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  1. just a slight correction. UNM won by one at NMSU for its 7th victory in the PanAm in the last 10 years. UNM beat nmsu in the PIT by seven(69-62), not by three as you state. Weir won 28 to 30 games in his lone year at nmsu. Not sure of the exact number. Shows you how easy it is to win at nmsu in that conference.
  2. Saw that as well. Mentioned that he is rumored to be returning as a coordinator, or in a fund raising capacity.
  3. Geez...let me help you out. . 47 Regular and Tourney combined MWC championships . 2 Women's Cross Country Team National Championships . 2 individual Women's Cross Country National Champions(Kurgat & Kelati) . 15 Individual National Champions . 5 top 20 National finishes in Women's Indoor and Outdoor T&F( #5 indoor 2019, #8 Outdoor 2019) . 3 individual Outdoor National Champion(Kelati, Freirichs. Kerr) . 4 individual National Champions Indoor Track (Men) . 4 appearances in the Men's NCAA Basketball Tourney . 5 Baseball appearances in the NCAA tourney . Men's Soccer, 3 Sweet 16's, 1 Elite 8. 1 Final Four . 2 New Mexico Bowl game appearances Not as bad as you might think.
  4. Looking forward to the game as well. Anticipating another close game. Something just not right with UNM. Offense is stagnant, and they can't guard. Should be a well attended game. Some are saying that it will be close to a sell out with the help of the local Aggie fans.
  5. Much ado about nothing. I have a good idea about who this disgruntled parent is. You probably do as well. Not going to mention names though.
  6. Per Enchantment Sports: URGENT UPDATE (1:15 p.m/10/24): The New Mexico Bowl wesbite no longer includes DreamHouse as a sponsor or on its logo. ESPN and bowl representatives have not returned messages from Enchantment Sports seeking expl
  7. Just found his buyout number which is $880,604.00.
  8. Lobonado is echoing what Kevin Sweeney of College Basketball Central stated on his podcast. "UNM may have the most talented mid major basketball roster in the country, but can Paul Weir coach." https://cbbcentral.com/2019/08/19/deep-dives-arkansas-and-new-mexico/
  9. Geoff Grammer picks(Lobo beat writer) 1) USU, 2) UNM, 3) SDSU, 4) Boise, 5) Nevada, 6) AFA, 7) Fresno, 8) UNLV, 9) CSU, 10) WYO, 11) SJSU
  10. Nmsu has had the better basketball team the last two years vs a rebuilding Paul Weir team. As a member of the MWC, UNM has a 24-16 record vs nmsu. (11-9 at the Pan AM,13-7 at the PIT) Nmsu has won only 7 games vs UNM in the last decade. (five in the last three years) NMSU has a .500 record vs MWC opponents at the Pan AM. Nmsu is 20-32 vs the MWC all time. I don't think nmsu would fare well in the MWC. "Best basketball team in the state" the last two years definitely. Historically...nope. Didn't mean to hijack this football thread, but had to react to Pojo's ludicrous statement.
  11. What? You really don't remember specifics.
  12. HA...where do you get this stuff? The capacity at the Soccer complex is only 6200.