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  1. Can you name 1 thing you've attracted in your life? Not contracted... attracted.
  2. Boise State at Wyoming

    Well... it's obvious to me from this thread that the Wyoming fans are more active in their dating lives.
  3. I-D-A-H-O Idaho Idaho Go Go Go

    Sin gonna disappear in the Sawtooths.
  4. BSU vs IDAHO

    Born bloody on the blue
  5. BSU vs IDAHO

    Your birth confused your mom... She's wondering how such a huge piece of shit came from her vagina when all the other gigantic shits she took came from her ass. It's the only reason you are her favorite piece of shit... otherwise... you'd be just like every other piece of shit she produced... big... smelly... and corn filled... YOU, on the other hand... are big... smelly... BLOODY! and corn filled.
  6. BSU vs IDAHO

    And Taco Bell named their biggest Taco after your mom: The $3 Big Meaty Taco Supreme w/ Special Sauce Some say that Taco smelled so bad... that when your mom was with child, he couldn't stand the smell so he jumped out and was... @bornontheblue
  7. BSU vs IDAHO

    When I was a kid... the TV had Grizzly Bear Pizza... back in the day. Root beer and a slice of pizza.
  8. BSU vs IDAHO

    I enjoyed my time there... GDI people tip far better than Greek...
  9. BSU vs IDAHO

    Judging from your posts in this thread... I'll take your word for it... bitch. Edit: well I guessed wrong. Shame on you.
  10. BSU vs IDAHO

    Oh let me +++++in tell you I'm not phucking dissin you for even 1 +++++in second. It was the dream job. I actually spent alot of time in Chasers... and in the University Inn... the Pantry... I'm mean... get the +++++ outta here... I was Pizza Pipeline and Memorial Gym Weightroom (work study)... so that's where I'm at... Shit... But... as far as work study goes... Memorial Gym Weightroom... come on... that's the diggs.
  11. BSU vs IDAHO

    Chasers... LOL Fuk... that McBride shit is funny too...!
  12. I-D-A-H-O Idaho Idaho Go Go Go

    Sounds like you can explain it, but why waste your time. I mean... given the insight online behavior sheds on where humans are psychologically... it's tough to waste your time on anything but what has been ingrained in society. Right? Bunch of fukin sheep. Sounds like you have my attention, 100%. Missing 411... excellent study on the purposeful lack of any list or database of missing persons in our Nation's forests... It happens in Idaho all the time. I can tell you that in this state, in the last 5 years... there have been some strange disappearances... and strange deaths... When a person goes missing in the forest... they are reported heavily at first... they taper off... no follow up... and the forest they disappear in DOES NOT keep a list. But always remember that humans are the most superior animal on the planet. It knows everything about the planet. We have proven everything there is to prove. Now please kneel, as we pray to the male God.
  13. I-D-A-H-O Idaho Idaho Go Go Go

    If Sasquatch decides to grab you and run off with you... the news will report it as you being lost... If a Sasquatch decides to take you... there isn't a thing you can do about it. It's their woods... it's like having a Tiger Shark circle you in the ocean...
  14. BSU vs IDAHO

    Oh... so you aren't 27... because you are white... under 6 ft... weak... and we both know you've never been laid so the kid and ex thing was...well - I was trying to help you out. Accountant equals... BORING... <--- and this is why you are not my equal. So go ahead and call me a fool... a dunce... a moron... That is just you saying the same thing, 3 times... which is stupid... Try this... "You are a fool, a weakling and incredibly ugly..." <--- See how I don't mix words... how I cover all areas... your intelligence, strength and looks. It's more effective. "CREATING AN IMAGE OF A MESSAGE BOARD LEGEND" You're funny... Call it what you want... I'm here to troll donks... if you want to call me a Legend, go ahead... It doesn't surprise me considering your worship of 18-21 year olds...
  15. BSU vs IDAHO

    Your reality is awesome. The more you HA HA HA... the more I'm getting to you. Dude... go out side... build a snowman... so you have company for Christmas. You are more sad than anything... PS - do not rape your snowman. Let it alone. Build it... and then walk away... resist your urges.