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  1. Lol fakebook games.Thats big time.haha
  2. Pretty sure Boise would get the same crowd or even more if we played bama.Just saying.
  3. The bullpups have never done anything in football, lol haha
  4. What have the bullpups ever done in football? Unless you call shitting the bed something.lol
  5. Fact Boise has over a 70 precent winning percentage tigers have a little over 40 you guys are a power house lol
  6. That That might be so but Boise is heads and tails better then Memphis will ever be.And that's a fact tigers bring nothing in football!
  7. Or whatever you call the playoff system these days
  8. How many AAC teams have won a bcs game or been even irrelevant?
  9. This coming from a Wyoming fan that there football team has done nothing in football or even irrelevant lol.
  10. Boise owns the state of utah.Utah doesn't want any of Boise cause they would lose again like all the other times