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  1. Really half that is all got?I might have the best word's but I know what is going on. But all you ever bring up is that.Maybe come up with something new cause i don't think you can.Talk too me what else you got?cause as far as I can see you bring nothing too the table.
  2. White's Asian Latinos etc being murder too by the state that's normal too?
  3. Counter mobs really that is +++++ing laughable.the blm and there bunch of thugs nothing more then terrorists.that dont even care about there own
  4. But its ok too loot riot burn shit up when someone is killed?what the bloody fuk. Blacks burning black shops basically domestic terrorism but no one see's this?So many blinders on its ridiculous.Where is the leadership?hiding behind there own security?bags the question do they really care?
  5. Maybe thugs like him should obey the police orders.Its a very simple thing common sense is not common anymore.
  6. Fresno has never manhandled anyone.
  7. Sorry put in wrong forum please move.
  8. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/i-have-a-right-to-make-sure-that-my-home-is-secure-chicago-bans-protesters-from-mayors-block?utm_source=smartnews&utm_medium=feed
  9. The plandemic in full effect the bubble and no fans just strange.So much fear and the majority are buying into it .Wonder if they will track flu and cold deaths this yr?
  10. Gavin Newson can find his way into those fires and burn his stupid ass up in them.
  11. Big o Barry didn't do shit for America.All talk no a action.lol
  12. We will never pay off trllions in debt its laughable mine as well send us a printing press it really doesn't matter anymore.
  13. Its not a hoax its all about control. So bow down too your masters
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