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  1. Fair enough. I must have read it wrong.
  2. Jfc does everything with you have to be an I'm right you're wrong my team is better than your team +++++ing response. You know you are the reason I left this board for 4 years because of shit like this.
  3. Just going off interviews in the article so it's a small sample size for sure.
  4. Not what I read. The mayor is a Democrat too. It was a presser for offering counseling services to victims and families
  5. Just read a bunch of interviews from citizens at the meeting and the mayor. They were all very pissed at Beto especially the mayor as he told everyone not to make the meeting about politics.
  6. Who doesn't enjoy watching from time to time....
  7. Not really sure what Ted Cruz has to do with anything I said....
  8. yeah that would be incredibly hard as a parent to sit there and do nothing when you know your children are in danger.
  9. Looks like officers on crowd control. There might have been some already in the building and these guys were keeping people out.
  10. Are you talking about for the private transfer of guns? CO implemented it after one of our last mass shootings.
  11. They still have to do the FBI background check for gun store sales.
  12. I'm confused on the UBC thing. If I go to any store to purchase a gun I have to go through the background check process now. Same for purchases at gun shows. CO even requires them for private transfers and sales at the seller/owners expense. Is the UBC concept more for private transfers or a more in depth check than the CBI/FBI already do?
  13. Ah nice, yeah from Denver to get to the east coast is $400+ then even more to get to Europe. Did you guys upgrade to business/first class?
  14. Credit Card points my good man. Now I have a goal....
  15. That's fair. You really don't know how you will react until you are in that situation. Just seems like if you have a whole squad of cops that it would have made sense to go in to confront the shooter to prevent more deaths.
  16. Nice! I need to travel more.... House and kids keep taking all my money...
  17. read about it?!?! I Live it!!!!
  18. Now you're talking my language!
  19. For sure, I might take you up on that. Right now they have me focused on geodesy and learning survey control to take over that department. But I will get back to programming probably by the end of the year.
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