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  1. Rigorous coursework at Duke

    Yeah a lot of schools require some minor form of fine art/culture as part of a degree (any degree even engineering). AP world history counted as my "culture" class (passed AP test got college credits). A Comic spirit class and a nonverbal communication class were my "fine art" requirements. So yes history of hip hop, or jazz, or rock, or whatever would check the art box. Which honestly I don't have any problem with. A waste? Maybe... But at the same time have a "interesting/easy" class or two (provided that is all) can be a valuable part of a college degree. The key is a PART (a small part at that) not the entire degree.
  2. Immediate Transfers

    It would still be a way bigger blow for the mid major. Mid major schools would lose their STARS to the major schools. Major schools would lose some depth (bench players transferring). Heck even the grad transfer rule hurts mid majors. If you take a "cupcake" major it is easy to get a degree in three years + summer and/or winter session(s). Mid major stars with a cupcake major can then transfer to a major school as a Sr or RS Jr. I really think, from a competitive stand point, there has to be a disincentive from transferring. Personally I think everyone should have to sit out a year unless - There is a compelling personal reason (ie I know Fresno had a basketball player transfer to UNLV and become immediately eligible because I believe his father was dying) -The head coach of your school leaves (gets fired, resigns, takes another job, passes away). This should give every single player a one time chance at the end of the season to transfer and be immediately eligible. This reduces the compliant that coaches can leave without notice so players should also. Any major coaching change would give the players a chance to leave. -The school goes on probation/punishment for your sport. Ie scholarship loss, postseason ban. Again give the players a one time chance to leave at the end of the season without sitting out.
  3. RealRPI Predictions

    As a Fresno fan I a hoping for the 4 or 5 spot. Really need to avoid playing that extra game in tourney. Also I highly doubt Fresno can get any higher than #4 (Nev/BSU/SDSU seem to be a bit above the other schools). I could see Fresno winning 3 games in 3 days but I don't see them, over an 18 game sch, finishing with a better record than any of those three schools.
  4. Coach Kellen?

    I vote Fresno hires him as our 10th coach That would give us two Moore brothers lol. But honestly I do expect KM to turn into a solid college QB coach.
  5. Current RPI Ranking

    Do you think a 7 loss Nevada makes the NCAAT as an at large? It SUCKS but honestly I don't think they make it. 6 is the cap. Their ONLY sure top 50 rpi win is gonna be Rhode Island. If they are lucky one other MW teams ends up in the top 50. I know they could easily be undefeated at this point and ranked in the top 15 but they unfortunately they lost three close games (two vs top 50 teams).
  6. My guess 2017/18 final poll= Fresno will be #28 (close but no official ranking), SDSU will get a vote or two (#38), Boise jumps up 3 spots to #22. The 2018/19 opening poll will have Boise at #24 or #25 and Fresno around #30.
  7. Current RPI Ranking

    So we pretty much need Nevada to go 16-2 in conference (12-2 the rest of the way). AND have them lose in the semi or finals of the MWCT to get two bids. Not great but it appears to be the case.
  8. 8 team playoff= a total of 7 games 5- big 5 champs get auto bid 1- highest ranked little five champ 2- at large bids Bowls Big 5 conferences get 3 auto slots each (plus one team in playoffs plus up to two avail at large bowl bids) =15-17 teams from the Big-5 conferences playing in bowl games. Little 5 conferences- highest rated champion plays in playoffs (this year UCF), other 4 champs play in a bowl game, conference which sends team to playoffs sends their runner up to a bowl game (this year Memphis) =5 teams. A little 5 team MUST play a big 5 five team in the bowl game. 2 at large bowl spots go to the highest rated independent schools. The schools MUST be ranked in the top 30 (using a system like the old BCS poll). If there are less than two independents ranked in the top 30 then the conferences which sends two to the playoffs get to send an additional team to a bowl game. which equals a total of 30 teams playing in the post season FOR 2017/18 if would have looked like Playoffs #1 Clemson (ACC champ) vs #12 UCF (little 5 champ champ) #2 Oklahoma (Big-12 champ) vs #8 USC (Pac-12 Champ) #3 Georgia (SEC champ) vs #6 Wisconsin ( at large #2) #4 Alabama (At large #1) vs #5 Ohio State (Big-10 champ) Bowls teams SEC #7 Auburn (SEC) #17 LSU (SEC) #23 Miss State (SEC) South Carolina (SEC- gets the one available at large bowl bid because because the SEC had the highest ranked at large playoff team) Independent #14 Notre Dame - The independents only had one team ranked in the top 30 thus only fill one of their two possible bowl slots. ACC #10 Miami #22 Va Tech #24 NC State Big-12 #15 TCU #19 Ok State Iowa State Big-10 #9 Penn State #16 Mich State #21 Northwestern Pac-12 #11 Washington #13 Stanford #18 Washington State Little 5 conferences #20 Memphis (ACC), #25 Boise (MW), FAU (CUSA), Toledo (MAC), Troy (Sun Belt) The little five bowl games Ideally the MW would always play the Pac-12 (only two west coast conferences). This year that would not be the greatest idea because of the rematch 1. #25 Boise vs #18 Wash State The other conferences mathups could be more fluid. But for this year say 2. #20 Memphis vs Iowa State (big-12) hey that actually happened 3. Troy vs South Carolina 4. FAU vs #24 NC State 5. Toledo vs #21 Northwestern
  9. Chason Virgil transferring from Fresno State

