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  1. Brutal for UNM fans to watch. AFA gives the ball away in their own territory and UNM has zero points to show for it.
  2. I read the Pac-12 okayed OOC games this morning.
  3. I guess this is truly 2020....
  4. Broncos fan here...I meant Denver Broncos fan...LOL. This was his first start and he didn't have a full week of prep but I liked how he got the ball out of his hands quickly. That Denver Broncos OL has been bad for awhile and he didn't give up a sack. I'm not sure if he will get the start next week at New England before Drew Lock's likely return against the Dolphins at home.
  5. You are not alone...Pac-12 fans are ready to hang Larry Scott for his crimes against the conference.
  6. https://news.osu.edu/ohio-state-department-of-athletics-announces-details-of-fy21-budget/ If you are not worried about college athletics you better be.
  7. I'm not opposed to that at all. I don't like taking orders from California and if CU is going to stay in the Pac-12, I can always watch other conferences besides the Pac-12. I'm enjoying the ACC this fall so far.
  8. The sooner we get football back the better. I wouldn't have minded having the non-west coast MWC & Pac-12 schools playing against each other at this point. Assuming the NM schools are a no-go, we would have this: Intermountain: UNLV*, UNR*, BSU, Utah, USU, BYU*, UA, ASU, WYO, CSU, CU, and AFA. Pacific Coast: UW, WSU, UO, OSU, Cal, Stanford, SJSU, Fresno State, USC, UCLA, and SDSU. Nevada schools could join if necessary. High school football in Colorado soon could be given the go-ahead while on the west coast it seems like it won't happen until the spring. We shou
  9. Just chill and play football video games because that is the only football you will have this fall. The NFL is going to shut down sooner than later due to the lack of a bubble.
  10. This is with the assumption that the west coast schools are not playing this year. We might as well have one intermountain super conference for one season. West: Nevada, UNLV, Boise State, Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Utah, and USU. East: UNM, AFA, CU, CSU, WYO, NMSU, and UTEP.
  11. Biden said he'd select Michelle Obama as his running mate "in a heartbeat'...I'd vote for four more years of Trump in a heartbeat if Biden did that.
  12. That is if the younger people can remove the "e" from e-mail. I'm sure the older folks who would support the GOP haven't forgotten where the drop in mailbox is.
  13. Jalapeno. I don't visit your board much and I hope every CSU fan doesn't fall sick because I need to trash talk them over another CU win over them.
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