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  1. The only thing I would really feel "stabbed" in the heart about as a fan is if Cersei wins the game and everyone else (main characters) are dead or prisoner to Cersei. Basically because she is the only one that is pure evil charter at this point. I mean everyone else is either mostly good or a mix of good/bad (including the Night King). Honestly I would like an ending where the night king wins and there is a permanent winter.
  2. Anyone else creeped out by the Arya sex scene. I know the actor is 22 and the Arya is "of age" in the GOT but I had to fast forward though that part. I guess my mind never advanced Arya to adulthood in game of thrones lol. Still think of her as a teenager in this show.
  3. Yeah an AAC that adds SDSU/BSU/Fresno/UNLV/CSU as full members instead of filling out with ECU/Tulane/Tulsa would be pretty solid. My only adjustment might be taking Hawaii (football only) instead of CSU. This would balance out the East/West with 1 football only school + 6 full members. But going with what you said West SDSU/BSU/Fresno/UNLV/CSU/SMU/Houston East Cincy/South Florida/Memphis/UCF/Navy (football only)/Connecticut/Temple Guessing that SMU/Houston would not love it (assuming they prefer to be in an "eastern" conference) but it would work pretty well for everyone else. Might also want to add a 14th (Wichita State?) to bring up the number of basketball schools to 14. Also in that hypothetically the WAC would have been the conference to survive not the MWC. The 3 remaining MW school (New Mexico/Wyoming/Air Force) would rejoin the 6 WAC leftovers SJSU/Nevada/Utah State/Idaho/New Mexico St/Hawaii. Obviously New Mexico State (increasing the likelyhood of staying D1 for football and having New Mexico in the same conference) and Idaho (staying D1 for football) would have been the biggest winners in that scenario.
  4. Came out 4/24 last year. So probably this week or next week? We know ESPN gets Boise's home games. Games listed below are potential ones CBS grabs with their first 5 choices (it still works that CBS gets first 5 picks then CBS/ESPN alternate selections?). I am hoping Fresno vs Minnesota ends up on ESPN2 but I am guessing it goes on CBSSN as I don't see how it would not make the top 5 list. OOC games of interest USU vs BYU Air Force vs Army Colorado State vs Colorado (at a neutral site not sure which conference owns tv rights) Wyoming vs Missouri Fresno vs Minnesota Hawaii host Arizona, Oregon State, Army Nevada vs Purdue SDSU vs BYU Conference games of interest (subject to change, just going based off the fact I think SDSU/Fresno and USU/BSU will be the preseason top 2 in each division). Utah State vs Boise San Diego State vs Fresno Fresno vs Utah State
  5. Maybe Daenerys will be skeptical. I mean kinda of odd to tell Sam his father/brother were executed by Daenerys (ie gives Sam some motive to lie to hurt Daenerys) and then he immediately tells Jon who his true parents are. It does make more sense for Daenerys to question it as she has less reason to trust Sam/believe the three eyed raven and she would also have to give up her crown (she is the one that is so high on the "rightful" ruler bit).
  6. ugh would have much preferred him to come back. With him back the MW would be very likely to have at least one team with an at large resume (ie USU) but now who knows.
  7. In a weird way this is a decent time for Muss too leave. He just had the "dream team" so it was gonna be somewhat of a rebuild anyways. I mean the worse time for him to leave would be a year or two before the next "dream team" and then him taking some/all of those players with him. Heck as it currently stands how many underclassmen could Muss even take/want to take with him to Arky?
  8. And even when he hits his magic number (ie has enough money to live the lifestyle he wants for the rest of his life) there are still his kids eventual grandkids that could use those extra millions. Making an extra 10-15 mil over the course of his career by leaving Nevada probably wont have too much of an effect on his life but I am sure his future generations would notice.
