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  1. Starting August 1. There would still be a two week quarantine if you left now.
  2. The Ivy League doesn't play FBS teams. They also don't participate in the FCS playoff.
  3. First off, nothing is official yet. Second, I'm pretty sure Orem was moving to Pueblo, CO after this season.
  4. Dude, you were the guy at the beginning who said this was all a bunch of bullshit. You only care now that your precious sports are threatened.
  5. At least they didn't let other players crash in their dorm room.
  6. Who says it's overrated? It is universally known as the worst all star game in terms of watchability (and probably viewership, at least by NFL standards).
  7. Yeah, that's what I thought when I saw it but the heading says MW record vs. American (or something like that), so it is saying that the MW is 2-0 vs. U Conn. Very misleading.
  8. Because that ranking system is more objective, irrespective of schedule. Number of wins is not a particularly valuable metric in college basketball because there are about 250 teams, but you already know this.
  9. Agreed. Let's revisit the Kenpom rankings in three years. I singled out Utah State because their only competition was New Mexico State their last year in the WAC. Oh yeah, and San Jose State.
  10. This list is kind of bullshit because USU, SJSU, Nevada, Fresno, and Boise all joined after 2010 and the level of competition in MBB is just not the same. Utah State didn't join until 2013. Thats three years of cupcakes padding those stats.
  11. Unlikely. These are two separate organizations that have their own employees, cultures and bureaucracy. Higher ups in these organizations are not going to want to make themselves redundant. It would be different if there was something in it for the schools to make it happen, but this is small potatoes shit. Not worth the effort.
  12. No, following that progression, his final year would be in the Big Sky.