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  1. Ram Allegiance

    Fire Bobo

    Exactly. Bobo was a bad hire from the start, he's an SEC guy and is totally a fish out of water here. That said, bad hires happen, that extension was idiotic. Turned a bad situation into a horrific situation.
  2. Ram Allegiance

    Embarrassing response by coaches

    The issue I have with Davie is that he says 'We can't worry about all the other stuff', however every other time he talked during that round table, and how he has talked in the past, was about how hard it is to compete with the Power 5, how he does not have the resources, how the gap is growing, etc. Guy seems to always have an excuse.
  3. Ram Allegiance

    So what happens when CSU goes undefeated this year?

    Mike Bobo gets to leave 'Colorada State' and this Mountain West Conference that he had never heard of before arriving and returns to the SEC and 'real football'.
  4. Ram Allegiance

    OT: Nebraska Spring Game Attendance

    It will be interesting to see what Frost can do there. Expectations are even higher than normal, which says a lot.
  5. If and when kickoffs go away I assume the onside kick goes away with it? With what happened vs Boise this could be good news for Bobo and CSU.
  6. Ram Allegiance

    USU hires Craig Smith

    Is he holding out to replace Coach K at Duke?! He needs to take this job. I think this would be a really good fit for him and he'd do well. He was my first choice for CSU, with Medved being #2
  7. Ram Allegiance

    Basketball Coaching Carousel - non MWC teams

    Heath Schroyer hired at McNeese St. His 4th different school since leaving UNLV.
  8. Ram Allegiance

    Breaking: Craig Neal Will Not Return Next Year

    The one thing I did take away from the presser was it sounded like Krebs wants someone with HC experience. Makes sense considering what happened with Locksley and Neal.
  9. Ram Allegiance

    Breaking: Craig Neal Will Not Return Next Year

    When Miles got to CSU it was a mess and he rebuilt us into a tournament team. Eustacy's best year was his first year with Miles' players. Even with their new arena and money, Nebraska is a tough job. I don't know if anyone will ever win there.
  10. Ram Allegiance

    Tim Miles Sounds Done

    It's too bad, because I think he is a good coach. Looking back I think he should have stayed at CSU one more year, had a REALLY good senior laden team coming back. At that point Minnesota, which is said to be his 'dream job', opened up. Even with those amazing new facilities, I think Nebraska is a tough place to win.