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  1. Assuming no write in candidates allowed, I’d begrudgingly vote for Warren. But those choices are all horrible. I know Trump sucks bigly, and four more years of his crap may be fatal to political discourse in this country. I don’t trust Gabbard. There’s something about her demeanor that at a gut level I can’t stand. You know that feeling Hillary elicited in a lot of people? That’s how I feel about Gabbard. In my mind Warren is the least worst of those three. The wealth tax is both dumb and unconstitutional, and I don’t believe Medicare for All will pass, so I don’t expect either to be a result of a Warren presidency. I don’t think she’d accomplish much, but it would likely be better than those other two. If these really are my choices next November, I’m probably writing in Justin Amash.
  2. I think that’s probably right. Nobody screwed up badly enough to lose supporters. I didn’t care much for Warren dodging the question about whether the Louisiana Governor can be in favor of abortion restrictions and still be a Democrat. How hard is it to say that nobody has to agree on 100% of the issues when you’re literally on stage with nine other people that don’t agree on everything?
  3. Klobuchar and Booker having a strong nights. Other than Biden forgetting that Kamala Harris is in the Senate, no stumbles from any of the front runners. This has been an interesting last 10 minutes. There’s finally been some attacks on Buttigieg, which it seemed had to be on the way with his rise it Iowa polls. Both Klobuchar and Gabbard took shots at Buttigieg and I think he handled it very well.
  4. I think they have switched to saying bribe because the term 'bribery' is specifically named in Article Two of the constitution as a crime for which the president may be impeached. But I think extortion is a more apt term for what is alleged. Only the most partisan hack would believe that extortion would not meet the threshold of "other high crimes and misdemeanors." What is alleged is an impeachable offense. Proving or disproving that allegation is now the task for congress. Impeachment is radical in the sense that it isn't used very often, but it is literally THE ONLY mechanism built into the constitution to remove a president that commits crimes without having to wait to the end of their term. As for everyone agreeing that a violation occurred, that's why both the House of Representative and the Senate are involved, and two-thirds of the Senate must vote to convict. If the House can't build a solid case during these hearings and pass articles of impeachment on to the Senate anyway, it is extremely unlikely the Senate will vote to convict.
  5. Trump is basically being accused of extortion. That's a pretty damn serious charge against a president (or anyone for that matter). I think the hearings are entirely appropriate for such a serious allegation, and I think courts should compel Pompeo, Bolton, and Guiliani to testify. Whether the house should vote to impeach and send this on to the senate or not depends on the testimony. Based on the testimony so far, the case is too thin in my mind.
  6. Fair enough. He can come across as too polished and too much of a politician.
  7. He’s not as extreme as Sanders or Warren, and not as gaffe prone as Biden. In interviews he comes across as articulate, intelligent, and optimistic. My parents are in their mid 60s and voted for Gary Johnson last election. I happened to be visiting them when an interview of Buttigieg came on one of those Sunday morning politics programs and they both remarked that “he seems presidential” and had a generally positive view of him after the program ended. Neither has any intention of voting for Trump, so they’re hoping the Democrats don’t board the extreme left crazy train and instead nominate a moderate.
  8. Diehard Lobo fans watching the game go pretty much as expected The rest of Albuquerque on Saturday night Seriously, I’m not sure most of Albuquerque knows UNM played a football game last Saturday.
  9. Wait, what happened? UNLV won? Congrats Rebs! That should cement UNM at the bottom of the rank em for the season
  10. The last guy had go 2-26, lose to an FCS on homecoming, and have his son’s friend busted for DWI in the coaches’ comp car in front of the stadium during that loss. So the bar is pretty high. Unless there’s a group of donors willing to step up and pay off the buyout today, I think Davie gets the rest of this season. If they don’t show a lot of improvement the second half of the year, I can’t see how UNM can afford to keep Davie. The minor league soccer team puts more butts in seats.
  11. Love the design of that onside kick but couldn’t recover it. That’s game. 17-10. If there’s a silver lining it is that Tuioti and the offense seemed to show some life toward the end of the game. First 3 quarters were hideous.
  12. Barring a miracle I think we’ll be in pole position for turd of the week
  13. Defense looks gassed but holds Liberty to a field goal attempt. Missed wide left. Still 17-3 Liberty with 2:00 left in the 3rd.
  14. Ugh. Lobos give up the late TD. 14-3 Liberty at the half. Lobo offense keeps self sabotaging with penalties.