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  1. Seems like a transition year for the Bison. Athlon put them #1 too I think. They should have good depth though even with that few of returning starters. I am also intrigued in what Hauck can do in year 2 with the Griz. Hopefully they will show improvement
  2. That is a good point. I didn't even think of the suites and luxury items.
  3. I don't know. What did the Chargers average? 60k-70k? There might be some NFL fans that never return. It might also make the market for tickets more robust if a team returns. Sell outs all the time. Plus with attendence going down for a lot of live sports, it might not be a bad thing. Now, the NFL wanting more capacity might be another thing. I would think that stadium might be a bridge rather than a home.
  4. What does he have, one, maybe two years left with them?
  5. I had the same thing working at a mortgage company. The owner was the president of MBA (mortgage banking association), which is a lobbying group. All out pressure to increase donations on her watch as she only had a 4 year term. She touted the same you need to support your industry BS.
  6. Are #1 and #2 interested in being college HCs again? I have no idea.
  7. I hate to say it as a Pokes fan, but CSU could really be a damn good team with continued success. McElwain and Bobo have shown that you can recruit to Fort Collins. If you could get a guy who can recruit and coach, then CSU could take off. That coach might not last there long as they would move on to P5, but hopefully that coach could set a foundation unlike McElwain for continued success. With the CSU facilities (minus their 70 yard IPF) and the town, recruits should take notice with the right coach. The MW seems to ebb and flow with good teams, but at anytime, there are a lot of down teams so getting to 8-10 wins a year should be doable for a good coach there. With the money they are paying Bob and his staff, I would certainly hope for much more. CSU should be one of the top G5 schools with the money they are spending on their staff and their new stadium. If he can't get to 8-9 wins this year, he should probably be gone. I don't know if the CSU administration will agree with that or not. Any CSU fans have any idea on his benchmarks? @Headbutt mentioned a possible extension. Is that if he gets to a bowl?
  8. That shouldn't even matter. You should never feel obligated to donate to anything as an employee or student.
  9. I think he needs to sit his ass in Miami and win the job. Coaches in college and the NFL would appreciate what he has done and like you said, graduate and work hard, then go to whatever school you want. Or maybe he works his ass off and wins the job at Miami. Constantly moving doesn't seem to work out for these kids while doing their undergrad work.
  10. I think they can transfer as much as they want as long as they are eligible. For each move though, you typically have to sit out a year unless you get a waiver. I think the reason for JC is that you get to play the year you transfer instead of sitting out, so you can prove your worth, then move back to P5 and play right away. You do have to get a 2 year degree though I believe to move back to FBS if you go JC.
  11. I don't think they fire him either. With their current situation, can they afford to buy him out and who is going to replace him? What coach in their right mind goes there right now with the lack of institutional support? As far as Davie is concerned, his buyout is $900,000 if they fire him after the season. His buyout was $1.3 million before this season. I don't know if that is a big enough drop for UNM to afford with their current financial situation. Bobo could get a mulligan after his health issues last year. If he can get to 5-6 wins this year, that might be enough. Sanchez is hard to say since the boosters want him, but I have a hard time seeing UNLV get bowl eligible with their schedule. IF Rogers stays healthy, they have a shot. I would think though that if UNLV can get a name coach to move into the Raiders new stadium, that would be ideal.
  12. Welp. Cousins out with an ACL injury. Dude has had some bad luck. Achilles injuries are no joke. They mess your body up.
  13. I think there might be a basket of currencies eventually.
  14. Such a shame too, he was shaping up to be a starter and he has a bright future. Hopefully he can get his knee rehabbed and healthy.
  15. If I remember right. Yep. I forgot he was out. Happened in spring ball I believe when Wyoming had all of those other injuries.