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  1. I think USCs biggest issue has just been their coaching. Find the right coach and USC is back on top in the West.
  2. That type of length is great on the outside of the line. Especially if he is athletic.
  3. I think the Missouri Synod Lutherans might be a worthy adversary for the Mormons. @#1Stunner Maybe Concordia College in Portland or Irvine needs to be added to the WCC.
  4. Ted Drew's is legit. A must in the StL
  5. While not tied explicitly together, about the time North Carolina (UNC) had their academic issues, the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) was put on probation for academic issues while Carolina didn't really get hit.
  6. It seems it comes from a quote attributed to Tark basically saying just that but was Kentucky and Cleveland State. Tark's Long Beach State teams were investigated and put on probation after Wooden bitch about them which was BS because Woodens UCLA teams were dirty also. Tark felt the big programs like UCLA got a pass from the NCAA. Which is most definitely true.
  7. I feel like their past should be taken into consideration. I know it is probably different people in charge now but if the NCAA ever wants to be taken seriously they need to really start to hammer folks, especially repeat offenders.
  8. Take away a few schollies probably and maybe a post season ban for a year. No big deal really. Vacate some wins when everyone remembers who really won. USC should be absolutely hammered since they can't seem to not get caught cheating in football or basketball. It will be interesting to see if the new process changes anything though. I hope it does but I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully the panel that includes non NCAA people will be harsher.
  9. Are a lot of these kids that haven't found a home yet just SOL or will they walk on somewhere else? Or drop down a division or 2? Seems like quite a few kids at the P5 and G5 levels are getting a hard dose of reality.
  10. Rondale Moore will probably light up Reno. I don't think they cover at home.
  11. That seems to work well for the AZ Cardinals. Having 2 separate playing surfaces should really help keep that field in great condition.
  12. Wyoming needs to find a new OC and wide receivers coach. A lot of WRs on that transfer portal. The offense needs to open up and I take it those kids don't feel like they can improve at Wyoming at that position. WR has been a problem for Wyoming as well so there is plenty of opportunity. On the other hand, with 2 of those kids going FCS, maybe the staff just missed on those kids and they were told they might want to look elsewhere. Trey Woods kind of got a raw deal. I can see why he is transferring. He never should have been moved to RB in my opinion. Jackson seemed like an intriguing prospect out of high school but I think Hawaii was his only other D1 offer. I wish he would have stuck around though. I always hate to see DTs leave. Depth there is not easy to get at the G5 level. Bohl's recruits need time in the weight room typically as well so line guys leaving really hurts the depth. I believe he came in at 250 pounds so he needed time. I don't believe he had another D1 offer either.
  13. Did he play in the spring game? If so, how did he look?