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  1. That would be contradictory of a troll post. Of course he can't include facts.
  2. As long as I don't get baptised post mortem.
  3. I am testing with 23andme and waiting for results. Supposedly 50% Polish (fck you) and 50% Irish (fck you too). We shall see. I imagine I'm a mishmash of European.
  4. I appreciate the job Thompson has done especially navigating realignment and bringing SDSU and Boise State back fron the AAC. However Thompson lacks a sophisticated modern strategy and acumen. He served his purpose but it's time for new vision and leadership. This conference could be doing so much more to improve itself as a brand and create separation from the Group of 5. It's time. Bring in a Jim Liverngood or another person with the ability to lead this conference in a new direction. The AAC is our main competition and they are pulling away.
  5. CBS Sports does have a streaming option now.
  6. I got it. How about? AFA Boise State Colorado State Fresno State Hawaii (football only) New Mexico San Diego State San Jose State UNLV UNR Utah State Wyoming
  7. Thank god you aren't in charge. MWC needs new commissioner, a real strategy and plan to grow this conference. San Jose State is a drag on the conference but no more so than any other P5 bottom school. San Jose State has tasted some success in football and it could still happen. It's time to push Hair out.
  8. UConn was looking to bounce to Big East. This could a play to mitigate their loss or appease them.
  9. Let's be clear. They were invited to leave. Only Zion was a surprise but considering they needed or wanted another scholli, he drew shortstraw .
  10. You are an idiot if you don't think that a large segment of the population doesn't understand the difference between the two. Listen to what Ted Koppel said to Hannity. We live in an idiocracy now. Congratulations.
  11. This conversation doesn't belong on this board but.... Tomi Lehren is nothing but a political shock jock. To get back to real progress, we as a people, as a culture, as a nation, we need to stop listening to these people. Educate yourself through unbiased news and other means and do away with the belief pundentry equals either. This crap is what divides as a people rather than coming to the table.
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