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  1. Good thing y'all ain't playin' a SWAC team. They'd whoop ya ass with a side a collard greens.
  2. We're hanging out hat on losing to Houston by fewer points than Texas Tech. 🦿
  3. To be fair Texas Southern is the best team in the SWAC. They play the toughest OOC schedule in the nation most years and have been capable of beating the bottom third of the MWC most years. The worst teams in the SWAC can't compete with a decent DII school but TexSo is a cut above.
  4. Okay, if that's true, what does that say about your football team? Who was the last UNLV football coach who wasn't fired-- John Robinson? If he wasn't, he should have been.
  5. Let them run. It really IS time for PH to do something about his tiny dick. You might as well get a commission.
  6. There shouldn't be a championship game. No team has earned that right after playing 4-5 of the 12 teams in the conference. This year has been more like a couple of glorified scrimmages honestly.
  7. What happened to touting your great results against the PAC-12 in recent years? Your coach looks like Chris Christie and coaches like Gary Andersen (the second time around).
  8. My point exactly. The SWAC is equivalent to a .500 DII team. Northwest Nazerine is usually in the top 25 in DII and could beat most SWAC teams on any given night. Boise State has played NNU and College of Idaho many times over the years and they always give a better game than the Alabama States of the world. The SWAC doesn't have a single team close to .500 before they start conference play.
  9. Would you really want to watch the whole thing? If the game was somehow competitive, it would be riveting. If it is a blowout, it would be painful and boring.
  10. Even San Jose in their worst year could finish close to .500 in the SWAC.
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