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  1. Grammer also said that Hendrix is enrolled at UNM but that there is no scholarship for him. Hendrix had to be enrolled by today, the 12th day after the semester started, "just in case" he decides to stay. Sound like Hendrix still hasn't decided.
  2. Very, very bad UTEP and UNM teams. Everyone is beating UNM this year. Last years UNM team was better than this one. That's what UNM gets for hiring a coach from a conference where it is easy to win.(WAC Conference) What do you think of UNM's pick up of Vante Hendrix today?
  3. He had to enroll in classes by the 12th day after the semester started. Tomorrow is day 12. He is enrolled in online classes. No guarantee that he will remain at UNM. He still hasn't made up his mind. If he stays, he won't be on scholarship. This is all per Geoff Grammar.
  4. There is a post on the Lobo Lair that says Hendrix is enrolled at UNM. UNM is loading up on some nice talent, but can Weir coach 'em up?
  5. stchas

    Air Force vs Boise State

    Don't know what game you were watching, but AF never had a 12 pt lead in that game vs UNM. Congrats on the AF win vs Boise. https://golobos.com/news/2019/1/2/mens-basketball-lobos-open-mw-play-1-0-top-air-force-65-58.aspx?path=mbball
  6. stchas

    The Exodus at UNM Has Already Begun?

    Geoff Grammer has just reported that Ezzedine will withdraw from classes immediately and pursue a career overseas. Good luck to him. In other new, Jaquan Lyle ran at the PIT today for the first time since surgery.
  7. stchas

    WAC over MWC

    Your posters participating on this board is about as close as nmsu will get to the MWC. Like "Hair" Thompson said, ..."the aggies should go to plan B"
  8. stchas

    WAC over MWC

    nmsu lost to a flat Kansas team that didn't have Azubike who was out with an injury. nmsu would be a middle of the pack team in the MWC. Why do you want to move to the MWC where you would never go to an NCAA tourney? Heck, you probably wouldn't win a championship in any sport. I don't see a vulnerable nmsu in the tourney this year. UVU, GCU, or Bakersfield will probably get home wins vs the aggies this year. Someone else could beat the aggies in the WAC tourney this year. Maybe an NIT at large bid?
  9. stchas

    WAC over MWC

    Shows you how much UNM basketball has regressed. Congrats on beating a bad UNM team. You must be proud. What is that now for the aggies? Seven wins in the last 24 games vs UNM?
  10. stchas

    WAC over MWC

    Yep...nmsu hasn't won a game in the tourney that wasn't vacated since 1970 when they won a consolation game vs St. Bonaventure.
  11. stchas

    Would New Mexico bring back Alford?

    Actually, your athletic dept begged out of the Rio Grande Rivalry. UNM was told by nmsu that nmsu "no longer recognizes the results" of the series. I shouldn't list wins over nmsu as an accomplishment anyway. Do you think that Jordan will interview for the UNM head volleyball coaching position?
  12. stchas

    Would New Mexico bring back Alford?

    Let's see... 2nd most MWC all time championships behind SDSU, 3 National Championships in Women's Cross Country and Skiing, final 4 in Men's Soccer and played in a National Championship game in Men's Soccer, never lost a Rio Grande Rivalry series to nmsu, since joining the MWC UNM has the second most Men's basketball championships 2nd only to SDSU, also since joining the MWC UNM has a winning record at the PAN Am Ctr, leads head to head series in all sports vs nmsu( even your best sport volleyball). Those were just of the top of my head.
  13. stchas

    Would New Mexico bring back Alford?

    Hey Pojo Pops, Where does your "storied program" rank on this list? Searching...searching...oh there you are! #95! collegebasketball.ap.org/top100 UNM-55 nmsu-95
  14. stchas

    Would New Mexico bring back Alford?

    Nope... The sweet 16 became a thing when the tourney expanded to 64 teams. nmsu is not a storied program. They have seven NCAA victories counting your two consolation victories. You do however rank 6th all time on the vacated and forfeited game list. Plz tell me how many sweet 16's you have. If you have 5 wins, excluding your consolation wins, and 3 of those wins came in the 1970 tourney during the final 4 run, how does two more wins get you three more sweet 16's?(I have seen nmsu mktg claim that they have 4 sweet 16's) https://www.syracuse.com/orangebasketball/index.ssf/2016/03/which_teams_have_been_to_the_most_sweet_16s_where_does_syracuse_rank.html
  15. stchas

    Would New Mexico bring back Alford?

    Pojoaque Posse, Plz show me where nmsu has a sweet 16 that wasn't vacated. Anything before 1985 is not called a sweet 16. nmsu has not won a game in the tourney that hasn't been vacated since their final 4 run. That win was in a consolation game which is the equivalent of a soccer friendly. The NCAA did away with consolation games back in the '70's. So, nmsu has about 5 legitimate wins in the tourney. 4 wins in 69-70 tourney (1 consolation game win) 1 win in 68-69 tourney 2 wins in 67-68 tourney(1 consolation win) all tourney wins and losses in 91-92, 92-93, 93-94 vacated (along with 30 games in 97-98 & 28 games in 96-97 seasons) Sounds like UNM has more tourney wins than nmsu.