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  1. You never should have changed your mascot from the Armadillos. Maybe you can do a quantum leap and go back and right that wrong.
  2. My alma mater Humboldt State just changed its name to Cal Poly Humboldt. If they think that will help, I say go for it.
  3. Looks like a diverse crowd.
  4. Predict the total number of prostitutes you will pay for in your lifetime.
  5. Is it too late for Carson to transfer to Colorado State?
  6. All of Boise's greatest QBs went undrafted (at least since the draft went to seven rounds) but somehow Jeff Rowe was a 7th round pick 15ish years ago. I'll never understand that but at this point I never have an expectation about draft potential of QBs, especially from the MWC.
  7. Matt Ryan shouldn't have a star by his name.
  8. Kansas City names Marvin Menzies as head coach. Press release touts his time at UNLV: Prior to his stint at GCU, Menzies held the reins at UNLV from 2016-19. During his time with the Runnin’ Rebels, he stabilized the program, beginning with just two scholarship players and building a team that won 20 games and held a 3.0 team GPA in back-to-back years for the first time in program history. Across his three years, Menzies’s teams notched five Mountain West Player of the Week honors, had five players named to All-Mountain West squads and saw Brandon McCoy named Freshman of the Year in 2018.
  9. If Oakland ends up being out, then the question becomes whether the Vegas taxpayers want to foot the bill for a mega stadium. The Golden Knights got in because of the exuberance of being the first. The NFL is the NFL, so no surprise there but baseball is far from a sure thing in Vegas. If I lived in Oakland, I'd just call the owners bluff and see what happens. Especially after he's raised ticket prices, taken perks away and spent nothing on players.
  10. Well, at least now he'll have time to spend with his newborn baby-- at least after he gets back from rehab. His lawyer is confident none of the charges will stick anyway.
  11. The benefit of playing in a low level bowl game is basically nil. It doesn't move the needle for recruiting other than allowing the coaches to come to the recruits instead of having the recruits come to them. I can't imagine the Armed Forces Bowl has sealed the deal with any recruits of note.
  12. You can no longer say that after last season.
  13. Hellman's? For those of us that live in the true mountain west and not the great plains, that's Best Foods mutha fukka. Of course, I think Cheyenne also might have a Hardee's (Carl's Jr.). Do you eat Edy's (Dreyer's) chocolate chip cookie dough in those parts as well? Forever West my ass... Can you put fry sauce on a runza?
  14. So they'll beat some highly touted teams early, only to fade down the stretch?
  15. I guess if you really need a guy who can give you 6 points a game.
  16. Loyola was an 11 seed. Five 11 seeds have made the final four and frankly George Mason's final four run as an 11 was more impressive. St. Peters is a 15 seed and the only 15 to make it to the elite 8-- and none of the games have been a fluke. There is a huge difference between facing a 6 in the first round vs. a 2. 11 seeds are all worthy of at large bids (even if some win their tournaments). 15 seeds are afterthoughts. This run by St. Peter's is really the most incredible, improbable thing to have happened in the history.of the tournament.
  17. St. Peters is the greatest NCAA Cinderella story ever.
  18. One thing that has become abundantly clear from reading this thread is that Otz is a terrible coach that could in no way have taken a 2 win team and turned them into a Sweet 16 team in one year. That was cuz of other coaches and weird ju ju and luck and shit. Also, UNLV's culture is amazing. The school always has been and always will be a national power and Otz was an impediment to that with his terrible recruiting. Lon Kruger's kid is going to bring the Rebs back to the promised land. He's just one of an amazing line of coaches sons who are superior to their more famous dads: Rick Pitino, John Thompson III, Scott Sutton. The list goes on and on...
  19. So there will be five teams left? How are they going to sort that out?
  20. Ok, I actually forgot he was still there. I thought y'all had some weird NMSU fascination.
  21. How does this game have a thread and no Gonzaga/Memphis?
  22. How does this compare to peer conferences?
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