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  1. With the many different interests and factions in this country now, are 2 parties adequate representation?
  2. It says protests but talks about destruction of property. Destruction of property is not a good way to protest. They are not limiting a right to assembly are they? Just harsher crimes for vandalism?
  3. I thought you needed N95 masks and those are near impossible to get right now?
  4. Exactly. I hope that this pandemic will make people rethink the current economy. I doubt it will happen but I wish the US could move away from consume, consume, consume. It is unhealthy for people and the environment.
  5. You guys always got the selfish ones who were all about showcasing their individual talent and probably chose UNLV because they knew they could walk all over Rice. Those recruits didn't amount to shit for you guys. The quality McD AAs go to the elite programs.
  6. Last I saw Ford was scheduled to pay it back in 2022. Did they pay it back early? Government has lost a lot on GM and Chrysler if I understand it all correctly. Also, why can't a company like Boeing go secure their money from traditional sources instead of the government?
  7. I'm not a fan of her or her little tantrum here that doesn't provide any substance from this clip, however, her and everyone should be questioning how we got here as a country and if this bailout was correct. Boeing has made plenty of missteps prior to this pandemic. If they had avenues to explore for loans if the government imposed too many restrictions, then shouldn't they have to use those avenues first? They should have had to put up assets for collateral and tried to secure a loan. Anytime a large disaster hits, companies shouldn't get to go to the government for a free handout.
  8. I doubt it. He's too dumb to know the meaning behind it.
  9. I've never heard of The Intercept website. Anyone else? https://theintercept.com/2020/03/26/americans-for-prosperity-cdc-coronavirus/
  10. You could actually argue that for a lot of Long's tenure they weren't as serious as they could have been about football.
  11. Bob is that you back in 2010? We're in 2020. You should join us.
  12. Water rights like happy said and military defense would also be huge issues. Both non starters really.
  13. And based off of 2018 taxes right? A lot can change for people since then. Those numbers can mean very different things in different parts of the country too.
  14. That $75k limit is BS in my opinion for the checks individuals get.
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