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  1. This. The complexity and red tape are the problems with the healthcare system. Having Health insurance tied to employment and some plans only offered in certain states is also stupid.
  2. Aresco:. This is BS that P5 teams with 2 losses are ahead of my teams with 1 loss. This is a double standard and not right. Also Aresco: My teams with 2 losses should be ranked ahead of other G5 teams because the AAC is a better conference. This is not a double standard. What a blowhard idiot.
  3. I forgot that they were both at NDSU. Let's get Bohl out on the recruiting trail.
  4. Valid points. He has turned it into more of a circus than necessary
  5. People can talk about it on Facebook now. They did something!! Don't you see how woke they are???
  6. They should be receiving a lot more attention in every field. I'm embarrassed for some of my co-workers throughout the years in their emails and proposals. I give some people a pass because they fire off quick emails or write quick, informal responses, like on here, but I've had superiors who maybe could write at a high school level
  7. I thought that Colin was trying to give a voice to the people that didn't have a voice, not saying he had it truly bad but that kids(young adults, grown up, whatever, I don't want to get into that verbiage) like the ones shot in Ferguson, Baltimore, and other places do have it bad. I think the saddest part of Colin is that his message was forgotten and everything became centered around the flag and whether he was disrespectful. No one even discusses police brutality anymore when they bring him up.
  8. Rather than waste money building a wall that people can tunnel under or scale over, I would rather see them invest in technology to help secure the border and pay for troops down there. The wall is a colossal waste of money.
  9. It's too bad that the game is scheduled when it is. Makes it hard for a fan base to travel there.
  10. I mean, I get why no one is scared to play in Laramie or really play Wyoming anywhere. The basketball team flat out sucks this year. Edwards is in over his head and has to go. Edwards might be worse than Shroyer with a better personality, I didn't think that was possible.
  11. Bohl said that true freshman Alphonzo Andrews Jr, the only other scholarship RB who is healthy, has practiced well enough now that he might come in to spell X. I hope that they actually play him with the redshirt rule. Hopefully he will be another really good RB for the Pokes. Also, "we're looking at all of our options" when he was asked about Levi Williams. Man, do I hope they at least give him a few series. Ideally, I'd like to see more, but I just hope whoever the QB is, can pull out the win.
  12. So, it seems to me that Fresno will be top in this poll?
  13. Apparently you hate Freedom more than he does since you think he shouldn't get the freedom to protest what he believes in.
  14. Exactly. If we want change, people need to petition their presidents to make a move in regards to Thompson. I believe that Thompson will retire soon though. 1-3 years. He publicly stated he wanted to handle this TV negotiation and wouldn't retire until that was done. Once that is done, I doubt he hangs around too much longer.