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  1. You would hope Smith learned from his time there & from his buddy Tim Miles not to go there & wait for a better gig. The Huskers have money & great facilities but still a really really tough place to win.
  2. I doubt any decent coach would go there at this point. Wojcik got them to 7-11 in the MW in 16-17. At that point maybe they could've forked over the money and lured an experienced head coach.
  3. Everytime I think Stanford is about to pull away, the Spartans answer.
  4. I think Craig Smith can really coach. While I am happy with Medved, Smith would've been my #1 choice for CSU.
  5. I think decent coaching hires would go along way to at least get them to at least respectability. That said, with them unwilling &/or unable pay for a coach, I have very little hope. I don't think it's impossible to win at San Jose, extremely difficult, yes. They made a good hire with MacIntyre, but then made two budget hires. Wojcik seemed to have basketball on the right track, but now they seem to be a mess.
  6. Brian Polian getting a second interview with Bowling Green. I never thought anyone would ever give him another shot a head coaching.
  7. ''Don't play like a Mike Bobo coached team!" Every coach in the MW's halftime speech.
  8. The one thing I did take away from the presser was it sounded like Krebs wants someone with HC experience. Makes sense considering what happened with Locksley and Neal.
  9. When Miles got to CSU it was a mess and he rebuilt us into a tournament team. Eustacy's best year was his first year with Miles' players. Even with their new arena and money, Nebraska is a tough job. I don't know if anyone will ever win there.
  10. It's too bad, because I think he is a good coach. Looking back I think he should have stayed at CSU one more year, had a REALLY good senior laden team coming back. At that point Minnesota, which is said to be his 'dream job', opened up. Even with those amazing new facilities, I think Nebraska is a tough place to win.