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  1. The Washington Pork Rinds A play on their super fans, the hogettes Hell, the pork skins could still be red
  2. They happen to rotate between that and cockfighting depending on location of the game.
  3. yeah, but travel is cheap(1 flight on a 2 game road trip) to Big West locales compared to MWC destinations(usually 2 flights on a two game road trip) UH is actually spending as much on oly sports travel as they were in the WAC without travel subs. The big problem is both of the TV deals. The better UH gets on the field the lower they get paid for their TV rights. The MWC controls UH's inventory, but does not pay them. That means ESPN and CBSSN can pick as many UH games as they choose. This past year, UH lost $200k from their PPV deal because UH couldn't provide enough football conten
  4. They do have the poker chips. However, they don't know it. It's like the chips are inside the lining of their jacket because of a hole in the pocket.(It happens. I found $60 in my jacket once.) When they find them, watch out! They are practically already independent. They already have most of the key features that the successful independents have had. They have their own TV deal.(I have a feeling that UH PPV games would again be streamed via ESPN3, like they were before they joined the MWC.) They have some sort of an exemption.(BYU has mission exemption. Service academies have
  5. Are you sure the puzzle piece isnt blue? Coaches recently have been wearing a blue puzzle piece to raise autism awareness.
  6. Since the NCAA took over in 2005, the NIT is usually only filled with P5 underperformers and mid-major regular season champions who didnt win their conference tournament. For most mid-majors it is impossible to make it to NIT as an at-large as shitty P5 schools seem to have better RPIs just because of their conference association. In most of those mid-major conferences, the #2 team(usually with 20+ wins) is playing in the CIT even though they can beat half of the NIT field handily. The CIT(a mid-major only tournament) was actually created because of the NCAA's bias towards shitty P5 teams.
  7. The women's NIT has a field of 64, but it isn't run by the NCAA. If the NCAA were to go to a 64 team men's NIT, I'd like the women's set up. 32 conferences each get a rep + 32 at-large berths. Regular season champs are automatically the conference rep if they don't make the tourney, but the conferences pick their reps otherwise. Also, teams submit bids to host tourney games.
  8. UMass is independent because the MAC wont take football only schools.
  9. Former UH AD Ben Jay is currently in the Bay Area as an AD for DII Academy of Art in San Francisco. Maybe the Spartans can hire him.
  10. Here are Nevada's options: Option A: Fire Polian and buy out remainder of his contract Option B: Buy blue paint for the cannon. They can only afford to do one.
  11. No, but I think UH's band is also filling in for the Cal Band. Cal is supposedly too broke to send theirs.
  12. Only UMASS is in the same rank range as UH. At worst, UH would be 3rd overall G5 (2nd public)behind Rice and the Minutemen.
  13. There are 72 FBS teams on the list. Hawaii is the highest ranked G5 public university.
  14. Does that mean you and Kalua Pig are brothers?
  15. Hawaii seems to be the biggest MWC draw for SDSU as the 2014 game drew 35,686, around 7,000 more fans than the next closest MWC home opponent that season. The 2012 UH/SDSU game drew over 50k(fireworks game) and would have likely drawn 40k without the promotion. 35,000-40,000 seems to be what SDSU would probably average if their entire schedule consisted of PAC-12 teams(i'm giving them a 5,000 fan change of conference bump). They had 2 PAC-12 games since 2000 that exceeded 50,000. One was week 1 with UCLA in 2005, while the other was probably on fireworks night. I don't think a bottom-
  16. They need people to "host" their recruits and people to haul their gear. Those schools are well known for producing the top talent in those fields.
  17. Since the new deal went into effect in 2013, CBSSN has picked up every MWC home game that featured a P5 opponent.(excluding Boise State obviously) Instead of being seen in 90 million+ homes nationwide, you are on a network that isn't in enough homes to even get metered.
  18. Pat Haden talked about CBSSN as the reason why USC wasn't going to schedule UH anymore. All previous [email protected] games since 2000 were on ESPN. Thanks Craig.
  19. Warbow, there were only 6 voting members when UH was invited into the MWC late 2010. Utah was leaving, BYU was leaving, TCU announced they were leaving in 2012, Boise hadn't joined yet. Nevada and Fresno were invited earlier that year for the 2012 season. SJSU and USU(although they turned down the August 2010 invite) weren't invited until 2012. Of the 6 members, UNLV and SDSU lobbied for UH's addition. The other four(CSU, NM, AF, and WY) were the blood suckers. SJSU football will always have a history with UH. Their football team was in Honolulu when Pearl Harbor was attacked.
  20. The previous AD was an idiot with no vision. He never tried to ask for the new Hawaii exemption, stating that it had no chance to be approved.(Approved by legislative council with a 15-0 vote). If UH had kept him, then yes I would have to agree with you about potentially dropping down. But they didnt. It wasn't really until his final year that the AD went crazy. He made the comments about dropping football on August 18th, 2014. Later that evening he receives a call from Kalua Pig. Then on August 19th, he backtracks on his statement. Then on December 8th, just days after announcing C
  21. I'm right about the net revenue. Most MBB schools are subsidized, like SJSU, Monmouth, EMU, LBSU, and just about every other Big West MBB program(including Hawaii, although probably not in 2015), while others report their losses. Samford posted a net profit of only $62,000, which is still $30,000 less than UH women's volleyball. 2014 was one of the worst years for Hawaii women's volleyball. It was a year that saw UH drop out of the polls twice in one season. Prior to 2014, UH had only been out of the weekly volleyball polls for a total of 4 weeks since 1981.(all in 1992) The 2014 se
  22. Hawaii and Nebraska are currently the only revenue producing WVB programs. Hawaii has been a revenue producer since they moved to the Stan Sheriff Center in 1994. Nebraska started making revenue in 2014. It is safe to assume that UH makes more than most men's basketball programs considering that most of the 350+ men's basketball teams are midmajor programs that are heavily subsized and draw only half the fans per game that Hawaii WVB does even when these men's programs are selling their tickets at a much lower price. The UH volleyball booster club is also more robust than most men's baske
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