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  1. You'd have to look all the way back to page 4 of this thread
  2. Maybe Wyoming can actually play defense. Held ISU to 40 points and beat them by 14(and didn't even feel that close). ISU scored more in the 1st half against AF.
  3. I am excited to see this but it didn't come to a theater in Cheyenne. I love taiki Waitatti(sp?) I'll watch whatever he makes and this looks like a good one. "What We Do in the Shadows" is a classic and of course Thor:Ragnarok is great. One of his movies that I don't hear enough about is "Hunt for the Wilderpeople". Its a great movie. Its on Hulu I believe. But you are right trying to pitch this movie must have been crazy.
  4. Even if he did kill himself he was allowed to kill himself. It wasn't a mistake. Out of all the hours of the day he chose to attempt suicide when the guard fell asleep(or whatever they said happened). So either he didn't kill himself or he was encouraged to kill himself and others arranged for it to be possible.
  5. Well she is wrong. Well I guess current employer can go above alma mater. But that's interesting I didn't know your president was a UW graduate. Cool.
  6. Renoskier is running away with Purple Team. BUt I have 3 undefeated at this point in the season. That's pretty cool. My northern's(Illinois and western) are really letting me down. My red bird logos(forget what teams they are exactly and not going to double check) at the end of my draft are holding their own. I'll be cheering for my Gophers to remain undefeated Saturday morning against PSU.
  7. You made the wrong choice. And not because you chose against the cowboys. Your alma mater trumps all(actually your undergrad alma mater trumps all if you go to grad school) Its one of my core beliefs. Its one of the main things I'm going to teach my baby boy when he grows older, along, always try your hardest, be kind and all that other mumbo jumbo. I may be a bit touchy on this but living in south east Wyoming seeing the number of Wyo/Nebraska fans who chose Neb over Wyoming even while going to school at UW really irks me. And when we played Neb in Laramie seeing the number of students in the student section cheering for NU or other people wearing half and half jerseys, so lame. Your situation is a little different from the ones I usually see when its a childhood favorite team vs the school they attended. They say"Should I just forget my years of being a fan of XX now that I am going to YY?" Yes, yes you are. I met a friend in the last several years and knew we would be good friends when I found out he grew up in West Lafayette and grew up a huge Purdue fan even was family friends with Purdue assistant coach but he went to school in Indiana and know he hates Purdue with a passion. I knew he was a man with values I could respect. Haha. I case it isn't obvious this post is mainly TIC. And I do believe it I'm not actually calling you out on your choice of team. Maybe this week will be the turning point in the series and you can come back to us and claim to always have been a Cowboys fanand just liked Boise to fit in.
  8. Its great. Richard Madden is very good. He started getting some heat for the new Bond after this came out. I can see it but not sure. Lots of twists and turns. In fact I can't really remember how it ends up(the problem with binging shows I can never remember what actually happens)
  9. Yeah but Trump said he didn't. Who you gonna believe a person who would have no reason to lie or the president, who is known to lie about pretty much everything and has a reason to hide this.
  10. Exactly so a quid pro quo isn't even needed.
  11. Was it? Wasn't it held up for months after the legislature passed the bill. It was eventually released but I don't know about on schedule. It just means trump failed at getting his quid. So not only corrupt but incompetent. Is attempted quid pro quo still a crime? Don't know but it is still wrong.
  12. New Netflix show. Based on the books that the games were also based on. They are great books and the Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. Very excited for this one. When Henry Cavill was first announced I wasn't sure but he is a huge fan and very passionate about this character. He looks like he is gonna nail it.
  13. I don't think he's forgetting them. Intentionally ignoring to try to make a point would be more accurate.
  14. It does. Maybe a detail or two is missing but it is essentially the same. The whistle blower is unimportant now. They have other testimony and evidence(like the the edited call summary that doesn't clear the president no matter how much he says it does). The only reason to still try to out the whistle blower is to stop others from blowing the whistle. Which is the reason we protect their identity.