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  1. UNLV at Fresno State

    Vegas Insider has listed at opening at 11, but I thinks that was an error or prior to Armani being listed as out. Most at others have line opened at 18.
  2. Although I was in Las Vegas visiting family and friends, and attending the UNLV v SJSU, I was safe in Anthem at the time of the attack. I flew back to Seattle (home) on Sunday as planned but it hurts me to know that I couldn't help the community that I love and grew up in. I want to do something now that can help bring about some healing. I contacted UNLV and bought and donated 30 tickets to first responders and families affected by shooting. We need each other more than ever in times like these and maybe the football game can assist in this healing and bringing together the community. UNLV accepted offer and going to distribute tickets appropriately. UNLV is having a tribute to victims at the game so it would be great if we can get as many out as possible.Email UNLV at unlvfootballfoundation@gmail.com and Erick.Harper@unlv.edu if you'd be interested in doing the same.
  3. New UNLV Basketball Uniforms

    May seem that way but not true. Go back and take a look. They have wore all black I think twice and combo of scarlet jersey and black pants. I don’t think Rebs even unveiled black helmet until last year.
  4. Stadium Pics

    I was there for Week 2.
  5. No-vada

    Don't blame the messenger. UNLV Rebels go from being #1 in ESPN Bottom 10 to a bowl bound team (according to Davis M. Hale of ESPN) to No-vada making team in waiting.
  6. UNLV at Idaho

    I'll be making the drive from Seattle. I left the paper bag for my head at home.
  7. MWC Early/Current Lines...week 2

    This season seems they've upped their overall number of games with lines also more money lines and alternative betting lines. Loving it. Also really like their in game betting like live changing lines. Made a pretty penny on a couple of these bets.
  8. MWC Early/Current Lines...week 2

    Ha. All paid out. Turned $300 into $1000. All straight bets, no parlays. One was decent paying money line with LSU -21.5 at +215.
  9. MWC Early/Current Lines...week 2

    What do you use Bovada, BetOnlinr or 5Dimes?
  10. MWC Early/Current Lines...week 2

    UNLV moved from +9 to +6.5. Money is being put on UNLV moving the line. I'm an idiot for not picking up +9 but will take the +6.5 and back it with a UNLV on money line. I went 7/8 on Friday and Saturday this week. Currently 11 for 16 since Week 0.
  11. BYU has very little talent.....

    This was my favorite and most rewarding bet of the week. I went 7 for 8 on Friday and Saturday. Thanks Cougars.
  12. Tony Sanchez Coaches Show

    Oh look everyone favorite UNLV troll, I mean 'fan'. Did you hang up trolling all the Las Vegas UNLV Football newspaper articles? I just get too easy fighting with bots?
  13. A little history lesson for you. Good article. There was a time UNLV football was successful. And before you can troll this post @BoisewithaVag @FormerFrogAndUNLVemployee and FormerFrog's sock puppet @BruintheShittyBay, yes we're terrible terrible terrible and we have a HS coach. Feel better?
  14. Oregon State at CSU Game Thread

    Good job Rammies. I took CSU -4 (-105) for $100. Now for Hawaii to beat UMass as I put $120 on money line to win $150. I going to stay away fron SJSU game.