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  1. Well they should. We were a 30 pt favorite and probably would have lost if UNLV starting QB didn't get hurt. Obviously that is not something a potential NY6 contender or a ranked team or MW contender or even a MW west contender should do. They should be pissed after this and get focused for next week. Get to 2-0 in the MW heading into the bye week and the more difficult part of our MW schedule.
  2. I will take my foot off the petal a bit. However if we get back on track next week and beat Hawaii easily then it is time to get drunk on the Kool-Aid again lol. If however Hawaii is close (or a loss) then it is trend and then just trying to win the West is a big enough goal.
  3. I would love to stay at 10 with a round robin schedule and conference champ game. Everyone can dump their annually fcs game and play one "money" OCC game, and a couple of home and home series (obviously want to set it up to have 1 home and 1 road a year) vs the best teams you can get H and H series with. But I doubt we stay at 10 cause that leaves us vulnerable if further expansion comes. I mean heck if we do stay at 10 and then BSU/SDSU go to the Big-12 in 5 years maybe the MWC ends up panicking and dissolving as schools jump ship.
  4. Yep. Too many transplants. Take myself as an example. I only lived in the Fresno area for 10 years of my life and I was really only a sports fan for 8 of those years (too young prior to that). I then moved to so cal for college and have stayed in so cal. I cheer for the so cal school I attended BUT I will NEVER cheer for UCLA/USC/or any of the Los Angeles pro teams even if I live here another 70 years. My formative fan development years occurred prior to moving to so cal. I am assuming the same is true for many many many other sports fans that live in so cal. To be a true college town yo
  5. That is a big if at this point but yes if you beat BSU this week the Mountain will be yours to lose. Looks (at least at the moment) you skip the three best teams in the west and in general your tougher games are at home.
  6. Even if BSU goes 1-3 in the OOC (very possible as only game left is @BYU) I still put them as the favorites in the Mountain side.
  7. Which is why I am asking if BSU is next in line. To me on the whole SDSU would be a much better choice than BSU. I also think there are several other schools that would make more sense than BSU. This is not me being a homer as I rank my team (Fresno) in the middle of the pack and behind BSU...
  8. I have seen our two backup QB's. No way you put them in the game at that point UNLESS Haener can't walk. Don't get me wrong our QB #2/#3 might be good in a couple of years but they aren't there year. QB #2 should be enough to win vs UNLV but we need Haener to win the west/MW.
  9. To me the ONLY reason BSU should be next in line for a Big-12 invite is football on the field performance. But going 8-4 this year won't help that. To me if the Big-12 was looking forward I would have the following tiers of MW teams. If they didn't have the football success or if they keep having good but not great seasons will BSU still be in line for the next Big-12 invite? tiers 1- SDSU 2. UNLV 3. Air Force/Colorado State 4. Hawaii/Boise 5. Nevada/Fresno 6 and below no chance USU/SJSU/WY/NM
  10. It might sound weird but honstely as a MW fan that wont be a terrible outcome. Provided that is where big-12 expansion stops. Why? It basically finishes off the AAC. To me they have two anchor schools left (schools that have a good football/mens basketball combo). Smu and Memphis with Memphis being the better of thr two. If Memphis goes there is even a chance the AAC dissolves. I am sure Navy would prefer indy at that point. That gives you 5 schools that would vote to dissolve. Question is do u need 6 or 8 schools to vote to dissolve. If 6 it just takes one school to jump ship (smu to mw
  11. Honestly watching the games I was more disappointed in the El Salvador match. I get road games are hard to win but we were way better than El Salvador and had chances to score. Yes we could have easily beat Canada but talent wises they are a lot closer to America than El Salvador.
  12. not so sure about that. I think the expectation would have been home win, win won of the two on the road, and one draw on the road. That is what Mexico did with their draw and they also had 1 home and 2 road games. We are better than all three teams we played. No reason not to sneak a win in one of the two road games. But yes we avoided catastrophe and still have a long way to go.
  13. I mean that doesn't seem like that crazy of a reaction. I am sure he brain was thinking how can I avoid a DUI. I am sure a lot of drunk drivers try to pull something like that. I doubt it works often but I can see why he tried. Honestly he was probably more likely to get out of the situation if the cop was a Gonzaga fan. Sure that isn't "right" but we have to acknowledge famous people can get breaks the average person can't He is luck he didn't get into an accident or hurt someone. He is dumb for drunk driving over a holiday weekend. Don't get me wrong it is always irresponsible to dri
  14. Who's "test(ing) everyone?" The two-examples discussed here so far are: #1 - Athletes in a full-contact elective sport #2 - TV I Film I Music Video I Commercial Productions: If one-or-two actors far enough up the Call Sheet get the 'rona on one of my projects, as-many-as-300-ppl-or-more get put on hiatus, not to mention the insurance nightmares. Neither of those groups (if they are fully vaccinated) should get routine testing for an endemic. #1 - When's the the last time 1/2-million American died in less-than-a-yr from "the flu?" I am talking about the current st
  15. Buyout money would be one reason it will exist. Have at least 30 million coming from the three departing schools. Also guessing those schools will have to forfeit their remaining shares of the UCON buyout money (which is what 12 mil left on that). Lets just call that 40 million in buyout money. I know that is peanuts for some conferences but for the little 5 conferences that is real money. Another reason would be the how many teams it takes to dissolve the conference? If it is a simple majority maybe they can get there (Houston/UCF/Cincy to Big-12, Memphis/SMU/Wichita State to MW, Navy to
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