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  1. Yes you have. And your single handedly driven most of the regulars off this board and killing @mugtangs ad revenue. Congrats! I'm done with this shit.
  2. Oh please you've been ridiculous since he got elected. You got off on this whole thing regardless how bad this actually will be for the country going forward. You and your ilk have marginalized the office of the president for all time now. There will never be a party in the minority that doesnt throw constant investigations and allegations at the office of the president. What a +++++ing joke we've become and not because a corrupt ass hole was elected....
  3. The district that was added in 2010 was challenged all the way to the state supreme court. Had it been taken to the us supreme court it would been invalidated. They purposefully selected large Hispanic abd black neighborhoods while excluding neighboring mixed communities so they could lump in the affluent suburbs in the south and nullify their Republican leaning votes.
  4. Let me introduce you to CO district 6. Gerrymandered by Democrats to the equivalent of districts gerrymandered by Republicans in NC.
  5. Burman has long proven he's in over his head with this job. Hopefully he finally gets fired.
  6. That's what we get for hiring a used car salesman
  7. They seriously thought it was a good idea? Were they drunk when they made the decision?
  8. More eyeballs in wyoming watch high school football than eyeballs in San fransisco watch the Spartans.
  9. Where is all the tv money from the bay area eyeballs?
  10. You dont understand shit and have expertly proven that in this thread.
  11. How close does Aztec bruce live to mission beach? Is he on the mascot committee?