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  1. dpc8302

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    The Long Beach State Doves
  2. Hawaii can afford independence much more than they can afford their current revenue situation in the MWC. I wish the MWC just allowed UH to keep all of its TV/streaming rights. As of now, Spectrum(which picks after CBSSN and ESPN get their games) requires UH to make available 7 games on its PPV package in order for UH to receive its full $2.5 million. That only happens when UH sucks. For every game below the 7 game threshold, UH loses $400k. UH was mediocre in 2016 and only had 6 PPV games available for the 2017 season, which resulted in UH taking in only $2.1 million. Imagine how much TV money UH will lose if they are really good in 2018 with a lot of returning starters for 2019.
  3. dpc8302

    Week 1 gifs

    cole mcdonald
  4. dpc8302

    Week 1 gifs

    I think this is what sjsu said to ucd as well.
  5. dpc8302

    UC Davis at San Jose State

    it was then.
  6. dpc8302

    UC Davis at San Jose State

    I dont think that SJSU will be able to pull off the upset tonight.
  7. dpc8302

    Game Thread: Hawaii @ Colorado State

    Furuta reminds me more of this guy. https://youtu.be/9TmQuodLfdM
  8. dpc8302

    Bottom 10 preseason rankings

    speaking about Idaho... Former Vandal HC Dennis Erickson was the HC for Oregon State in 1999, not Mike Riley as they stated in the article.
  9. dpc8302

    Hawaii Preview

    No they don't. Read again.
  10. 54.7ppg and 556ypg on offense. The next closest offensive numbers that year were 39.7ppg and 475ypg. If 2006 had either the 2005 or 2007 clock rules, UH would have averaged over 60ppg and 600ypg. When you had an offense like that you didn't have to worry too much about the defense, which put up the lowest points allowed total(24.1ppg) for a UH defense since the 1980s.
  11. dpc8302

    Hawaii makes 2.4 million on its TV deal

    yeah, but travel is cheap(1 flight on a 2 game road trip) to Big West locales compared to MWC destinations(usually 2 flights on a two game road trip) UH is actually spending as much on oly sports travel as they were in the WAC without travel subs. The big problem is both of the TV deals. The better UH gets on the field the lower they get paid for their TV rights. The MWC controls UH's inventory, but does not pay them. That means ESPN and CBSSN can pick as many UH games as they choose. This past year, UH lost $200k from their PPV deal because UH couldn't provide enough football content as part of their agreement with Spectrum. I would be fine if the MWC gave Tier1,2, and 3 rights back to UH at least until the new MWC media deal is reached. UH earned about $600k from the WAC on top of the PPV deal, and paid no travel subs for football. Now UH gets $0 from the MWC deal and pays $650k annually in travel subsidies. This is about a $1.2 million change.
  12. Hawaii - $2.054m - July 2017.
  13. dpc8302

    MWC releases additional TV information

    Well if ESPN3 is the online streaming platform, I don't think Spectrum will have a problem showing the feed. Oceanic didn't have a problem before, but they had grumbles when they moved over to the MWDN aka Campus Insiders aka Livestream, which had terrible geo-blocking capabilities for their content. Then when Spectrum officially took over Oceanic, they quit on the MWDN, until CI and other sports companies merged into Stadium. Even then, Spectrum grumbled and blocked the first game from the 2017 season. Spectrum requires a minimum of 7 games(home or away) to televise in order to payout the $2.5 million guarantee. They prefer home games as they have to pay for the road game rights. The Army game is almost guaranteed to be on CBSSN and the BYU game is going to be on ESPN or BYUTV. So that leaves 7 contests. (6 home games and an away game at SJSU.) Any more ESPN/CBSSN games and UH will money as they receive $0 from the ESPN/CBSSN deal.
  14. dpc8302

    Latest Renderings Of SJSU Stadium Project

    I like the idea of SJSU putting a gray/white tarp on the unused portions of the stadium.