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  1. I'm going to write a children's book about the cotton gin and make all the schools in CA use it.
  2. Idk. If ECA disagrees with you on this one, I'm going to side with him. He tends to be one of the most level headed people on this board.
  3. It's a college level concept. Just going with the thread concept that exclusion of context is erasing science
  4. Until they include Genetic Drift, eff them....
  5. It's the German Panzer mark 8. AKA the Maus.....
  6. I'm anti public sector unions. Even FDR was opposed to public sector unions.
  7. I don't know. I'm not a publisher. I don't really see any issues with how it's portrayed in the book now.
  8. The one in Cheyenne did. Not sure about the rest of the state. But for a while there something like 75 to 80% of all legislators wives were teachers. So Wyoming teachers were getting large yearly raises....
  9. The scope of the story it was trying to tell was purely about the process of picking seeds out of cotton. Including anything beyond that in a 2 paragraph statement is scope creep. And thats a good way to piss off your vendors....
  10. Cheyenne Public schools suck. Blame the teachers union.....
  11. It doesn't say anything one way or the other about the process of picking the cotton. It simply talks about making the process or removing the seeds from the fibers quick and easy, which it did. Again you are wanting additional context and claiming the lack of it is erasing history. It simply isn't.
  12. Didn't get to that until 10th grade
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