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  1. fearthefumanchu

    The Ayatollahs on EvilMesa are at it again

    Do you live here steps from mission Beach and have several nephews who say you are cool?
  2. fearthefumanchu

    The Ayatollahs on EvilMesa are at it again

  3. fearthefumanchu

    Hey Boise

    Awesome game.
  4. fearthefumanchu

    SJSU and a defense of college football

    Terrific post @smltwnrckr. If SJSU had 40,000 just like you, they'd be in ship shape. Unfortunately, they don't. My thought on the matter is that this case should be made to the powers that be at SJSU, as opposed to fans of other programs. Whatever the reason, football is not important to them and so they don't put enough money into it to be competitive. Admin ultimately reports to the student body and alumni, and it seems like those people, by and large, don't care about football. I'm basing this on attendance, and I know that it's a "chicken or egg" argument; maybe they'd show up if the team / facilities we're better, but they need to first show up in order to generate the revenue necessary to make those improvements. Or maybe it's just too much competetion for eyeballs with Stanford and Cal in the same area. Whatever the reason, the student body and populace don't show up on Saturdays. For the program to perpetually have one foot in the grave and continue to exist in order to cater to a few thousand hardcore fans, or to cater to the nostalgia of a few thousand people isn't fair to anyone. It's not fair to the students who pay for a football program that they seemingly don't care about. It's not fair to the players who work their asses off to have no realistic shot at winning more than a few games a year in front of a smattering of fans in a run down stadium. And, yes, it's unfair to the other members of the conference to have to give a slice of pie to the school which contributes very little to making the pie. SJSU needs to make a decision, either support the program at a level that makes it competitive, or drop down to a level where is can be competitive with schools with a similar mindset with regard to funding athletics. If there are no plans to really attempt to win anything of substance, why does it really matter if you are FBS or FCS? There's no shame, whatsoever, in being an FCS team. Especially a good FCS team, which SJSU would definitely be. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Again, great post.
  5. fearthefumanchu

    2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    What did he say?
  6. fearthefumanchu

    Describe your team's end to the season in one word

  7. fearthefumanchu

    Meet The New Bosses-

    For me it isn't anything personal like that. Just competetive bragging rights. We came in and have been in charge more often than not.
  8. fearthefumanchu

    2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    Yeah. Losing the DC in consecutive years would suck. Gotta do something with ST. Fuller is bad and hasn't improved at all.
  9. fearthefumanchu

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    That freshman rb who got a few carries (the big boy) I could see giving us problems in the future.
  10. fearthefumanchu

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    Yes. By getting smoked to go 1-11 on the season while we put up our 2nd consecutive 10 win season you got us right where you want us. Touche.
  11. fearthefumanchu

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

  12. fearthefumanchu

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    Not the best, but we have 9 others so far so I'm pretty content. How are you feeling about your season? How about the general direction of your program?
  13. fearthefumanchu

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    May that thought keep you warm next week.
  14. fearthefumanchu

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    What does that make make SJSU?
  15. fearthefumanchu

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    Sorry about your delicate sensibilities. I'll still take the good football team over the polite manners.