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  1. Love Botswana. It was never a colony and the people are fierce and proud. The Okavaango Delta and Kalahari have to be seen to be believed. The Okavaango in particular. Namibia is also great. Fish canyon, Etosha, the skeleton coast... It's very nice. Senegal is great and I'd love back to Dakar in a heartbeat. Diving on Isles Des Madelaines is fantastic. My best friend lives there. One can drive from Dakar to San Luis on the beach during low tide. You'll think I'm crazy, but Mauritania is pretty amazing as well. The Sahara is different there for some reason. The Oasis at Terjit and the Eastern Highlands near the border with Mali will overload your senses after the rainy season. The colors are mind blowing. Camping in the Masai Mara will change the way you think. Hearing a lion's roar at 2am, just on the other side of the boma, makes you realize how little we are as individuals. Hell, the whole damn continent is pretty fantastic and ought to be experienced (minus the parts where the machetes are out in force). It was (and is) a downer coming back to the states. Meeting people in Africa is what I think it's supposed to be like for humans. They ask how you and your family are and they actually mean it. I find that to be rare across much of the rest of the busy world. Going back this fall luckily. If any of you yahoos decide to go, please reach out and let me help with linkups and a non-touristy itinerary. More than happy to do so.
  2. And not the Hawaii vs SDSU game. Although, in retrospect, I'm not sure that could actually be called a game.
  3. Just to have Wyoming as an upset candidate this late in the year is surreal. I was hoping for four wins this season. After the EMU debacle, I revised downward to three. It's still hard to believe.
  4. Are the rest of you beginning to understand?
  5. How many times must it be said? Volleyball posts without pics are invalid.
  6. I honestly think Warbow and KP are the amalgam of Eeyore.
  7. What is apparent at this point (to me at least) is that our weakness is primarily on the D side of the ball. It was the case last year as well (although Kirk wasn't a D1 QB IMO and didn't help with all those 3 and outs). Our D has been a problem since Glenn left. I don't think our DC knows what the hell he is doing and the guys are out of position and confused on many plays. Tackling has been an issue since Christ was a Corporal. Until the D shortcomings are addressed, it is unlikely we will be competitive. The kicking issues are just mind boggling. How we don't have a kicking game worth spit at altitude U is beyond me? Makes me question the recruiting strategy.
  8. Vote WYO. Good things happen when we are counted out early. Do it!
  9. What the Hell? I went to 'like' NorCalCoug's post above and it informed me 'You are not allowed to give reputation to this member'. #Mugtang, have you created some sort of class distinction option on this board? If this is the case, I would like to join the Patrician class with the rest of you. If not, I'm going to organize the Plebeians and we will hang all of you.
  10. That's why I have to give it up to Warbow and KP though (most Hawaii fans really). They just don't give a F. Gotta admire that.
  11. What would be infinitely more entertaining would be the ability to challenge someone to a virtual fight on here. A Rock-em Sock-em Robots thing that the rest could watch. Any money in the kitty for something like that Mug? Still holding out hope for the development of the Death Pulse App. Sounds like I'm not the only one.
  12. Then the big guy takes it for fifty yards. PAC not likely to win this one.
  13. I thought the 'other' Pokes had the game wrapped up, but Washington is clawing back into it.