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  1. Of course he can. But the point is if he want to go to the Warriors (not saying he does) the only way is via a sign and trade. The question is would either and/or both teams be agreeable to the trade. Personally if I was Cleveland I would do the trade but I would try to trade Thompson to a third team (preferably with a lot of salary space so Cleveland does not have to take any more salary on) for a high draft pick.
  2. Zero chance Lebron stays if they lose to Indy. So why wouldn't Cleveland wanna trade James for Thompson? Really to me this deal makes less sense for Golden State. James is 5 years older and it would shorten the Warriors bench even further. Cleveland could always trade Thompson later on if they decide to go in tank mood. To me getting Thompson is worth taking on Livingston/Iggys contracts. Would it really be better for Cleveland to get nothing and James just walking away?
  3. Fresno State Professor

    You also have to consider a.) this is Fresno. that 100k goes a lot further in Fresno than other parts of Cali. b.) this is for NINE months of work (with 2 mths off in the summer and another mth of for holidays/breaks) Not saying she is rich or anything but she is definitely living comfortably and far better (at least income wise) that the vast majority of Americans.
  4. Ronnie Rivers to miss season with injury

    Yes I was also thinking it could turn out to be a good thing, PROVIDED he makes a full recovery. In many ways having 2 RB's split carries it better than three. Plus this helps to stagger the RB class (ie in the 2019 season Hokit will be a Sr, Mims with be a Jr, and Rivers a So).
  5. It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Honestly we could be negotiating again next year. Clearly Gonzaga will make more money by staying in the WCC for the 18/19 season. They get the 1 mil in back pay plus whatever other tourney credits (I am sure they are getting more tourney credit money by staying the WCC). PLUS they get to stay on ESPN for the 18/19. Like it or not ESPN is a huge part of Gonzaga. Next year Gonzaga could look at us again 1. ESPN might play a role. They could easily tell the MW/Gonzaga they prefer for us to be in the same conference. They can offer us more money and tv if we agree to join forces. Heck they might also request BYU be added as a oly sport member. 2. Gonzaga would be losing slightly less tourney credit $$$ by leaving next year. 3. Gonzaga can use the tv contract as part of the negotiation. They can know exactly what the contract will be before joining the conference (or deciding not to).

    I could see reducing the # of conference games. That could really help the MW has a whole. Let's just say there is a 16 game conference sch. You play every team once (11 games) an then divide the top and the bottom. The top 6 teams play each other one additional time (5 games) and the bottom 6 play each other one additional time (5 games). Have the media/coaches rank the teams in May (in terms of how they expect they will finish next year) and rank them 1-12. They could be some corruption tho. I mean if you have a legit shot at a NCAAT at large bid you would want to be ranked in the top 6. BUT if you are predicted to finish 5 or 6 it might be better to end up in the bottom 6 and have a better conference record. BUT the conference tourney should not change. The top 4 seeds would get a first round bye (ie a traditional 12 team bracket) but that would be it. It is really bush league to alert the tourney beyond a traditional format. That is beneficial for SMALL conference which want to increase the chance their top seeds (ie better teams) make the NCAAT as oppose to a lesser team getting hot and making the tourney. edit: I would also be ok with the any credits earned in the round of 32 or later being given 50% to the participating team and the other 50% divided among the remaining 11 school. Any credits earned in the PIG game or round of 64 would be divided evenly among all 12 schools.

    Gonzaga is the ONLY non-football school I would consider. It would be stupid to add anyone else. I mean a case could be made for Wichita State but that ship has sailed. It would be stupid to be stuck with a non elite program just so we can have 12 basketball schools. The ONLY reason I see taking anyone else at this point is if you fear college football with go extinct OR you fear the top half the of the MW is gonna create a new conference with the top half of the American. That would help protect your college basketball standing. However in either case I think the MW will be able to get all the schools (New Mexico State, ect) they are looking at now.
  8. Gonzaga vs current MWC teams (Few era)

    I get the feeling the majority of the MWC thinks Gonzaga would drop 2-3 more games in the MW conference compared the WCC. Ie instead of going 17-1 in conference maybe 15-3. Still enough to win more MW regular season crowns than any other team will. Still enough to continue their NCAAT streak even if they drop a game in the MWT.
  9. Will the MWC add men's soccer for Gonzaga?

    Honestly Fresno should seriously add the following 1. men's soccer 9.9 scholarships. Could easily draw decent crowds (for a minor sport) 2. men's volleyball (there is easily enough talent in the Valley to put together a decent men's volleyball team) 4.5 scholarships. If we put together a decent team could draw a decent crowd. Volleyball is one of the more exciting "minor" sports to watch. 3. men's water polo (I am not a huge fan but there is talent in the valley) 4.5 scholarships Really if I was the king I would add those three and get rid of cross country/track (12.6 scholarships), Tennis (4.5), and Golf (4.5) to even it out. Does ANYONE watch those three sports? Is the valley a hotbed of talent for those three sports?
  10. Will Gonzaga join the MWC?

