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  1. Negotiated agreements don’t mean chit in this conference😂😂
  2. They should have just made project members pay BSUs bonus out of their cut. USU, Fresno, and Reno
  3. This is on the conference presidents. Other than his stupid comments that poked the bear with a stick
  4. Our great “conference mates” doing more back room deals
  5. Jesus just looked at other G5 conference payouts.... cusa 400k per team sun belt 300k-400k per team mac 670k per team
  6. I would agree with that. In addition BSU would retain its TV rights and the MWC contract would be negotiated again without BSU and perhaps with a new member like Rice or UTEP
  7. IMO Hair told Tromp they would get more than 1.8 if they went with Fox while saying at the same time he would end the BSU deal to the rest of the mwcs presidents. Any man who has dated more than 1 woman at once knows exactly what he was doing
  8. It’s truly a strange situation. From the BSU lawsuit it looks like Hair was materially misrepresenting facts to Tromp and Apsey. BSU never voted on the media deal. I guess it would be up to fox to honor it without BSU or renegotiate
  9. The MWC announcement of the contact with Hairs additional comments about ending the BSU deal pretty much showed the MWC either didn’t care that BSU didn’t mutually agree or they thought they could strong arm Dr Tromp because she is new. IMO it’s BSUs contention that without mutual agreement there can be no contract.
  10. Boise state never voted to approve the contract. Per the BSU term sheet both BSU and the MWC need to mutually agree on the sale of BSUs home games. That is the violation.
  11. I would say no exit fee. TV rights back to the school. A new Boise free tv deal for the MWC.
  12. I don’t think BSU would have a problem splitting equally in a league that has 2-4 ranked teams each year and earns more basketball credits. My point was the AAC could sell BSU’s tv rights essentially paying their own way. ESPN would get the West region TV games they wanted for a cheaper price than paying the mwc. ESPN already owns the aac.
  13. Won’t they be surprised to learn the MWC violated the contract as well.