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  1. Finland ends its basic income trial

    for easy tasks sure. But complex tasks are still far beyond an AI. I can look at a map and tell you if an address is serviceable in 3 seconds. An AI will take 30 minutes and doesn't have enough information to make the correct decision even 50% of the time.
  2. Finland ends its basic income trial

    I think you are giving estimates and projections too much credit. A true Human level AI is probably going to need quantum computing to exist. And that is still a ways a way from being functional let alone small enough scale to be widely used.
  3. Finland ends its basic income trial

    Singularity bytches!!!! Sure adaptation takes a while but it will happen out of necessity. It's already happened in the US with manufacturing jobs moving over seas. People moved into service jobs.
  4. Finland ends its basic income trial

    It will. I don't know how but it will. We are a long way from the Arthur C Clarke version of complete automation of everything. Even then there are just things Human minds do better and faster than computer do.
  5. Finland ends its basic income trial

    Low level jobs for sure will start going away. I'm in the process of automating out 200+ call center jobs for a client. But we have had this huge upheaval before and adapted just fine. People will retrain into new sectors of support just as they always have.
  6. 30+ pages here we come!!!!
  7. Finland ends its basic income trial

    No offense but Marx said this same thing during the industrial revolution and we adapted. I'm sure the same was said when we went from an agrarian society to living in cities. We will adapt. Automation isn't coming along that fast.
  8. It's Happening.

    Final nail in bermans coffin
  9. Be a real downer if the donor suffered from microcephaly.
  10. Hipsters brought it back after it was not a thing....
  11. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    I'm under 45. You can go phuck yourself with a cactus...
  12. Clinton Campaign’s Cyber Security

    Pretty interesting. Still blaming everyone else for her loss.
  13. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    But not the last jedi
  14. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    The last jedi was the best of all the movies