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  1. The Dems have 18 months to get rid of Trump.
  2. This explains all: This is not to say that Asians can't be good football fans. SJSU could become an esports powerhouse tho.
  3. If you are including CU football attendance in those assertions that the students & locals have almost no interest in football, I'd like to point out that Pac-12 opposing fans do not travel like opposing fans from the Big 12 did. Also mostly poor football seasons from CU since 2005 do not help with the state's perception of college football within the state. And if college football wasn't important, how come CU & CSU have spent nearly a combined $500 million on facilities related to football recently?
  4. The Big West looks forward to receiving your application.
  5. I'm more into those Marvel Cinematic Universe movies than Star Wars these days...I'll watch but probably not interested in a purchase of the movie.
  6. Can you cancel your TV subscription without penalty from those cable companies? That has got to factor in your decision making.
  7. Disney+ is going to be $6.99 per month along with ESPN+ for $4.99 (I think a price hike is coming sooner than later) and Amazon Prime is $12.99 per month. Those three for $25 per month...what a great deal.
  8. Just re-subscribed to ESPN+ and will subscribe to Disney+. This in addition to my Amazon Prime subscription...it's more than enough. I can always subscribe to Sling TV for Pac-12 football and basketball.
  9. What you posted does not cover everything. It's possible that the Pac-12 Network can get a top tier game and show it on the network and that was what occurred early in the media rights deal. Given the P12N's carriage issues, that has not been tapped into ever since but it doesn't mean that the P12N can't grab a big game away from Fox or ESPN if it has its turn. ESPN+ would expand the coverage of non-football & basketball sports of the Pac-12 which happens on free streaming platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. That is what the Big 12 deal does in this case...move more sports events behind paywalls such as ESPN+. I watch CU's women's lacrosse and some other sports for free on Facebook or Twitter so there is Pac-12 inventory that can be moved to ESPN+ since the P12N does not show every single athletic contest.
  10. Not necessarily true. P12N covers all tiers as well not just Tier 3. It's all about whose turn it is to pick the games for a given week: Fox, ESPN, or the P12N. Right now it's going to be real difficult for the P12 to get out of the current media rights deal due to its complexity of it and if ESPN comes back to the P12 with a similar deal, the P12 will sign the deal in a heartbeat even if it's for a mere $40-50 million per year just to get their games on ESPN+. An extra few million per year for each Pac-12 school would be worth it. https://www.sbnation.com/2019/4/10/18304989/big-12-espn-digital-rights-deal-money-paywalls
  11. I think ESPN might go back to the Pac-12 and offer a similar deal. Still really pulling for the MWC to get on ESPN+ for all games. Going to re-subscribe to ESPN+ after this post...unsubscribed a few months ago.
  12. Maybe Track and Field is moving into the football stadium. Fans further away from the field...could that be a good thing in this case?
  13. Just imagine the Rice MOB band at those schools. Remember the "$EC" formation while at Texas?
  14. Gotta win in Austin tonight. Screw Texas!