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  1. Fresno hasn't taken advantage of that Hawaii rule in years so I doubt they take sch another game.
  2. I mean the Dukes and North Carolinas of the world I understand. But take someone like Minnesota (13-12 currently but they have by far the most impressive wins of any bubble team). If they just miss out on NCAAT I think it would be ridiculous (both from a program building perspective and a player perspective) for them to opt out of 2-3 weeks more practice and 1-4 more games. As a percent there are far fewer teams in basketball postseason than football. Opting out of the NIT would be like a top 25 team opting out of a bowl game vs another top 25 teams.
  3. I really don't think it is to wise to do that. I mean with only 16 teams and no AQ bids (under assumption they will get rid of those) you are looking at teams in top 40-60. That is solid competition, some extra practice, and a chance for a spring board into next year.
  4. So with 16 bids I take it no AQ bids? Cause that would consume like half the bids with teams the NIT won't wanna pick. Guessing the MW gets one bid regardless if we send 2 to NCAAT or 3. If we somehow send 4 to NCAAT (honestly would take some teams getting COVID for MW to get 4) I doubt any go to NIT.
  5. SJSU got their outbreak soon enough where they will be cleared by mwt. Now granted they probably wont have much practice time as a full team before mwt so maybe they just bow out cause of that. But covid is not gonna force them the drop out. But the point still stands. MW has been averaging one covid situation a week so there is decent odds the 6 seed ends up with a bye. My guess is 0-2 teams opt out. Hope that list doesn't include any of the top 5 (ie teams that could realistically win mwt) or fresno (my team lol). Given an actual postive case of covid will keep a team out at least
  6. Today is basically last day u can have postive case and hope to play in tournament. So hopefully this is last postive case.
  7. It feels like a 60/40 game (in unlvs favor) to me. Guess we will see.
  8. Yep. I mean it seems like COVID cancelation policy came from individual schools/states not the conference. So they could have just been following local guidelines. And you got to be a tiny bit careful just dismissing mental health. I mean if NM says they cancel games because of mental health issues related to COVID you kinda have to take their word for it. Otherwise they might actually be able to claim discrimination. Without very clear guidelines (with no exceptions) from the conference it is basically a free for all.
  9. This situation will obviously make that worse. He actually has a legit need to take some strong pain meds in the short term. BUT that can easily reagitated previous addiction or start new addition.
  10. It won't happen but honestly sdsu/bsu just playing each other again that Saturday is probably the best realistic thing they could do resume wise. Well IF bsu/sdsu spilt their series this week and they both win their make up game next week. In that case a round 3 of bsu/sdsu would help both teams resumes. They would both already be ncaat locks regards of the outcome of the game. If one gets swept this week (or drops their make up game) then they would be more on edge at large bid wise and couldnt risk another loss.
  11. So what are your criticisms and what usa president has treated a pandemic better. Obama admin did worse with h1n1 they were just fortunate it was less deadly than covid. Did they do better during the spanish flu? Or the flu in the 70s? And yes other countries with less freedom did better with covid by u have to compare apples to apples.
  12. Do u understand what the past administration actual did?
  13. If the goal is to have the most fair regular season champ they made the right choice. If the goal is to assure as many teams as possible to ncaat they took a gamble. I mean if bsu/sdsu/csu win all these games it is a slight benefit (basically all the games would not help resume other than csu or nv) but if even a single game is lost amoung that group it will hurt a lot. Could very easliy be difference from getting and at large bid or not.
  14. So the question is how many teams even met that criteria that have open days. I mean technically byu/Gonzaga could play that Saturday (there first wcct games are the following Monday) but I doubt either would be interested. A team like ucsb looks ok (on paper cause they have a solid net) but you would have to play them early in week (they have conference games fri/sat). Maybe a bubble team from a big time conference that has a last second covid cancelation? But guessing that hypothetical team would want a home game (ie the mw team needs to travel).
  15. For the mw sake they better hope csu/bsu/sdsu win all those games. Only one game ([email protected]) would be a resume building in anyway and any loss for any of those teams would be devastating. Also wonder if bsu or sdsu will try to add another ooc game. They play their one make game tues/wed so could still sch another game later in week if they want.
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