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  1. thedude15

    The good part of UCF winning...

    That is not relevant. The statement made was UCF would finish ahead of a one loss Big 5 team. I was asking which Big 5 team that would be.
  2. thedude15

    The good part of UCF winning...

    What 1 loss team would they bump? Below are potential 1 loss teams excluding SEC/ND. Which if we are conceding two spots to SEC/ND there is only 2 spots left. Ohio State, Clemson, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia, NC State, Iowa, Washington State, Colorado? Plus there is a chance AL goes 12-1 losses in the SEC champ game giving the SEC a chance for two bids. Even in the crappy Pac-12 if one of Wash St, Colorado, Oregon goes 12-1 they will still jump ahead of a 13-0 UCF. Oregon is only two spot behind UCF right now.
  3. thedude15

    The good part of UCF winning...

    Do you honestly believe UCF will be ranked ahead of ANY 1 loss big 5 team? UCF needs has no chance to get in ahead of a 1 loss team. That is just crazy talk. Heck UCF might have a hard time being ranked ahead of some two loss teams.
  4. If they can manage to go 13-0 I still think they miss out of the CFP but I think it puts more pressure on the CFP to expand to 6 or 8 teams. Plus ND going 12-0 would also put more pressure on playoff expansion. In a hypothetical 6 or 8 team playoff I could see them giving the highest ranked little 5 conference champ a bid IF they finish ranked in the top 6 (for 6 team playoff) or 8 (for 8 team playoff). This way the big 5 is only giving up a playoff spot when a little 5 teams goes undefeated back to back years (eg a large part of UCF high current ranking is the fact they were undefeated last year) OR a little 5 team wins a huge game in the OCC (eg beating a top 15 on the road). Of note NO little 5 team have finished in the top 8 of the CFP rankings in the first 4 years. And honestly to me this would be a far compromise to give the little 5 teams at least some chance. Because this year I am 100% sure UCF has no chance. Trust me they will sneak in some 2 loss team at #4 if they have to and rank UCF #5. There is ZERO chance a 13-0 UCF and 12-0 ND are gonna get two of the 4 bids.
  5. Sure it is a little bit ahead of the game but if both USU/Fresno go 11-1 (8-0) then the tiebreaker is 1.) conference record- same in this case 2.) head to head- same in this case 3.) Poll rankings (is it just the CFP poll or do they also look at coaches/AP) 4.) comp rankings Fresno could hypothetically miss out on hosting again. We appear to have a lead in the comp polls but currently trail USU in both the AP and Coaches polls. Utah State has the better OOC loss (7pts to Mich St vs 7 pts to Minny) and better OOC win (BYU compared to Toledo). They also have the better offense (eg more likely to score a huge amount of points which tends to draw votes attention more than a dominating 21-3 win). I still think the CFP committee would rank Fresno 1-2 spots ahead of USU both because Fresno has more of a brand name (not fair but it is the true) and a 11-1 Fresno would have wins both vs SDSU and @BSU.
  6. Sure it has been posted somewhere on this site but I just say it on ESPN for the less informed. It really looks like Utah State is in the drivers seat to make the MWC champ game. Boise has to avoid any slip ups AND beat Fresno/USU. USU on the other hand has to avoid any slip ups and either have Fresno beat Boise OR beat Boise themselves. Maybe we have another Fresno vs USU MWC champ game this year? *edit, I guess @Hawaii (assuming they have there starting QB back) will be a difficult game for USU. But to me USU is still in the drivers seat (I think @ Hawaii is an easier game than vs Fresno).
  7. thedude15

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    Honestly it just takes one upset in the AAC (the West winning the champ game) and the MW champ has a great chance.
  8. thedude15

    Fresno vs. Toledo Game Thread

    Just think if this happens Fresno goes on the road beats Boise in an emotional game but loses a close to SDSU the next week. SDSU gets thumped @Boise, hangs on to win the rest of their MW games, and wins a close one at Fresno. MW champ game = SDSU @ Bosie Yes as a Fresno fan I would say SDSU deserves to be in the champ game but it would still be frustrating as hell to beat Boise in Boise and not even get to the champ game lol. Even more frustrating that last year when, under the current rules, we would have hosted the champ game (since we beat Boise in RS) and likely won the MW champ game.
  9. thedude15


    I mean really we already know the two games that will decide the MWC champ game reps Utah State @Boise on 11/24. Honestly I am pretty sure these teams with be within a game of each other (ie however wins this game goes to the champ game). Boise is the best team. I believe USU is the 2nd best in the division BUT they also have a huge sch advantage (skip Fresno and San Diego State). SDSU @Fresno on 11/17. Again I have a hard time seeing these teams not being within a game of each other and the winner of this game representing the west. So just ranking the 4 teams that have a chance to win the MW 1. Boise 2. Fresno 3. Utah State 4. SDSU (with the injuries, when healthy I have them above USU).
  10. I just noticed on the ESPN website all of the MW football games they own the rights to got switched from Sat to Friday. I understand ESPN selected some Friday games before the season started (eg Fresno @Boise) but at this point do they have the option of switching additional games to Fridays? Is there a limit as to how many games they can switch from Saturday?
  11. thedude15

    Unintended consequences of the new 4 game redshirt rule

    So are you saying he could transfer to SJSU tomorrow and be their starting QB? I don't think so. I mean at the very least he has to be a student there which could not occur till the next quarter or semester. Plus the transfer application deadline might have already passed for the next quarter/semester. He would be RS this year to get 2019 to play at another school. He is not gonna play anywhere else this year. Or if he does he would only be eligible for the bowl game.
  12. thedude15

    Unintended consequences of the new 4 game redshirt rule

    They do have to sit out a year... They are just redshirting/sitting out THIS year 2018 despite playing 4 games with their current school. He can declare to transfer, redshirt, and play all of 2019 as a RS senior somewhere else. Personally I don't have an issue with it.
  13. thedude15

    MWC Bowl Projections: Week 3

    Only going to get worse when we lose the Vegas bowl (or at the very least lose the Pac-12 as an opponent).
  14. To me it seems like for a 12-1 Fresno or BSU or USU to get into the access bowl we would need the AAC champ to have two loses. That basically means we need the AAC West to win the AAC champ game. I mean Cincy/UCF/USF are all 3-0 I am guessing the odds are pretty good one of them ends the regular season with only one loss. SDSU however could pass up a 1 loss AAC champ. This is assuming Stanford ends the season highly ranked and ASU ends the season ranked. SDSU would have a marquee big-5 win which Boise (Ok State), USU (Mich State), Fresno (maybe Minny? surely UCLA is not gonna be a marquee win) all blew their chance at a marquee big-5 win. Still hoping Fresno goes 12-1 but realistically, in terms of the access bowl, the conference probably wants SDSU to go 12-1.
  15. thedude15

    We should get rid of the AP poll

    Yeah I mean college football is the one major sport where how a HUMAN ranks you still has a huge impact on who wins the championship and gets bowl invites. Take for example this year if SDSU goes 12-1 I could honestly ranked them ahead of a 12-0 UCF (guessing many comp models would rank them ahead). BUT there is zero chance that will happens cause the human polls (including the cfp) will have UCF ranked higher. That is even if Stanford goes 13-0, ASU wins the Pac-12 south, and either Boise or Fresno ends ups ranked. SDSU sch would clearly be tougher but they would be punished for sch a top 4 Stanford team and punished for UCF going undefeated last year. In the pro sports how a human ranks you has zero impact on your playoff seed. In the NCAA basketball it might change your seed one-two spots but does not have a huge impact. For college football it plays a large role in determining who makes the 4 team playoff.