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  1. Lol! My post didn't have any slander towards SDSU, Boise or Fresno. They are the top teams I was referring to about being picked up by another conference. Sorry, should of spelled it out for people.
  2. Im an Air Force fan. And I joined this forum 10 years ago it says.
  3. I was really hoping that the PAC 12 and the BIG 12 would pick off the top teams for the Mountain West. Resulting in the MWC to dissolve or go down to the FCS ranks. I just don't think the MWC is good attractive conference anymore. MWC had a chance to strive when BYU, Utah and TCU were in it. But Craig Thompson couldn't do enough to persuade them all to stay. Now I feel MWC has a bad TV contract on its hands. Not enough TV time. So when the next round of realigning, I hope it puts the MWC in the dirt.
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