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  1. Runways 25 and 26 are actually the same heading, but named differently. I believe the master plan for the airport has adjacent parallel runways for both 25 and 26. Since you can’t have four paved runways with the same numerical designation they would need to go with 25 L/R and 26 L/R. The current naming is in anticipation of that.
  2. FAA should know there’s no runway 26 Right at Denver.
  3. Forty-three cowards. Absolutely disgusting that you can incite insurrection against the government you’re supposed to lead and get away with it.
  4. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that couldn’t figure out what the hell he was saying.
  5. Is this presentation by Trump’s attorney going anywhere? Seems like the strategy is to just waste time and tell Senators that they’re very special people.
  6. First, there’s something to clear up. A company can raise money through secondary offerings. The IPO isn’t their only chance to sell shares to the public. Not all companies need or choose to do this, but they have the option. As to your question, the market exists to facilitate the buying and selling of ownership stakes in companies. Without it you’d be advertising your 100 shares of Apple on Craigslist, or paying an agent/broker to find a buyer for your stock in private transactions. The market is sort of like the MLS that real estate agents use. It gives everyone a view
  7. If you go for the extra point, then get the ball back, the get a touchdown and go for two and fail you’re in the same place. You need another possession. If you convert that first two point attempt, get another TD and don’t get the two point conversion you’re again in need of another possession. I guess maybe it feels good to have the hope of fewer possessions until you fail a two point conversion? The only way to get the points with three touchdowns is at least two successful conversions and an extra point. It does not matter on which two touchdowns you get the conversions.
  8. I had no issue with them going for two. Down 23 at the beginning of the drive you know you are going to need three touchdowns and either two successful conversions and a PAT, or three successful conversions. When you go for the two conversions is inconsequential. You must get at least two conversions and all attempted must be successful. So you decide to go for two at the beginning of the drive. That way you know after the first drive if you need a fourth score or not. Also, if you really want to be gutsy you have the chance to win the game in three drives if you convert all th
  9. Bills O-line looking like tissue paper tonight
  10. So Schumer adding the charge of inciting an erection?
  11. Did he wear a tan suit or something?
  12. I’m looking forward to immediately wiping this game from my memory.
  13. That’s disrespectful to the word terrible.
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