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  1. Basketball Coaching Carousel - non MWC teams

    Heath Schroyer hired at McNeese St. His 4th different school since leaving UNLV.
  2. I always thought this as well. In that talent and money rich area, I don't get how they aren't more competitive!?!? I still want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but if Brennan and Prioleau can't get those programs competitive, the MW is going to have to take a hard look at things.
  3. Utah State Fires Duryea

    Dave Rice?
  4. Becky Hammon to coach CSU?

    I am not sure she would want the job. Her NBA coaching career is going well, why risk it all the clean up this mess Eustacy left? Seems like not a lot to gain and everything to lose situation for her. Maybe she her loyalty and love for CSU is that strong, but would be an interesting career move.
  5. Craig Smith - HC SoDak, frmrly CSU & Nebraska Asst

    This was the hire we should have made six years ago. Smith would've been given the keys to a well-oiled machine he helped build, now he'll be given a program in need of a complete rebuild. But then gain, we wouldn't have been able to get to know Larry.....
  6. Larry Eustachy put on leave

    This is true I think it's still a good job and CSU pays well, but six years ago Larry was handed a tournament team full of seniors, now he is handing someone a mess. Should have just promoted Craig Smith back then. But what's done it done.
  7. Sideshow Larry's Post Game Press Conference yesterday

    So Larry does not support our impending move to the Big Xll? We could drop down to the RMAC, but that's Div ll. Larry would prefer Div lll and no scorlarships and no recruiting involved. I can't believe we pay this guy a million bucks a year. He may be a good X's and O's coach, but with the way he represents CSU and him seemingly disinterest in half his coaching duties, we could do a lot better IMO.
  8. Changes begin @ UNM Football.

    Maybe it is time for UNM and Davie to partways. He inherited a huge mess and should be commended for what he's done, but might be time for new blood.
  9. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    Beau Baldwin gets the Oregon State job.
  10. Air Force vs CSU

    Next HC needs to be a defensive guy. Fairchild, Mcelwain, and Bobo just left the defense to the coordinator and crossed their fingers.
  11. It's not just OU. If the Big Xll stays intact, OSU, K-State, and Texas, are games I think their fan base want. The Big10 has not exactly been great for Nebraska football. In the end I doubt they make the move, but I think Snyder it too far off, that it's something they might be thinking about.
  12. If convinced the Big 12 is stable, I could maybe see Nebraska returning. Playing Illinois, Minnesota, Purdue, a fake rivalry with Iowa, etc, does not seem like a good idea for them long-term.
  13. Mike Bobo to Tennessee?

    Tennessee is still Tennessee, I think he'd be gone. Question would be if Ole Miss, Arkansas or Missouri could entice him to leave. I saw some delusional Oregon St and KU fans throw his name out there.
  14. Well every job is crappy to Eustachy. We pay him a million bucks, he just goes and get lots of transfers and JC guys, we let him coach the Bahamas' National team, he goes home to California in the off-season. Guy is living the life.
  15. Bob Davie, heading into the CSU game this weekend

    Anyone else feel like Davie says things such as this in attempt to lower expectations? Sometimes he comes off to me as, "Well, this is just little New Mexico, and there are tons of challenges here, so I can't be expected to do a whole lot.". I'll admit he inherited a mess, and did a good jobs of stabilizing things. But I wonder if he'll ever get the Lobos to the top of the conference.