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  1. If I were Kellen, I would be leery. Look at Frost at Nebraska Although on the flip side you have a guy like Spurrier. Not a lot of upside though in my opinion.
  2. I remember Donk fans not liking him at the time
  3. Just don't take any calls from Urban.
  4. Riley is probably going to do it somewhat to OU as well. There is no loyalty on CFB anymore. As much as coaches move, if a kid wants to follow, so be it in my opinion.
  5. There is a whole huge thread for this question.
  6. I'll take things said to your mother for $1,000.
  7. I don't even know what that is and I'm too lazy to Google because Barstool Sports sucks. The MW should have gotten Fox to try and pick that bowl up or something. No TV a few years in is just sad.
  8. Damn. I was still holding out hope for New Mexico
  9. I've been to Detroit in November. Nothing spectacular. I personally don't like indoor football but it makes sense up there. They should have the games somewhat Southern. I don't think Boise needs a bowl either.
  10. Alright. You win. Detroit in December. Who okayed that bowl? Just ridiculous.
  11. I think Wyoming finishes in the top half but I don't think they are ready to contend for the league title......yet. If Linder stays he could be build a title contender in the next few years.
  12. If we can't get more P5 or American games. The less MAC the better
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