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  1. Yeah as I get older my interest in pro sports dies down but especially the NFL. It is mostly just the end of the regular season and the playoffs I pay attention to (either my team or I pick a couple of random teams if my team is not in the playoffs). That is a far cry from when I was a kid frequently watching full baseball games in the summer and full games of my Warriors when they were absolutely pathetic. But I would still say I am moderately interested in the NBA/MLB/NHL. The NFL on the other hand has really fallen of a cliff. I mean my freakin team almost won the Superbowl last year and I think the only full game I watched of theirs (or any NFL game) was the Superbowl. I would say it is somewhat due to the NFL being played during a crowded time (MLB playoffs, NCAAF, college basketball starts up, NBA starts up) but also because I actually like the on the field product in college football better than the NFL. If the pro sport doesn't have the more entertaining on the field product there is really no reason to watch them over the college equivalent.
  2. Crap I have the spirit more than ever lol. I have already given up on attending any games (I mean unless they hit the gold mine and get a great vaccine and have millions of doses by Oct) but this is the most excited I have been for sports as an adult. Shoot I clicked on a random MLB highlight video on youtube the other day. That video even go me a little excited. If we have college football labor day weekend is going to be a blast. Even if we don't have college football I am still looking forward to the NBA playoffs. Those should go on as long as the players/personnel commit to the bubble. Mind this is with my team having the absolute worst record in the NBA and obviously not even going to Orlando. So yes I am dying for some sports.
  3. Honestly that the ONLY thing he is really losing. Howard (or any other small school) might be less likely to offer a payment than a blue blood with a lot more money. But then again if they high school kids want the money they can just go to the G league like Green and a couple of other high prospects did.
  4. Honestly I have been saying for a while it makes sense for top basketball recruits (like top 15) to go to "lesser" basketball schools. That could be a Howard, a local state school, ect. Why? -top 15 recruits, baring absolute catastrophe, will get drafted to the NBA after a year in college. Thus they are only committing to school for what 8 months? They can pretty much arrive in July and be out by April of the next year. 8 months is not that long of a commitment. In football you are making a 3 year commitment before you can jump to the pros. -You can be a legend at Howard (or where ever you pick) compared to just another player at Kansas, Duke, UNC, ect. Attendance will skyrocket for a year, the school might get a couple of ESPN primetime games, you are almost a lock for the schools hall of fame, ect -The ENTIRE offensive/defensive schemes can be run through you/your strengths. -You will get a few chances to play any the top teams (maybe a couple in the OOC and one in the NCAAT). So it is not like you are 100% shut of from playing the best schools. -The NBA is more sophisticated with evaluations. They will find talent where ever it is. 30 years ago it might have been harder to get noticed at a small school but that is no longer the case.
  5. Yeah I am a 30 something that is not just gonna stay home. The vast majority of 30 somethings (unless they have major pre existing conditions) aren't just going to stay home. I mean I am willing to make some changes (like wearing a mask, not going on a cruise) but I will not just sit at home. It is far my likely I did of a car crash over the next year than of COVID. If I do get the short straw and have a terrible case of COVID well that is just life and crap happens. You have to look at probabilities and base your life off of that, not fear.
  6. So a bunch of 70-90 year olds got lung damage and that means 18-24 yo will also? That is not how it works... Just cause heart disease is the number one cause of death in the USA doesn't mean a bunch of 18-24 yo will have heart attacks... Also keep in mind lung damage typical occurs in SEVERE cases. Thus the only people that would really even be at risk of lung damage are the very small few that need to go to the hospital plus in many cases the damage is reversible.
  7. Not really sure I buy the liability. Many campuses are still having a small percent of students (which is still a wayyyyyy higher number than the number of football players) on campus (mostly for classes that can only be taught in person). Guessing those students with have to sign some sort of waiver. I highly doubt that any student those choses to attend an in person class would be able to then sue the school if they get COVID. They have the option to sit out a semester or two if they want. Just as a football player (at least in my plan) would have the option of not playing this season.