  9. Honestly to me it is really not that hard. Just go the darn baseball route. -expand the G-league a bit (make it a true minor league). Bump up the salary from 35k to 50k. -expand the NBA draft to 5 rounds (ie rounds 3-5 would help to fill out G league rosters). -Make every single player eligible for draft after sr year of high school. Provided you don't hire an agent you can always elect to go to college even if you do get drafted. If you go to college you have to stay three years before you are eligible for the NBA/draft again. redshirt sophomores, juniors, rs juniors, seniors, rs seniors would be eligible to be drafted. And again provided you do not hire an agent you can always come back to college even if you are drafted. If anyone goes to college but doesn't want to stay three years they can always go overseas to get paid. I also believe this "plan" would show that getting a college scholarship/being a basketball player at a big time school IS worth a decent amount of money. I don't know about you but if I was offered a.) I would make 150k from ages 18-20, get access to world class training facilities and coaches but have to pay all my living expenses, get to play in front of crowds of a couple thousand, ect b.) Make 0k from ages of 18-20, get access to world class training facilities and coaches, get my living expenses covered, go to an elite school, be surrounded by 18-24 year old college students, be an idol on campus, play in front of near capacity crowds, play in multiple NCAAT, ect I would picked b every single time. Yes elite players should go straight to the NBA BUT for most everyone else college would appear to be more appealing.
  10. I would like this hire for ANY MW school other than UNLV. I think he is a solid coach and I think he will be successful... BUT for UNLV I was expecting more of a splash hire that has had proven success at a higher level school.
  11. What a terrible NCAAT for the Cinderellas this year. Don't get me wrong I would like to Gonzaga win a NCAAT title but they are basically a national power at this point. Houston would be a decent story BUT I can't vote for any AAC schools. #5 seed Auburn and #12 Oregon are literally the only non chalk teams left. And heck if you are going by Vegas Oregon is the only non chalk team (#5 Auburn was the favorite over #4 seed Kansas). As a fan I am more excited about Lipscomb's run in the NIT than any of these NCAAT sweet 16 teams.
  12. Honestly I like the idea of a 68 team NCAAT and a 64 team NIT with no other postseason tourneys. 132 teams would equal 38% of teams making the postseason. To me that is fine. The MAJOR problem would be all the sub .500 power 5 teams that would make the NIT. For example just say if you are in the top 115 of the NET you make the NIT (I know NET is not the sole criteria but just for easy of example lets say it is). That would equal 14 sub .500 teams making the NIT (see below*) . To get around this I say just give ALL 32 conferences an auto bid to the NIT. This can just be the highest ranked team in your conference that did not make the NCAAT. ie for the ACC it would be their 8th place team NC State, for a traditional 1 bid league conference it would either be their 1 seed (if they didn't win the conference tourney) or their two seed. This would add another 10-15 or so "lesser" schools (ie not ranked in top 132 of NET) BUT school that finish well in there conference and in most cases would be above .500. My tourney set up would be top 16 seeds host a 4 team bracket. They play out those brackets on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the NCAAT. You would have 32 games on the Tuesday and 16 on the Wednesday. Honestly it would be a nice pre NCAAT tourney. Then the final 16 teams would just place out like the typical NIT (higher seed host round of 16 and quarters, final 4 at MSG). *Penn St (14-18), Missouri (15-17), Oklahoma St (12-20), Texas A&M (14-18), USC (16-17), Northwestern (13-19), Miami (14-18), UConn (16-17), SMU (15-17), Rutgers (14-17), West Virginia (14-20), Stanford (15-16), Illinois (12-21), Notre Dame (14-19)
  13. Yeah I would guess they don't want a "losing" season. Well South Carolina could win at Memphis they would be an underdog.
  14. Also glad I did not lay any money down on Fresno to win the NIT at 60-1 odds. I saw that on Wednesday and was figuring why not throw $50 down on it. They reason I decided against it was cause I thought we a had a chance at the NCAAT (ie winning the MWT) not because I thought we would be left out of the NIT. Don't get me wrong our resume was not that impressive but I was still expecting a 6 seed in the NIT.
  15. Honestly that is the only thing that makes sense to me. They looked at our blowout vs USU and decided to take a team that played better at their conference tourney. Also probably helps they played NCAAT teams 8 times. Sure then went 0-8 but 3 of there loses were close lol. Plus they lost to 6 non tourney teams. Fresno on the other hand a 1-4 vs tourney teams with a couple of close loses. And then 5 loses vs non tourney teams. SDSU was 3-5 vs tourney teams and had 8 loses to non tourney teams. Sure the loss vs San Diego hurt them (or Fresno or however the last team left out of the NIT was).