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  1. Ross vs Oak. TB's D is playing very well. Those choices look like mine. Not good.
  2. In other words set it up like every other fantasy football league in the goddamn Nation... here here
  3. I've been to Fresno. I'll stop there. Because I think that is an argument- ending-statement. Fresno... California...
  4. Oh shut up. I've played fantasy for years... and never been in a league that gives you a second shot. That's like saying the college playoffs, NFL playoffs aren't formatted right because it's single play elimination. This... unlike every format known to football... is not single elimination But... I totally get why you are for it. Because you lost.. in week 1 of the playoffs... and are in the championship... Makes sense .... for you. But no matter... I consider both of you losers, in my book. Cheers. 🍻
  5. It was a blast! I appreciated it very much! I'm just flippin ya chit! The Dolphins win did it all for me.
  6. I feel like BSU. What Fresno State game was more important. That format sucks. 2 shots at the same team. Booo. Good luck... to the two 2 teams who lost last week. Booo.
  7. How come I can't find our scores? I'm still reading the scoreboard from last week. Signed, village idiot
  8. I'm still waiting to hear on Melvin's health. I need him. Your run was like the Patriots... that was impressive.
  9. Well I would say Cousins will kick ass all year for you. I think I can manage. Having Goff, Mahomes and Cam Newton... that's some offensive power... I would want a WR for a QB. As you can see - my stable is most impressive.
  10. I've got Goth and Cam Newton... You've got a #1 wr... Trade... anyone?