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  1. I don't think that is true... I mean if there were zero seconds after the score then the game is over the second the try is missed. No flag would have been thrown. Players run on the field all the time and celebrate after a game is over. It is not a flag because the game is over. It was a flag in this case cause there was 2 seconds left.
  2. I do agree but it in this case it actually worked out for Fresno lol. I mean if there was even 5 seconds left at the end of the game (before last kick) Nevada then gets to kick a fg at the end to try to win the game. If we go for it on 4th and don't make it then Nevada probably has 22 seconds left when they kick the onside kick (could be off but by my estimation it took Nevada about 20 seconds of clock to get to the yardage line of the potential 4th down pay).
  3. Expect the most important (ie losable games) are the next two weeks @SDSU and vs BSU. Oh Well. Knock on wood but Fresno has been pretty lucky with injuries this year.
  4. Yep. If BSU to Big-12 and AF to AAC just stay at 10. I vote go the Sun Belt route (two 5 team divisions and a conference champ game). Play an 16 game round robin MBB schedule. Heck your MW average MBB rankings would actually increase as Air Force is normally a very lowly rated MBB team. No need to panic if we get down to 10 teams.
  5. I think the 6 CUSA adds to the AAC basically assure the MW only has to worry about the Big-12 raiding them in the future. If the Big-12 adds any more teams it likely they take BSU and Memphis. I mean maybe Air Force could justify moving to the AAC as a football only member to join Navy in a conference but to me it would be 100% crazy for any other MW team (including CSU) to even consider the jump at this point. If the AAC only added say the top 2 CUSA schools maybe they could still hope to raid the MW in the future (say if the Big-12 picks SDSU and BSU instead of Memphis and BSU) but by
  6. Do they though? Honestly I don't really care the years Fresno skips Boise. Playing SDSU, SJSU, and Hawaii every year is more important to me than playing Boise every year. Boise falls into the 2nd tier with Nevada where it would be nice to play them every year but it is not a big deal to play just 2 out of 4 years.
  7. There are already 11 Texas schools in the Big-5/AAC. I don't think CSU/AF are going to leave if we don't add the #12 Texas school. Pretty sure the MW did their due diligence with talking to Texas schools. Looks like the three we talked to picked the AAC over the MW. Which makes sense as the Texas schools always pick east over west.
  8. Only way we get either is if the AAC is friendly with the buyouts. Maybe they are nice to Wichita State and work something out with them (I doubt it). But there is literally zero reason for them not to demand the full buyout from SMU if they try to leave for the MW.
  9. Not in football. Three out of four years TCU was in the CUSA the WAC was better. If TCU would have stayed the gap would have been even bigger. Don't get me wrong the CUSA had markets/teams that would end up in big conferences in the future. BUT in the moment on the field the WAC was still better.
  10. Show who does the CUSA invite? Also does the Sun Belt make a power play and expand at all (either taken someone from weaken CUSA or another option). UTEP is on a pretty big island in the CUSA. I guess the CUSA could just take some of the WAC Texas schools (aren't they moving up to fbs at some point). Or just give UTEP a partner in New Mexico State.
  11. I think in general Texas schools are ALWAYS going to go east unless the gap is massive. Don't get me wrong I think the MWC is above this new AAC BUT it is not some massive gap. I still remember when TCU left the WAC for a much lesser CUSA. Guessing UTSA was always going to take a AAC invite over a MW invite. So unless the AAC was dumb and didn't invite the Texas schools they wanted in the first go around there was zero shot the MW was getting them.
  12. Did LBSU really call? I kind of doubt it as they have done basically ZERO to be proactive in sports since I have been following them for 13 years. They treat the AD as nuisance not something to be proud of. Plus for two of their better sports (men's volleyball and baseball) the Big West is actually a better conference. Sure men's volleyball would be ok as they could stay as an affiliate member in the Big West (MW doesn't sponsor that sport) or if the Big West doesn't allow that they can just go back to the MPSF for that sport. Baseball would take a hit though. Don't get me wrong as a LBSU
  13. These rankings will really start to take shape after next week. Fresno vs Nevada and Air Force vs SDSU. In my mind those are the top 4 teams in the conference. For 3 out of 4 of the teams it is basically a must win (the only team that could afford losing the game and still controlling their destiny is SDSU).
  14. Well that is cause you usually try make homecoming on a game you are highly favored to win... UNLV probably would have probably made more sense BUT could do that as it was on a Friday (really need to have homecoming on a Saturday). The other "easy" (on paper) game is vs New Mexico but that is already taken as it will be senior day. To me Fresno's next three games are 50/50 games. Unfortunately as we blew the Hawaii game we need to go 3-0 in those 50/50 games which will be tough but possible.
  15. Fresno vs Nevada is on FS2 at 4pm but bumps up to FS1 if the ALCS doesn't go to 7 games. So hoping Boston or Houston can win that series in 5 or 6 games.
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