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  1. Difference between Al and Mark is that Mark KNOWS he doesn't have it and hired the best guys he could
  2. Shitty news. Seemed like a good dude. Will be missed.
  3. You've got this, Aggies. Probably going to need to score two more times to do it, though.
  4. You don't like smoke routes and WR screens every play?
  5. Damn. We may just get bowl eligible yet.
  6. The rare "yeah, our attendance is bad, but let's not forget that we suck at football, too" burn.
  7. Did we seriously lose Jaden Casey? To freakin Cal?!
  8. Being in L.A. at the time, I was all about the Xtreme. However, I thought the New Jersey Hitmen had the coolest name.
  9. Our passing game is going to be nuts in a few years with all these WR and Casey slinging it.