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  1. Was on purpose being the par 3 challenge. Flatter into the ball, low loft, ball back in your stance and no wrists will give you a nice skipper
  2. Maybe African Americans hate Trump more than the love Obama? 🤷‍♂️
  3. Lying is an important trait to look at......
  4. I’ve wondered if the cash these rubes used to buy trump “merchandise” just went into taxes how much better the world would be. The amount of obnoxious flags on cars is getting out of control. We get it we really do. You love the guy.
  5. Great player who treats rules officials and spectators poorly.
  6. More people die from the common flu than by protesters. It’s not that serious.
  7. Presidents used to give press reports perhaps Trump could try this out.
  8. What a crybaby. Apparently “conservative voices” is the new “alternate facts” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-warns-social-media-government-can-regulate-or-close-them-down-amid-fight-with-twitter
  9. Was his demand his signature was on the stimulus checks met?
  10. It’s surprising to you the administration is downplaying the liberal media’s made up virus that is no worse than the flu? Since when has trump been honest about anything?
  11. They probably believe Obama is a Kenyan and the Clintons are murderers and vaccines are a government hoax. They value their own personal freeeeedoooommmm
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