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  1. Fair enough. I must have read it wrong.
  2. Jfc does everything with you have to be an I'm right you're wrong my team is better than your team +++++ing response. You know you are the reason I left this board for 4 years because of shit like this.
  3. Just going off interviews in the article so it's a small sample size for sure.
  4. Not what I read. The mayor is a Democrat too. It was a presser for offering counseling services to victims and families
  5. Just read a bunch of interviews from citizens at the meeting and the mayor. They were all very pissed at Beto especially the mayor as he told everyone not to make the meeting about politics.
  6. Who doesn't enjoy watching from time to time....
  7. Not really sure what Ted Cruz has to do with anything I said....
  8. yeah that would be incredibly hard as a parent to sit there and do nothing when you know your children are in danger.
  9. Looks like officers on crowd control. There might have been some already in the building and these guys were keeping people out.
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