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  1. FlyingLobo

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    Doug Martin compared his players yesterday to donkeys running against thoroughbreds in the Kentucky Derby. I don't care if we're down five starters. We better beat the donkeys!
  2. FlyingLobo

    Week 1 gifs

    New Mexico fans after their QB threw for over 300 yards for the first time in 8 years, but the defense gave up 30 to Incarnate Word
  3. FlyingLobo

    New Mexico vs Incarnate Word

    Four drives. Four touchdowns. 28-7 Lobos at the end of the 1st quarter.
  4. FlyingLobo

    UNM news

    Neither cross-country team was eliminated. It was Men’s soccer, both ski teams, beach volleyball, and the diving portion of the women’s swim team.
  5. FlyingLobo

    Scott Pruitt Resigned as EPA Director

    Many of Trump’s supporters were happy with him. They were willing to look past the scandals as long as he kept dismantling environmental regulations. Pruitt was an ethical dumpster fire, but he was one of the more effective appointees of Trump.
  6. FlyingLobo

    Giuliani is a walking liability for Trump

    Board won't let me delete a post. Nothing to see here Move along
  7. I'll try to sum it up as best I can. The law in question had two parts, and disagreement about the meaning of the two parts of the law is the reason for the 6-3 decision. The majority of the court interpreted part 1 of the law as prohibiting states from changing their laws to operate sports betting schemes, like a state run sports lottery. Part 2 of the law in their view was to prevent private businesses, like casinos, from operating sports betting. They found the first part of the law unconstitutional since it would prohibit states from changing their own laws and violate the anticommandeering doctrine that the federal government cannot force states to adopt or enforce federal law through state law. With the first part unconstitutional, they did not believe congress intended to authorize a scheme where states couldn't operate sports betting but private entities could. Therefore the second part of the law could not be severed from the first, and the entire law was unconstitutional. The minority interpreted part 1 as not only preventing states from operating sports betting, but preventing the states from authorizing private entities to operate sports betting. They too said this violated the anticommandeering principle and would strike down this part of the law. However, they interpreted part 2 as congress specifically making it a violation of federal law for private entities to operate sports betting. Their reasoning was that congress included the part 2, so that if someone found a way around part 1 (like it being unconstitutional), casino sports betting would still be illegal nationwide, excepting the grandfathered in places like Nevada. Part 2 could still work as congress intended, preventing private entities like casinos from operating sports gambling. In their view part 2 was severable from part 1.
  8. FlyingLobo

    Is Butch Otter the worst state governor?

    Susanna is giving him a run for his money. She's gone off the rails ever since Trump won. She had a veto overridden by the legislature a few weeks ago and retaliated by vetoing 8 bills, most of which were passed nearly unanimously. Today she vetoed all funding to state universities.
  9. Girlfriend is a Bulldog, cousin is an Aztec, but I bleed cherry and silver.