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  1. This is part of the current background for the USU board.
  2. He is older than most juniors because of his mission, but it isn't like he was taking college classes as a missionary. He had a redshirt season, but he still managed to finish his bachelors and two masters degrees during four years while he was playing basketball. That is pretty impressive in my book.
  3. Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that "the talent level is about par for both teams." I would say that SDSU is definitely more talented. I'm not sure whether coaching helped offset inferior talent or if SDSU simply had a bad night. I do think that Smith is a good coach for the reasons I listed earlier. I'm not sure if he is the reason we beat SDSU, though. I also would not say that USU underachieved this season unless you are saying we underachieved relative to the preseason polls/expectations. I think USU was simply overrated coming into the season. USU returned almost everyone from an NCAA tournament team, so the expectations were sky high. (Not unlike last year's Nevada team.) But nobody remembered how many close wins USU had last year and that some of USU's success last year was simply due to luck. Ken Pomeroy ruffled some feathers on the USU board by ranking USU outside of the top 50 in his preseason rankings because he said USU was lucky/overrated last season. (I think. I forget the exact rating, but I know a number of USU fans were upset that Pomeroy ranked USU so low when we were a preseason top 25 team in the polls.) If Pomeroy's ranking is your basis for comparison, then USU actually overachieved this season. Maybe we lost a few games we shouldn't have lost and we underachieved in that sense. But I certainly don't think it's a case of a talented team that underachieved due to coaching or chemistry problems or whatever. I'm not sure that any of our players other than Merrill, Queta, and Bean would start or get significant minutes for any other top-tier MWC team. I'm quite pleased with USU's performance given our talent level this season.
  4. I don't know. I'm not a lawyer, but driving 75 in a 35 zone is plenty of probable cause to perform a chemical test in any jurisdiction that I have heard of. I have to wonder if the charges are being dropped because he simply wasn't drunk. The article says that he failed a field sobriety test but it says nothing about the results of any chemical tests. It makes me think that he blew below the limit but the officer arrested him anyway.
  5. Do you remember the dumpster fire he inherited two years ago? Under Duryea, USU never finished higher than 7th in the MWC. And it looked like he had maybe one MWC-caliber player on his roster (namely Merrill) when he took the job. The most optimistic fans on the USU board thought maybe he could get us into the top 3-4 in the MWC within a couple years. Taking over that mess and getting two consecutive NCAA bids was beyond anyone's expectations. Yes, this year's team didn't quite live up to the preseason hype, but I think that has more to do with the fact that last year's team overachieved. (And having our second best player hobbled for most of the season didn't help.) I said myself that I thought last year's team got a little lucky and that we were overrated coming into this season. Nevertheless taking over an 8th place team and getting two consecutive conference championships is pretty good in my book.
  6. It depends on the state, but most states will automatically suspend your license if you refuse to blow even if you are not convicted of DUI. (Or if your refuse to take a chemical test of some kind. Some states give you the option of getting a blood draw at the police station rather than a breathalyzer. But I digress.) And your refusal to take the chemical test can be used against you at trial. So you may end up with a DUI anyway plus additional charges. Having said that, if you know you are over the limit and you are stopped at a checkpoint or something, it can sometimes be advantageous to refuse to blow, because you might be able to avoid a DUI even if you lose your license for refusing to blow. But this is only applicable if you are at a checkpoint or in some other situation where they have no evidence that you are impaired. If the cop pulls you over after he sees you swerving between lanes and you refuse to blow, the erratic driving plus the refusal to blow may be enough to convince a jury that you were impaired even if they don't have a chemical test. I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.
  7. I'm not a lawyer but my wife is. She said it's not her area of law, but her understanding is that generally speaking coaches are allowed to suspend players at any time for any reason. The only way that he has a case is if the action was discriminatory (the coach suspended him because he was black, for example) or if he suspended him with actual malice (meaning the coach suspended him just to hurt his reputation without making any attempt to determine if the allegations were actually true). If there is any corroborating evidence at all, he almost certainly has no case. (And I doubt they would go so far as to kick him off the team and ban him from campus unless there was some corroborating evidence.) If there is no corroborating evidence and he can show that this girl has a history of lying and that the relevant university authorities knew this, then maybe he has a leg to stand on, but that's probably the only way. I am not a lawyer, so take this with a grain of salt.
