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  1. Feel the same way when you post.
  2. The higher the debt-to-GDP ratio, the less likely the country will pay back its debt and the higher its risk of default, which could cause a financial panic in the domestic and international markets. A study by the World Bank found that if the debt-to-GDP ratio of a country exceeds 77% for an extended period, it slows economic growth.
  3. I don't know the answer to this. Honestly I don't know how big an issue this really is? How much revenue would this generate yearly from the ~1000 individuals they were targeting?
  4. Sure, there's no hard and fast line where you go to failed nation once you hit a certain debt to gdp number. But it's incredibly difficult to come back from that 100% mark and a lot of nations failed around that limit.
  5. Taxing mutual funds would have to be limited otherwise you are hitting everyone's 401k, and most of us don't have the liquid assets to cover that tax bill yearly. Not a lawyer, but it would appear taxing wealth in this manner violates the 16th amendment and would require a constitutional amendment to allow it based on previous cases when congress tried to tax stock splits that had not been sold.
  6. Does Denmark give them credit for losses as well?
  7. Generally 100% debt to GDP is the arbitrary limit which we have passed. We passed it back in WW2 as well but quickly paid it down after that. The more you spend without actually paying down the debt, will eventually make it harder to incur debt when we need it in a national emergency. But neither party is actually serious about cutting spending and increasing revenue to pay this debt down....
  8. I don't know. The New Mexico game was the only winnable one I saw left on our schedule. Our offense is a complete disaster. The sheep are going to slaughter us....
  9. She does really good with the partial sums method, I had to bite my tongue to not tell her to use that method even if it says to use the split apart method. She just gets lost with breaking it apart so much and loses track of where she is. I like showing them all the different methods so they can pick whatever is easiest for them instead of how I was taught with 1 method. Trying to figure out how to show her the split apart works if she keeps it organized.
  10. He's not for everyone. I don't think Larry the Cable guy is all that funny. To each his own.
  11. Yeah Tribalism is killing this country.....
  12. But if they are guilty they both go to jail. I guess I'm not really following. Maybe it's worn off, disney did just release a documentary on him... People calling themselves Faucinista's have faded. Just really weird how he was deified and vilified.
  13. https://news.bloombergtax.com/daily-tax-report/wealth-taxes-cant-satisfy-constitutional-requirements Congress has never done anything quite like this, because it has long been recognized that, as a matter of constitutional law, Congress can’t treat unrealized appreciation as taxable income. In 1920, the U.S. Supreme Court concluded that, under the 16th Amendment, there must be some actual transfer of rights before Congress can tax appreciation as income. Sell appreciated property and you realize the gain. But just hold on, and there’s no income to tax. The ProPublica report measures effec
  14. so your argument is that both are bad but one is worse and you want more nuance in the discussion?
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