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  1. Communism will win. Che was a misunderstood hero. Just ask @Joe from WY.
  2. HR_Poke

    The "moral" majority

    40 year old strippers with stretch Mark's and scars...
  3. Her staff should have known better, but even at 70 she should have known with all the data breaches in the news. It's ridiculous.
  4. HR_Poke

    Supreme Court: States may tax online retailers

    Colorado does a Use tax to try and recoup this. You have to file it on your income tax and estimate the value of any online purchases you made and didn't pay CO sales tax on. I'm pretty sure most everyone claims 0. But if you get audited.....
  5. HR_Poke

    My Ranking of European Cities

    Any CSU gear in these cities? They dominate the football market in Europe per jimjam....
  6. yeah that dbag should know better as well.
  7. HR_Poke

    US quits UN Human Rights Council

    I don't agree that it brought goodwill. everyone knows its a sham for the biggest abusers to do two things, fling shyt at israel and cover their own atrocities. Israel does a lot of shyt that violates human rights, but not enough to warrant 50% of all measures from this body.
  8. HR_Poke

    US quits UN Human Rights Council

    WTF does that have to do with the UN human rights council. I'm not getting into idiotic tit for tat partisan bullshit. find some other hack to have your bs argument with.
  9. HR_Poke

    US quits UN Human Rights Council

    No dude. It's a sham. Always has been. It's always loaded with the biggest human rights violators.
  10. HR_Poke

    Far left radicals in South Africa.

    Bringing my popcorn
  11. HR_Poke

    Far left radicals in South Africa.

    Well that lasted a while....
  12. I dont know how in this day and age someone thinks a home grown server or gmail account is secure enough for anything. You'd have to be incredibly ignorant.
  13. The airforce and navy both have space detachments. Albiet the airforce is far larger. Makes sense in conglomerating them into one instead of multiple branches having a piece