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  1. So I wonder is Cal Poly @Fresno will be streaming on? Or will that just not be streamed. I was guessing that game would have ended on up Stadium.
  2. But they care about being cool lol. So if it is the cool thing to do they will go to a game. But off course they would want to do it from a luxury box not the common seats.
  3. Problem is most teams not in the South or Midwest don't really have many diehard fans. People in other parts of the country get complacent and stop showing up. Sometimes it is because the team doesn't win enough. Sometimes cause they win too much. Constant winning can have repercussions. Tickets prices go up, more games are on tv, excitement drops a bit (ie being expected to win most games does take a bit of the excitement out of the air. The truly great thing about sports is not knowing what the outcome will be.)
  4. 90 days is basically the minimum protection. Vast majority at least 6 months and many still have protection after a year. In general, but not always, vaccines provide longer last immunity than getting a disease (some dx getting dx provides longer lasting protection). But it is a realistic bet the vaccine will provider longer and/or better protection than getting covid. We won't know for sure for years though. And it is also a guarantee there will be a yearly cold (COVID is a cold) vaccine in the years to come. Just as will the flu vaccine they will change the cold vaccine to match
  5. lol might not "always will be". In terms of location SDSU probably has the best thing going of any non Big-5 school. Large metro population (3.3 mil compared to Boise 770k) with zero current Big-5 schools OR big-4 pro teams. That right there makes the area ripe for the picking to have a Big-5 school. Plus it has some of the best weather in country (ie should help with recruiting). I mean if you were starting over from scratch making conferencing SDSU would have a better chance than any other MW team to jump into a Big-5 league. Now granted not saying that will ever happen just saying SDS
  6. Seriously though Fresno probable gotta beat UCONN by at least 35+ or it will be a disappointment. That team was one of the worse in FBS in 2019. Then went on to leave their conference, skip football for ALL of 2020 (heck even New Mexico State played a few games), and even skip spring ball a few months ago. And yes if any school cancels the 2021 season it would be UCONN. But I am guessing at the very least they will play a few games because even if another COVID wave comes it probably won't be till the fall. But that wave would still be far smaller/deadly than past ones and it would 100% not re
  7. At this point the only way I really see it happening is if the new 12 team playoff has 6 auto bids. The power 5 and the new beefed up AAC (say adds BSU, BYU, and one other school). Otherwise I doubt it happens.
  8. I work in healthcare and I doubt they will even force us to take it. My guess is the end result will be get vaccine or wear a mask until pandemic is declared over. That is exactly what they do for flu vaccine (we can either get it or wear a mask during the flu season). I really have a hard time seeing employers forcing employees to take it. Do I believe the vaccine is safe? Yes? BUT it can take years and years to now that with 100% certainty. Thus given the lethality rate of COVID (which is not much outside a few select groups) I think being forced to take is a bit of stretch. Plus a lot of
  9. Iol I say the mw just goes all in. Throw out conference records all together. Have highest ranked team in cfp host the 2nd highest ranked team in cfp. Winner is mw champ. If only one team is ranked they are declared champ. If no teams are ranked default to old system and have two teams with best conference records play each other. Sure it probably wont be allowed to set up that way but that would give the mw the best chance to get a team in
  10. I would take the over. I mean we (Fresno) start with UCONN, @Oregon, Cal Poly. Should be 2-1 after that stretch so don't see why he would abandon ship that early. Actually don't see why any fan would abandon ship until at least their team is eliminated for conference title contention.
  11. -So you are saying obesity/heart disease/diabetes are ok because they are not contagious? Sounds like you are implying if you ill health is accrued by personal choice it is on you (ie no one is forcing you to eat that hamburger or candy bar). Well guess what COVID is not contagious (in any practical sense) if you got the vaccine. So it is really not that different. People who elect to not get vaccine are putting themselves (not others) at whatever heighten risk. That is their choice to make just as eating a hamburger is my choice. -Highly doubt they will require fans to be vaccinated.
  12. So should fast food and candy be outlawed? Obesity, heart disease, diabetes kill a lot more than COVID. Do fast food companies have a moral obligation to shut down because they contribute to death? And I also have news for you the number one way the NFL could "spread" COVID further is by having fans in the stands. So are they also going to mandate all fans have a COVID vaccine? The NFL averages about 17 million fans in the stands a year. Lots more opportunity for COVID among the 17 million fans than 1.7k players. Also NFL contributes to CTEs. That can result in reduced quality of li
  13. Three? I work in healthcare also. I don't know a single person (patients/family/friends/coworkers) that had a bad case of COVID that wasn't either elderly OR had 2+ comorbidities.
  14. Well sure in 5 years we will be able to say 4 out of 12 schools are playing in a "new" stadium (less than 10 yrs old) but I am talking abt the situation as it currently stands.
  15. Lets see Last I checked SJSU stadium just had a big grass field on one side. I take it that renovation project is not completed yet. So one of the better teams in the MW will be playing in an embarrassing stadium this year (not that it was all that great to start with). SDSU doesn't have a stadium. They are borrowing one that is over 100 miles away from their campus. Hawaii/State of Hawaii let their stadium get in such bad condition it was basically red tagged. Now they are playing on a ridiculous stadium for who knows how long. Fresno had to shut down a large section not
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