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  1. I thought USU had a chance for an at large bid if they ended the regular season winning their last 8 (ie including win vs Nevada) and winning at least one game in the MWT. But the loss @SDSU pretty much eliminates them in my book. Even at 27-7 (going 7-0 the rest of the way in the regular season and losing in the MWT finals) I am guessing they will be left out. If they get to 8 loses their is zero chance they will get an at large bid. Oh well we can still get two bids provided Nevada does not win the MWT.
  2. Honestly I don' think it matters if he is ready or not. Worse case he will get to put "OC for NFL team" on his resume. That alone (even if he only last one year and is terrible) will open up several coaching opportunities for him. There is a reason why there are a BUNCH of retreads in coaching. There is such a small number of people with high level coaching experience (I would say OC in NFL counts) that owners/schools would rather take someone with experience in that area than an unknown. I mean he would have to fail 2-3 times before people would completely give up on him.
  3. Yes they could be a MW member.... IF 4-6 MW schools join the best of the AAC +BYU to make a new conference. Then the MW might try to add them. But even if the MW just losses a couple of schools (maybe Hawaii and BSU go indy) I HIGHLY doubt they would consider adding UCD.
  4. My only suggestion would be you play a team with a similar "predicted" finish for this current season (using media/coaches polls) instead of using last year's results. We all know a team can be loaded with srs one year and be complete crap the next year. Another benefit of your route is it could be done earlier in the season during traditional OOC time and thus not interrupting conference races.
  5. True but this is exactly with BB will never come back. Big East is elite so they opt out, AAC pretends to be elite so they opt out, MW compares themselves to the AAC (even though they are clearly a step behind in basketball) so they opt out, Gonzaga is elite so they opt out. Honestly for it to work everyone has to buy in. I know that will not happen but it would be sweet if it did.
  6. thedude15

    I Hate NFL Overtime

    Yeah that would probably make more sense. Cause at the 25 yard line that is basically an automatic fg for ALL NFL kickers. In the NCAA the best kickers can make that with ease but the "'average" kicker probably needs another 5-10 yards to get in the near certain confidence zone. If would unfortunately take away kick/punt returns. BUT the NFL is already headed in that direction anyways (this year they basically took away the on side kick).
  7. Don't get me wrong I know if there ever bring it back some conferences/teams will opt out (Big East, AAC, guessing MW, Gonzaga) BUT if would be amazing if everyone singed up for it. Just look at what you could have this year. #10 Nevada @ #5 Gonzaga #21 Houston @ #15 Marquette #22 Villanova @ #16 Buffalo Would be the "marquee games" + 8-10 other nationally televised games. These other 8-10 games wouldn't have national appeal but they would still pit top 100 teams against each other. Provided you are playing a solid team I always found it fun to play/learn about a school from a different part of the country. This year Fresno and Utah State would likely be in one of the other 8-10 nationally televised games. If you host one of the marquee/nationally televised games then you owe the visiting team a return trip within a 3 year period (like they did in the past). The other 250 or so schools schools would just play someone from regional conferences. For example the MWC/WCC/Big Sky/Big West could be grouped together to set up matchups. You would still have a few solid matchups and a bunch of competitive match ups. No it would not really have any at large bid implications but it is still better than just having a bye and not playing anyone. These schools would not owe a return game. You would simply shift every year (ie you host a game in 2019 then in 2020 you would be in the road team pool).
  8. thedude15

    Best way to buy MWT tickets?

    That is what I figured. I mean I New Mexico, San Diego State, and UNLV were rolling it would probably be a different story. Nevada is the only team that is up now but even their fans might decide to save their $$$ and go to the NCAAT instead. I have just never bothered to check the secondary market the past few years so I thought I would check with people who have. And it is not even the spending a few extra dollars to support the school that bugs me. It is spending the extra money AND getting worse seats that is really annoying.
  9. thedude15

    Best way to buy MWT tickets?

    It is better to go through your school? The secondary market (ie if tourney is no where near a sellout could get cheaper/better tickets this way)? Through unlvtickets.com? I know Nevada should be sending a decent crowd but other than that what do you expect the attendance to be? For those of you that have gone recently have you been able to buy tickets at a discounted rate closer to the tourney?
  10. thedude15

    #10 Nevada @ Fresno State

    ugh sadly probably true. 2 loses (NM plus a MWT game) is probably all they can afford for a top 3 seed. Really wanna keep a top 3 seed both to avoid a 1 seed till the elite 8 and *probably* be a safe bet to at least make sweet 16. You start getting in the 4 seed or lower range a loss in the 2nd round becomes a lot more possible.
  11. Well realistically we will find out tomorrow. If Fresno wins they have a decent chance at an at large bid. If they lose then the MW will likely need Nevada to lose in the MWT to get to bids. Looking at the NET rankings tier 1 #27 Nevada- should get in, would take a pretty big collapse for them not to make. tier 2 #47 Utah State #62 Fresno Both teams would need like a 12-3 run (with a win over Nevada) to finish out the MW regular season to be in the at large picture. I know USU is ranked higher but I give Fresno the slight edge both because they beat USU on the road and they still have two shots left at Nevada compared to one for USU. tier 3 154 UNLV 155 Boise 162 SDSU 173 New Mexico Would likely need to go 14-1 to end the MW regular season to have a shot at an at large bid. tier 4 teams with zero shot at an at large bid and teams that the top 3 tier teams absolutely need to sweep as to not get a "bad" loss on the resume 239 CSU 288 Air Force 294 SJSU 308 WY
  12. Hope it stays that way at the end of the season.
  13. To early to tell but this *could* be the two best conference teams. Also I HIGHLY doubt Nevada is gonna drop a home conference game so this (#1 Nevada @#2 Fresno) could be the conference game of the year. Wish it would have been on ESPN2 instead of the ESPNU. This is also basically a must win for Fresno if they want any hope of an an at large bid to the NCAAT.
  14. thedude15

    Attention Nevada Fans !!!

    Lol I mean if Nevada ends up going 39-1 and wins the NC then please auction these jerseys. That would truly be a special enough win to sell the jerseys. But if Nevada goes 32-5 with a loss in the sweet 16 this will look ridiculous. It will still be a great win over a top 20 team but nothing legendary lol.
  15. thedude15

    Poor SJSU

    Their game @Nevada on Wednesday is not gonna be pretty. It also kinda sucks for Fresno that Nevada lost today. Not only does it mean Fresno will no longer get to host a top #5 team it also means there is very little chance Nevada has a let down game.