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  1. Well OKC might as well trade Westbrook now. I mean they are probably in the 7-8-9-10 spot battle in the West (along with San Antonio, Golden State, and a team that makes an unexpected leap forward) will zero chance of even winning a playoff series. Might as well trade Westbrook for some picks and then unload Adams and Schroedoer next year for picks/bad contract. Tanking also lets them keep their 2020 (top 20 protected) and 2022 (top 14 protected) first round picks and converts those to 2nd round picks.
  2. Fresno seems to love to help fcs indy schools (they signed a 1:1 with Idaho and 1:1 with NMSU the second both of those programs were left without a conference. Plus BOTH series started on the road). Honesty won't be shocked if Fresno postpones their 2020 NMSU home game to 2021 and signs a 1:1 with UCONN. 2020 at Fresno and 2022 @UCONN. Then NMSU could play a road game @UCONN in 2020 and get a return home game in 2022. That would at least take care of 2 games for UCONN + add 2 fcs home games and they only need to find 8 more games lol. It would also solidify Fresno's OOC through 2022 2020 vs Idaho State, vs UCONN, @Colorado, @ Texas A&M 2021 @Oregon, @UCLA, vs NMSU, vs fcs school 2022 vs Sac State, vs Oregon St, @USC, @UCONN
  3. Thought you had to do a complete round robin for that rule to apply. Ie with the case of 11 teams every team would need to play 10 conference games. But yeah if you don't need to do a full round robin then it is a no brainier to stay at 11.
  4. I don't even care if Boise goes to the AAC as football only. They would probably join the Big West making 12 teams in the Big West. They would have to pay an annual fee (just like the previous negotiation when they first agreed to go to AAC). So good for the BW (getting a solid program by their standards and some extra cash). Meanwhile the MW can add a Texas school to get back to 12 football members. And Fresno, SDSU, ect would have a clearer path the Access bowl. Yes the AAC would get it most years but an undefeated MW schools still gets in ahead of a 2 loss AAC team.
  5. Yeah I don't see how an AAC fan can think this is good. I mean this school WON a men's basketball NC since the AAC was formed. Also even though it is second tier sport (along with sports like baseball, softball, ect) having a top 5 program in UCONN women's basketball program is still pretty special. Yes their football will be slightly better BUT it is still a loss for the AAC. Also I don't blame UCONN for focusing on basketball. Hell in 50 years football might no longer exist (mainly r/t to brain trauma). Pretty sure basketball is not going away.
  6. I highly doubt we grab Houston and SMU 1.) The MW would have to pay their buyouts (that is 20 mil) 2.) The Texas schools prefer an eastern conference over a western one 3.) If ESPN has some master plan to make a "super" mid major conference why not just take 6 schools from the AAC and 6 from the MW/BYU. That way they can hand select the schools they want. Cause as it currently stand their is plenty of fat both in the MW and AAC. Btw I DO think it might be a good idea for ESPN to make a "super" mid major conference. 5 MW schools + BYU + 6 AAC schools + Gonzaga as Olympic sports only would be a very solid conference for ESPN.
  7. As it currently stands there is really not much difference between Gonzaga and an ACC (or any other big 5) school. Gonzaga just plays tough schools during their 15 game OOC sch and take a breather (ie mostly weak schools but a 2-4 decent games) during their 16 game conference sch. The Big-5 meanwhile takes it easy with their OOC (with the except of a few tough games) and then play the meat of their sch in conference. You can survive as an elite program in a weak conference in basketball as basically 50% of your games are OOC. Harder to do that in football where only 1/3rd of your games are in the OOC. No need for them to go indy. In an extremely off year (ie only being a top 50-60 team) Gonzaga in the WCC still has a great chance to get in via the auto bid whereas if they were an indy they would be left out.
  8. The only problem with 11 is how do you go about a football championship game? You can play a champ game without divisions but you would need to play EVERYONE in you conference (ie for football that would be 10 conference games). I guess in theory you could play 10 conference games but that really limits your chances to get qualify OOC wins. Could you have uneven divisions (one with 6 teams and one with 5)? Or do you just remove the CC game and call the team with the best conference record the champ?
  9. But isn't part of the deal with the Army-Navy game is it is the ONLY game of the week? Don't they play it the week after conference champ games and the week before bowls start? If they were in the same conference obviously they would have to play the game a different week with multiple other big football games on tv. Don't get me wrong the game would still be valuable but guessing that value decreases. Or the alternative would be to have Army/Navy in separate divisions and make it a rule they NEVER play a cross over game. Thus they can still play the week after CC games as an OOC game. Which I guess could work with the exception of a case when Army and Navy both win their division the same year (ie they would play their conference champ game and then the next week play the Army Navy game).
  10. Even as a Warriors fan I still have a hard time seeing the Warriors winning game 6 and 7. I think we tough out a game 6 win (I mean that would be a bad taste to close out at Oracle with an L, plus I really have a hard time seeing the Warriors going 0-3 at home in series). BUT by the same token I have a hard time seeing Toronto losing three games at home in this series. Plus Toronto has been the better team this series. I mean even if we disregard game 3 (no Thompson) it is still clear Toronto has been better (ie Warriors won two close games and Toronto's wins were pretty much decided going down the stretch). But if we can just get to a game 7 there is always a chance.
  11. Oh well it was a solid run. Been a Warriors fans since 03/04 season. The "believe" year and that past 7 years (even if we get killed on Thursday) is still a lifetime worth of success. Not to mention, although not champion caliber, the Warriors should still be solid the next few years.
  12. And now Kevin ruptures his Achilles. Yeah he is probably not gonna resign with the Warriors.
  13. To me the order of hosting priority would be- Baylor, Michigan, Creighton, LMU. That is assuming all those facilities have lights (that is a requirement to host).
  14. As a Fresno fan I would take any home and home series with any Pac-12 team (even the lowly Oregon State and Cal).
  15. James Madison was the only non host/not seeded team to win a regional and #13 Ok State is the only non top 8 team to make the the CWS.