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  1. nothing can be said anymore if it don't fit the agenda. Blm antifa are racist as well as domestic terrorists. God bless us all
  2. Racist too me they should build it then tear it down.
  3. I been a cowboy fan since a early age,no way in hell Dak is worth 35 too 40 million. Dude has won one playoff win.spread the wealth dude is greedy it shows.
  4. Shit is getting out of control.kneeling too the left.
  5. Ok I agree its their but making it a way bigger issue it seems too me.So what do we know of covid how many people have gotten it and have died with no underlying conditions?like too see those stats.Also the older generation can i ask a question during Woodstock the Asian flu was going on killed over million world wide.Did they shut the world down give them free stuff wear masks etc?that's just one of many of are time.
  6. There is no deadly plandemic its all bullsit live in fear my friend
  7. Have gotten too me, have been a huge fan of sports since a young age but with all the plandemic and all the bullshit news and domestic terrorism going on in America makes me sick.Makes me want too walk away from watching it they are making so political. Is it just me?It's a weird feeling.
  8. Maybe be not but feels good beating u most of the time.u win one game in 15 yrs u are good hahah
  9. I mean the only time u played in a bcs game u played well,lol hahaha
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