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  1. dpc8302

    Terrible UNLV politically correct new logo

    I say keep the logo, but change the color scheme and mascot. I present to you the UNLV Battletoads.
  2. I don't think it would be as much of a disaster as you think. I think UH being successful in the MWC will be more disastrous for UH. The MWC TV deal takes priority over UH's PPV deal. That means CBSSN and ESPN can televise as many UH games as they want. UH doesn't get one dime from the MWC TV deal. If UH doesn't provide 7 games to Spectrum PPV, then UH will lose about $250k for each game under the 7 required. UH had a mediocre season in 2016 and lost $250k in 2017 because they only showed 6 PPV games. 2018 was ok, because UH was expected to be bad. In 2019 UH is expected to be good, and they will have a very attractive home schedule with Arizona, Oregon State, Army, Air Force, Fresno State, and SDSU(6 games) all likely to be televised by CBSSN or ESPN networks. Then games at Washington and Boise State(2 games) are going to be televised nationally as well. UH's last game at Nevada was on CBSSN and could also be on the list. If all those games are selected, that means UH will only have 4 games of inventory for Spectrum. That means UH loses $750k in TV money for being on semi-national TV(what I call CBSSN). While I prefer that UH is in a conference, the current UH-MWC deal sucks so much that independence is really a better option for them financially. Conference payouts would be different. In the MWC, UH receives about $1.3 million annually in CFP funds. However, they lose about $650k to travel subs(and likely $750k next year due to TV). As an independent, UH will receive about $600k from the CFP, but they won't lose any money due to travel subs as home and homes would cancel costs out over 2 years and they wouldn't lose any TV money(likely make more). Scheduling will be difficult, but not impossible. There are more independent teams now than there have been since the early 90s and UConn might join them. All those teams will be looking to schedule somebody during October and November. In addition, those teams are also looking for some kind of extra benefit. Playing a week before everybody might even help. UH also has the benefit of having good visiting crowds at UNLV and SJSU, schools that typically struggle with attendance. UH can even schedule them for October/November games. Add an FCS school on the week before Thanksgiving like SEC schools do and UH will have its late season scheduling covered.
  3. They happen to rotate between that and cockfighting depending on location of the game.
  4. dpc8302

    SJSU Loses Crucial Administrator

    Who will manage the gofundme account now?
  5. dpc8302

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    The Long Beach State Doves
  6. Hawaii can afford independence much more than they can afford their current revenue situation in the MWC. I wish the MWC just allowed UH to keep all of its TV/streaming rights. As of now, Spectrum(which picks after CBSSN and ESPN get their games) requires UH to make available 7 games on its PPV package in order for UH to receive its full $2.5 million. That only happens when UH sucks. For every game below the 7 game threshold, UH loses $400k. UH was mediocre in 2016 and only had 6 PPV games available for the 2017 season, which resulted in UH taking in only $2.1 million. Imagine how much TV money UH will lose if they are really good in 2018 with a lot of returning starters for 2019.
  7. dpc8302

    Week 1 gifs

    cole mcdonald
  8. dpc8302

    Week 1 gifs

    I think this is what sjsu said to ucd as well.
  9. dpc8302

    UC Davis at San Jose State

    it was then.
  10. dpc8302

    UC Davis at San Jose State

    I dont think that SJSU will be able to pull off the upset tonight.
  11. dpc8302

    Game Thread: Hawaii @ Colorado State

    Furuta reminds me more of this guy. https://youtu.be/9TmQuodLfdM
  12. dpc8302

    Bottom 10 preseason rankings

    speaking about Idaho... Former Vandal HC Dennis Erickson was the HC for Oregon State in 1999, not Mike Riley as they stated in the article.
  13. dpc8302

    Hawaii Preview

    No they don't. Read again.
  14. dpc8302

    rumor control

    They do have the poker chips. However, they don't know it. It's like the chips are inside the lining of their jacket because of a hole in the pocket.(It happens. I found $60 in my jacket once.) When they find them, watch out! They are practically already independent. They already have most of the key features that the successful independents have had. They have their own TV deal.(I have a feeling that UH PPV games would again be streamed via ESPN3, like they were before they joined the MWC.) They have some sort of an exemption.(BYU has mission exemption. Service academies have an extra coach and lax recruiting rules, UH has an extra game and/or week 0 exemption.) They pay every team's travel to come to Hawaii. They have their own bowl tie-in. (BYU gets agreements years in advance. ND has access to most of the ACC tie-ins. The service academies can have the military-themed bowls.) The only real difference from independence other than competing for conference championships is that UH has to pay for their own travel on road games. As an independent, travel would be covered by the host school. If done correctly, UH would make a lot more money as an independent, and could realistically have 8-9 home games each year.