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  1. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    That rarely happened at Hawaii, except under the Norm Chow years. His teams had the worst time of possessions of almost every Hawaii team in history. I believe the 10-4 2002 Hawaii team was the only one with a shorter TOP than at least one of Norm Chow's teams.
  2. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    They have the coaching to do it. The entire offensive staff, with the exception of the OL coach Mark Weber(doesn't matter as various blocking schemes have been implemented in the RNS with success), has played in and/or coached in the Run N' Shoot. In his first year as UH's offensive coordinator(2010), Nick Rolovich coached the nation's #1 passing offense(#5 in total offense). All that was with a walk-on QB who delivered pizzas in his free time to cover tuition. They also did ok in 2011 offensively with 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th stringers playing at nearly every position during an injury-filled season. IMHO, I think UH already has the personnel to run the offense with some success in 2018.
  3. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    You sound like Norm Chow.
  4. More problems for UNC?

    Wrong. UNC is still going to take the fall for this one. It must suck to be a fan in Greeley.
  5. New Hawaii Coaching Hires

    I just noticed you were replying to Kalua Pig. Your response makes sense now.
  6. New Hawaii Coaching Hires

    According to the Star-Advertiser, which has been wrong on numerous occasions, he was born in American Samoa His Houston coaching profile has his hometown as Santa Ana, California He went to high school in Georgia He played college ball at NC State I don't see anything about him being a Texan other than a 3 year stint in Houston prior to moving on to CSU. All of the other schools he coached at were in the Southeast and the Carolinas.
  7. New Hawaii Coaching Hires

    UH had 4 coaches leave the program throughout the season OL Coach Chris Naeole quit after the Wyoming game. LB Coach Sean Duggan was not retained DC Legi Suiaunoa left to be Oregon State's DL coach WR Coach Kefense Hyson left to be Oregon States WR coach In addition to the vacancies, UH also had to hire a 10th coach. The following are the new coaches: DC: Corey Batoon - Co DC at FAU in 2017 LB Coach/Assistant Head Coach: Mark Banker - Nebraska DC in 2016 WR Coach: Andre Allen - CC San Francisco OC/WR coach for last 13 years DL Coach: Ricky Logo - Colorado State DL coach in 2017 OL Coach: Mark Weber - Fresno State OL coach in 2016
  8. IMHO, a WAC 14(MWC remains + WAC remains - LA Tech to CUSA) with an 8-game football schedule would have been the best. If the "Project" was carried out, this would have been the most likely end result. It would have eliminated Craig Thompson.. It would have given Tier III rights back to the schools while the conference figured out how to effectively market their Tier III rights as a whole(not doing what the MWC did when it let Root Sports control all Tier III TV rights for $900k to basically only show New Mexico Lobo sports and having conference member split that pot 11 ways). Football scheduling would be done by humans and not a crappy software system that has cross-division matchups at the end of the season that increase the likelihood of a CCG rematch between the same teams the following week. The CCG would also be in Vegas annually. Football independent BYU would be a 15th member in other sports.
  9. Army challenges Vegas Golden Knights name and colors

    The Army parachute team is the Golden Knights. The West Point(Army) athletic program is the Black Knights.
  10. Milton and Tua

    That area (a former quarry) can barely handle traffic from a sold out volleyball match(10,000). The surface streets have no room for expansion, and it would require over $100 million to build new off ramps from the interstate. Hell, it is difficult to funnel 10,000 people out of that area even if they all lived 1 mile away and walked. Also the area that you selected has a pond that drains off into the Moiliili Karst. Given that much of lower campus sits on top of the karst, it might be more expensive to build the facility there than another just a couple blocks away. However, there are other areas really close that have surface streets that could handle the game day flow and could keep construction at a much lower cost, while serving several needs of others all at once. I'd prefer Kaimuki High School, which is slightly southeast of this photo on the other side of the H1. My reasons behind this preference are: KHS's enrollment has shrunk by 1000 over the last 5 years, and the remaining students could be sent off to nearby Kalani. The DOE is looking for land in West Oahu for a new high school. UH has about 1600 acres of undeveloped West Oahu land and could trade a little bit of it for the Kaimuki property. The KHS campus could hold a 40,000+ seat stadium plus decent parking(about 4000 spaces). In addition, there is a park right next to the school which could suffice for some tailgating on game days. Nearby available parking spots with current and regular Bus access to the campus area are UH(5700 spaces on a Saturday) and Kapiolani Community College(1400 spaces, to coincide with the Saturday morning farmer's market tailgate) making over 11,000 available spaces nearby compared to the 8,000 at Aloha Stadium. Date street is a 4 lane street on the south side of the campus. Most of the time it is a 2 lane street with the outside lanes used for parking during slow traffic periods. Most of the street from Kapiolani to Kapahulu could be widened towards the golf course to make it a permanent 6 lane street(4 permanent traffic lanes, 2 permanent lanes for street parking.) Many have been lobbying to connect the Moiliili, Kapiolani, Kapahulu area to Waikiki via a pedestrian bridge over the Ala Wai. My Idea would be to build the bridge to connect from Lewers Street(and also Ala Wai Park) to the southwest corner of the Ala Wai Golf Course and build a walking path to the stadium. If that happens the military UH fans have Fort DeRussy, and the Hale Koa Garage for all day parking. That accounts for at least 2000 additional parking spots bumping the total to over 13,000. By building the pedestrian bridge, you are also linking the stadium to about 20,000 hotel rooms. The northwest corner of the Kaimuki campus is on Kapiolani Blvd. Almost every bus stops at Ala Moana Shopping Center, and soon(as in supposedly within 10 years) rail will end there. In addition, there are trolly services from Ala Moana Shopping Center into Waikiki, and one could easily be made to go alongside Kapiolani Blvd on event days. If one was cheap, like I and many other Hawaii fans are, one could actually find free parking in one of the Ala Moana Center's 10,000+ spots and then use the likely free trolly ride to the stadium. As far as the stadium is concerned, it will likely have a clear view of Diamond Head, which would make it one of the more picturesque facilities in the country.
  11. Milton and Tua

    Hawaii upgraded its facilities in 2014. However, there is nothing they can do about Aloha Stadium as it is owned and operated by a different state entity that is designed not to lose money on operations by having excess operating revenue each year put into a special fund to cover potential losses for future years.
  12. Low ratings for title game could cause change

    Auburn played Georgia in the CCG. Alabama and Georgia haven't played this season.
  13. Georgia perfectly timed the silent snap count, and Hawaii's offensive staff was too busy focusing on SMU to notice. The ball was snapped about a second after John Estes raised his head. The ends were often in the backfield before the tackles even got out of their stance. A lot of times it looked like they were offside. Sometimes they were, but most of the time they weren't.
  14. Nick Saban just said

    Alabama's last 3 true road games 2011: Penn State 2010: Duke 2003: Hawaii