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  1. Just chill and play football video games because that is the only football you will have this fall. The NFL is going to shut down sooner than later due to the lack of a bubble.
  2. This is with the assumption that the west coast schools are not playing this year. We might as well have one intermountain super conference for one season. West: Nevada, UNLV, Boise State, Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Utah, and USU. East: UNM, AFA, CU, CSU, WYO, NMSU, and UTEP.
  3. Much like they helped Gallup right?
  4. Biden said he'd select Michelle Obama as his running mate "in a heartbeat'...I'd vote for four more years of Trump in a heartbeat if Biden did that.
  5. I'm talking about general federal & Indian leases. Not state ones which would be handled by the states themselves. All the offshore leases are federal leases...it's going to have an impact.
  6. This ain't good. My government agency I work for collects oil, gas, and solids royalties produced on federal and Indian land is responsible for the distribution of money to states and tribes. The money the states receives generally goes to help firefighters, police, teachers, etc and could have helped states charge lower income tax rates as a result. That means you might have to see some sales tax increases in the not too distant future. Given the general 12.5% royalty the companies are paying to the government and how much the government collects, that is at least an annual 1-2 trillion dollar industry in negative territory. Think of the drillers, the pipeline companies, the accountants, etc who might have to be laid off.
  7. That is if the younger people can remove the "e" from e-mail. I'm sure the older folks who would support the GOP haven't forgotten where the drop in mailbox is.
  8. Jalapeno. I don't visit your board much and I hope every CSU fan doesn't fall sick because I need to trash talk them over another CU win over them.
  9. Grew up in Estes Park so I believe I understand your point about Yuma County. I'd be struggling with staying indoors and that is what I'm doing. They are setting off firecrackers in Parker...LOL. Governor Polis sounded pretty upbeat when he made the announcement that the stay at home order would be extended to the 26th. Just keep the beer just in case of shortages...thanks for the offer tho. I have underlying health issues that I might have to stay in a bit longer than the others but that's more of my fault tho. Take cae.
  10. Good to see. I thought Colorado started earlier than Idaho and the state restrictions are in place until the 26th. Given the recent federal CDC guidelines presented by Trump, that's subject to change. Stay safe man.
  11. I wonder how many here appreciate the fact that our governors can decide what is best for their populations if it appears that Trump might not have a good handle on the coronavirus? The leftist media has been hard on him because their locales didn't have enough supplies to begin with despite being told for at least two decades by the feds to be ready for something like this. Both the federal and state governments need to do a much better job prepping for a disaster like this. Looking forward to the commissions that will look into what worked and what failed during this coronavirus. It ain't going to be good for a lot of politicians for sure and will lead to a voter supported "purge". There's going to be a lot of changes overall in the coming years for sure. I'm still surprised how many states surrounding Colorado hasn't really given out stay at home orders until just recently.
  12. Very unfortunate that we had to cut off the funds to the WHO during a time like this and I support Trump's decision on this. It seems like many nations are pulling business from China...the fallout domestically is going to be brutal over there.
  13. It's going to happen thanks to the coronavirus. The damage to economies worldwide will demand this be implemented to prevent future economic losses. I'm just surprised that a Dem didn't propose it at this point but I think they will buy into that as well.
  14. Just poking some fun at CSU fans.
  15. All I have is this: Have a good weekend.
  16. https://watchstadium.com/will-there-be-college-football-in-2020-athletic-directors-weigh-in-03-30-2020/amp/?__twitter_impression=true G5 programs and below would be screwed if there is no football season. It amazes me there has been no realignment threads on boards including this one.
  17. I'm managing just fine with sports games on my Playstation 4 Pro console. You might want to check into sports games on the XB1, PS4, Switch, and PC. Stadia even has NBA 2K20 on it.
  18. Both conferences did announce a partnership only to see CU leave for the Pac-12 shortly after. When you see articles like that, perhaps a raid is more likely than not.
  19. Just keep doing social distancing and the curve bending will happen sooner than later.
  20. Japan has a large elderly population so they could get hit as hard as Italy.