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  1. No biggie. There are a bunch of Baldwins. DOn't know how I know Adam isn't one of them. I enjoy Adam Baldwin from "Firefly" and "Chuck" and thought he was a "Baldwin" but then at some point looked it up or heard that he wasn't one and that bit of useless knowledge stayed in my head.
  2. Hilarious.....get it...someone died in a tragic accident where many people probably share some responsibility but lets make a joke on a shirt because I don't like this guy...Hilarious.
  3. The tweet about his kid was in 2015. So I am assuming the kid is fine. It was just showing his change in attitude from when it wa his kid to when it became political. I do feel bad for his wife though.
  4. I haven't seen it yet. I saw an article about saying there was stuff about"you can shoot a black person but better not hurt a gay person's feelings. "and how he seems to be putting black people vs gay people. I thought it was a well written article. I'll try to find it.. It was CNN. I love Dave Chappelle and the only reason I have read an article about it without forming my own opinion is time. But I agree with others that claim his Schick is getti g old if he is going to just talk about lgbtq stuff and cancel culture. I did see how the Netflix president defended him by saying that their
  5. Yeah seemed like he was tying the holocaust to bad things America was doing, then thinking it would make the "libs" want to stop talking about it.... The same "libs" who supposedly hate America and only talk about how bad it is.
  6. I didn't watch the clip so yeah my bad. I was making the point in general but nevermind.
  7. But when people are going to the feed store and specifically buying ivermectin marketed and prepared as horse dewormer it is entirely accurate to say they are taking horse dewormer. And I don't really think we disagree here but you wer the last person mentioning this thread. But I keep seeing people saying "its not horse dewormer just because that is one of the things it is used as" but when you are purchasing a package that has a horse on it meant to remove worms from said horse....you are buying horse dewormer.
  8. I was gonna respond to his question "But are there a large number of sexual assaults in that demographic?" Yes but they are the victims. But thank you for doing it more eloquestnly and doing the homework with links.
  9. Yeah. 5-7 years ago we were seeing some of the houses in our neighborhood being built and my wife said to me "can you believe they are spending that much on a house without a finished basement" now we are spending more than double(slightly bigger and with a finished basement but still)
  10. Complaining about nobody wanting to come do this work while at the same time complaing about how hard the work is(while probably making more than $14/hr....brilliant.
  11. We are building and buying a house right now. Just getting started. It is really crazy. Our price is crazy but we don't really have much choice. We have outgrown our house and have a new baby getting here in a month. The housing market is insane in Cheyenne and any house we could upgrade to without building would require at least another 100k put into it and good luck finding anyone to do the work at a reasonable rate. We are choosing to pay extra to get what we want and will be happy in forever or at least until we raise our kids and can downsize. The plus size is we are going to make a killi
  12. JP Morgan Chase CEO JAmie Dimon is much more positive on the labor market and supply chain problems than the people here. THis makes me feel much better. I don't know much about him or anything and he could be very wrong but it is someone who probably has a decent idea about this stuff at least better than most here including me. Jamie Dimon says worst of pandemic may soon be over - CNN Hope hes right.
  13. Reduce unemployment so people are forced to take any shit job for any shit pay that is offered. When the expanded UE went away in September it didn't have an effect on employment so I don't think the employment issue are people just living large at home off theri HUGE UE checks not wanting to work. People are staying out of jobs that aren't paying enough for how shit they are and moving on to better jobs. It will cause some issues in the short term but will figure itself out I think, and better for workers. Supply chain issues are deeper than just not enough people. In the la
  14. YEah they don't really line up but they kinda do. CEO is blaming air traffic control and weather. and the union is blaming the management for not having better systems in place to deal with issues caused by things like the weather. At least that is how I am reading it. So of course the CEO won't admit to that. Is there more going on here? Maybe, Probably? But I don't think this has anything to do with a COVID mandate.
  15. Bisexual Superman Ruins Comic For Fan Who Preferred Smoldering Homoerotic Undertones (theonion.com)
  16. According to the SWA pilots union, the delays had nothing to do with pilots resigning or calling in sick in protest of the vacinne mandate. Just run of the mill mis management from the airline. Southwest pilots' union president blames airline for widespread cancellations: "We've been sounding this alarm for about four years" - CBS News
  17. Sorry SJSU fans. I have no beef with you but he set that up pretty good.
  18. I think you let the media control too much about what you think. I don't pay too close attention to any of it. I check different news sites throughout the day. Never watch news programs. I don't trust them but I do t believe they are some big bad trying to shape us. They are motivated by profit like most people. That means chasing the stories that get clicks.
  19. Isn't it more of an indictment of society than the media? THey run what gets them clicks/views/ratings and as HMHB said when bad things happen to pretty white girls, it sells. I agree that it is incredibly sad what happens on the reservations and to women of color more generally don't get the coverage of missing or murdered white girls but I see it more as the fault of society than turning it into some sort of cudgel against the media.
  20. I think this is the article you are mentioning. Came out today. https://theathletic.com/2826426/2021/09/15/conference-realignments-next-steps-what-im-hearing-about-the-american-sun-belt-and-more-in-the-group-of-5?source=user-shared-article Says aac is still the best g5 conference using certain rankings. Gives a bunch of options for expasion for the aac. Mentions a western move but says would probably be unlikely but some sources said they were listening. Says the mwc would probably hold pat unless Boise made a move as big 12 didn't say they were done expanding.
  21. I keep seeing this brought up and it is misleading at best. THe reason they said this was because at the time it seemed like we were on a pace to get the vaccines out in December JAnuary(like they ultimately did). THat was the timeline for quite a while. the quickest it could happen. Then in one of his stream of conscious ramblings, Trump said something along the lines of maybe I can get them to approve it in October. Which would have been doing exactly what the the Qs are claiming the FDA did anyway. Speed up the approval process without enough testing. That is when some politicians came out
  22. I think Biden took a page from texas's playbook.... It doesn't matter if it is constitutional. Just like the abortion law is about putting pressure on abortion providers and scare them into closing or not providing abortions,this rule will cause(or give cover to) many companies to put in their own vaccine requirements which are legal and by the time we get very far in the courts,the effects will already be felt for the better. Personally I don't really like it but I don't think it is too big of a deal and any sort of slippery slope.
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