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  1. Perhaps. They would probably roll this conference in football too. They look good.
  2. If only we could have screwed navy instead..
  3. The MWC has Boise in the mountain division, don’t play California schools regularly. Aac west division plays in Texas every year.
  4. Your right, they don’t have UCONN anymore so they can, and probably will add a team to replace them for scheduling and cc game.
  5. The WAC has been sending the same amount of teams to March madness as the MWC lately. You are really overvaluing a 1 bid league.
  6. Sacrifice? How? The mwc has been underperforming in basketball hard. The WCC and big west are actually better in basketball. Golf and volleyball are probably stronger as well. Where is the sacrifice?
  7. If? They already asked. And continue to show interest. The only reason BSU came back was the agreement on the term sheet.
  8. Are they as good as the wac team that won the conference after BSU and CSUF left?
  9. Get rid of it and join the AAC. Win/win for everyone. The whole Fox tv negotiations soured me on BSU playing in this league. Maybe when the conf champ outside of Boise actually makes a ny6 game it would make sense. SJSU is playing ball state.
  10. Tigers boy is awesome. And talks great smack. I’m excited for little Jon Daley
  11. Big west has great golf. How worse would the olys be honestly? The mwc is trending down hard in basketball.
  12. Not from an exposure or commitment to football. They are just closer. And honestly after the chit show around the last TV deal I would rather BSU be associated with more like minded institutions for athletics. The mwc will never be the P12 academically so why not play football against better teams? The sun belt is getting more respect right now. SJSU, monster year for them, best ever, undefeated. Ranked in the 20s 🤦‍♂️
  13. I hope so. It worked out great last time for y’all 😂. I’ve come around to the AAC. I think it honestly is a better fit for BSU football. Let the MWC rework their deal with fox and get back on espn.
  14. They don’t want him in Florida https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/trump-mar-a-lago-neighbors-dispute/2020/12/15/bc2ce1d0-3ed4-11eb-9453-fc36ba051781_story.html%3foutputType=amp
  15. Right now they are sitting at 196 electoral votes. Pledged to the popular vote winner.
  16. There are other ways to get rid of the EC. National popular vote interstate compact comes to mind. Essentially neutering the EC in favor of the popular vote.
  17. Look Guy. The constitution has the ability to be amended. It’s not final. Tell me again how judges can’t be added by congress, that sounded better
  18. So more judges can be added? I don’t really care about norms anymore. Trump blew that up.
  19. There is an article in the constitution about the number of judges allowed? Weird I can’t find where it sets a number. I thought congress controls the number.
  20. Let’s get it on then. Biden will need to do a lot of stuff Trump style. Offer to buy Greenland or something. Refuse to release personal tax info. The sky is the limit I’m excited for some change.
  21. If anything Democrats have learned from the Republicans regarding norms and presidents. If it ain’t spelled out specifically in the constitution it’s fair game. If norms and presidents were followed we would have Merick Garland as a justice. I’m all for adding more judges, giving DC and PR statehood if they want it and getting rid of the EC. It doesn’t say you can’t in the constitution 😂
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