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  1. Well duh. I mean Fresno COULD win the west (honestly I still would call them the slight favorites) but if you are ranking teams today you have to heavily weigh that on actually RESULTS. Results wise SDSU, Nevada, and Hawaii have all been better so far.
  2. Yeah I mean only 8 or so team actually get multiple quality wins. I mean Fresno ended up ranked last year with exactly ONE quality win (@Boise in MW champ game) and one bad but not terrible loss (@ a .500 Minnesota) and one "good" loss (@BSU). So unless you are actually competing for one of the 4 playoff spots it is really more about avoiding any bad loses. Beat all the decent/bad teams and go .500 vs good/great teams and you will have a pretty solid ranking.
  3. but per 4UNLV this issues is going to come up every 3-4 years. I do agree though it might give the MW a chance to rotate the tournament every 3-4 years. Why not rotate the tournament to every MW team that makes a bid for it. I mean lets says 6 schools (besides UNLV) are interested and this issues comes up every 3 years. It would take 18 years for each interested school to host it once. The tournament would still primarily be in Vegas both other schools would get a chance to host
  4. To me this is a bad move. I mean no "major" conference plays their tourney two weeks before the NCAAT starts. I get the move if the goal is to move to the t mobile arena (ie we would have to bump it up a week because the Pac-12 gets it during the main week). BUT aren't we just staying at Thomas and Mack? Is this move just for the 2019/20 for logistic reasons or is it permanent? Also doesn't this open up are NCAAT representative(s) to be rusty for their first NCAAT game? To me the only real way to salvage this is to set up some MW/WCC challenge for the traditional championship Saturday. But that would still be a pretty poor answer and would really only lead to a couple of interesting games and a bunch of meaningless ones. Plus everyone would have to schedule one less OOC during the traditional season. I mean last year you could have had Utah State @Gonzaga, Saint Marys @Nevada, Fresno@BYU, San Francisco @SDSU, ect. The top two games would be fun to watch and have NCAAT seeding implications, games 3/4 could have decided the last NIT bid but the other 6 games would be basically be scrimmages.
  5. 6-5 after two weeks. 7-6 after Air Force over Colorado and New Mexico loss at Notre Dame (I know it is not final yet but pretty sure it will be an L). So just need to go 3-3 the rest of the way lol. Not gonna happen. To bad Fresno blew the Minnesota game and Utah State blew the Wake Forest game. Oh well 8-11 (guessing we pull at least one upset of the remaining games) is not a terrible record. Still a lot better than the AAC is gonna go (they are 3-9 so far). I know the AAC played a few more "elite" big-5 schools/lopsided games but our overall record will be significantly better. UNLV @Northwestern, Colorado State @Arkansas, Hawaii @Washington, SJSU@Arkansas, Utah State @LSU, UNLV@Vanderbilt
  6. I think it is more along the lines week 1 was FULL of games the MW could win. No body bag games and three HOME games (counting Hawaii last week) vs Big-5 schools. But it is crucial for the MW to actually sch games OOC games they can win. Huge mismatches in the OOC do the conference no good.
  7. I mean they are kinda on different stages. Ga State is a much bigger upset but Boise still has a better and more relevant (in terms of determine the little-5 access bowl bid) win. Heck if you are just going by the biggest "upset" than Nevada's win last night was more impressive then Boise's win today.
  8. Well UNLV also has an extra home game next year + a better home sch. So that, combined with the new stadium, easily explains the price increase. I mean the cheapest seats are only like 70 cents a game more expensive if you just buy them next year. It is not till you get to the primo seats that you can even tell the difference. 2019-Southern Utah, Arky State, Boise State, San Diego State, Hawaii, San Jose State 2020- Cal, La Tech, Arizona State, Nevada, Colorado State, Fresno State, Wyoming.
  9. Or maybe it is PR move. Or maybe they want to keep the possibility of Luck coming back open. I mean it is possible he just take a 1 year hiatus and then regrets it once his is physically/mentally in a better place. Would be hard to the Colts to get him to play for them if they just took back 24 mil. Yes that is a 24 mil the Colts have a right to take back but it would worsen the relationship (obviously).
  10. I mean to me there are only 5 absolute body bag games- Nevada @ Oregon, New Mexico @ Notre Dame, Hawaii @ Washington, Utah State @LSU, SJSU @ Arky (not that Arkansas is any good just that SJSU is terrible). Lots of potential wins on the rest of sch. So 19 games minus 5 losses (body bag games) and 1 win (Hawaii already beat AZ) means we would have to go 9-4 in the rest of the games. Guess we will find out soon enough if it is possible as we have 6 winnable (in my opinion) games coming up this week. Would need to go 4-2 in those games to give us a chance at an overall above .500 record for the season. Air Force - @Colorado Boise- Neutral* cite game vs Florida State Colorado State- vs Colorado in Denver, @ Arkansas New Mexico- @Notre Dame Utah State- @Wake Forest, @LSU Wyoming- vs Missouri Fresno- @USC, vs Minnesota Hawaii- vs Arizona, vs Oregon State, @Washington Nevada- vs Purdue, @Oregon San Diego State- @UCLA SJSU- @Arkansas UNLV- @Northwestern, @Vanderbilt
  11. Congrats Hawaii. But at the same time these are games we should WIN and expect to win. I mean it was a bottom 1/3rd Pac-12 team playing @ a middle 1/3rd MW team*. We have to win those games 95% of the time not be a 10pt dog going into the game. Hopefully we can pick up a couple more big-5 wins next week. There aren't too many huge mismatches. Plus, counting Hawaii, we have 3 homes games. Honestly we need to have a winning record vs the Big-5 this week (again counting Hawaii). No excuse not to go at least 4-3. USU @Wake. Top 1/3rd of MW @ a bottom 1/3rd ACC- Again need to win this one. Purdue @Nevada. both teams in middle 1/3rd of conference CSU @CU bottom 1/3rd of both conferences. Boise @FSU. Top 1/3rd of MW @ middle 1/3rd of ACC Fresno @USC. Top 1/3rd of MW @ top 1/3rd of Pac-12 Missouri @WY. Middle 1/3rd of both conferences. *Just using preseason polls obviously either Hawaii could finish higher or lower than predicted.
  12. Well I mean he has also made over 70 mil in the NFL (that does not even include endorsements). So lets call that 30 mil in his pocket (after taxes, agent's cut, ect ect). Even if his family did not have a penny that would be more than enough money for Mr. Luck to support his family/parents/and a least a couple of future generations. I think it is fair for him to assess if his physical/mental health is more valuable than playing football and making another 50-100 over the rest of a potential career.
  13. No it is more like Boise over Fresno in 2001 moment. A big win that hopefully gets the ball rolling to even bigger things (ie access bowl wins).
  14. And it is actually a pretty big game. We needs all the Big-5 wins we can get. Would be huge for Hawaii to start the MW off on the right foot with a W over AZ>.