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  1. Don't forget the forthcoming CU beat down of CSU.
  2. Followed by another Prime rate hike. I don't mind since I have Twitch Prime and I have gotten like five free PC games per month since April or May. That is probably at least $200 worth of games. That means every Big 12 program save for Texas could have new tier 3 media rights deals soon. USC and UCLA will be watching those developments for sure. I'm wondering if the MWC might decide to let schools control some of their media rights deals like the Big 12 schools do. Right now I'm just not seeing the Pac-12 Network being able to continue for a second media rights deal.
  3. The Los Angeles and Dallas channels will go for big money.
  4. Jalapeno

    Mike Bobo admitted to hospital

    Maybe his feet went numb when he felt the ground shaking from buffaloes running towards him.
  5. Jalapeno

    Wyoming Cowboys - New Uniforms

  6. Jalapeno

    Mike Bobo admitted to hospital

    Hope he's alright too.
  7. Jalapeno

    Meet the new Ole Miss Mascot.....

    Makes me wonder if it's setting up for an eventual nickname change that does not contain Rebels.
  8. Jalapeno

    Meet the new Ole Miss Mascot.....

    https://landsharkmascot.com/ Ole Miss student body was unanimous about the landshark being their new mascot and that was decided last year.
  9. Jalapeno

    Football needs to hurry up and return

    Tell me about it...there's a one week free trail for NFL GamePass where you can watch every preseason game plus every NFL game dating back to 2009. Subscribing today would get you to game week at least.
  10. Jalapeno

    Gallup off to a good start...

    Excuses...excuses. Maybe you should have started that QB who got on his right knee and signaled first down while down 37-7.
  11. That could happen. That Disney streaming service is going to be massive.
  12. And some nice new media contacts with NBC & Fox. Some people want to watch live some people want to watch on their own time.
  13. ESPN+ is more of a Netflix type of channel that happens to have live games. For $4.99 per month, the live events you get are: Out of market MLS. The only team I cannot watch live is the Rapids. But I can watch their games anytime after the conclusion of their games. Select college conferences such as the Ivy League, Sun Belt, etc. Select MLB & NHL games. If the Rockies are on, can't watch them either. Ditto for the Avs. But you can watch any MLB game after they are done. And that is only scratching the surface. Before ESPN bought out Bam Tech who was the home of MLB & NHL and the MLS streaming channels, it would have cost maybe over $100 per month to watch live and on demand games. Having the ability to watch any MLB, NHL, and MLS game on demand really makes that $4.99 per month a huge bargain to me. If ESPN+ is successful, Disney could be convinced to put ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU, etc under one streaming roof and it will not cost $4.99 per month...maybe closer to $19.99 per month. WWE is doing very well after putting all of their events on the WWE Network even the live PPVs. I'm an avid videogamer and suppose I love playing Madden and the other sports against other people online and end up missing the live games...no problem since I have ESPN+ and NFL GamePass. Having said that, I realize that it doesn't apply to everyone especially non-Millennials.