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  1. And having never played each other. Probably not in any sport.
  2. There's a lot of it there, but everyone knows it pales in comparison to the Aggie Creamery.
  3. So, you're more of a Provo guy?
  4. The Natty was nearly 32 years ago.
  5. There are myriad reasons why UNLV is in this position and may continue to be if a sense of entitlement permeates the basketball program and its fan base. And for the record, the same thing may happen to Boise State in football. Some feel it already has. Boise has continued to have a winning record and win the conference every 2-3years but the weight of expectation to be nationally prominent again is an anchor.
  6. If by national program, you mean a true contender to win a national championship then that only existed for around 5ish years in the late 80s and early 90s. Tark was gone two years after the Natty and that was it. There was some sustained success a few years later but nothing major. Certainly not more than what SDSU or BYU managed to achieve in a similar timeframe, and I don't see either of those schools as true contenders to win it all. Gonzaga, by comparison, has had sustained success for 20+ years with no sign of that changing. They haven't won it all like UNLV did-- and all UNLV fans should be very proud of that achievement- but what Gonzaga is doing is hard to sustain or replicate. It is something UNLV has never done (continued success over decades) and only the most myopic fans would think Gonzaga-level success would be possible now.
  7. And that is exactly the reason why UNLV continues to be stuck.
  8. I don't know anything about the culture of the basketball program but if I had to guess, it's rooted in expectations from a past that are long gone. Not sure how to break that. I don't think splashy hires are the answer. The problem is, building a good team in the MWC won't be good enough for Rebels fans. SDSU is the best school in the conference and they rarely make the Sweet 16. Success for UNLV should be making the tourney 50% of the time but the fans won't see it that way.
  9. He always looked like he was praying before he received the snap under the shotgun. 🙏
  10. Welcome aboard. Now that you have your first post out of the way, you won't be scared to do it again until @Cincy shits all over you.
  11. The clear implication was that Wyoming would be at a disadvantage but that isn't the case. I never said anything about winning against SDSU. Boise still had to travel and play in a slog of a game against possibly the top defense in the league. The physical toll doesn't change if the other team is rusty. It will be a good game tonight assuming it doesn't get cancelled 20 mins before tip. I think both teams are behind SDSU and CSU talent wise but they play each other again next week. A split is probably most likely.
  12. So you think New Mexico can win the MWC tournament?
  13. By spoiler, do you mean UNM could possibly pull one upset in the tourney? Maybe, but I am absolutely counting them out to win it
  14. As already pointed out, it's the same number of games for both teams in the same timeframe plus Boise had to play SDSU on the road. Wyoming hasn't played a team in the top third of the league yet. Boise has only played the Aztecs. Should be a good one.
  15. Is Bill Self against conference tourneys since those involve more than two games in a week? Agreed that it's not like AAU though most schools are not going to have to play three games in a week more than twice. I do think travel is probably the biggest factor.
  16. Lots of teams have been or will be playing make up games this year. There's been talk about how tired these teams may be after going through the gauntlet. I'm not convinced that three games a week compared to two will leave a team exhausted. Most if not all of these kids are used to this from AAU, club team experience, etc. I think not playing for two weeks is a bigger issue. This is different from football, where a much longer season does begin to wear down players that have never been through that.
  17. Wait until they reschedule the Boise State game for Super Bowl Sunday
  18. Sylvester Stallone is your second favorite actor? Dude was robbed by the academy for Rambo 7.
  19. Some people don't want to live directly in their big brother's shadow.
  20. Think about what Allen could have done in college if he had a good coach.
  21. To you I guess. They've been a bottom half team for most of a decade now. How old were you when UNLV was really good? Did you go to the games or did Grandpappy just tell you stories about the good 'ol days?
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