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  1. They only have 11 schools in nation have a coach in the "untouchable" category. No sure is Rocky is that high but I agree for now he should be in the safe and secure section.
  2. Agreed but I don't have access to "legal" gambling. I am sure that will change soon but right now it is just my yearly trip to Vegas is the only time I can bet on sports (which is probably a good thing when I think about it lol).
  3. yeah my "plan" if it was 40:1 was to bet $250. Then you are really just betting on Nevada to make the final four. IF they made the final four I would bet 2k against them in the final 4 and then 2-3k against them in the finals (whatever is the break even math). Thus if they lost in the final four or the finals I would have gotten a free weekend in Vegas. IF they ended up winning I would net 4k (after subtracting losing bets/cost of Vegas trip). Now I would have to bet $715 to make that plan work. To risky... Sure I think Nevada has a decent shot for the final four but I am not that confident. Oh well. I think I will take that money and put it on Fresno to win the MWC in football. That is only 5:1 odds or so which means I would have to lay around $500 down (ie so then if they made the MW champ game I could get a free trip to Vegas by bet 1.5k on Boise to win. Netting $500 and a free trip to Las Vegas if Fresno wins).
  4. Agreed. I think 20:1 might be more what Vegas thinks but a bunch of little guys (in terms of betting) are placing money on the fun team (a mid major/a team that just made a deep tourney run last year). I was gonna be one of those little guys but not anymore lol.
  5. On that same site I looked at before it is now 14:1. I know the twins returned and they signed a big recruit but I was pretty confident (just a gut feeling no sources lol) the twins would return. Darn if sports betting were legal in California I probably would have placed a small bet when it was 40:1 (my yearly trip to Vegas is not till August). Not gonna touch that now. If anything it seems a bit low to me. To me 20:1 seems more reasonable. I mean it just takes one bad game/injury in the first three rounds (games they should be favored in) or losing to a solid team in the last three rounds (I am sure at the very least the last two games would be vs elite teams). Not worth it at 14:1. Plus if I DID bet at 14:1 and they somehow won the whole thing I would be more pissed at myself for not placing a bet when it was 40:1 than winning the 14:1 bet lol.
  6. thedude15

    Bryson Williams To UTEP?

    I mean if he would have taking the mode of wanting to follow his coach from the start (ie this is the guy that recruited me, this is why I signed with Fresno in the first place). But he didn't. This is 100% a lateral move and no offense to Fresno/UTEP but he left an average at best college town and somehow ended in a worse college town. I thought he would have at least been able to "upgrade" schools but I guess I was wrong.
  7. I mean if the Lakers dump all their assets to get Leonard and then sign James they are clearly not a champ contender (Houston and the Warriors are still way above them). Then needed George to be a true contender. To me it makes more sense for the Lakers to stink it up another year get a high draft pick and sign James/Leonard to max contracts as free agents next year. James can give it one more go around in Cleveland and sign a max 4 year deal with the Lakers next year. Plus it will look "less bad" for James to leave next year since Clev will not even make finals (guessing Boston of Philly makes the champ game).
  8. And another thing to factor in is that you are really only betting (assuming you lay at least 100 dollars down) on them to make the final four. IF you lay 100 dollars at 50:1 then you could easily bet against Nevada in the FF and NC (if they make it that far) game and the very least come out with a free trip to Vegas.
  9. Good thing I don't have a mortgage. My car is probably worth 15k or so. So one vote for 15k, lol. Not sure if I will be that brave....
  10. As of 4/8/18 they had 60/1 odds. If the Martin twins return it might go down a bit BUT I doubt it will be any lower than 50/1. So how much money would you put on them?
  11. thedude15

    A Boise fan in Portland

    He is probably average weight for an American.... But yes I hope all of the victims make as full of a recovery as possible. I also hope they don't start a push to outlaw cars (cause really besides guns cars are the single most accessible mass killing device out there).
  12. thedude15

    MWC-MVC Challenge Matchups

    Yeah won't it be smarter for the MW just to not send our worse team? I mean I get it that Fresno could easily take a step back next year but we are still gonna be better than SJSU and I would get at least a couple other schools.
  13. Really, individually, all of these BYU vs MW series makes sense. Why won't BSU or Fresno or USU or SDSU want a home and home series vs a solid mid major. Just like I was on board with Fresno signing a 1:1 with Toledo (ie solid mid major) I am happy with have 1:1 with BYU. But of course all of these series hurt the MW case to get BYU back. If BYU can cherry pick 4-5 MW teams they want to play every year and avoid the "bottom feeders" and/or get uneven series with lesser teams (is 2 for 1) why won't they. If the MW really wanted BYU back they would just forbid any school to schedule them in any sport. That would actually cause some pain to BYU. Yes they would easily survive (ie just replace the MW teams with AAC/CUSA/MAC teams) but it would at least have some impact on them. However I am guessing the calculation is that there is a greater chance BYU comes back to the MW if we stay on their "good" side as opposed to be antagonist. I disagree with this method for two reasons 1.) By accommodating BYU we are encouraging other schools (right now BSU/Hawaii seem like the only possibilities) to consider going indy 2.) We are making it much easier for BYU to stay indy (ie if we didn't sch them that might eventually be a contributing factor to them deciding to join a conference).