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  1. Jalapeno

    MWC Condensed Games

    Thanks for those links.
  2. Jalapeno

    TV ratings for ESPN conference games

    CU-CSU was on CBSSN and I had to do a free trail in order to watch that game. I hope you don't renew with CBSSN.
  3. Jalapeno

    Show me where UCLA wins a game

    Still bitter about the loss in Lincoln to the Buffs?
  4. Jalapeno

    Raiders say Sam Boyd is Beneath Them

    Makes much sense that Sam Boyd Stadium isn't a place due to the heat for daytime games.
  5. Jalapeno

    Amazon Prime 4 the Win??

    Love being able to have all those comics for free on Prime as well plus Twitch.TV has all those game giveaways to anyone who has a membership by linking your Prime account to that. I think the value of the games I got for free would exceed $500. Not having Prime could be expensive.
  6. Only if Pac-12 fans could do that to the refs.
  7. Jalapeno

    MWC Media Rights

    Any idea when a new deal could be announced given that next season is the last year on the contract with CBS Sports?
  8. And learning from the failures at CU.
  9. Jalapeno

    bobo has to gogo

    Big 12 is already tough enough to go through a full season. Having one more winnable game for Big 12 teams would make CSU a solid choice.
  10. Jalapeno

    bobo has to gogo

    Zero wins vs CU...love it!
  11. Jalapeno

    It hasn't been a good week for mascots...

    Funny Stephen Colbert had to have Chip and Batman in his penis section.
  12. Jalapeno

    It hasn't been a good week for mascots...

    Ralphie? That would be Chip.
  13. Jalapeno

    Redbirds @ Rams

    CSU fans...it could have been worse.
  14. Jalapeno

    Redbirds @ Rams

    Just wow...