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  1. That is the bike Myagi took out of the dumpster for Daniel Laruso.
  2. Jared Rice really needs to put on some size to become a real prospect for the NFL, imho.
  3. Please tell me the "Albertsons" patch isn't in it's final spot.
  4. Marcus McMaryion got a mini camp invite from the Raiders.
  5. Looks like we are hanging on to him. https://247sports.com/college/fresno-state/Article/With-Alabama-offer-QB-Jaden-Casey-still-a-Fresno-State-commit-quarterback-Calabasas-Nick-Saban-Jeff-Tedford-Crimson-Tide-Bulldogs-high-school-recruiting-college-130358590
  6. Can't believe this thread is alive again.
  7. Hey, RSF, give me Jean-Luc all you want. Mutually exclusive means two things that cannot occour at the same time. Someone can be both qualified and hired. You are looking for "is not a 1:1 correlation" or something like that.
  8. So strange that at both the college and pro level that I'm at my happiest when my team beats the broncos, and that both of their most famous QBs look like horses.
  9. I know this is supposed to be impressive and all, but I'd be completely miserable living like this.