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  1. I'll take that. They are probably $15 each.
  2. Done with sports or done existing altogether?
  3. Only for boobies month.
  4. I'm just going to a UNLV game. That way I can see the stadium for $20.
  5. It will be 10 degrees warmer than Provo and the girls will have their cleavage out. You can imagine that they're wearing prairie dresses if that makes you feel more comfortable.
  6. The Florida Gulf Coast coach moved up to USC and has done well. Now that's a move up. ACU to UTEP doesn't make any sense to me. I doubt CUSA pays that well. Trading one one-bid league for another. I don't get it. I guess FGCU got two tourney wins instead of just one for ACU, but still...
  7. Gonzaga didn't lose because they aren't in a good enough conference. They lost because Baylor was clearly the better team. Got manhandled on the boards and their D was not up to the task.
  8. Houston finally played a tier 1 team. The tournament really is about matchups. It's great just the way it is because it allows for underdogs to make really exciting runs this time of year. If it were about getting the best teams to the final 4, they would reseed the teams at every venue. And yes, I realize that Houston is a 2 seed.
  9. A rolling stone gathers no Muss
  10. You are conveniently ignoring all the 20 page posts on UNLV basketball.
  11. So you think if the entire BYU staff had left a year ago, the new staff wouldn't have done anything possible to keep Zack Wilson? If you are good enough, they'll bend over backwards to keep you. Wanting to go in a different direction is a euphemism for not wanting you.
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