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  1. How is your son weighing him possibly bolting in the next 2-3 years?
  2. Well, ASU actually trying to make a game of it.
  3. Welp, that's pretty much it for this week's games besides some blowouts and the Hawaii game that I don't feel like finding a stream for. Hawaii needs to get a new TV deal
  4. I think they have my vote. Nevada had a bad loss but it was on the road. SDSU's loss was to Boise, although they had critical mistakes. Losing at home to a team that recently moved up to FBS and having multiple +++++ ups when trying to take the lead or tie the game puts them over the top for me. Also their coach going for it on 4 and 19 from midfield with 4 mins left.
  5. Are these Hawaii games not available on the MW App this year?
  6. Alright UNLV. Get a stop now after this TD
  7. Aggies with multiple times to win or tie that game. That's a rough loss.
  8. Aggies ball with :43 left. Let's do this! Ball at mid field
  9. Mountain West Digital Network. Roku App
  10. Holy shit. Potentially saved again by a JMU turnover.
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