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  1. Check 5 points. Lots of csu alumni pan handling there.
  2. HR_Poke

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    IDK, people who work in an industry tend to be defensive when their ethics are questioned. Especially on a broad scale.
  3. how do you shop off a finger?
  4. they don't do that anymore!!!!!!
  5. HR_Poke

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    Cliffs notes: Birds = good Catchers = bad
  6. Completely disagree. I'd be willing to bet the peaks over 18% are directly correlated to economic booms. Dot com boom is evident as well as the boom right after ww2 in that chart.
  7. You get to 19% by growing the economy not by raising rates. You raise the rates it impacts the economy and you get less revenue. There is a reason it's been at 18% regardless of tax rate since the 50s
  8. HR_Poke

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    Had to read tender is the night in college and is was horrible. I never read Gatsby but after reading his "best work" I would never voluntarily read anything else of his.
  9. HR_Poke

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    F scott Fitzgerald can suck a dick. Terrible author....
  10. You can jack up the tax rate all you want you are still never getting more than 18% of GDP in tax revenue. You are arguing a shell game. Significant spending cuts and entitlement reforms are the only effective solution.
  11. Shit my great grandmother was born on the res and registered with the bureau of indian affairs. I probably have 240 drops in me.
  12. This might actually be the dumbest thing I've ever seen on the internet..... Ever..... This tops your "all taco bells have a 70% profit margin" comment. Congrats....
  13. Blonde rich white woman screams Cherokee princess....
  14. HR_Poke

    Is this fair?

    Is it a dude identifying as a chic?
  15. HR_Poke

    Cultural Marxism

    If you aren't willing to let your children starve because you are too lazy to work then it's not marxism
  16. We will see. The idiocy or running the scheme regardless of having the personnel to run it is baffling.
  17. HR_Poke

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

    Damn we suck.... if bohl doesnt make a change offensively he should be fired.
  18. No. Vigen sucks, but wont get fired...
  19. HR_Poke

    I like that Kanye doesn’t give two chits

    Kanye is a lyrical genius
  20. you could do that with any engine. Cummins, Duramax etc. You have this classic issue of having a problem with something then pile on stats that agree with your original opinion.
  21. She has the V6. Its still got a lot of power, but she has a lead foot and I didn't want her guzzling gas with the v8