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  1. Utah should consider some P5 non-conference games: BYU, Northern Illinois and Idaho State? Yikes.
  2. Good to see you again, cuz. Much like Puff Daddy, I've been missing you.
  3. Okay, then what was Marshall?
  4. All these teams have inflated records because the bottom third of the league isn't even trying to be competitive. I think the Twins went 17-1 against the Tigers this year. That's ridiculous. It's like playing half your games against FCS schools.
  5. Why is it wrong? Love is love.
  6. SJSU 7-0. Wins against any SEC team are counted in dog years.
  7. Marshall was lucky to beat Ohio last week. They are one of the top teams in the worst conference in football, that is all. Troy was quite a bit better last year.
  8. I'm glad you were right, but did you really believe this when you typed it?
  9. If it didn't happen on the SEC Network, it doesn't count.
  10. Have we all come to a consensus on the exact way San Jose is gonna F this up yet?
  11. Gotta be happy for your team too, right? Memphis has a pretty clear path now, though I'm not sure how that Ole Miss win is gonna hold up.
  12. That Air Force line is crazy.
  13. Yeah, not all of us have the luxury of living in a basement rent free.
  14. Good to hear your surgery was at least partly successful. Sporadic tumescence is certainly better than none at all!