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  1. Speeches are over. Time for the house to votr
  2. I saw that too. I commented to my wife that I thought Romney was trying to drill a hole in the back of Hawley’s head.
  3. That’s weak from Trump ‘GTFO of the capitol and let the house and senate do their jobs’ would have been an appropriate addition
  4. My compliments on the apropos thread title. What a nightmare for our country.
  5. I’m genuinely surprised Cotton isn’t backing the effort to oppose certification. He always seemed to me like an opportunist, happy to ride this dangerous wave of Trump populism. Maybe he thinks this madness will burn itself out after Biden’s win is certified on Wednesday and this is a way to separate him from other 2024 contenders like Cruz and Hawley. Or maybe he’s actually got some backbone and respect for our nation’s founding principles.
  6. If a Democratic president behaved similarly many Democrats would cheer him on, and for the exact same reasons so many conservatives cheer on such a thoroughly disgusting and corrupt Trump.
  7. Yup. This sums up what’s so depressing about our politics right now. For far too many Americans facts don’t matter. Policy doesn’t matter. Democracy doesn’t matter. All that matters is that their team owns the other one.
  8. Christmas Eve is always tamales with red chile and posole. Like any self respecting New Mexican.
  9. Lobos using their 5th string QB to pass for the game winning TD
  10. Glad I could make your day a little better.
  11. Science has finally solved a great mystery of the Jurassic age. Just what did dinosaur buttholes look like? http://slate.com/technology/2020/10/dinosaur-butt-fossil-discovery-cloaca.html?fbclid=IwAR1NNCi53zkUf5jahIhNs5P-YAQ6PldhDM_UoCww77jnJkbwYVuO2o2yZmg
  12. I've bought an LG washer and dryer set, Frigidaire refrigerator, and Bosch dishwasher from a local store in ABQ in the last few years. Every time they've been willing to price match identical or nearly identical models at the big chain stores.
  13. Now this is just gross Defense forces three turnovers in a row and we have zero to show for it. Three missed field goals.
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