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  1. We fumbled from the one yard line out the endzone in (triple?) OT.
  2. I'm assuming that you mean all coaches from history? Like Bear Bryant is on the table? If so, I am gonna go a little outside the box and go with Dick LeBeau. Imagine the defenses he could put on the field.
  3. The PK hit the Allstate hands from 45, he has plenty of leg. Fuller was the hero on the blue, so we have to find a spot for him, IMHO
  4. This is Boise's game to lose at this point.
  5. Mykal Walker is playing Mike? I assumed he'd be at Sam.
  6. Yep. ECA's gameday thread. Football is here!
  7. Maybe you shouldn't rely on the visiting team to fill up your stadium?
  8. Nope. We're grilling up Traveler today.