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  1. Bernie’s base appears to be roughly a quarter of the party. Again, not too different from Trump four years ago.
  2. Swap parties and adjectives to describe the candidate and this could have been said about Trump four years ago.
  3. That was more damaging to Buttigieg than anything said by the other candidates so far tonight.
  4. Buttigieg definitely has the target on his back tonight. Klobuchar, Steyer, Biden, and Yang all going after him.
  5. Mayor Pete seems to have seen a polling bounce in New Hampshire from the coverage the last couple days and I think he's in a good place in there. If I were a Klobuchar or Biden supporter in NH, I'd be thinking strategically about how to vote next Tuesday. Do you vote for your preferred candidate after seeing the results in Iowa or for the least offensive of the top three? At least in Iowa, the non-viable candidate voters went disproportionately to Buttigieg. With the mayor sucking up all the media oxygen right now I think he has a good shot of peeling off supporters from those two. I'm really curious to see how Warren does in New Hampshire. Do her supporters believe she can beat Bernie? If not, where do her supporters go? Sanders seems like the obvious choice, but I think she has a pretty decent number of well-off, well-educated supporters that are never Bernies.
  6. Fair enough. He can come across as too polished and too much of a politician.
  7. He’s not as extreme as Sanders or Warren, and not as gaffe prone as Biden. In interviews he comes across as articulate, intelligent, and optimistic. My parents are in their mid 60s and voted for Gary Johnson last election. I happened to be visiting them when an interview of Buttigieg came on one of those Sunday morning politics programs and they both remarked that “he seems presidential” and had a generally positive view of him after the program ended. Neither has any intention of voting for Trump, so they’re hoping the Democrats don’t board the extreme left crazy train and instead nominate a moderate.
  8. Anyone that was around for the Locksley years knows it can get worse. Much worse.
  9. MSNBC surprised there are so many young voters in line...on the ASU campus.
  10. How we thought UNLV and UNM would go How it actually went
  11. New Mexico fans to Davie at halftime
  12. Susanna is giving him a run for his money. She's gone off the rails ever since Trump won. She had a veto overridden by the legislature a few weeks ago and retaliated by vetoing 8 bills, most of which were passed nearly unanimously. Today she vetoed all funding to state universities.
  13. I'd wait until the end of the season and reevaluate. At least you're competitive this year, so I think you are improving. Besides, the rest of us suck too so you might do ok in conference
  14. Girlfriend is a Bulldog, cousin is an Aztec, but I bleed cherry and silver.