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  1. fearthefumanchu

    AFA/SDSU Official Game Thread

    Let's go AFA!
  2. fearthefumanchu

    Boise State basketball unveils new practice jerseys

    This, right here, is the downside to having an almost magic football team for better than a decade and a half. BSU has a solid team, but they don't have superpowers, so it feels like a horrible season. Imagine if you have a season like we did with CTD for a few years. People would be on suicide watch.
  3. fearthefumanchu

    Fresno State 3 TD favorites over Wyoming

    Everyone blamed coach Hill for that, but shit, Ryan was far and away the best player on the team. I would have done the same thing.
  4. fearthefumanchu

    Fresno State 3 TD favorites over Wyoming

    4 times.
  5. fearthefumanchu


    Damn fine performance by the Aztecs. Team is tough as nails as always under Rocky. Great win and congrats to the 'tecs.
  6. fearthefumanchu

    Worst the conference has ever been.

    Speak for yourself.
  7. fearthefumanchu

    Nevada at Toledo

    Holy hell that game was hot. I was in the north end zone, where the band was at that time. Zero shade. Cheerleaders were being taken out by ambulance.
  8. fearthefumanchu

    Fresno Will Win the MWC - Book It

    I'd be a lot more confident if we could run the ball consistently.
  9. fearthefumanchu

    Grats to SDSU and win over ranked OOC team.

    Yes. Good job 'tecs. SDSU always plays tough OOC, even when they don't win. Good look for us as a confrence.
  10. https://www.sfchronicle.com/news/amp/College-football-revenue-games-How-San-13227815.php?__twitter_impression=true
  11. fearthefumanchu

    OT: Gameday Thread Week 2

    ECA gameday thread. Life is good.
  12. fearthefumanchu

    Idaho at Fresno State Game Thread

    Yes. We should have the decency to lose to FCS teams. We pulled our starters for most of the 2nd half. This is supposed to be what happens in these body bag games. Not that you would know anything about that.
  13. fearthefumanchu

    SDSU @ Stanford Official Game Thread

    Wow. Get rid of the ball, kid.
  14. fearthefumanchu

    SDSU @ Stanford Official Game Thread

    C'mon 'Tecs! Still anyone's game!
  15. fearthefumanchu

    Fresno: Prepare thy Anus

    David is gonna be there. Hopefully we get the same spike we saw with he and derek in attendance week 1 last year.