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  1. Disagree on OU...they are an VHRU school and would qualify for the Pac and possibility the B1G. WVU is also VHRU and would qualify for the ACC and that is an improvement since joining the Big 12. Any school can claim they have good undergraduate academics but the average fan doesn't think like a college president as Frank the Tank in his realignments would say. Link to VHRU: http://carnegieclassifications.iu.edu/lookup/srp.php?clq={"basic2005_ids"%3A"15"}&start_page=standard.php Notice ASU on top of that list (as in abc order) despite their undergraduate academic reputation? Minimum requirement for the B1G, ACC, and Pac. Link to HRU: http://carnegieclassifications.iu.edu/lookup/srp.php?clq={"basic2005_ids"%3A"16"}&start_page=standard.php The rest of the Big 12 schools that are not VHRU are listed here and therefore is probably the minimum requirement for joining a P5 conference especially the B12 and SEC. Link to MRU: http://carnegieclassifications.iu.edu/lookup/srp.php?clq={"basic2005_ids"%3A"17"}&start_page=standard.php Boise State is one of those Moderate Research Universities and so is Frenso State. That is why I dismiss any mention of them joining the Pac or Big 12. That does not mean Boise & Frenso's academics are bad. It is the doctoral level of academics that matter to the conferences. If undergraduate was so important, Arizona State would not be in the Pac plain and simple. This is one big misunderstanding that the average fan has when it comes to membership in those P5 conferences.
  2. Jalapeno


    It's great to be near everything. Haven't been to 16th street and when will Target open? Edit: In July https://www.9news.com/article/life/shopping/target-to-open-first-small-format-store-in-downtown-denver-in-july/73-550397855
  3. Jalapeno

    Anybody Bored with the Troll Derby Yet?

    Only reason I'd be bored is I didn't make it out of the first round...there's always next year. Can't wait to troll those CSU fans hard.
  4. Jalapeno

    Utah Gets AAF Team

    Paxton Lynch might be available by then.
  5. Just appreciate the Coloradoans coming to Idaho...we have to deal with the Californians here in Colorado.
  6. Pac-12 media rights & grant of rights expire 2023-2024. ASU might need to give notice by June 30, 2023 if they are going to the Big 12.
  7. Okie State is a no go. Research funding level is a notch below VHRU if not HRU status. That is the only other reason why ASU is in the Pac-12 besides the Arizona TV market. There is a reason why they got rid of Idaho & Montana and are trying to do the same with WSU and OSU.
  8. CU and Utah are travel partners in the PAC. Those Ute fans are too nice for CU fans' taste. We are used to those arrogrant Cornhusker, Sooner, Longhorn etc fans from the Big 12.
  9. I'd give him a few more years and the next media rights deal is going to determine his future with the conference. OU did use the threat of the Pac-12 as a new home as leverage to get concessions in the Big 12. Pac-12 caught wind of this and told OU to take a hike.
  10. The Big 12 could chose BYU over CSU but an ASU-CSU pairing wouldn't be such a bad thing since ASU has a decent sized alumni base in Denver. Don't know about the goats in Arizona.
  11. I'm well aware of the Olympic sport emphasis and I didn't bother to bring it up but make no mistake, the Pac takes their Oly sports way more seriously than the other P5 conferences. Coming from a Sooner family and growing up in the Big 8/12, it is quite different but I'm getting used to it but I don't necessarily like it. The votes might be there to dissolve the Pac-12 and then the 8 AAU schools plus Utah would form a new conference without OSU & WSU. There is some rumblings that Arizona State could decide to go to the Big 12 as they are a glorified JUCO and would find a willing partner in Kansas State. Both of those schools messed up hard when they went ahead with those facilities expansion when it wasn't clear how much money the P12N was going to get. WSU is at least $50M in the hole and OSU can't finish their football stadium renovations. They would be great fits in the MWC tho.
  12. Given that Texas is making at least $15M from the LHN, I'd say in a couple of years, Texas will be getting $50M per year total. I don't think the Pac will be able to come up with that kind of coin to get Texas to move west.
  13. I also will add this about the Pac-12 versus the Big 12: The presidents of the Pac think much differently than their Big 12 peers and also the rest of the country. I have really noticed this from the CU administration of late and they do not have the same kind of mindset that they had in the Big 12. They are much more concerned about their fans & alumni in the conference footprint watching their games than the rest of the country which makes sense and that is the mindset that has been in Boulder for many years. I can't see this changing at all. Pac footprint doesn't have the same kind of fervor that the Big 12, B1G, and SEC footprints have for football and it is reflected in the money the Pac-12 is receiving especially when football makes up a huge percentage of the media rights deals. The MWC is pretty much in the same footprint and that is why the upcoming MWC media rights deal could be a big deal to the Pac. Those late starts will never fly with the central time zone schools in the Big 12. I hate those late starts and have started to long for the Big 12 in some ways. Those Big 12 schools will listen to those fans and I am much less convinced that the Big 12 schools would join the Pac-12 than back in 2011. Raiding the MWC is the most likely expansion outcome. As long as Texas and Oklahoma are getting more money in the Big 12 than they would get from the Pac, there's no reason for them to move. Their money streams would take a huge hit if they forced their fans to deal with those late night starts. In the event that the popularity of football takes a nosedive in the next decade, the Pac will be in better position than the Big 12 to absorb such hits to the athletic budgets.
  14. I'm for each Pac-12 school having their own tier three deals like CU had in the Big 12. I think the LA schools will force that issue and shut the P12N down. The AZ schools are able to recruit Texas well but it wouldn't be a good idea to forsake the west coast alumni base.
  15. Larry Scott is way, way, way overpaid imo and I haven't made any secret about how I feel about Scott on this board and the Pac-12 board. My prediction is that the LA schools will try to leverage things to a revenue distribution more to their liking before resigning the grant of rights. If the LA schools get the minimum revenue they are looking for, equal revenue sharing will be there to stay. Football makes up like 80-90% of media rights deals...the upcoming NFL deal will be the first deal signed after the disruption to traditional TV. If the money ain't there for the NFL, it'll really impact the B1G, Big 12, and Pac-12 media rights which will be up after the NFL. That could level the playing field but we'll see. Larry's job is riding on the next deal. He's signed through 2022 and by that time, the Pac should have a new deal in place. This isn't the first time the Pac has fallen behind the other conferences. I recall seeing how much less the Pac schools were getting paid compared to the Big 12 when CU was a member of the Big 12.