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  1. Jwherb


    This is such a clown take. It's called recency bias. Among other things. Takes like this make it (increasingly) hard for me to take you seriously. People said mean, stupid, absurd shit about Obama too. And Gee-Dub. And Clinton. And Hillary, for that matter. It's unequivocal that Trump has taken absurdity to a level never before seen in the White House, and most of politics in general. Is the media increasingly absurd? Sure. Is the political rhetoric increasingly absurd? Sure. Is our country increasingly divided culturally and ideologically? Sure. Is the left becoming more and more hysteric? Sure. But Trump deserves nearly all of the scorn and derision he receives. The pussy grabber in chief has earned that. He continually earns that. Fuck him and anyone that defends that shitshow.
  2. Jwherb


    Jesus fucking christ. There's a long and fairly ugly history of the use of "monkey" and similar terms as a slur for black people. The same isn't true for that term and white people. As such, there is a fairly clear and obvious difference between calling Obama a monkey and calling Trump a monkey. This "contrarian" posture with regard to the Trump hate has some of you veering into absurd and ridiculous territory. Quit being so fucking stupid. Seriously.
  3. Then I think some interested parties need to sue on behalf of some interested peoples, plants, and wildlife... and force NEPA review.
  4. Jwherb

    Oxford comma wins!

    That's awesome. But of course it matters. It has always mattered. It's a very simple idea to understand, unless you're a blithering idiot.
  5. This creates a very bizarre precedent and I'm not convinced it will hold up.
  6. Jwherb

    GOP releases health care plan

    I don't disagree. Didn't ACA get around this by limiting the enrollment periods? I remember I thought about doing it then, too... but came away convinced it wasn't possible.
  7. At any rate, I just want to see every instance of eminent domain litigated, and every inch of federal land this wall will built on to be tied up in a EIS for the next 10 years.
  8. Jwherb

    GOP releases health care plan

    This is my concern, but I guess they wrote in a 30% surcharge if you have coverage lapses.
  9. Jwherb

    Ok, this is impressive trolling. 10/10

    'Member when Reddit identified the Boston Marathon bomber. And they were wrong. So they identified someone else. And they were wrong again?
  10. Jwherb

    How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

    I have never had a cup of coffee in my life, but I do kind of love the smell of it in the morning. I had a pretty bad soda/pop addiction in high school, so I quit drinking it in college. Next year I quit caffeine altogether. Going on 17 years now. Feels great. Now if only I could do something about my cookies and ice cream habit.
  11. Nature doesn't give a shit about anything; it will change and adapt as it always has. So of course it's a quality of life issue.
  12. Jwherb

    Is Steve Bannon destroying evidence?

    That doesn't even make sense. So is he trolling us?
  13. Please don't make me facepalm.