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  1. I think it says something about where we are when you have to make a hype poster about the guys who are coming back.
  2. Who cares? Game over. Aztecs win. Unless you're a Creighton fan. But who knows any of those? Unless you're a dentist, of course.
  3. Sounds like Aztec games are going to be on Amazon and Google soon enough.
  4. Dutch hadn't won a single tourney game until this one. He's talked about how everyone suddenly thinks he's a much better coach now... Teams get hot. Dutch is a good coach. He was before he won a tournament game. There are a couple other coaches in the league that are at his level. No other schools in the MWC are at the same level as the Aztecs program, however.
  5. The Padres have been to the World Series The Chargers have been to the Super Bowl. The Aztecs are in the Final Four.
  6. Boise beat the living shit out of them that night. Got the sanitation contract for Schaumburg as part of the deal.
  7. Rodney Terry looks like he's in better shape than when he coached at Fresno.
  8. Boise State beat Loyola Chicago when they went to the Final Four. Now the Aztecs as well. Home wins just aren't the same animal though.
  9. @ph90702 has never experienced his team making it this far. Has no idea what it would be like. Probably never will.
  10. Lower seed. 5 is a lower number than 9. How about "better seed"? White jersey.
  11. Not only is San Diego State in the Final Four, they will also be the lower seed. That's just crazy.
  12. You truly are an insufferable little bitch. And a deeply unhappy person.
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