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  1. Is Sanchez still unemployed?
  2. It was funny when that player dropped an F bomb with the sideline reporter in the first game.
  3. His full name was Richard Milhous Stabone, may he rest in peace...
  4. Give it a few years and you'd start to resent Bison fans just as much as you do Bronco fans.
  5. Queta fouling out didn't seem like a big deal at the time but it was huge. Allowed Boise to play five smaller guys who don't normally play together and Ray J just went nuts. Greatest comeback I've ever seen in person.
  6. You're welcome, my strange basement dwelling friend.
  7. Listening to the national broadcast on Sirius. The announcer said he sounds tired and the color guy said he sounds like his uncle after eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving.
  8. TVW is far superior in the Vigen offense.
  9. Addazio has never beaten Harsin. The game was a no contest. They played half a quarter. Bohl has beaten Harsin once, but I think your post alluded to that.
  10. He's not good enough to start there.
  11. Utah State never gets a good bowl matchup. Never.
  12. Okay, that's one. Can you name a second one?