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  1. If only they would have added Boise during that run. They might have gotten an auto bid the last couple years of the BCS (I mean they were basically boardline of getting it even without Boise). edit- and on a side note Fresno could have avoided 5-6 blowout loses to Boise in football lol.
  2. I mean I get it is not good PR but it is still the truth. If he was going with current members he would either have to go with Boise beating Arizona in an access bowl or San Diego State/Nevada sweet 16 run. Neither of those was as sweet as Utah beating Alabama. If you asked a long time Big West fan what their favorite Big West moment was it is fair for them to say UNLV's men's basketball championship even though UNLV has long since left the conference.
  3. And hence the reason neither statement is meaningful at this time. Boise is not going anywhere unless the Big-12 comes calling. And if the Big-12 (assuming they don't lose anyone) comes calling Boise is leaving regardless. We are 4-5 years away from negotiating the next tv contract. I agree that a contract is a contract BUT leverage does make a difference. If Boise goes 6-6 the next fours years they would be more willing to considering adjusting the contract than say if they win two access bowls in the next four years.
  4. So what would you do if the WCC said no? Big Sky? WAC? Face it if the WCC says no you would just have to swallow your pride and join the Big West. I do agree though that the WCC would be a far more attractive conference as they have an elite program (Gonzaga) and a couple of solid ones (BYU/Saint Marys).
  5. Honestly we probably would have had to just let them keep their tv rights and a large chunk (if not all) of their NCAAT credits. It would have been a Boise 2.0 offer but even more extreme. It still would have increased the tv contract for the other MW school (ie gives the conference 9 Gonzaga road games) but we would have had to bend over backwards to get them. They were likely just making a power play to get more from the WCC. Since 50% of basketball games are during the OOC Gonzaga can maintain their national brand regardless of their conference (they just flip the script by playing most of their tough games in the OOC instead of conference play). And if Gonzaga ever does fall off a cliff they might prefer just to be a run of the mill team in the WCC instead of an outlier in the MW. The more realistic move would have either 1.) just let BYU keep they Olympic sports in the MW from the start 2.) go after Wichita State before the AAC did. They are no Gonzaga but still a very solid add.
  6. The question is would SDSU become the Gonzaga of the Big West or just take a major hit as a basketball program. So far the first 7 years in the Big West Hawaii has just become an average Big West team (won the regular season one year, 5 middle of the pack years, and one bad year). I know SDSU basketball is in a better place than Hawaii was BUT there is still a risk the program takes a huge step back.
  7. Money... It would all come down to the buy in and yearly travel fees. It if makes monetary sense for the Big West members they would do it. If not they would say no. I will admit Hawaii was way more attractive for the Big West than Boise would be. Hawaii has a very solid women's volleyball team, has men's volleyball (gave the BW 5 schools and allowed them to officially sponsor men's volleyball as a sport once they added UC San Diego. Men's volleyball is basically the only D-1 team sport other than baseball that a Big West team can actually win a national championship in), and ok baseball/softball.
  8. Isn't the AAC the ONLY answer? I don't think the Big-12 makes a move until someone takes a school from them. Boise could easily go indy and get a couple more mil a year out of the TV deal BUT they would essentially be giving up any shot at the access bowl. I mean once the playoffs expand to at least 8 teams you could then make a case for indy but until that point I don't think it makes sense for Boise to even consider it. Maybe ESPN is telling the AAC if you add Boise they will up the contract payout a bit? Boise could then park the rest of their sports in the WCC (if they will take them) or the Big West as a back up plan. But to me that still does not make sense for Boise. I mean the only way I think it would be worth it is if a.) the AAC gives Boise a special deal (but they declined to do this last time so I doubt they will do it this time) b.) the AAC champ is given an auto birth into the Access bowl. I doubt the AAC gets an auto bid b/c the MW/Sun Belt/CUSA/MAC representation would not be support of that unless they also keep an auto bid for their top rated champ.
  9. Have you ever thought he is just saying it now to please the other 11 schools? I mean they just signed a 6 year deal with Boise getting the extra money. We are what 4-5 years away from even negotiation another deal and his comments being relevant at all. A lot can happen in that time frame (Boise could gain or lose leverage).
  10. It would be a tough choice. I would assume it would be a football only invite. In the case of Fresno they would probably op to go to the Big West (all cali expect Hawaii) and be the 12th member there. For every Olympic sport other than men's basketball I prefer the Big West over the MW. BUT not sure the big hit in men's basketball plus opening yourself to be left out in the end (ie if the AAC falls apart not so sure the MW would just welcome Fresno back with open arms) is worth a couple extra million in TV money and being in clearly the best little 5 football conference (which the AAC obviously will be if they get Boise). Really I am not sure it is smart for ANY western team to join the AAC unless they get the AAC to really make a commitment to the west. Like adding 4 full members from the west and then going to quadrants for Olympic sports. That way even if the AAC falls apart you still have a core 4 of western schools that could just cherry pick the MW schools to make a new conference.
  11. I know it can't happen as both schools are already at the max number of regular season games (SDSU at 29 since they didn't play in a in season tourney and Gonzaga at 31 since they did play in a tourney). But it would have been entirely possible schedule wise as SDSU last possible game is 3/7 and Gonzaga's is 3/10. Also would be a great warm up for the NCAAT, a match up (potentially) of top 5 teams, and potentially a play in game for the #1 seed in the West. Heck it would probably be the best game on championship Saturday.
  12. Fair point. It also removes the "benefit" of SDSU losing in the semis of the MWT. It seems like every year they is a team that just looks tired headed into the NCAAT and sometimes top seeds are actually better losing before the finals of the conference tourney. But with the week and a half break there would be more than enough time for recovery.
  13. USU had some hope at an at large prior to last night. But that was pretty much the nail in the coffin. Now they would need to win out the rest of the regular season + at least make the MWT semis to have a shot. Kinda doubt they wont have at least one more slip up especially since they play SDSU on the road. So hears hoping for a 30-1 or 31-1 SDSU (first loss in semis or finals of MWT). That should equal a two seed in the NCAAT (SOS is gonna be too weak for a 1 seed). Don't get me wrong a 32-0 SDSU would be a one seed but I would rather just get two teams into the NCAAT.
  14. He should team up with his brother in Fresno... But honestly won't it be crazy if he somehow is the OC in Fresno and then a few years down the line he become the head coach at Fresno (ie Deboer has one amazing year and bolts for the big-5) and his brother is promoted to the OC at Fresno. lol