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  1. That would be awesome too. I just hope everyone lands on their feet and alumni & fans just enjoy the games instead of worrying where their school stands in the college sports hierarchy.
  2. Which way the Big 12 goes will depend on how much money they are getting without OU & UT in the conference. If it isn't a big step above the AAC, the AAC schools could stay put and the Big 12 turns around and looks at the MWC. Given my years as a Buffs fan, I have a good idea of what those former Big 8 rivals could be thinking. Iowa State, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State are land grant schools and so is West Virigina. Texas Tech isn't much different and would likely be in lockstep with Oklahoma State. That's six schools and maybe Baylor & TCU will be also in lockstep but I think
  3. For like $2M more than the current AAC deal (Big 12's per team payout could go from $37M to just $9M without OU & UT)? I don't think that would move the needle. It would with some MWC schools though.
  4. CU didn't burn bridges with their former Big 8 buddies + Texas Tech when they left the Big 12. The Front Range schools & UNM joining that group would be doable. If not, CU, Utah, UA, and ASU will be at the forefront of forming a new intermountain conference. I really had fun watching FCS football and it showed me that I can blow off elite college football if I wanted to.
  5. Seeing some stuff where CU isn't part of that six to the Big Ten. Right now it's the CA Four, UO, and UW. If that happens, that means WSU, OSU, Utah, UA, ASU, and CU very well could have their airport meeting. Or there could be two airport meetings.
  6. Looks like Texas does not allow NIL for high school athletes yet.
  7. Losing seasons is one thing but indifference towards athletics is a big turn off. For any fanbase that wants to join the P12, I say tread carefully.
  8. Grew up a CU fan during the Big 8 days in the late 80's & early 90's before the move to the Big 12 (it was a merger not Big 8 expansion) and after 10 years of PAC, I decided to just enjoy other college conferences due to the lack of passion for college sports from the PAC presidents & chancellors. The Big 12 minus OU & Texas could end up being a fun conference to be part of and a better landing place. The money won't be great but an easier path to the CFP. The Big 12's future looks murky but I wouldn't count it out at this point. It is just going to be difficult for AAC sch
  9. The P12 will probably go after TT, OSU, BU, and TCU. This will have the PAC solidly in the DFW. CU has been recruiting much more in DFW for at least the last few years and I think CU knew this was a possibility. B1G goes after KU & ISU. If they and the four PAC-bound schools do this, this dissolves the Big 12. WVU to the ACC. KSU to the AAC. Shockers versus the Wildcats for Wheat State bragging rights. KSU still has a connection to the DFW in this case. Zero G5 schools move as a result.
  10. I'm now just a college sports fan and I'm going to just enjoy watching college sports in general.
  11. Doesn't matter because all the $ that would be OU & UT's would stay with the Big 12. SEC wouldn't get that money either. The good news is that OU & UT retained their third tier rights. In theory, all OU & UT games would be on ESPN+/SEC+ until after 2025 and they still can get a full share of the third tier money from the SEC. There will be legal action by the 8 Big 12 schools because those same media partners could reduce payouts from $37M per team to just $9M per team.
  12. SEC & ESPN announced their new deal on December 10, 2020. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30492065/sec-espn-strike-10-year-deal-college-football-basketball-starting-2024 Sources have said that UT & OU has been doing this for at least six years to one year. The Pac-12 got a lump sum upfront to launch the P12N around the time they announced a then historic 13 year media rights deal. ESPN certainly gave the SEC a lump sum to go after UT & OU (ESPN probably talked with both schools beforehand). B1G will have a new deal with Fox soon and definitely
  13. Those Pac-12 and Big 12 schools would defintely require any school to have tier 1 research status and VHRU ratings at a minimum. But an exception could be made if it is obvious that a school could move into that terrority (SDSU is in and BSU wouldn't make the cut). There's also the idea of having only one school in one state (CSU & BYU would be out in that situation). In that case, UNM gets the final spot.
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