    How much is Gonzaga worth to the WCC They earned 47 NCAAT credits over the past 19 years. Lets just round that out to a conservative 50 credits when you count other at large bids(ie either Gonzaga losing in the WCCT thus allow WCC to get 2 teams instead of one or Gonzaga boosting the resume of a team-ie St Mary's or BYU- and helping them get an at large bid). If Gonzaga didn't exist maybe the WCC gets, lets say AT BEST, 27 NCAAT credits over those 19 years (ie that would equal two sweet 16 runs and four other first round wins). Thus Gonzaga is worth an extra 23 NCAAT credits. Therefore even if the WCC let Gonzaga keep 50% of their own NCAAT credits over the past 19 years the WCC's other teams would still be breaking even. Ie they would get the same amount of NCAAT $ with or without Gonzaga in the conference. But Gonzaga also brings added tv revenue and one guaranteed sellout on your home court. Of course Gonzaga also bring the slight negative of decreased participation by other WCC teams in the NCAAT. Unless I am missing an at large bid the only WCC other than Gonzaga to make the NCAAT over the past 19 years are Saint Mary's, BYU, and San Diego. That really drives down some interest at the little schools when they think they have little shot at the NCAAT. So to me the max the WCC can really offer Gonzaga is allowing them to keep 40% of their NCAAT credits and having Gonzaga forfeit any NCAAT credits earned by other WCC schools.
  11. Congrats WCC, Fire Hair!

    Even if Gonzaga leaves this is still a good change for BYU 1. Should slightly raise WCC RPI 2. BYU has no excuse (with Gonzaga gone) to not finish in the top 2 every year. Thus they just need to win two games (as oppose to most top 2 seeds winning three) in the conference tourney to make the NCAAT. A conference tourney where BYU with has a pseudo "home game" since BYU will have the most fans in attendance.
  12. It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    The rules basically mean every single WCC team (other than Gonzaga, BYU, and maybe Saint Mary's) will have two D-2 teams on the home sch. That is the ONLY way they can have more "home" OOC games than road games. How many leagues with give WCC teams 1:1 deals? Big West, Big Sky... I mean some MW schools will give some WCC 1:1 deals. But to get any Pac-12 team it will take a 1:2 (one home two road). And with this new rule you can really only have a couple of those deals going at the same time (ie otherwise you will have more road OOC than home OOC). I mean it does limited the 1:0 "money" games so the WCC as a whole should have a slightly better record and slightly better RPIs (ie more useful to go .500 vs Big West schools that winning 1 out of 20 road games vs power 5 schools). And YES this is a concession to Gonzaga but at the same time it could just be a "smart" play on the WCC's part to try to have slightly better RPI's/seeds for their annual one bid team. Cause it DOES hurt the conference if everyone starts scheduling like LBSU (they play 4-5 road games vs top 20 teams every year and always go winless with the loan expectation to beating a ranked Pit team like 6 years ago. However that pit team ended the year with like ten wins). The WCC could simply be trying to assure they don't fall into "Big West" conference RPI territory when Gonzaga leaves.
  13. It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Which would still be a huge upgrade. That would put us with the Big-East and AAC as the only non "power five" conferences consistently getting multiple bids. And yes I know the Big East is a step above the AAC/MW (even with Gonzaga).
  14. Yes it SUCKS they couldn't pull the game out especially since they would have had VERY winnable games up until the championship game. And if Nevada was my primary team (Fresno is) this loss will take a long time to get over. BUT lets just call this a tournament on a neutral court in November where Nevada play 3 games. One vs a mid level big-12 school, one vs a top 10 team (Cincy), one vs a top 15 (Loyola, which will actually be top 10 if they win another game). Furthermore you are informed at some point in each game in the 2nd half Nevada will be down by at least 10pts and at most 22pts. What record would you expect? Be happy with? Thrilled with? Honestly I would expect 0-3, hope for/be happy with 1-2, be thrilled with 2-1, and think I am dreaming if they went 3-0. So 2-1 is an amazing outcome. Especially since it would have just taken ONE missed shot vs Texas and all the sudden Nevada would have had a disappointing end to there season (2 late season loses to SDSU and a 1st round NCAAT loss).
  15. Nevada vs Gonzaga in the final four?

    Yeah I am a Fresno/LBSU fan (grew up around Fresno when to school at LBSU) not a Nevada fan. I mean I AM a Nevada fan in the sense I am a fan off ALL MW schools (ie with the level our conference is at we don't have the luxury to cheer against any conference mate. We need any success we can get). It is just fun to speculate about a potential amazing possibility. I mean the odds (at this point in the tourney) that Nevada plays Gonzaga in final the final four is a lot greater than the odds of 16 seed UMBC beating 1 seed Virginia. I would seriously put the odds at around 5% whereas UMBC only had a 1.5% chance to win. So there is a chance.