  8. This is an extremely controversial subject. I will try to give it a fair response. Eyebrows were certainly raised when USU was not invited to the original WAC. USU's football team had just had two consecutive ranked seasons led by Merlin Olsen, and it was widely considered to be the top program in the state at the time. Utah fans would argue that USU was something of a flash in the pan and that Utah had dominated the series up until the Merlin Olsen days (and they would have a point). But I think any objective-minded person would have to agree that USU's athletics program was vastly superior to BYU's program at the time. I think all of the people who know for sure why USU was excluded are dead now, so all we have are rumors and hearsay. Some say that Utah was worried about USU surpassing them, so they hoped to knee cap them by leaving them without a conference home. Others say that the conference did not want three schools from the state of Utah and the LDS Church intervened to make sure that BYU was chosen rather than USU. Others say that there was some kind of personal beef between USU's president/leadership and the leaders of the other local schools. I've heard countless old-time fans who knew someone who knew someone who was in the room when the decision was made and were adamant that USU was excluded for reasons X, Y, or Z. But given that nobody seems to agree on why it happened, I am inclined to believe that they are just rumors. Unless it is explained in the private papers of one of the university presidents involved and they make those papers public at some point, we will probably never know. However, I like to believe that all but the most delusional BYU fans would acknowledge that if the decision were based purely on the quality of the respective athletic programs at the time, USU should have been chosen over BYU.
  9. I was wondering that myself. Yes, it is maintained by a USU fan. (freakboy on the USU board. I don't think he posts on this site.) I know of know him IRL. I've been meaning to shoot him an e-mail to see if he plans to bring the site online again. I hope it's not dead. That was always one of my favorite sites during basketball season.
  10. I just looked at a handful of models that are designed to pick point spreads (which are usually the best predictors of who will win future games). Every model said UCF would be either a coin flip or a thin favorite versus any of the top 3 MWC teams on a neutral field.
  11. Yeah, if you look at the computers, UCF's best wins are against Pitt and Cincinnati, who are both ranked around 40 in most rankings. USU, BSU, and FSU are all top 25 or so. If I were going to argue that BSU should get a NY6 over UCF, I would say that BSU beat 3 top 25 teams whereas UCF beat 0. (This is assuming BSU wins the CCG.) To be clear, a UCF team that went undefeated two years will (and probably should) get the NY6 bid. But I don't think it's as clear-cut as popularly believed. Nate Silver had an article saying basically that BSU and USU are both better than UCF based on computer models. To answer the question in the OP, UCF certainly could win either division of the MWC, but that doesn't mean they would. The computers say that UCF versus any of the top 3 MWC teams would basically be a coin flip on a neutral field (with perhaps UCF as a slight favorite). They could win either division, but it wouldn't be easy. You can argue that the AAC is stronger from top to bottom than the MWC, but the MWC is definitely stronger at the top.
  12. Lol! What? I'm sorry your team stinks so bad this year that it can't even compete with lowly Utah State, but the idea that a one-loss UCF is more deserving than Fresno or USU (much less better) is absurd. UCF has a SOS that's almost as bad as USU's SOS. And even then Michigan State is better than anyone UCF has played all season. UCF's two best wins are against Cincinnati and Memphis, both of whom are top-40 teams at best. Meanwhile BSU, USU, and FSU are all top-25 or so. The MWC champion will have at least one top-25 win (and most likely 2-3) versus 0 for UCF. I think a strong case could be made that the MWC champion is more deserving than even an undefeated UCF. A one-loss UCF is a no-brainer. They have beaten no one with a pulse all season. Also, Nate Silver had an article saying basically that FSU and BSU were both better than UCF based on computer rankings. I think that might be going a little too far; most rankings have UCF, BSU, FSU, and USU all approximately equal. But the idea that UCF is far better than FSU or any of the other top three teams in the MWC is silly. I know it has to be humiliating that your team can't even compete in the "Molehill Worst." I'm sure you would be winning multiple national championships if teams like BSU, USU, and FSU weren't holding you back. But you're simply delusional if you think UCF is significantly better than any of those three teams.
  13. Lol! Given that this is Stunner, he’s probably just trolling. But I think it’s hilarious the way the zoobies are OUTRAGED that Stanford and USC are allowed to continue their long-running end-of-season games against Notre Dame, but the PAC-12 doesn’t do the same for BYU. If it helps the PAC-12 to play a November OOC game against Notre Dame, then the PAC-12 should also allow November games against the Notre Dame of the West, I suppose.
  14. I don't know. To me, both the late hit on your QB and the out of bounds play were debatable, but neither struck me as a clearly wrong/bad call. The offensive PI call on the previous series was terrible, though. I'm not sure that one horrendous call justifies TOTW, though. Especially when USU is far more deserving.