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  1. thedude15

    #6 Nevada vs GCU (Talking Stick Resort Arena)

    I would also add Nevada is going to be everyone's "superbowl". Every single team on their sch is going to play up (or at least try to) to them. Honestly the next game they even have a chance to be an underdog is the elite 8.
  2. thedude15

    Long Beach State at Fresno State

    Not saying the requirements to get in as a regular student would be the exact same as a student athlete. Obviously I don't think the average Cal Poly basketball player has a 3.92 high school GPA. But I could very easily see Cal Poly having a higher athletic threshold than say a school like LBSU who students have an average high school gpa of 3.54. For one this article shows Cal Poly freshman athletes have to maintain a 2.0 GPA instead of the NCAA required 1.8 GPA. No I do not know the ins and outs of every athletic department but little things like this do make a difference with your recruiting ability. Also it is far easier to enforce higher academic standard with a 13 scholarship sport with 541k high school athletes compared to a 85 scholarship sport with 1 mil high school student athletes. I know Cal Poly does have a football team but some of the other schools with higher academic standards in the Big West do not.
  3. thedude15

    Long Beach State at Fresno State

    They pulled a Pat Hill (anyone, anywhere, anytime) sch model. That got them some attention and lined our coaches pocket (Monson got to keep x number of the "money games" payouts for himself). We beat a top 10 Pitt one year (kinda like when Fresno beat Oregon State in football back in 2001. Looked liked a great win when it happened BUT buy the end of the year both teams OSU in football and Pitt in basketball were terrible). We had ONE great recruiting class which lead us to the NCAAT when they were seniors (2012 I believe) and lost a game we should have won to the #5 seed New Mexico. Since that point LBSU has been under performing. I mean other than Hawaii they have the best basketball arena, good facilities overall, are a CSU (ie easier academic standards than the UC's in the conference), and have one of the best locations in the conference (I would rank them #3 behind UC Santa Barbara and Hawaii). No reason LBSU should be top 4 every year in the BW and making the NCAAT at least every 4-5 years.
  4. thedude15

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    Yeah in the long run it is probably better to have an elite basketball program than football program. I mean who even knows what football will look like in 20 years. If football does diminish I am getting basketball will get even more eyeballs/money.
  5. thedude15

    Boise State Fresno State Recent Games

    Until proven otherwise I go into the season assuming the winner of the SDSU/Fresno game will represent the west. I see no reason why that won't be the case next year. Plus we both skip Boise which noticeable increases the odds that one of us will win the west.
  6. thedude15

    Boise State Fresno State Recent Games

    By the time the MW champ games rolls alone I am sure whoever the replacement QB turns out to be will be decent enough. Honestly I believe Mattison would be insane to stay. The way Boise uses Mattison (at least the way they did vs Fresno) = a short career. Makes more sense to get one more year of getting paid as opposed to going to college.
  7. 2013 CBS I believe after SEC champ game 2014 CBS again I believe it was right after SEC champ game 2015 ESPN2 (guessing they did not love matchup) 16/17/18 ESPN
  8. Guessing it happened during at least one of those Utah/TCU/BYU years. If USU/BSU/Fresno all win their bowls we are pretty much a lock to have 3 teams ranked in AP and coaches poll. I mean they are already all ranked with the exception of USU only being #27 in the AP poll.
  9. thedude15

    New Years Six Bowls

    But I love the fact that the regular season is so important. College football has by far the best regular season in all off sports. If you expand the playoffs to 16 team (10 conference champs and 6 at large bids) the regular season is hugely devalued.
  10. thedude15

    New Years Six Bowls

    and btw can we please require a team to have a WINING record to qualify for a bowl? Tulane, BYU, Wake Forest, Minny, TCU, Baylor, Vandy, Purdue, Virginia Tech, Ok State have no business being in a bowl at 6-6. Plus you you knock those 10 teams/5 bowls out the equation then a bowl would also mean a tiny bit more. I know it will never happen cause it would hurt the big-5 schools more than the little 5. In the current setup every single 6-6 big 5 school makes a bowl game but some little 5 6-6 schools (ie WY) get left out.
  11. thedude15

    New Years Six Bowls

    On the plus side for Fresno there is a pretty decent chance we beat ASU. Thus we would finish the season ranked in the 16-18 range. That should help with recruiting/at least get us in the mid 30's it the rankings to start next season. The only part that really upsets me is playing on the first day of the bowl season. I do not think ANY conference champ should play the first day of the bowl season. I would be much happy if this was the 2nd weekend of bowls to make it easier to recruit/give us more practices. Cause if we are being honest unless the MWC champ in in the access bowl the best case would be playing a 8-4 big 5 school. So a 7-5 ASU is really not that far off our "best" case. Also given they have 7 wins they will still have a winning record even if we beat them. Hard to call something a "quality" or even "good" win if the opponent has a losing record.
  12. vs #23 Fresno vs #21 USU vs #25 Fresno (champ game) Assuming that is a record. Cause even in a year with multiple ranked teams in conference you would expect to play at least one of those games on the road.
  13. thedude15

    Champ game ticket sale prediction?

    Plus a short amount of time to sell tickets. Plus although an access bowl might be on the line we won't know if that is the case till 30 min or so before our game starts. I am guessing if the winner of the MW champ game was assured a bid to the access bowl that would be worth a couple thousand more fans.
  14. Fresno @Boise round one had 33,118 in attendance. USU @Boise had 35,960. Wiki shows capacity at 36,960. How many fans do you think show up for the champ game?
  15. thedude15

    MWC Early Lines...week 13

    this I mean I expect the Aztecs to win but don't they play every (that at the very least has a pulse) close.