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  1. Might piss some people off, but I really don't mind if Boise walks. Now don't take it personally BSU fans, I actually like most of you guys and you guys are very gracious when you visit Fort Collins. If CSU could ever meet it's potential that is always flaunted around here, I actually would think Boise would be a fun game every year similar to BSU/UNR back when they were good. I really don't dislike the university or the team or most of their fans. However, I would be for letting anyone walk who has a disproportionate pull in the conference. It's bad for the conference and ultimately bad for Boise. Their biggest problem when trying to get into the access bowl is the MWC isn't pulling it's weight. The AAC puts 3-4 teams in the top 25 and we might have 2. Boise is cutting their own legs off by weakening their own conference when their conference is what they need to get national respect. Money isn't the only reason other teams aren't winning; some can't seem to get out of their own way. But money is a factor and you can see that in the disparity between G5 and P5 teams. Now it seems like none of us really know what we're talking about with this suit or if it's even going to become a trial. I don't know if they're suing about the prospect of not getting the same privileges in 6 years or if members can post hoc add a termination date to what was a bad deal from the get go. I don't know if they're suing to get the 1.8 million granted to them or if they're wanting a proportionate raise with each new contract. I understand their points that they do bring value to the conference. You win, you get on the better tv slots because you win, you attract eyeballs for that. I looked at the TV ratings and they really do have a bigger following although I can't imagine how their field is at all novel 15 years later so I wish they would shut up about that. So yeah maybe you should have a claim to the value you specifically add. Seems a little communist to take what is yours and give it to us. At the same time, if this case is actually about asking for more and more and more, then you have stopped sheering the sheep and finally skinned it. If that is the case, then you are being petulant and a little too proud and I wouldn't miss your or your money a bit. I watch sports because I like sports, not because I like CSU admin making money. I'm in wait and see what this is about mode, but I think a lot of people are overlooking nuance and assuming everyone is an idiot. I'd bet neither Hair or Boise are idiots and there is a lot to be sorted out.
  2. TLDR: If you give a Boise a cookie, they'll want all your money in perpetuity because they have a blue field.
  3. That's what I've heard. I'm sure some other Ram fan might be able to give details if there are any, but Title IX is the reason I've always heard. Killed wrestling too which is a bummer.
  4. I don't know how much it would stretch them, but I'd like to get down to 1A-11 man. There have been good players like Brian Hendricks (Burlington), Tyson Liggett (Limon), Dalton Risner (Wiggins) that really could be nice finds. The few finds might not justify the cost, but I'd like to see it. We obviously got Ligget and had Risner's attention until K-State came around, but I think we whiffed on Hendricks.
  5. That and Jucos are a viable option for getting noticed. You don't have to go to a traditional university. Man I wish we had baseball back in Fort Collins.
  6. Fair enough. I approach this from a CSU perspective where we are one of the top spenders in the MWC and still have sucked so I'm by no means thinking money equals success. So say it's exposure that benefits you guys. Would you do away with your primary benefit such as exposure if somehow it mystically made the MWC the strongest G5 conference? Completely hypothetical because Boise isn't responsible for anyone else's success. Basically, I'm just curious what you guys want. Do you want the accolades of continuing to be tops of a middling conference, or would you guys want to risk your status for a conference that would guarantee the champ is nationally relevant?
  7. Not recently, but they ran off all the good resume building programs except Oklahoma with their Longhorn Network. cu also left.
  8. I have an honest question here for Boise fans (sorry if it's already been asked, there are a lot of BS posts that make sorting through these threads pretty tough). Do any of you see you getting extra tv money as potentially damaging to yourselves? Like Texas in the Big XII, being greedy with their share of the revenue (whether deserved or not, that's not the point of the question) has hurt the competitive balance. Just curious what your thoughts would be, hypothetically, if equal distribution actually did make a competitive field that boosted yours or any MWC champion's resume and chances of a NY6 bowl. I'm not saying the extra money is why other teams haven't really posed a real threat to you guys. Far from it but it still can't help matters.
  9. Sounds like our football team. WR U, Shaq Barrett, etc. but we don't win on the field with that talent.
  10. I think 1.5 mill was on the cheap end of what we were looking at if that tweet listing 5 coaches was correct. Maybe Alford would have been cheaper but keep in mind the other four coaches all would have come with buyouts at their respective schools. Addazio didn't.
  11. I'm with you but Sports Illustrated is a little better at facts than Twitter. This sucks.
  12. Almost as big as our Denver fan base.
  13. That's been my hope. I'm still wanting Jeff Choate or Jay Hill. Certainly is a shortage of facts and updates on this
  14. I really hate I'm allowing myself to get drug into this conversation, but it's a slow day at work. If we hire Alford (which I'm pretty excited at the prospect of it now), it will be because he is the best man for the job; not because of some awareness of past "misteps" and trying to correct them. I personally think it's more racist to think minorities need help instead of thinking they're capable of carrying their own weight. Thankfully, I think the sun is setting on extreme PC culture and attempts to offset past wrongs. To any CSU fans who don't agree with me and feel I've represented our fanbase poorly, I say sorry. To any wyo fans, public service announcement that meth is bad. That's all.