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  1. If the MW went all in with ESPN+, I’d have watched far more MW games. Doesn’t seem like it will happen. If the P12 gets on Apple TV+, I’d be thrilled. This might benefit the P12 as the ESPN slots open up.
  2. Watched him in the Big 12 and then the Pac-12. He's going to be missed out west.
  3. I understand the happiness of not having to deal with Texas plus play against teams like Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota will be great in the long run. CU-Utah is starting to get more chippy on the field and a TE that mockingly yawned after his third TD against the Buffs really fired up the CU fans. I enjoyed CU's first win over ASU in Tempe and that means CU has beaten the Sun Devil's three times in the last four years. But I'd be lying if I said I don't miss playing the Huskers every year. I imagine Husker fans are looking forward to playing Oklahoma again despite those two crushing losses to the Buffs. And I agree about Texas and A&M to make the Big 8 ten teams. If CU was able to build up the facilities that CU has now back then, CU might have decided to stay in the Big 12. I think that will be fun to replicate in NCAA FB 14. And to answer about what CU fans think of the Pac-12, I believe most have gotten used to the Pac-12 but there are still some fans that longs for the Big 8/12 due to the media rights deal that hasn't been great for fans.
  4. CU really didn't have much of a choice when it came to joining the Pac-10 versus staying in the Big 12. You got to go to where the alumni (and their money) are at. If it was my choice, CU would have stayed along with Nebraska or even followed Nebraska to the Big Ten. Heck, I'd have stayed at eight members in the old Big 8 if I had that choice too. Utah is the biggest winner in all of this while their rival is the biggest loser in all of this.
  5. https://csurams.com/sports/2017/7/28/mountain-west-network.aspx?master=watch If anyone wants to watch the presser @ 3 pm Mountain.
  6. Yeah RamNation was an entertaining read.
  7. Don't have a problem with that since my wife doesn't use Sling and I'm not the multitasking type.
  8. Given that the MWC schools are pretty much in the Pac-12 footprint, I don't think that is going to work without a good amount of extra revenue.
  9. Have Sling TV with the ESPN channels so I can watch my Buffs play. Just wish the MW would announce their new media rights already.
  10. I remember CU struggling to put away UMass at Gillette Stadium and that same season or something like that, I watched Addazio's BC Eagles physically manhandle UMass which CU wasn't able to do at that time. I told myself that I'd love to have Addazio coach CU and get CU back to playing hard-nosed football and then CSU gets him. I'm glad CU is moving towards more physical football under Tucker...Tucker ball was more evident in home wins against Stanford and Washington late in the season. 2020 RMS is going to be a low scoring and physical ballgame for sure. Addazio is more known as an OL coach and Colorado has produced some OL talent over the years. This could end up turning out to be a solid hire. I'm loving the fact that the Front Range schools are collectively playing a more physical brand of football.
  11. If CSU loses to their rivals like Bobo, they will still get Life Champions rings. Exciting times for the Rams!
  12. It's nice to have stability at head coach like Sonny Lubick but I think those days are long gone...it's all about the recruiting that a coach can do for a program. CSU could win big next season as well so that is why the job is attractive.
  13. He chose Tennessee over CU and was about to be hired at CU & was present in Boulder and then his agents used a meeting room to call Tennessee to take the job. CSU fans would love that story I think.
  14. Much better than that cookie cutter UCF stadium.
  15. The likes of CU and Utah have athletic budgets between $90 to $100 million and have at least broken even. Ditto for most of the Pac-12 maybe except for Oregon State & WSU. Those two were banking on a nice payday from the P12N that didn't materialize. Utah is going to do a capital project at RES and CU is not having problems meeting the bond payments on that $200M project at Folsom Field.
  16. If you land Rich Rod, I'd be jealous since CSU would have some awesome offenses.
  17. Does this mean the new MW media rights deal gets announced soon?
  18. I think Leach has two more seasons in Pullman and WSU might be in store for another losing season next year but 2021 is going to be that key season for him.
  19. Retaining Bobo would have came at a cost for CSU and Bobo had to go due to not only no bowl game but record against AF, CU, and Wyoming. I can say that beating Nebraska last year and this year did take out some of the sting towards 5-7 seasons. If CU had lost to Nebraska both times, CU fans would have been collectively bitter. The new coach has a good chance for a bowl season next year and that should help with recruiting. That is what CU did with hiring Tucker as the coach although the Buffs fell short of a bowl game thanks to close losses against AF, Arizona, and USC all at home.
  20. For someone who lived in Lubbock, I seriously doubt it and I do not find you credible with Pac-12 information from what I have seen you post about the Pac-12. Just stick with WCC stuff. WSU has been facing state mandated budget cuts in light of the athletic department being in the red for awhile due to the suite boxes being built at Martin Stadium and that is what will probably force Leach to move out of Pullman. WSU will probably do what Leach wants because they really would crash and burn in the Pac-12 without Leach. Leach's agent is well aware of this fact. This probably will be the norm for at least a few more years until the next Pac-12 media rights are more better known internally. Given that contraction is the popular realignment word these days, WSU can't afford to let Leach go.
  21. Guess I'll be ordering more onion rings.