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  1. I don't know if you risk buying an extra game right now without total certainly you'll be allowed to fill the stadium-- especially if you are a school in California or New Mexico.
  2. Tarleton was also without their starting QB as well as four other starters. 42-17. Wow.
  3. Break your clipboard if you must. Just make sure the pocket protectors and glasses are alright.
  4. Nope, but someone on that D line sure did.
  5. It has? I'd be pissed to have two winners and one runner up and no chance to see any of them play in person. Feel robbed actually.
  6. I see the Lions as the big winner here. Tons of great draft picks and a chance to build something. I think Stafford is more like Kirk Cousins than an elite QB. The Rams were already a playoff team. Stafford can get them to the playoffs, maybe even win a playoff game now and then, but that's where the team is right now with Goff. It's a lot to give up. If Stafford makes them a legit Super Bowl contender again, then it will have been worth it-- anything less than that will not.
  7. What are the financial ramifications of this? I remember when SJSU women's team shut down, the scuttlebutt was that the men's team couldn't do the same because of TV revenue-related issues.
  8. Please name the year the conference was not an afterthought after the first weekend of the tourney.
  9. Peacock is free, though you can pay for a version that doesn't have ads.
  10. Did UC Davis and Cal Poly leave the Big Sky? Edit* I see that they are football only members. Guessing you were thinking basketball since your school doesn't do the football thing.
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