  8. HIV is not really comparable to COVID -they have medications that suppress HIV enough that you can basically go about a completely normal life with HIV. They don't have meds that basically cure COVID. -an estimated 1.1 mil people in USA have HIV. And mind you only 38k got NEW infections in 2018. There is already an estimated 20 + mil that have or had COVID within a six month period. Not saying it is right BUT it is true far more effort will be made to get a vaccine that equals a lot more $$$ (ie an effective vaccine will have demand for billions of dosages). HIV can basically be eliminated with education/testing. The reason it is still spreading is 1/7 people who have HIV don't know they have. If that number gets to zero HIV can basically be eliminated (ie every gets on meds and suppressed the viral load and stop passing the virus). Even if there was an HIV vaccine it would likely only be giving to high risk groups at this time (doubt it will become a "standard" vaccine for all children/adults). Mind you I am not making light of HIV. If would be wonderful to have an HIV vaccine and get that number of new infections a year down to zero. Also there is obviously a risk in chronically taking medications (ie side effects, needing to make lifestyle changes-in some cases no drinking-). I mean some people will be on HIV medications for 50+ years.
  9. Best case 30-40% of the USA gets the virus (we have already passed 10% per CDC) then we get a vaccine. Worse case there is no effective vaccine and 70% plus of the USA gets it and we get natural herd immunity. Also I strongly doubt healthy 17-24 yo who know they are low risk are going to isolate until a potential vaccine. The young folk are going to get this at a lot higher rate (when this is all said and done) that other age groups. In other words the vast majority of college athletes (and college age students) will get this with or without football being played.
  10. Another point is college athletes (and most young adults) are not just gonna sit at home and wait for a vaccine. Even if they don't play sports they are still going to be out and about. I mean what 30% of Clemson's football team has already had or has the virus. That is way higher than the 10% estimate of the general population that has already had it.
  11. I have been on board with just moving it to the springs for months. If we are lucky we will have a vaccine late 20 early 21 (ie players could likely get it in Jan or Feb of next year) and even if we don't get a vaccine the dx would have run through more people by then. I mean the "guess" is it has infected 10% of the USA population already. If we give it another 4-6 months that could be up to 30% of so. That will get use closer to herd immunity and improve the chance a spring season could be played.
  12. No I am not. This risk is very minimal for this age group. Many positive test equal asymptomatic cases. Wearing a mask significantly reduces the risk of spread. Being outdoors reduces the risk. Not having prolonged contact reduces the risk. Wearing a mask and only being on the field/around other players when playing greatly reduces the risk of transmitting the disease.
  13. Over a 4 month period (3/1 to 6/20) CDC says the hospitalization rate for 18-29 was 32.1 per 100,000 of population. 4 months is about the same time as a football season so we can translate those number to college football. There are roughly 12,500 D1 college football players. So if they are at the same risk of acquiring COVID as an "average" 18-29 yo you would expect 4 players to get sick enough to actually go to the hospital over the course of a football season. I do expect that number to creep up a bit because 18-29 yo (in general not just college football players) are more likely to go about their life and get tired of all the restriction than say a 65 yo with multiple medical conditions. Thus there will be more cases of COVID in that group which will lead to a higher high hospitalization per 100,000. But even it the rate jumps FOUR times higher (it will increase but it wont go that high) that still means you would expect 16 players to get sick enough to go to the hospital. And statistically speaking it is very probable that none of those 4-16 cases would die. For perspective over an average 4 month period using the all cause mortality rate you would expect 2 people out of 12,500 to die in this age group. You really have to look at the actual numbers when deciding how to approach the season. You can't just decide based off of fear. My proposal -Let any player that wishes to sit out the season sit it out. They still get their full scholarship and can have a COVID redshirt year. -Just have the rest of the players go full steam ahead. If you test positive you have the option to quarantine or you can continue to play/practice. You would be required to wear a mask and have your own COVID tent at practice/games (ie so you are not congregating with other players when you are not on the field also give you a safe area to drink as that obviously can't be done with a mask on). -Coaches wear mask and are given the option to telework if they want to. Even though it won't be as effective you could definitely coach practices via zoom. During the game most coaches could go in the press box and you could have a select few on the field. -Refs/other personnel can wear mask during gameday
  14. Well if the 20 season starts on time there is a decent change there will be no fans (or at the very least a vastly smaller number of fans that you would have gotten if COVID never came along). So if you want to actually attend those game you might prefer for the season to be in the spring.