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  1. Are there criminals that deserve to die? Yes. BUt should we as a society do it? I say no. It is no deterrent to other criminals, it is a revenge killing and as a society we should be above it. I always see people ask" What if it was your kid/wife/parents?(who were murdered) Wouldn't you want the killer dead?" Your god damn right I would but that doesn't mean that society should grant my wishes for revenge. And that is if we would know 100% that we are only convicting the guilty and there is no overall bias in convictions, which we know isn't the case.
  2. El Donald -&- "Due Process"

    So the investigation was done in July and he wasn't given security clearance so the WH asked for it to be looked at again so they did and finished in November and he still wasn't given security clearance but still had complete access to all the info Trump saw. The FBI closed the case in January(which doesn't mean they were still working on it till then they finished in November they just took to January to administrately close the case. If he couldn't be given his security clearance he shouldn't have remained on but instead they were looking to promote him more right up until the story broke about him. The WH messed this up big time and Kelly in particular. And in my opinion it shows how the administration feels about security clearances and its scary.
  3. I don't think he is championing any idea. Just explaining why moving isn't as easy for most people as you make it sound.
  4. You're assuming people don't move. For every person in Latin America leaving a shitty situation to come here there are many more who don't or can't(don't have the funds/ability or just have their own reasons keeping them where they are). I'm sure their are plenty of people that do move out of shitty areas in this country to find work and a better life but that still leaves many more behind who don't or can't for similar reasons as the foreign born people. Moving across the country (or to another country) is a hard thing to do, its costs money and it takes a lot of guts and faith that it will work out. SPending a lot of money to move to a place where there is no guarantee for a better life(a job isn't magically given to you as you come into town) is a very big risk and I applaud people who can and do try but I don't blame people that don't.
  5. Never too early for WAY too early projections

    I don't think Chambers has a chance to start this fall. He has too far to come. I think he could end up being good but I think some of our fans are putting too much on him. He has some athletic talent and a good arm but this kid couldn't complete over 50% of his passes in HS. He can grow into a good qb but there is no way he will be ready this fall.IMO. I think TVW will be ready to go and will be a decent replacement with potential to grow into a great QB. Overall I think our offense will be better due to improving at every position other than QB(same players getting better and better players taking over)
  6. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    I didn't play tackle football till JR High. Never had the option in my small town. Never felt like I missed out on anything. I'm fine with no tackle before HS or JRH. No big deal.
  7. Something we ALL can get behind

    I'm all for ending the season on divisional games but I really don't need to play rivalry games in the last weekend. We have done it with CSU some years and it doesn't work well for either school(or at least UW, don't want to assume for CSU but it seemed that way from what I remember). Its Thanksgiving weekend and students have gone home which hurts attendance. Having a rivalry game on the last weekend doesn't do anything to make the game bigger for me. Its as big in October as it would be on thanksgiving.
  8. Trump will not release Democrat meno

    And this is different than the nunes memo how? They had problems with releasing it too but trump did anyway. This is how we all knew what the would play out. He released the nunes memo cuz it helped him and refuses to release this one cuz it hurts his bs story of fbi corruption.
  9. I know that's why my post was mainly TIC.....But any chance to talk about Kenny Sailors has to be taken.
  10. I mean you guys are forgetting a man who the NBA and basketball wouldn't exist in its current form without.........Kenny Sailors. (I'm a Wyoming fan so I have to get Kenny into any discussion about greatness of basketball players)
  11. Saying McCain was only a hero cause he was captured and that he likes people who weren't captured is disrespectful to all POW's not just McCain.
  12. Looks like only one Senator is worth a shit

    I agree he seems to be better than the rest but this is a bit of grandstanding. If he was so concerned about the deficit why did he vote for the tax cuts that add a trillion dollars to it? Sure you could say cutting taxes and cutting spending is very libertarian so it fits with him but he knew they weren't going to cut spending especially enough to make a dent in the deficit or even cover the cost of the tax bill. So I appreciate that he was drawing attention to it, he knew the bill was passing and was making a scene but with the tax bill he had no trouble ballooning the debt.
  13. Government Shutdown 2018 2.0

    I agree she's grandstanding(or trying to win back the house members that are strong pro immigration) but the house only passed a CR yesterday. They will have still have to vote on the senate bill.
  14. Government Shutdown 2018 2.0

    In fairness, from what I read she was only asking to have the same guarantee that McConnell gave the senate of having a vote after the budget. Still would be silly of them to hold up the vote cuz now if the budget isn't passed it is owned by Ryan and the House Repubs which many of the Tea partiers aren't happy with the budget and the domestic increases. The same will happen with DACA if the Senate passes a bipartisan bill, Ryan won't want to put it to the floor cuz the far right wing of his party won't support it but it would pass with Dems. So he will own it if it doesn't pass and anger a lot of his party in the house if he brings it for a vote.
  15. Netflix: The Cloverfield Paradox

    I've heard the cloverfield movies were unrelated scripts that they have pushed together to fit in the same world so they aren't exactly sequels. I haven't watched this one yet. I always thought the JOhn Goodman one took place at the same time just in a different place.