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  1. NewMexicoBowl...Rocky Long and DannyGonzales doing commentary. https://www.facebook.com/NewMexicoLobos/videos/228395375137993/
  2. Hopefully his attitude is not similar to that of his brother.(Vante Hendrix-UNM)
  3. Neal was the man in charge of that epic melt down. UNM went on to win the tourney conference championship game in a rematch vs the Aztecs, most likely the game that the earlier poster was referring to. UNM beat the Aztecs twice that year. Los Lobos haven't been worth a damn since that year.
  4. just a slight correction. UNM won by one at NMSU for its 7th victory in the PanAm in the last 10 years. UNM beat nmsu in the PIT by seven(69-62), not by three as you state. Weir won 28 to 30 games in his lone year at nmsu. Not sure of the exact number. Shows you how easy it is to win at nmsu in that conference.
  5. Saw that as well. Mentioned that he is rumored to be returning as a coordinator, or in a fund raising capacity.
  6. BSU is much improved. That's got to hurt for BSU Cross Country fans. So close.
  7. Would be that be the same "juggernaut New Mexico" team that has won 4 of the last 5 vs the AFA?
  8. Maybe you are a young guy, but UNM's basketball tradition has a lot to do with their NIT success. Up until about 1970, the NIT was considered the better of the two tournaments. In 1970 Al Mcquire declined an invite to the NCAA to play in the NIT so his Marquette Warriors could play closer to home. https://maconlikebacon.wordpress.com/the-ncaa/
  9. Other than your 1970 final four appearance in a 25 team tourney, what history do you have? NMSU does hold the distinction of being in the top 10 for most vacated games in NCAA history.(64 games?) Their only Sweet 16 appearance in 1992 was vacated by the NCAA, and NMSU hasn't won a game in the tourney since 1970. So,...what are you talking about?
  10. You do realize that CSU's best player, Clavell, did not play in the first game vs the Aggies don't you? The eye test tells me that there are six teams in the MWC better than nmsu. You don't want to move to the MWC. You would never sniff the NCAA tourney.
  11. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Get a life. My gawd, it's only sports!
  12. Lol! Yeah... the Associate Head Coach "transferred". Your sports IQ is zero. Stop posting.
  13. Especially anything that comes from you or NYC Lobo.
  14. They have four stores in Albuquerque and are opening a fifth in the spring. According to this mornings edition of the Albuquerque Journal,Wise Pies announced Wednesday,(yesterday) that they had reached agreements with three new franchise groups to open 23 locations in Arizona, Nevada, Farmington and Gallup NM.