    As much as I hoped CV would never play another game for Fresno it was still nice to have him as a back up plan. Also I say that with no malice but it is true 1. The only way he plays next year is if MM gets hurt 2. 19/20 Season- if CV wins the starting job that means that our coach whiffed on QB recruits. But it is still nice to have a QB with a yr plus of starting experience as a backup.
  10. Yep. SDSU is clear #3. They went 0-2 AT home vs the top two teams. But I would give the slight edge to Boise since they did a little better in conference (slightly harder conference sch, one less loss). Anyways next year should be fun.
  11. we might only be 12-1. I could see a 12-1 Fresno getting the access bowl bid over a undefeated UCF. Especially since the AL game would have been a lot closer.
  12. and SDSU at Fresno the last game of the year. I say make Fresno @ BSU an early conference game on 9/22/18 (neither team has an OOC game). That should get a decent slot on ESPN. Take advantage of the fact that the big-5 conferences (for the most part) are still playing OOC games. One of the two should be ranked. Fresno starts with Idaho, @ Minnesota @ UCLA. One auto win and two winnable games. Boise starts with @Troy, vs UConn, @ OK State. If they start 3-0 they will be ranked around 15. PLUS I am guessing Boise and Fresno are the favorites next year. Better for them to play early in the season so the rematch comes a couple of months later. Note I am NOTE writing off SDSU but Fresno host the game which, to me, gives Fresno the edge. Also having Fresno host SDSU the last game of the year will likely decide the West.
  13. Fresno State 25 in CFP rankings

    As a Fresno fan I think 1. SDSU was a great matchup for us AND they certainly had some hangover effect from losing to Boise. BUT the game was in San Diego not Fresno... 2. BSU had a LOT to play for (I am sure they would rather end the year on a very long win streak and ranked #15 as oppose to #20- if they win their last two games). But Fresno had more to play for (senior night, beating a team they rarely ever beat, a chance to get ranked for the first time in years). Personally I think both SDSU and BSU are a little better than Fresno BUT Fresno is well within the margin of error (ie SDSU and BSU might be, in my mind, a 3-5 pt favorite on a neutral field). Even though we are 2-0 vs the "elite" MW schools (BSU/SDSU) I am still not convinced we are the best team in the MW. BUT if we manage to beat Boise on the BLUE we will be the best. I don't care if every lucky play goes our way, I do not care if Boise has a ton of injuries, I do not care if the refs makes several mistakes that benefit Fresno, I don't care if Boise gives away 5 free turnovers, ect. If we can find a way to go 3-0 vs the "elite" MW schools we are clearly the best in the MW and deserve our top 25 rankings.
  14. I see Memphis dropping out of the CFP poll after a loss to UCF. SDSU jumping in at #25 (especially if Stanford beasts USC) and the winner of Fresno/BSU at #24. Then if SDSU and the winner of Fresno/BSU win their bowl game we will have two ranked teams in the final AP/Coaches poll. That is a decent achievement. Sorry no chance for three ranked teams (10-4 Fresno or Boise will not be ranked even if they beat a ranked opponent in the bowl game ie Wash State).