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  1. This seems like a classic Craig Bohl let down game. Islands are always tough and Bohl rarely has his teams prepared for the road. I expect Hawaii to find their passing attack and that isn't good news for the Pokes.
  2. The juju only works if you believe it.
  3. Thank God! Hopefully SDSU can modernize their offense in the off season, probably not a ton they can do in season, but enough of these ancient ass offenses.
  4. Congratulations SJSU. Better team tonight. I'm looking forward to your game with UNLv next week.
  5. Damn........ could be good for A&M though. Actually give a coach some time.
  6. Well, I'm just about done with Bohl and this season.
  7. The problem on the G5 level is finding true dual threats. Guys like Kaep or Alex Smith rarely come around. You get guys that are great athletes and have accuracy/decision making issues and it really makes your offense one dimensional.
  8. How long until Jimbo is on the hot seat with the Jizz Jars?
  9. Not sure how you could say Hoke is better long term at this point. I get your point on Rocky but Hoke needs to show more.
  10. AF is going to win 13-10 and the defense in the game wasn't that good. AF is in the driver's seat for the CIC but I don't see them winning the Mountain
  11. Gotta wonder what type of influence he has on the offense because it sure seems like he does. He just needs to do the defense and let DG bring in a good OC that will open it up. Rocky is a great coach but needs to evolve his offensive philosophy. It has really limited the potential of his teams.
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