conversations don't matter. Do you know how many lawsuits there would be if you could take people to court over what they promised verbally? If Boise could prove that the MW purposely withheld info from them, then they might have something. But if all of the schools received the same info, then I don't think there is anything there.
  7. Not really. Boise is saying that they didn't approve the new TV deal and didn't have enough specifics on it to vote. The MW held back info. This will need to be resolved before 6 years.
  8. North Dakota. Not North Dakota St. Then MW teams should add hockey.
  9. If anything, this is a fitting end to Hair's "legacy.". At least I hope it is ending soon.
  10. Thompson's word isn't binding and there wasn't a contract to that. Other schools didn't agree to that
  11. Do you want to end up in the Patriot League? Because that is how you end up in the Patriot league
  12. The worst part about all of this is that now people are going to post their shitty realignment scenarios more than they already do.
  13. He got demoted to QB coach I think. Won't be OC anymore though.