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  1. Guessing a win over Hawaii puts u in ap/coaches win over Hawaii and Fresno puts u in cfp rankings.
  2. I mean as a Fresno fan I would love to either play SJSU or SDSU that week (pretty sure COVID will knock Fresno out for two weeks). Now granted you won't want to play any makeup games that could have affected who plays in the MW champ game BUT there has/will be enough canceled games to give you options. I think there has been what 4 conference games cancelled so far. Even if no further outbreaks likely that number increases to 7 next week (ie UNLV/USU/Fresno will likely be shut down another week). Would give fans/players one more game and could sort out the bowl situation a bit
  3. SJSU wont need to beat Nevada if they beat Boise. 7-1 SJSU makes the conference champ game no matter who thier 1 loss would come against. Now if SJSU losses a game(s) to COVID then yes they need to win out cause 6-1 or 5-1 might not be enough to make champ game (cause a 7-1 team(s), even if they lost to sjsu, would make champ game ahead of sjsu).
  4. I get Fresno was ranked high in 2013 but SJSU was not in the race. This year (if they beat Fresno this week) a win over Boise next week both essentially locks up SJSU to be in the conference champ (first chance at championship since 1991) game AND will enter the rankings for the first time since 2012. I am not a SJSU fan but I could definitely see a case for next week's game (again if they beat Fresno this week) being bigger than the Fresno is 2013 game.
  5. Um all these rankings have Fresno at 5 or 6. I won't say that is overrated. Heck to justify a 5-6 ranking we would just need to go 1-2 vs SDSU/Nevada/SJSU and 1-0 vs NM. Even if we just beat NM we would still be in the 6-7 range.
  6. I love to beat SJSU cause we need to win out to make the champ game. But at this point SJSU is basically just another team to me. Rivalry wise Hawaii, SDSU, Boise are all ahead of SJSU in my book. I guess it is just my age because there has really only been one huge SJSU football game in my books (the year they ended Fresno's undefeated season). But even that year I knew Fresno's undefeated record was kinda fools gold (Fresno was good that year but no way a top 15 team) and that loss hurt wayy less than the Boise lose in 01 or even the Nevada in 05.
  7. Guessing it will be a pk or even SJSU -1 by gametime. It already dropped to Fresno -1 since the OP posted. And to me this is a toss up game so the -1 to +1 range is the right range for it to land in.
  8. Honestly in a weird way that would help Boise. Why? -in general COVID seems to take teams out for 2 weeks. That means Boise would miss @Hawaii and vs SJSU. -a one loss Boise could get left out of the MW champ game. And undefeated Boise cant. -5 conference games will be enough to qualify for the MW champ game (r/t more than 2 conference games being cancelled) So it is a bit easier to go 2-0 @UNLV and @WY than 4-0 @Hawaii, vs SJSU, @UNLV, @WY. *
  9. But by the same token they will have more time to adjust to the elevation (at least by the second game) then they traditionally would. So that will offset the elevation advantage a bit.
  10. Yea huge disadvantage for school with good fan bases. But I do expect schools like SJSU and Fresno to outperform. They are already use to have no fans in the stands lol. And trust me that IS a skill. I swear there were some years when Fresno was actually good but they would go play a terrible SJSU and it would be way closer than it should have been (even a year or two were they lost). You have to create all your own excitement/energy without fans (even if the fans are booing you or cheering for the other team it still has a motivating effect). And I think this will player a bigger role i
  11. Ok but not great. Basically Fresno is good enough to beat everyone left on their schedule but also bad enough to lose to everyone left on their schedule lol. Guessing they beat utah state and new mexico and pull one upset out of sjsu/sdsu/Nevada to go 5-3. So not in contention to make mw champ game but will play a role in deciding who makes it.
  12. Yeah in terms of CFP Cincy has a WAY better shot. I still doubt they get it. But they have a more legitimate case the claim "national championship" after a 12-0 season (which would include a win over a power 5 team in an Access bowl" than BYU with an 11-0 season/weaker sch/possible far worse bowl game. CFP is still a long long shot for Cincy though. -
  13. and I do kinda agree with your point. With SDSU losing to SJSU this was BYU "marquee" game. If BSU had their starting QB the win (even if it was by a much smaller margin) would have a lot more weight.
  14. I wonder what BYU strategic regarding 12/19 is. Are they trying to add the best team they can possible get to make a case for the CFP (or make it easy for them to claim a "national championship" -like UCF did- if they go undefeated) or are they just hoping to go 10-0 (ie not add a game on 12/19) and hoping they get an at large bid to the Access bowl.
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