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  1. Who doesn't enjoy watching from time to time....
  2. Which they will sell to the highest bidder. Such a corrupt shithole...
  3. It's in their blood. They deposed the czar for losing in WW1, and the replacement govt wanted to keep fighting.
  4. I'm not sure a coup will change much. A lot of the military wants to go full bore into Ukraine with mass mobilization and death penalty for deserters.
  5. Chics don't really dig a dude with money.
  6. It's a good read to see those advocating authoritarianism as long as the candidate has a D next to their name.
  7. I dropped this hint when I mentioned this as one of the biggest differences between us and Europe.... In my best yakov smirnov voice "In Europe/Russia the state gives you rights. In America the state takes away your rights"
  8. God. The founders didn't want the bill of rights added to the constitution because they were afraid people would thing that those were their only enumerated rights. People have more rights than what we document and limit. The govt infringes on existing rights because we collectively allow it, not because our rights come from the govt. It's one of the fundamental differences between the US and European democracies. It's rooted in John Lockes writings about individualism. It's also a huge reason governing in this country is a pain in the ass.
  9. This is incorrect. Read through the preamble to the constitution as well as federalist papers. They believed there were certain rights all men had (happy is right this really meant white male land owners when it was written.) That's why the bill of rights language specifically points out the state cannot infringe upon rights, the language isn't granting those rights to people. It's limiting the power of the state to limit those rights.
  10. They do this every time to extort nato countries. Turkey under erdogan has been a terrible ally and should have been kicked out of nato.
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