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  1. Hawaii - $2.054m - July 2017.
  2. dpc8302

    MWC releases additional TV information

    Well if ESPN3 is the online streaming platform, I don't think Spectrum will have a problem showing the feed. Oceanic didn't have a problem before, but they had grumbles when they moved over to the MWDN aka Campus Insiders aka Livestream, which had terrible geo-blocking capabilities for their content. Then when Spectrum officially took over Oceanic, they quit on the MWDN, until CI and other sports companies merged into Stadium. Even then, Spectrum grumbled and blocked the first game from the 2017 season. Spectrum requires a minimum of 7 games(home or away) to televise in order to payout the $2.5 million guarantee. They prefer home games as they have to pay for the road game rights. The Army game is almost guaranteed to be on CBSSN and the BYU game is going to be on ESPN or BYUTV. So that leaves 7 contests. (6 home games and an away game at SJSU.) Any more ESPN/CBSSN games and UH will money as they receive $0 from the ESPN/CBSSN deal.
  3. dpc8302

    Latest Renderings Of SJSU Stadium Project

    I like the idea of SJSU putting a gray/white tarp on the unused portions of the stadium.
  4. dpc8302

    Alabama is such a weird state

    Take her to Hawaii. You can marry your first cousin there.
  5. dpc8302

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Which SJSU has had several problems with in the recent past
  6. dpc8302

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    In the Big West Hawaii got 50% of the first year's share for playing against Cal in 2016, while the subsequent years' shares were split evenly. Hawaii is getting 50% of its 2nd round shares every year. Also Hawaii receives national TV revenue on top of their local TV deal in the Big West. I don't see it as a pipe dream for Gonzaga to receive that in the MWC, but with Craig Thompson and the fantastic 4 of New Mexico, Wyoming, Air Force, and Colorado State, it probably is.
  7. They are actually en route to Arizona as we speak in regards to this incident with the Wildcats. They should be at the Walkup Skydome any minute now to deliver the punishment.
  8. dpc8302

    What the Eff ?!?!?

  9. http://www.staradvertiser.com/2018/02/21/sports/sports-breaking/uh-football-expected-to-open-season-early-with-colorado-game/
  10. dpc8302

    More problems at Michigan State

    I think Morehead State would be more appropriate.
  11. dpc8302

    Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    Hawaii isn't just Polynesian. Only 10% of the population identifies as solely Polynesian(including Hawaiian). Hawaii's largest race is Asian at 38%. In addition, about 25% of the state identifies as multiracial. When adding the multiracial population, about 20% of the entire state would identify as Polynesian. In comparison, about 60% of the population would identify as Asian using those numbers. With these demographics, the size usually isn't there locally on an annual basis for Hawaii to run a conventional offense. And most of our Poly guys try to go to the mainland to play for to spread teams anyway, usually because they were on a spread offense in high school. Only a handful of Hawaii offenses are big and physical, and of those schools, most of those are known for non-qualifiers.
  12. dpc8302

    Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    That rarely happened at Hawaii, except under the Norm Chow years. His teams had the worst time of possessions of almost every Hawaii team in history. I believe the 10-4 2002 Hawaii team was the only one with a shorter TOP than at least one of Norm Chow's teams.
  13. dpc8302

    Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    They have the coaching to do it. The entire offensive staff, with the exception of the OL coach Mark Weber(doesn't matter as various blocking schemes have been implemented in the RNS with success), has played in and/or coached in the Run N' Shoot. In his first year as UH's offensive coordinator(2010), Nick Rolovich coached the nation's #1 passing offense(#5 in total offense). All that was with a walk-on QB who delivered pizzas in his free time to cover tuition. They also did ok in 2011 offensively with 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th stringers playing at nearly every position during an injury-filled season. IMHO, I think UH already has the personnel to run the offense with some success in 2018.
  14. dpc8302

    Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    You sound like Norm Chow.