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  1. Oops. It was Billy MItchell listed. Didn't realize I wrote Billy Williams(Guess the cubs fan in me took over). I edited my post. Thanks for the catch. And yeah last I heard he lost every one of his records due to finding evidence of cheating. Haha. One of my favorite documentaries. Such a clear villain with Billy. A better one couldn't have been written up in a regular movie. and the "protagonist" is such a likeable guy. It pulls you into this crazy, stupid world of video gamee world records and makes you care about it.
  2. I see they had to come out with a clarification that the William "Billy" Mitchell was the Army general and father of the Air Force, not the Donkey Kong player from "King of Kong"
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings. Except that may ruin his rep in buffalo(not sure how people in Buffalo feel about BWW but I don't imagine it is highly thought of).
  4. That's a good question. I don't quite remember why Wyoming is a Science. I do know that at Wyoming economics is in the college of Business where most Universities have it in the arts and science college. We have a department of Economics and finance while other schools have a department of finance in the Business college and a department of economics in the A&S college.
  5. Nah.... It's way too hard..... My wife did it in college and right after.... Like many people do.... Like AOC did... Then she moved on to a better job using her experience as a bartender. It's weird that Republicans talk about the elite left but at the same time make fun of a hard working bartender that built herself up into a representative.
  6. Agreed as far as real world experience a bartender is much closer to the experience of her constituents than being a college football coach.
  7. Real life experience as in being a college football coach? Not really real life experience many people can identify with. Vs having experience working in the service industry. Which has more "real life experience"?
  8. From where? Minorities? Liberals? Democrats? Young people? I doubt it. I think he got a some new asshole voters that never voted before but liked his bigoted strong man talk. Not a great recruitment drive. And he drove off more Republicans than he brought in.
  9. I agree with your thoughts on governments role in certain markets and your examples of pollution. I think markets are great(I'm an economist) but not all markets are efficient and there is a role of government to regulate markets to make them more efficient. Sure there are plenty of bad regulations that don't do this but the goal is to make markets function better. Like pollution regulation that put the cost of polluting back on to the company doing it by making them mitigate their pollution instead of just dumping it in the river where the local residents end up paying for the pollution throu
  10. I guess I was asked to chime in. Very pro libertarian. Voted libertarian for president more than any other party. Big fan of Gary Johnson. They get some kooks... Especially now with republicans that don't want to admit they are Republicans but overall good people.. Should have more in government.
  11. The guy walking into Fort Knox with a knife trying to steal all the gold has no chance of getting away with it so we should let him go.
  12. 300 a month wouldn't be the deciding factor in me wanting another kid. You're not going to be running a get rich quick scheme by having lots of kids.
  13. I think that's his point about switching servers/domains. You do what you have to do to keep going... If you are controversial you can't expect it to be easy. Quit complaining and do what you have to do.
  14. Thought this headline was funny...... There is more to it than and TPB has had stretches it was down but its kinda true. Just do what you need to do to keep your website up if you want it the way you want it. https://www.vice.com/en/article/3an7pn/pirate-bay-founder-thinks-parlers-inability-to-stay-online-is-embarrassing
  15. Not sure why stunner keeps quoting me when he posts greenwalds rants. I just made a silly joke about the being the same person but whatever. Carry on. But let me ask this, what is the end game? Do people want the government to force google, apple, AWS to have to host websites/apps that they don't want associated with them? I get not liking them having the power but it is up to them if they want to host such things. I don't really see a solution that isn't much worse.
  16. I tried to get an xbox early but then decided screw it, and build a PC. The problem I have with bulding a PC (and is why I held off doing it so long) is I have a hard time not getting the best part. "Its only 50 dollars more, I'll get the better part" That adds up over time so I ended up spending around $2000 n my PC. Little did I know these were harder to come by than an Xbox. But, I was able to score one off of amazon by following a discord server that gives notifications when cards go live. I ordered it beginning of December and only last week did I get a delivery date. It should b
  17. NM don't know what I was posting here last night.
  18. Others and I have posted this in other threads but thought it was worthy of its own thread to get more views. He nails it and has some good personal experiences he talks about.
  19. Didn't like Hilary either but figured she would win. Voted for Gary Johnson because I liked him and figured in wyoming he had a better shot at beating trump than Hilary. Not like it mattered.
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