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  1. college basketball FBI probe ...

    This will drag out for a long time, then a lot of slaps on the wrist. I have zero faith in the NCAA to do what's right.
  2. What are the TV viewership numbers like?
  3. Wyoming @ UNLV

    @slappy Thoughts?
  4. Our Olympic Team blows this year.

  5. San Jose st

    It's Groundhogs Day, not April Fools.
  6. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    Gotcha. I would mostly agree. I find Kiffin funny with his Twitter antics but I know it rubs some people the wrong way. He is winning as well, people put up with more while they are winning.
  7. Wyoming 2018 Recruiting

    Anyone know if Marquez from CO is a walk on or schollie? Looks like a walk on to me but wasn't sure.
  8. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    I don't know if he has turned around Kiffin. Kiffin was always a brilliant OC, just not a great HC. I'm sure he learned a lot from Saban about having a system in place, but I think the jury is still out on Kiffin as a HC.
  9. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    Cousins being a free agent now could possibly shake this up for all the QBs. I wonder if the Browns make a run for Cousins?
  10. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    I don't understand how his performance could be considered lights out. Crazy industry.
  11. Wow, XFL Football coming back in 2020

    Too much altitude, even for people use to Mexico City.
  12. LV Sands-Madison Square Garden Arena

    What will all of these new venues do to the T&M? Will the T&M start hurting for revenue?
  13. BYU & MWC

    This might be the first time anyone has used a picture of The Situation and thought it was positive.
  14. Nevada lands a high scoring transfer

    The recruiting forum in basketball and football must be hard as hell to find for all of these Reno fans.