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  1. Ideally you would want 10/24, that is the only way you can get 8 games + conference champ game before the CFP picks the access bowl team. Assuming we would want a hypothetical 9-0 (or 8-0 if they lose out on a game cause of COVID) MW champ to have a shot at getting that access bowl slot.
  2. The air quality is actually improving. It is now just in the "unhealthy" range. Which, unfortunately, for Fresno isn't all that uncommon. Plus by the time players actual start practicing that could be in "unhealthy for sensitive group ranges" (ie basically normal for Fresno). Cause players would actually need to get to campus first and be tested/isolate for few days. So it seems they would be a week or so away from starting practice. The bigger thing is Fresno has basically made no effort to have a season thus far. As far as I am aware they never even attempted to practice (pretty sure
  3. What is to stop say Fresno just from traveling to Boise and staying in their dorms and using their practice facilities (obviously at "off" times cause the host school gets priority) . I mean education is all virtual anyways so doing your zoom class on a laptop in Boise is not different than doing it in Fresno. San Diego St could go to UNLV, San Jose to Nevada. New Mexico and/Hawaii could do the same thing if needed. Granted it would take a lot of cooperation of the host schools but if it is the only way to have a football season it should be considered. I mean could Cali stop s
  4. They tried to increase fees back when I went to school there. The students shot it down then and the culture is more anti athletes at this point so zero shot the students would approve it. Now granted they could force an increase on students but an increase large enough to fund football (plus other women's sports that would need to be added) and the students revolt. I mean that would probably be $100 semester fee + maybe $50 per summer session. That would add like 9 mil to the athletic budget.
  5. It is really going to hurt recruiting if the MW doesn't try to play in the fall. Big-10 is back, Pac-12 will be forced to return. That just leaves MW and the MAC as the conferences not trying to have a season in the fall...
  6. I think it has more to do with maybe Navy is not that good this year (ie might go 0-2 vs Army and Air Force) than the fact Air Force is only playing two games in the fall...
  7. Well this gives me one more reason to hope MW plays football (either fall 20 or spring 21). Fresno @ Carson in fall 2021 would be nice. A 25 min drive (live in so cal) to a Fresno road game would be sweet! But if the 20 season is cx all together guessing MW will just keep the 20 sch (ie SDSU @ Fresno) for 2021 fall season.
  8. Haven't watched a snap of NFL yet. Probably won't until closer to the playoffs. Pretty much just watch the pro's (NBA/NHL/NFL/MLB) closer to the playoffs/playoffs. Didn't watch a single snap of college football week one. Saw about 4 snaps week 2 (last few plays of Arky State at Kansas State). Unless the MW plays it is just gonna be a few snaps here and there. I seriously doubt I will watch a full game. And for perspective during a normal year I probably average watching at least 20 hours of college football a week during the season.
  9. I also have strong doubts the Cali schools would be allowed to play. Fresno is the worst of all. They have literally made no effect thus far PLUS even if they were more committed they would be shut down right now because of the fires. Once the the air quality turns to "very unhealthy" you can't practice. It is currently sitting in that range right now. Sure it will probably drop back down to just "unhealthy" soon enough. But at this point even a week delay (ie if the rest of the MW starts practicing but Fresno can't) would be devastating in terms of any chance of being competitive on the fiel
  10. Honestly they would basically have to vote on it in the next day or two and have players get back to campus by 9/18. Why? Cause the MW season has to be over by 12/19 so our champ has a shot at the access bowl plus it seems like you would want the season done before Christmas anyways. -9/18 to 9/24 testing/quarantine time -9/25 to 10/16 fall training camp -10/17 game #1 Plays games 8 straight weeks 10/17 through 12/5. Have one week (12/12) to play make up games. Prioritize games that affect the top of the standing. 12/19 would be MW champ game and any other makeup games (ie
  11. At this point no. Just play the 8 game conference season + conference champ game.
  12. Millions of people are unemployed, some lost business/life savings, some committed suicide, some have worsen health/mental health (which can lower life expectancy), ect. I am pretty sure some of those people would say their lives were ruined. Me personally I was inconvenienced (mostly through losing my main entertainment avenue in sports) but was fortunate enough to not have anyone in my immediate family get laid off or seriously sick (thus far). So sure many people did not have their lives ruined but it is naive to say some people did not have their lives ruined.
  13. Well even a non "rushed" vaccine still doesn't give you enough time to see the potential long term (ie 5+ years) negative effects. If my hypothetical child wasn't healthy I would want them to take the vaccine even if not proven to be 100% effective and 100% safe. If they were healthy I would pass for now. Given a.) for young children the flu (at least with current available evidence) is more deadly than COVID and b.) if takes YEARS to truly see how effective/safe a vaccine is c.) it is very possible by the time the vaccine is widely available COVID-19 is basically over (this is what happened
  14. I mean we had a chance extremely early on to get it 'under control" but reaslitistcally that was not going to happen. I mean we could have shut down ALL foreign travel last December and taken a 2-3 week break to shelter in place early on. BUT even if we did that we would really just be delaying the outbreak not eliminating it. Unless you were going to shut down all international travel for 16-24 months we were going to have an outbreak of this virus. Just like with H1N1 it just was going to "run its course". H1N1 was just a less deadly and less contagious but honestly America's response wasn't
  15. Yeah like I said a while ago. If EVERYONE just played this fall you would easily end up with less than 10 football players being hospitalized (ie serious cases) and statistically like .001 players dying (ie maybe one out of a thousand years one player would die of COVID). BUT just cause there is no football doesn't mean players won't get COVID. They can still get it in their hometowns... 17-24 years old are not going to isolate at home for a year plus.
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