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  1. Paul Johnson has run the triple option at Georgia Tech with moderate success in recent years.
  2. Fresno st. Is unproven QB. Really do think he will be pretty good based upon late game mop up last year, ball look d different coming of his hand. But only time will tell.
  3. How is wearing women's shoes community service?
  4. They are saving money by letting mother nature take care of the demo.
  5. "The WAC was tough that year, here are 3 games it's members lost as evidence"
  6. CTD won a share of the MWC title year 1 in the conference, won the title outright in year 2 in the conference and played in the championship game in year 3 in the conference. And he was the worst coach in the history of the program.
  7. I remember that year. Both USU and San Jose thought that they were good.
  8. Or Dr. Robert Kustra for that matter.
  9. They'd have to really kill those teams to not drop, 70-7 type scores.
  10. Meh, possibly if we were to go undefeated. Obviously, alot depends on who else is undefeated or has one loss. However, I don't think we go undefeated.
  11. I really enjoyed our most recent trip there.
  12. That is the bike Myagi took out of the dumpster for Daniel Laruso.