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  1. F-this. Seriously. When schools are offering coaches $110 million and private jets, what are we doing? Does winning a championship really pay off this handsomely? I seriously need to reevaluate the time I spend on college sports.
  2. The number of bowl eligible teams is 83 for 82 spots. That isn't changing. Seems like we are always wheeling/dealing up until the last minute with bowl slots but you can rest assured if there is a shittier option out there for your team, Hair will find it. One team won't go bowling and I'm certain he'll find a way to give that honor to Wyoming.
  3. By definition, there is more cross-pollination in a bigger population than a smaller one.
  4. I hear you but they still most likely would travel better than a MAC school (depending on location). Probably more eyes watching the game too.
  5. There will almost certainly be more bowl eligible teams than bowl slots this year, so this looks to be Hawaii's last game. There's no guarantee that Wyoming will find a bowl spot either. The Pokes travel pretty well to bowl games and would seem to be a logical pick over a MAC/Sun Belt school but we all know Hair doesn't have the best track record when it comes to placing teams in bowls.
  6. How the F is this lame ass argument still going on?
  7. I said you are resorting to personal attacks, which is true. It is what it is. I never said Plough would be fired. You said he had a good season given the circumstances and deserves to be retained. That's the part that I s hard to defend.
  8. Bronco on Bronco violence is all part of the game. Peace be unto you. I sense much anger in this one.
  9. You are angry so personal attacks are the only thing you have left. I haven't done that once. Does it make you feel like you are winning. There's no Monopoly board for you to turn over right now.
  10. You are talking about an offensive coordinator and you are resorting to personal attacks because your arguments make no sense.
  11. Not if you don't believe in the offensive scheme or the person implementing it. The crazy thing is you haven't said that you believe in it either. Coordinators get let go after one year all the time. This isn't firing a head coach and blowing the whole thing up FFS.
  12. So by that logic, we should never do anything, just wait. Smart people make tough decisions by weighing the risks and benefits. They always act, it's never about wait and see. Either you are doing everything you can to work with your team fix the problem or you find a new team that can fix it. And every second of every day you are thinking about what might happen in order to mitigate that. That is what what smart people do.
  13. Again, show me an example of unrealistic expectations posed in this thread by me or State of Mind. This is a straw man argument. When your team is capable of winning every game on its schedule but is held back by a sub par offense, it is appropriate to talk about how that offense should improve. What exactly are you defending anyway?
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