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  1. My grandpa was in a POW camp in Japan. Saved his life as they were being starved to death.
  2. It’s actually pretty fun. Tune in and watch if your not athletic enough to play. But mosquito abatement is probably pretty fun too. It’s all about perspective.
  3. Wow I never knew I was bitching about that. How else am I doing?
  4. Well Ive never written a book called the art of the deal like your boy Donald so we may never know.
  5. Anyone who believed Trump was some kind of business wiz is just the type that voted for him 👍
  6. I believe the Democrats should do everything in power to compromise and work with the Republicans for the betterment of the country. The Republicans truly showed the path to bipartisanship and compromise in Obama’s 8 years the Democrats owe them the same respect
  7. So if a conservative moves to a liberal area does he suddenly become a liberal? People bringing there “values” will never change. Someone isn’t going to change how they feel about important issues based on a zip code.
  8. Until flagship schools start getting gazebos like Tulsa they are the program to emulate. The stadium, bowl wins, and student support are second to none.
  9. For blues reverse discrimination is alive and well. Obama is his boggie man and white dudes certainly don’t do anything worse than any minority. Is it racist?
  10. They are not fraudulent would be my guess. They would just show he doesn’t have as much money as he says and what he does have comes from Fred and the Russians. Not criminal just not good for his ego as a successful businessman
  11. That’s free speech. Alex jones can call sandy hook survivors crisis actors on conservative media and y’all can talk KKK on infowars. The “fake news” doesn’t have to provide a platform for that garbage frankly.
  12. Do people ever wonder these beliefs that are getting them banned are maybe not so great? You think companies like banning customers that could make them money? People like Alex Jones need to deliver their message from their own or like minded places. That’s not against the law it’s just good business to disassociate yourself from those kinds of fine people.
  13. Conservatives have the right to talk KKK on their own platforms. Faux, Infowars etc are great spots for your “free speech “
  14. Fresno fans 😂. Over under on the next time BSU drops half a hundo on them. It’s usually year 2 or 3 after a Fresno coaching change.