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  1. You would do it, but I highly doubt you would be ok with it. It would haunt you. I've seen first hand the ramifications of good people dealing with taking a life even if it was justified. It's not as easy as you think.
  2. nah, that shit weighs on you regardless. You are still responsible for taking a life regardless if the life is a disgusting individual.
  3. Queue akkulas claim that he has a masters degree in post modern political thought.
  4. Their anti ukraine war comments are even all populist. It's not that we can't afford it, it's that the money should go to Americans not Ukrainians
  5. It's the idiotic she's not conservative enough for me shtick they have been using for a while. Guess what, she's more conservative than populist trump.... but that doesn't matter to cultists.
  6. Sorry to hear about your friend. One of our 24 year old drafters just got an all clear on his last scan for testicular cancer. After several rounds of chemo and radiation he's cancer free.
  7. I'd rather have a neo-con than a populist any day of the week.
  8. This! Her job is to protect the conference, not make it easy for sdsu to bail.
  9. how do you know they aren't already aware? The presidents would have signed this or agreed to it in a meeting. The general public didn't know and frankly who cares? Joe Schmoe small time booster on a message board doesn't need to know exactly how much money his school needs to pony up to leave the conference.
  10. It's two separate agreements. One between the PAC2 and MWC and one between the MWC and member institution. A scheduling agreement between two conferences isn't going to supersede the bylaws and contract between a school and the conference it is a member of.
  11. Nah, I've got a spare set being delivered next week.
  12. But not enough of an increase. My tax dollars at work.
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