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  1. Summit League could make sense for them. They could be a travel partner with Denver and bring that league to an even 10.
  2. From what I heard, it felt to me like Long wanted Hoke back. It seems like Rocky may have seen this coming and wanted to be able to hand the reins to Hoke.
  3. Long does seem like a guy who just wants to get on the field and coach and not deal with all the things the head coach has to deal with. That said, l figured he would just retire, and Hoke would be handed the reins.
  4. ''Don't play like a Mike Bobo coached team!" Every coach in the MW's halftime speech.
  5. He does have them still playing hard and there seems to be talent. But I have seldom seen a team shoot themselves in the foot over and over like they do. Least they get the Rebels next.
  6. Rams Good: Short beer lines at the stadium rest of season. Bad: Doing less with more than any school in the country. Ugly: Big Xll invite replaced with Big Sky invite.
  7. Mike Bobo gets to leave 'Colorada State' and this Mountain West Conference that he had never heard of before arriving and returns to the SEC and 'real football'.
  8. The one thing I did take away from the presser was it sounded like Krebs wants someone with HC experience. Makes sense considering what happened with Locksley and Neal.
  9. When Miles got to CSU it was a mess and he rebuilt us into a tournament team. Eustacy's best year was his first year with Miles' players. Even with their new arena and money, Nebraska is a tough job. I don't know if anyone will ever win there.
  10. It's too bad, because I think he is a good coach. Looking back I think he should have stayed at CSU one more year, had a REALLY good senior laden team coming back. At that point Minnesota, which is said to be his 'dream job', opened up. Even with those amazing new facilities, I think Nebraska is a tough place to win.