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  1. So this just went across my twitter...........

    It's a great start.
  2. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    was a pretty emotional game. Lobos are going to be a hard game in the tournament.
  3. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Who is the kid who was on the bench with the red gloves flipping the ref's off as they left the court and dropping F-Bombs on them? Is he handicapped in someway?
  4. ISIS.....stronger or weaker? Does it matter?

    The simple answer is sometimes the correct one. Isis went from nothing to a major organization after the us took on Iraq over 9-11.
  5. ISIS.....stronger or weaker? Does it matter?

    The better question is why ISIS exists. Had Bush not stupidly attacked Iraq they would have never gotten traction.
  6. I wouldn't say we if I were you. Wasn't their pretty big differences in what schools were paid?
  7. How does he score on the Ray Moore scale?
  8. Their, There, and They're

    He's playing to his base.
  9. SOTU Thread

    Have any other presidents clapped for themselves as much as Trump did last night? At times it was hard hearing what he was saying because he was clapping right into the mic.
  10. SOTU Thread

    What is Trump and the conservatives obsession with getting people to stand?
  11. This is just straight up authoritarianism

    I find it really weird and inappropriate Trump asks his employees who they voted for.
  12. "Sensible" gun control

    So why does Trump need my voter registration information? I trust it's for some good reason. Did he ever find the millions of voters committing fraud? The point is gun nuts are very happy with the status quo even though the world has dramatically changed since the 1700's when a musket was a big deal. They don't want registration, background checks, insurance, limits on clip sizes, bump stock regulations. SAD
  13. Shit. I know shit's bad right now, with all that starving bullshit, and the dust storms, and we are running out of french fries and burrito coverings. But I got a solution.
  14. Why not NASCAR out and put corporate logos all over their suits? Trump could tat up his head so in the right light you could see it through his comb over.