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  1. And just to be clear, that isn't a prediction of November yet. Just an observation how I see things currently. Still a long ways to go.
  2. Gotcha... I agree to a point.... That his supporters love that but that's not all who voted for him in 2016. There were a not insignificant of independents and others who didn't like Hilary and thought why not try something new. I don't think they are sticking around for the most part. He's losing the suburbs which he carried in 2016.Trump only won by (I forget the actual numbers so this is a guess) 50k-ish votes over several states. That's a pretty thin line. But yeah his supports only care about owning the libs.
  3. What reason is that? And if he hasn't done anything about it in 4 years why elect him again to not change it?
  4. What is he implying here? I know better than anyone that he is dead. What does he know that we don't?
  5. Ok but why did they have to be carved into a mountain in the Black Hills. I admire a lot of historic people doesn't mean we should destroy a mountain to honor them. Mt. Rushmore is pretty great to see and quite an achievement but its pretty silly in my opinion and wasn't needed. Doesn't mean they should remove it or anything just probably should have been made in the first place but it was so oh well.
  6. What does Mt. Rushmore have to do with George Floyd. Plus he said he didn't like Mt. Rushmore 15 years ago. Not sure what sort of point you are trying to make but you aren't doing it.
  7. There is a HBO docuseries that just started on Sunday about him and the author that was obsessed with finding him. Haven't watched it but I probably will.
  8. Yeah I do see that. I guess it comes back to the fact it doesn't make sense when people call it their heritage when they are using an obscure naval battle flag to represent their history of the confederacy. I get that the actual confederate flag wasn't used in similar manners but since they got the Mississippi flag was removed(rightfully so I would say, as someone with no skin in the game so my opinion doesn't matter), I was wondering when the Georgia flag would get its turn under the microscope. Figured it would have by now. It hasn't been used as hate the same way the other flag has but it is still a symbol of the confederacy.
  9. I've always wondered about carving a sculpture into a mountain of a man who famously did not want his photo taken. Seems very wrong in my opinion.
  10. I'm a white guy from Wyoming with no history in the south or with either flag so I'm not really offended by either. I get why others are but was just curious why at least to this point the Georgia flag was getting a pass. Not advocating for anything just wondering.
  11. I'm surprised the Georgia flag hasn't had a controversy. Until this recent discussion about Mississippi's falg, I didn't know that the Georgia flag is essentially the actual flag of the confederates with the Georgia seal added. Not sure why the actual flag of the confederacy is less offensive than the battle flag. Even crazier to me is that the Georgia flag is new from 2003.
  12. I voted that I will get it but I too am a bit worried about the corners that will be cut to speed up the process so a lot of it depends on how it comes out. I will get it but maybe not be the first person in line.
  13. Yeah I feel the people getting outraged by this are ignoring the actual reasons for this being removed. Its not really TR himself but the depiction of natives and African americans in the statue.
  14. This is what I am thinking myself. At least at first. We will see how the school manages the crowd. Not sure its a hassle that I want to deal with at this point. Also I will have a 15-16 month old and my wife coaches most weekends so I would have him on my own. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun to keep him corralled all game. It ws pretty easy last season but this season may be a bit tougher.