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  1. Sounds like there is a player on the team that may qualify for an academic scholarship. My guess would be Vladi. That would put them at one over. I hope Drinnon sticks it out. He can't guard , but Mathis is a lights out shooter Sage. Not too many of those anywhere.
  2. granted another year of eligibility by the NCAA. https://golobos.com/news/2019/4/17/mens-basketball-mathis-returns-for-one-more-season.aspx
  3. Huh? What WAC coach was "swooped up by the MWC?
  4. http://warrennolan.com/basketball/2019/conferencenet
  5. This sounds like your usual speculation. I remember Weir saying that if there was a silver lining in Lyle getting hurt, it was that he would be able to graduate by coming back next year. Lyle's plan, according to Weir, was to perhaps go professional after this season if he had a good year. Weir said that if that would have happened he would have left school before he had the hours to graduate. Weir said all of this in one of his preseason press conferences if you want to look for it. You also failed to mention Vonte (sp) Hendrix as a notable transfer. He is enrolled and taking online classes at UNM as of now.
  6. Wyoming is a solid team both defensively and fundamentally. It will be tough for UNM to beat them three times in a season.
  7. She drives me nuts. She averages a bit more that 5.5 turnovers/game. What is so maddening is that it's the same type of turnovers every game for her. She doesn't learn.
  8. stchas

    MWC vs WAC

    You seem like a sensible fan. One nmsu fan, "Loobh8r", said that nmsu would beat Nevada 3 out of 5 times on a neutral court".
  9. stchas

    MWC vs WAC

    Was posted 12 hrs. ago. How did you do this last week?
  10. I saw this thread on the nmsu aggie board. The aggies are a delusional bunch. What say you MWC brethren? https://247sports.com/college/new-mexico-state/Board/103615/Contents/MW-vs-WAC-Who-wins-129363592/
  11. Grammer also said that Hendrix is enrolled at UNM but that there is no scholarship for him. Hendrix had to be enrolled by today, the 12th day after the semester started, "just in case" he decides to stay. Sound like Hendrix still hasn't decided.
  12. Very, very bad UTEP and UNM teams. Everyone is beating UNM this year. Last years UNM team was better than this one. That's what UNM gets for hiring a coach from a conference where it is easy to win.(WAC Conference) What do you think of UNM's pick up of Vante Hendrix today?
  13. He had to enroll in classes by the 12th day after the semester started. Tomorrow is day 12. He is enrolled in online classes. No guarantee that he will remain at UNM. He still hasn't made up his mind. If he stays, he won't be on scholarship. This is all per Geoff Grammar.
  14. There is a post on the Lobo Lair that says Hendrix is enrolled at UNM. UNM is loading up on some nice talent, but can Weir coach 'em up?