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  1. I appreciate posters like you that do their research before posting. If you look at Azinco's uneducated posts, you can clearly see that he has no idea what he is talking about. He doesn't even know much about CSU's performance in the MWC. The majority of his posts are trolling the UNM fan base.
  2. CSU is playing .500 ball in your new digs. They're 10-15 the last two years. Quite the ROI.
  3. Those wealthy csu donors are paying dividends for you.
  4. Apparently csu doesn't have any teams. Five Men's championships in 20 years. Bwahahahaha!
  5. Sorry, gave csu too much credit. Only 5 regular season titles on the Men's side in 20 years of the league. Impressive! UNM has 8 Men's basketball titles (regular season & tourney) Csu has 1 Men's basketball tourney championship. Speaking of outdated facilities, what's up with the fallopian tubes on your basketball court?
  6. https://themw.com Get someone to count for you.
  7. Nope...16 Regular Season Men's titles for UNM, 6 Men's titles for csu. Nice try though.
  8. Yet UNM has 79 MWC championships vs CSU's 58. As WYO fans says,"CSU sucks, and will suck, for a long time."
  9. Have heard that one of the incoming freshmen will not qualify.
  10. UNM and Boise women do well in UST&F Program of the Year awards: http://www.ustfccca.org/assets/poy/1819/2018-2019-POY-Final-NCAADI.pdf
  11. So Allie ran the Steeple prelims 2 hours earlier than the 10,000 final, and you think she would have beaten Kelati in the 10,000 final? Wasn't going to happen, and probably knew it was better to go the route that she did. You saw how she performed in the 5,000 after her Steeple victory. Not sure where she finished in the 5,000, but I don't believe that she scored. A collegiate best time does not ensure that a runner is going to win a race. Kelati has a collegiate best time in the 5,000. She finished 5th in the 5,000 yesterday. Still laughing at your comment that UNM "entered girls in the Steeple for the sole purpose of taking Allie's crown". I really don't think that Coach Franklin worries about what Boise is doing. He entered girls in the Steeple that would score points. Not sure what triggered you. We were having a civil conversation about MWC Women's T&F , then all of a sudden you were butt hurt. Allie is a great talent. With the proper rest, I would also pick her to win a close race over Kelati in the 10,000. But wth do I know.
  12. lol at halfass bronco...it was a question. "What race was that"? See the question mark at the end? Is English your second language? Wasn't flaming ...didn't know that Allie ran the 10,000 since Kelati won the MWC title in that race.
  13. When did she run the "best time in the country" for the 10,000? What race was that? I know that it wasn't in the MWC outdoor final. Kelati won that race.
  14. Ostrander is an amazing runner. The MWC has Ostrander, Kelati, Kurgat, and Cohen in the upcoming 5000. Any other MWC runners in that race?
  15. Too bad Edna finished just outside of the scoring in the 10,000. UNM could have used those points.