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  1. Honestly if Hank truly has 2 years of eligibility left I won't mind Fresno taking a look at him lol. Unless Fife blows it away in the 1-3 starts he gets in Haener absence there is a decent shot we might look the portal route for a QB so why not take a look at Hank?
  2. Same here. NFL has by far the worst all star game. But even by going the skilled competition route (which is a huge improvement) still zero chance I watch.
  3. Fresno is 0-3 ATS this year. As there is probably zero chance Haener plays this game guessing we will be run heavy/easy pass plays for Fife. So might be tough to cover the spread.
  4. To many people 61 is the HR record anyways. As Sosa/McGuire/Bonds (the only players with more than 61 HR in a season) were all presumed to have used steroids or the like at some point.
  5. I doubt they will sustain it. But still 3 wins is probably more than most expected they would get the whole season. Throw on another 1-3 wins in conference and that is something to build off of.
  6. Big-10/SEC might have voted against 8. You really needed 12 to get all the votes. 6 bids to highest ranked championship pleases the little 5 and ACC/Pac-12/Big-12. 6 at large bids that will largely be gobbled up by the Big-10/SEC so they are also pleased by getting a higher percentage of the total playoff teams.
  7. There are twice as many female ancestors as male ancestors. In part because of what you describe with child birth being a very risky proposition. But also because the more desired males (for various traits) where more likely to mate with multiple females and the less desirable males were more likely to not mate at all. Where as with females they are ALL desirable as reproductivity wise they are more limited (ie one male could technically have thousands of children, that is obviously impossible for one female). And of course on the more sinister side there have been a lot of forced reproduction throughout history. genghis khan being the most extreme example.
  8. Does this mean they will start the college football season a week earlier? I mean a school could play 17 games (12 regular season, 1 conference champ, 4 playoff games) in this setup. Seems they might want to stretch the season out a bit to add another bye week? Or the more student focused answer would be to cut down to 11 regular season games. Say 9 conference games plus two OOC (for the Big school that would probably mean one cupcake warmer up game and one cross over game vs another Big-5 school). But not so sure if the tv partners/schools want to give up that regular season game.
  9. Their attendance will go up in the Big-10 but the problem is it will be because of the away fans lol. Lots of Big-10 alum in so cal. Also lots of Big-10 fans throughout the country that would like an excuse to book a so cal trip in the fall.
  10. SDSU went 6-0 in one score games last year. I know part of that is the style the team plays and execution of the players BUT part of that is also luck. They will very likely regress more to the mean on that number this year. My honest guess for SDSU is 8-4 (6-2). Lose @Utah and go 1-2 @Fresno, @BSU, vs Air Force. If their one win of that group is @Fresno 6-2 could be enough to win the West, if they drop that game @Fresno they are probably not making the MW champ game.
  11. Air Force is the clear favorite in the Mountain. As of right now they are the favorite in every single game on their schedule. Also they host Boise (the preseason favorite in the mountain) and don't have to play Fresno in a cross over game (the preseason west favorite). Their MW schedule isn't perfect but it is definitely favorable.
  12. Unless I missed something the MW has won as total of one game as the underdog (Wyoming over Tulsa) and lost a total of one game as a favorite (AZ over SDSU). MW is 5-0 vs fcs teams and 4-7 vs fbs teams. This is exactly what the odds would have predicted. But yes I agree the actually scores of the games have been disappointing lol.
  13. Point spread wise the big winners of the week were Wyoming and Nevada. Biggest loser point spread wise would be SDSU. I would also give them the worse game of the week award when you consider it was also the opening of their stadium and the crowd was subpar. In BSU defense they "won" the second half 17-10, they were on the road, and on paper OSU is better than AZ. Also SJSU should be up their as an option. I know they won but I would still probably put that as the #2 most disappointing result behind SDSU.
  14. I also like the BCS better. BUT if we have to have a playoff I prefer a 12 team one where at least one little team gets a shot than a 4 team one where it is very hard to get a little 5 team in.
  15. Yeah everyone wins. Group of 5 get an auto bid, heck some year they could get two auto bids (as it is just the 6 highest rated champions). The SEC and Big-10 can still grab a larger share of the playoff cash. Most year they will probably get 4 of the at large bids and the Pac-12/Big-12/ACC battle for the other 2 at large bids. Hopefully this also puts a pause on the Big-10/SEC team grab until the ACC grant or rights are up and/or Notre Dame decides to join a conference.
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