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  1. So which is the worst G5 conference? C-USA or MAC?
  2. I imagine a thread like this easily gets lost unless one already has been created. I'll occasionally bump this thread. Biggest news this week was the price cut of the monthly annual subscription of Playstation Now which was $19.99 per month or $99.99 per year. New price is $9.99 per month and $59.99 per year. Just perfect timing before Project xCloud Beta and Google Stadia launches and I subsribed for the first time in awhile this morning. The nice thing is that on your PS4, you can download the PS2 and PS4 games. Rumor is that PS3 games will be downloadable on the upcoming PS5 which makes sense since you can do PS1 games on the PS3, PS2 games on the PS4, etc. Also you can download the Xbox Streaming Games app to your Android (I think iOS too) and sign up for the Beta. Lucky invitees will be notified mid-month this month. It's of no surprise that iOS 13 allows you to use your Xbox controller or Dualshock 4 controller. I'm not sold on Stadia yet because it is not a gaming Netflix of some kind but more of a traditional console through the cloud and it seems like xCloud (or Xbox Streaming Games) will offer more of a Netflix type of subscription model. I just got a letter or email stating that my Xfinity speeds have been bumped up but no comment on the bandwidth limit so far which would be that same old 1 TB limit before Comcast steals an extra $50 from me for going over.
  3. I'm guessing the P12N takes care of the production costs not the schools individually. Could change for 2024-25 with the next media rights deal.
  4. The question is are the P12 schools absorbing the production costs or the P12N itself? If the P12 schools are not doing, the gap between the P12 and the Big 12 isn't as great as thought.
  5. https://247sports.com/college/west-virginia/Board/105475/Contents/Third-Tier-TV-Rights-and-Specifically-Boren-on-Oklahomas-71284036/ Comment on OU's third tier deal from 2016. OU was getting $5-6 million per year and then after all the expenses, the school earns $2 million actually from their third tier rights which puts it on par with the P12N payouts. If Fox Sports can shift the production costs to a school like Oklahoma, what is stopping ESPN from shifting those costs to the ACC & SEC schools, Fox Sports to the B1G, and P12N to the Pac-12? I think the P12N absorbs the production costs instead of passing them on to the schools but given Larry Scott's free spending ways, it's possible the P12 presidents decide to change course in this case since video media is becoming more relevant in our lives and hence the need to train those in the production side of things.
  6. Not true. Still on Sling too.
  7. Was on the blue plan for Sling and just switched to the Orange plan without penalty. Would you guys face a problem like this on ESPN+ or streaming only channel?
  8. Would be nice if Utah-USC wasn't on at the same time. Go Utes beat suc!
  9. I think the MWC could benefit from further exposure with ESPN+ and I think the MWC could have the upper hand over the Pac-12 when it comes to exposure until the Pac-12's media rights are renewed. I personally liked it better as a fan when it comes to media access with CU in the Big 12 than the Pac-12. Larry Scott, that narcissistic blowhard commissioner of the Pac-12, would have his pride wrecked if the MWC appears to be more ahead of the times than the Pac-12 by simply hooking up with ESPN+. It's going to be interesting to see how UCLA & USC approaches the next media rights especially with new ADs on the way. The Pac-10 wasn't much different from the Big 12 when it came to the Tier 1, 2, and 3 rights. CU used to have a $9.99 monthly subscription to BuffsTV while in the Big 12 and you could watch some games live and watch football games on demand. I would not mind a return to those types of arrangements for CU and the Pac-12. And Larry Scott needs to keep his mouth more zipped up next time around...if he's still the commissioner.
  10. Not a dirty hit from my view. Stuff happens.
  11. Good luck the rest of the season Rams and that news blows unless it was obvious during the Arkansas game.
  12. At least it's at the FCS level instead of at the P5 level.
  13. Redzone and third downs being key...I agree with that. AFA turned the ball over in the redzone against CU and I'm not sure they would be as lucky against Boise State. Going to be interesting with a freshman QB for the Broncos but AFA is going to have to be careful with the football too.
  14. Can't be as bad as Dan Hawkins using his son Cody as the QB of the Buffs.