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  1. I don't post around here much anymore, but I respect each and every one of you MWCBoarders. I may have once acted like a teenage troll, but I honestly don't mean any of it. I have always liked and admired the MWC for being the best Western Conference in the USA with its neat rivalries and traditions. I would like to see a Pac12/MWC12 scheduling agreement someday, because I have enjoyed watching my UCLA Bruins play your teams and look forward to future series as well. Well, I hope this post finds you all in good health and good spirits. May 2015 bring more realignment (just kidding) and more good times to each of you, your families, and alma maters. Take care, SFCAL
  2. Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    Thank you for your service Coastie. The Board is not the same sans Coastie. God bless Coastie's family and country. Go Falcons!