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  1. I'd gladly do that since those Boston fans are insufferable!
  2. I built a gaming PC after the PS4/XB1 came out since they were getting killed by the i3-4130 & GTX 750 Ti combo at first and you could build an equivalent gaming PC for the cost of a 360 at the time. I didn't get the PS4 Pro until just this year and given the announced specs of the PS5 plus Xbox & PC becoming one and the same, I'm really going after a PS5 much sooner this coming gen. I have a Nintendo Switch and now I'm entering into the hate cycle of my love-hate relationship with Nintendo that I have every generation. I loved Link's Awakening on the GameBoy when it first came out and I'm going to get the Switch version regardless where I'm at in that cycle. The remake graphics is worth $40 of the $60 cost just like Link Across Worlds for the 3DS and you would be able to create your own dungeon...a little bit like Super Mario Maker in some ways.
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/at-least-six-college-basketball-programs-will-be-notified-of-major-ncaa-violations-by-this-summer/ Could be ugly for the Pac-12 as Arizona and USC were frequent names. Oregon's AD was placed on NCAA probation for level two infractions that they self reported.
  4. PS4 Pro is worth it. I have the PS4 Pro and one of the differences between the base PS4 and PS4 Pro is the type of SATA interface. PS4 has SATA 2 while PS4 Pro has SATA 3 and that means better compatibility with SSDs for the PS4 Pro than the base PS4. That is if you plan to have long term support for the PS4 games and PSVR even when the PS5 is out. Support for the PS4 and Xbox One generation isn't going to magically disappear once the new consoles come out. Otherwise, the PS5 is going to be a big jump in graphics with ray tracing technology and a jump from the usual 60 frames per second to 120 frames per second in 4K. Both Sony and Microsoft are claiming their consoles are capable of 8K graphics. I managed to stay away from the PS4 & Xbox One this generation until I got the PS4 Pro earlier this year since I had a gaming PC.
  5. Anyone keeping up this year? I saw an E3 thread the last few years and didn't see one for this year. I'll give five highlights here: 1. Final Fantasy VII Remake is PS4 Timed Exclusive...I got a PS4 Pro earlier this year and that game looks sick. March 3, 2020 release date. 2. Doom Eternal gets release date. November 22 this year. 3. Flight Simulator for the Xbox...seriously check out the trailer. 2020 release date. 4. Cyberpunk 2077 gets release date. April 16, 2020. 5. The Avengers game unveiled. Square Enix had the strongest E3 they have had in a long time if not ever. They are going to really kill it this year and next year.
  6. Some states recognize the ADs as businesses ventures separate from the University I know this applies to the Kansas schools from CU's days in the Big 12. Not sure about the others. Sometimes the private schools within the conference allows the conference to operate under different financial rules.
  7. When it comes to the Pac-12, it's so amazing how underachieving the Washington schools are when it comes to national championships.
  8. The Big 8 was awesome! Sometimes I kick the four Texas schools out of the Big 12 in the NCAA football videogames and put CU, Nebraska, and Missouri back in to make the Big 8 again. Even if Missouri wasn't a bordering state of Colorado, I still didn't like them because Mizzou fans are still crying about that fifth down and I'm sure they are still crying about that kicked football in the endzone against Nebraska. Even if Iowa State wasn't that great of a football team back then, their fan support was still strong back then. It isn't a total shock to see that their stadium seats more than 60K compared to 45K back then. Given that I'm driving through Iowa this summer, I'm tempted to pick up some ISU merchandise...and maybe some Hawkeye gear just to despite Cornhusker fans. CU crushed Kansas State bad in 1990 and it was so amazing to see Bill Snyder turn the program around. If you go out to Manhattan and see where it is location-wise, it'll hit you how much of a miracle that turnaround was. KSU was threatened back in the 1980's that if they didn't improve football soon enough, they would have gotten the boot from the Big 8. Kansas even had a decent team back then...I still can't get over Tony Sands running over the Buffaloes in Boulder in the snow. It was awesome to see that CU and KU just scheduled a men's basketball home and home for this year and next year. This year's game will be in Lawerence. Nebraska...can't stand them and if it wasn't for football, you wouldn't have known that state existed. Oklahoma...my grandmother once got me an autograph from Barry Switzer imploring me to focus on school. That was solid advice. I loved those wishbone offenses and it was unfortunate that I wasn't a few years older so I could have appreciated the 1985 National Championship. Oklahoma State...my very first CU men's basketball home game and the Cowboys were nationally ranked in the early 1990s. Buffs won that one and I'll never forget that one. Eight teams were a perfect number. At the same time it meant three home conference games and four road games one season and then you flipped that around. If the Big 8 was going to have a 9th member, Texas Tech would have been a good choice.
  9. I'm guessing you are talking about the Big 8 days no and before the 1990s? That would explain why we would see CU's former rivals differently. I lived near Cornhusker fans growing up and they were nice but that doesn't mean I have to like their school. And I come from a Sooner family (was OU fan until my Dad introduced me to CU home games in 1990 as a CU student) they aren't much different from CU fans when it comes to their dislike of Texas. That dislike of Texas is permanent not only because I was Oklahoma born but Texas ruined the Big 12. Nebraska fans are not quite as nice these days and I think they are smarting from last year's loss to CU in Lincoln...I couldn't stop smiling like the cherise cat.
  10. CU added women's lacrosse and it is off to a very good start. CU fans have been begging the AD to add men's lacrosse because baseball is never coming back to Boulder (ditto for Ft. Collins and Laramie) due to the unpredictable snow weather during those spring months. CU is moving family housing which is north of Folsom Field to CU South Campus in Boulder. Once the move is complete, they will raze family housing and build new athletic facilities since the east campus (mostly research park) will be taking over the w-lax, soccer, and track & field facilities at some point. I don't think it will be long before a second Pac-12 announces m-lax as a varsity sport behind Utah. I hope that will be CU.
  11. Nope. Fundraising really went through the roof for CU athletics and if you include the increase in contributions plus the Pac-12 media rights deal, CU's increase might not be much different from the current Big 12 member media rights distribution increases. CU's athletic budget is also double to triple the size it was in the Big 12. Once CU pays off the bonds for the Champions Center, the west side of Folsom Field is going to get a massive makeover and that could cost $250-300M and could depend on the next Pac-12 media rights deal. None of that would have happened if CU has remained in the Big 12 and CU's fundraisers & ADs have commented on that publicly. But as long as CU does not have a rival in the Pac-12, CU fans are longing for those days when we could really hate on Nebraska, both Kansas schools, and both Oklahoma schools as border rivals. I think the resistance to a Pac-16 including UT, TT, OU, and OSU are fading and would be more enticing if Kansas replaced OSU in that case. The Big Ten might have a say in KU as well and that is why KU is undertaking a massive renovation of their football stadium as to not get left out in the next realignment round. A CU football schedule with Utah, the AZ schools, OK, and TX schools would be pretty appealing to me. I like the Pac-12 schedules but it feels like something is just missing.
  12. Agreed...they will be high priced for sure. When you can't beat your rivals, you are going to get fired for sure. What's his buyout going to be like at the end of this upcoming season? I imagine next year's CU game in Ft. Collins could help with the buyout.
  13. Pot has nothing to do with CU's attendance woes. Poor football seasons and switching from a football mad fanbase conference (Big 12) to an apathetic fanbase conference (Pac-12) are factors. Pac-12 fans do not travel in as large numbers as Big 12 fanbases as well.