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  1. CKS007

    Ok which MLB team is coming to Vegas?

    Back in the late 90's Larry H Miller (owner of the Utah Jazz) got the idea of trying for a MLB team. The AAA team (owned by LHM) at the time was an affiliate of the Twins. When they were having stadium issues they talked with Larry about bringing the Twins to Salt Lake (probably just a negotiation tactic). But it put Larry on that path of wanting a team. Sadly, that effort died when he passed away. I'd love to see a MLB team in Salt Lake.
  2. This was published today. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900050152/utah-state-football-to-play-at-iowa-in-2023.html
  3. CKS007

    Utah State rehires Gary Anderson

    I wonder about the staff he will have at Utah State. That could also be a big factor.
  4. CKS007

    2018 fb season gifs

    Love MXC. Wish there was more. Not a .gif, but here we see all of the Mountain West teams at the end of the season, including San Jose State.
  5. CKS007

    Seattle NHL team

    I wonder if this will draw more AHL and ECHL teams to the Pacific Northwest?
  6. CKS007

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    No problem on the questions. IMHO streaming is where television is going. I just don't know how the market is going to handle a ton of streams coming at them. I do not plan to buy the new Disney streaming service because I already have 3 services. If I keep adding more streaming services, I'd be paying as much as I did with cable/satellite. NDSU will not be in the Mountain West for a very long time. And if that happens, the bulk of the current teams will probably already be out the door. No market, no FBS history, no recruiting advantage for the other schools. If the MWC is pulling FCS teams, they are in major trouble. When the Mountain Wests expands, schools in Texas will be the first target.
  7. CKS007

    Utah State about to hire Gary Andersen

    If true, I'm sixes on this. Other good qualified candidates (Hill, etc.), but I can see some positives for Andersen as well (sticking around for a while if he's successful). I don't hate it, but I'm not ecstatic about it.
  8. CKS007

    Matt Wells To Texas Tech?

    I'd be thrilled if Scalley was the new HC. Hill would be great as well. Anderson... Not a bad choice, but not my first.
  9. CKS007

    Raiders say Sam Boyd is Beneath Them

    Wild idea that will never happen. Have the Raiders play different home games in different NFL wannabe cities to test them out or return to former NFL locations. 1 game in San Antonio, 1 game in OKC, 1 game in Portland, 1 game in Salt Lake, 1 game in San Diego, 1 game in St Louis, etc.
  10. CKS007

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    I can't wait to see the This week in GIFs entries for this game.
  11. CKS007

    NDSU to MWC....wheres the Invite?

    Once again NDSU, get your Dakota schools along with Idaho, NMSU and some of the Big Sky/MVFC schools to start up your own FBS league. The Mountain West is looking toward the Texas market. The MAC is set ok. CUSA and the Sun Belt are too far south for all of you.
  12. CKS007

    NDSU to MWC....wheres the Invite?

    NDSU fans are probably concerned that the banner provided by the NCAA for tallest midget (aka FCS playoff winner) will be sent to North Dakota again. Even the NCAA didn't care where to send the FCS banner. "Eh....it's a small state, it will get to where it needs to go."
  13. CKS007

    NDSU to MWC....wheres the Invite?

    Don't worry NDSU, I'm certain that the Big Sky comish will grab you, S Dakota St and a few others to join the bigger Big Sky schools in his planned FCS conference. Since the MWC and the MAC had no interest in your tiny state, that would be your only choice to move up.