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  1. Looks like Portland was pretty peaceful last night now that the feds stopped provoking them... Weird, who could have guessed it? https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/07/changing-of-the-guard-oregon-state-troopers-start-duty-at-federal-courthouse-in-portland-quiet-so-far.html
  2. Hey Bob. In you list of points how are 1 and 2 both true? They aren't effective yet are dangerous for people to wear. Either they restrict airflow or they don't. Which is it?
  3. This is some grade A satire of the dumb things an anti-masker would say, Bravo. Oh wait.....
  4. On the other hand I can find many examples of my next team being sad. And just for fun Tennessee @happycamper You're up
  5. Well I gave @fbpack another day to make his pick. I need to pick today since I most likely won't be online over the weekend. UAB I can't find a Gif of their fans being upset at being picked by me so here's a sad dragon thinking about the blazers being on my team. @tspoke You're up
  6. 15-20 years ago he had cancer. He didn't currently. It put him in a higher risk category but are you suggesting he died of cancer?
  7. I'm not disagreeing. I'm just saying politically it won't happen on a national scale. Got too many people like the others who replied to you saying we already tried this and it didn't work.
  8. @fbpack I picked Auburn with my first pick I'll wait a while for you to make your pick...Just don't pick who I am going to pick.
  9. According to Trump schools are safe to open the economy should be opening because it's safe. Covid is not that big of deal except when it comes to voting. So you are right with it being high comedy just in the opposite way you believe. As others have pointed out, the fact others want mail in voting basically negates your point.
  10. I agree that we won't do this again but it probably would work a lot better now that we ah e increased testing capabilities in place.... Shut everything down and encourage massive testing. Would go a long ways to sniffing this out. But we won't do it again. Would have been nice if like other countries we had adequate testing the first time we shut down (not really shut down)
  11. For the vast majority of the country there is virtually no difference between the two. Especially as far as how secure they are. Most places they are the exact same thing. Trump just has to rail against mail in voting while saying it is OK that he and his staff have voted through the mail many times. Also this is obviously just an attempt to deflect from the economic news.. He tweeted just a couple minutes after the economic news came out.
  12. The cubs games I have watched on Fox then the local cubs have been pretty good.
  13. I enjoyed it. But in a "This is ridiculous" way. Its silly and stupid but as the announcers said during the broadcast. This year we may as well embrace the weird. On the otherhand the fake crowd noise really helps the game seem like a normal game. even if it is just a slight background hum. Its better than complete silence.
  14. Here he is yesterday giving a speech and fielding questions for an hour. I'm sure you'll say he didnt have any difficult questions but this isn't him hiding out or only sitting down for easy interviews... I only watched a bit jumping around but I don't see any of the mental decline people are trying to attribute to him. Joe wasn't anywhere near my first choice but I have no problem with him being president.
  15. Hey look at that... Bob and I agree on something..... Although I bet its not for exactly the same reasons.
  16. These ones....ie the only ones the gop can get to speak for them. I guess when you haven't been famous for anything other than supporting trump for many years, I guess you stop being a actor/singer and become a political commentator.
  17. I would agree. And I think the show does a decent job conveying it. There is a difference between antagonist and villain. I think Burr is definitely the antagonist of the show since Hamilton is the protagonist but I don't think they make Burr a villain. Of course I always find empathy for the "villains" of movies/tv shows so maybe its just me. I mean Giaus Baltar is maybe my favorite character in Battlestar Galatica and John Smith was my favorite character in "Man in High Castle"
  18. Ugh.... Why do these celebrities think we care about what they have to say... I'm really tired of all these famous people giving their political opinions... Who cares.... Shut up and act(or sing)
  19. It was a good commercial.
  20. Jeezuz I didn't know they were trying to say absentee is fine but mail in is bad. Gotta make excuses why it's Ok for them to do it but not others..... It's exactly the same.
  21. It's Weird how people act like hating Trump is like some personality trait that some just has for no reason...... Like anytime a conservative criticizes him, the defense is"well he's a never Trumper so his opinion doesn't matter" as if they turn on members of their own party if not for a good reason. This isn't worse because trump did it.... Trump is worse because he did this. The previous separations were done in an effort to protect kids from potential traffickers and they made attempts to reunite them. Trumo/Miller's policy was to separate as punishment..... Then they lost some of the kids because they didn't keep records. Kids were abused and died. This should not be downplayed..... +++++ Stephen Miller.
  22. The story was it was moms of the protestors? I just read that they were moms. Nothing about them actually being the moms of the protestors. that's silly. It comes from the thought that moms are their to protect kids even if they aren't their own.
  23. Well he still managed to wish a sex trafficker well, so there's that.
  24. Did they catch the people in your first link? Are they investigating this or just rounding up people on the street wearing black with masks on at a protest? As far as the second link, it looks like they caught the guy and he is in some deep shit. As he should be. Feds didn't have to around rounding anybody up. Others have replied enough to this but didn't want to dissappear without replying. The arguments for this seem to be going in circles for weeks. Not much is gained from it anymore. The more we talk about how they are protesting, the less we talk about why they are protesting.