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  1. I thought you needed N95 masks and those are near impossible to get right now?
  2. Exactly. I hope that this pandemic will make people rethink the current economy. I doubt it will happen but I wish the US could move away from consume, consume, consume. It is unhealthy for people and the environment.
  3. Water rights like happy said and military defense would also be huge issues. Both non starters really.
  4. And based off of 2018 taxes right? A lot can change for people since then. Those numbers can mean very different things in different parts of the country too.
  5. That $75k limit is BS in my opinion for the checks individuals get.
  6. I'm not trying to be a snarky asshole, but does anyone think some of their issue is how unhealthy a lot of their population was before this so their cases are more critical? Not judging, just asking an honest question.
  7. It is important, critically important, I just can't believe the posturing to get there. But I guess that is politics.
  8. I agree with your premise to a point but will the bill really be stronger if there is protection in there for solar companies or the Kennedy Center gets money?
  9. Remember when everyone was on Rudy's nuts after 9/11? That didn't turn out well. Depends on what he truly has to offer.
  10. I mean we did ban alcohol and history tells us how well that worked out.
  11. I haven't read or heard much about people blaming Trump. I don't care for him either as a person but I think he gets re-elected.
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