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  1. Yeah unless Gonzaga just can't sch OOC games anymore it really doesn't make much sense for them to move. As long as they are a top 15 program I don't see why it would be hard to sch a great OOC. I mean they can always do one elite OOC tourney and even if the other top 15 programs don't want to travel to Gonzaga I am sure there are plenty of top 40 programs that would. Plus if WCC is safer in the since that if Gonzaga's basketball program completely falls apart (ie say they are just a top 100 program in 10 years not top 15) the WCC is a better fit and they will still be in decent shape to
  2. I am sure they will make a formal announcement regarding requirements as the date approaches. Omicron wave will be over by then so honestly there will probably be a huge slowdown in COVID cases (unless a new variant comes up very rapidly that is different enough from omicron where you can get reinfected). Sure the city/state/federal government might be slow with their response to lift restrictions but by that time there will be zero justification for it. I mean by March I would say 99% of adults would have either gotten COVID, gotten the vaccine, or both. Heck even right now 87.5% of adults
  3. I mean if only a couple of players cheated then I get leaving them out of the HOF. BUT soooooo many players cheated and it is certain some players that did cheat will get in the HOF just because their cheating wasn't "confirmed". Bonds needs to be in the HOF. Go ahead an put it on his plaque that he was a known cheater that played during the steroids era.
  4. I mean USU would probably in favor as it should be an easy win for the conference standings. WY should be in favor if they are trying to make the NCAAT as an at large but not it they are trying to win the MW regular season. If gives them two chances at solid wins. Nevada would not be as they aren't getting an NCAAT at large bid and this is likely just another loss. SDSU, in terms of NCAAT at large bid shouldn't be in favor of it. Beating Nevada at home won't do much for them and a loss would really hurt. MW regular seeding wise probably a wash. They should be Nevada but it is
  5. Yeah it will never be permanent because of the competitive advantage/disadvantage angle. I mean not only is there the obvious schedule imbalance in terms of one team potentially playing all the "good" teams at home but there is also the injury factor/hot team/cold team factor. Say the MW player of the year is out for a week with an injury. In a normal schedule two teams will benefit from it compared to just one team in the two game series schedule. Also it probably hurt attendance as many fans might not be as excited to play the same team back to back. BUT I do kinda like the two game
  6. I do agree if Hawaii was going to go all in the indy route would be the way to go. More risk but also more reward. Plus their olympic sports already have a safe/stable home in the Big West which is basically an ideal spot for them unless they get promoted to a Big-5 conference. Yes there is the extra game advantage to playing at Hawaii and also the recruiting benefits but to me the biggest thing is the vacation aspect. I mean there are plenty of large schools with many upper middle class and higher fans that would like to see an @ Hawaii game on the school (especially in Nov when it star
  7. Honestly although painful in certain cases (ie see Nevada, Hawaii any mid major program with a coaching change) in general the free agency will more appropriately distribute talent. Plenty of guys will give up being a back up at a Big-5 school to start at a little 5 school. Stars at a little 5 school without much talent around them (I mean I hope players stay if the team is good enough) will make the jump to a Big-5 school. This of course is also an issue in the sense it give Alabama and the other "elite" programs even more of a grip on the CFP spots. Cause sure they might lose some back
  8. Side issue but I also wish they just get rid of redshirts. Just give everyone 5 years of eligibility and that is it. You can apply for a 6th of eligibility if you can prove injuries (or other extenuating circumstances) cost you at least 2 full seasons but other than that exception it is 5 years. It does kinda go in line with player empowerment also. I mean they have already gotten rid or a large part of the purpose of a redshirt season. To mean there are several justifications for having a red shirt. -feeling players need a year to develop more into a college body. Ie concern if th
  9. Well Chang definitely makes me, as a Fresno fan, even more excited about the rivalry*. Wasn't he the QB that Hawaii decided to burn his red shirt so he could come into the game and beat Fresno back in 2001? I know Fresno lost to BSU the week before but we were still ranked for the Hawaii game and probably would have ended the season ranked if we would have beat Hawaii. *As a Fresno fan since the late 90's Hawaii has been Fresno's main rival in that period. Hawaii has at least two heartbreaking wins over Fresno (01 and also 21 the loss that kept us out of the MW champ game). Plus Fresno h
  10. It kinda seems like Jones is playing hardball. If you read the article he is still saying he wants to be the coach he just can't come to terms. Maybe by calling out Hawaii that will upset the fanbase and force the AD to agree to Jones' terms. idk. I mean it seems like in most cases if you decline an offer you say it in a polite way and don't call out the AD on twitter.
  11. Google says 68 years old. And here I was thinking Jeff Tedford being 60 was borderline too old lol
  12. If you go of the NET rankings there is a clear top 6 bottom 6 scenario going on. NET rankings would pretty much be my ranking with the expecting of switching WY and SDSU. #27 Wyoming #29 Colorado State #45 San Diego State #47 Boise State #54 Fresno #64 Utah State #131 Nevada #134 UNLV #191 New Mexico #244 Air Force #258 San Jose State
  13. Yeah portal is a double edge sword for Hawaii. Because of the portal they could be one of the worse teams in the nation next year. BUT it also gives them a chance to completely turn it around for the 23 season. In theory there should be a lot of playing time open and some players might be enticed by that playing time/spending a couple of years on the island.
  14. Yes it was an issue he didn't hand it to the ref cause maybe if they did there would have been enough time to clock it. However it would have been darn close. He really should have just taken the 10 yards (not 17 he ended up with) and taking a knee (ie giving self up stopping the play). That means everyone (including the refs) get to the line quicker and they have time to clock the ball. Now granted the question is are the odds better with one play at the 30 yard line or two plays at the 40 (if they would have just throw it to the endzone instead of the QB keeper). Not sure of the answer.
  15. But in a way that would put him in an even better position to take over when Tedford retires. Success as a Big-5 OC probably makes his resume look even better (and proves it wasn't just a case of being in Fresno at the right time). I still think Kirby has the best odds to replace Tedford.
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