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  1. I said that they aren't technically required to. But they almost all do so the effect is the same. They aren't anymore willing to raise taxes than the dems are to cut spending. If not more so. I seem to remember some compromise and small cutting of discretionary spending during the shut-downs with Obama.
  2. Are the Dems required to sign a pledge from the lefts version of Grover Norquist pledging they will never lower spending like the Republicans are pledging to never raise taxes.(I know they technically aren't required to but need to get his approval and most do sign the pledge I believe) so I don't think more repubs are willing to raise taxes then Dems are to cut spending. We had a good start of a plan in Simpson-Bowles but it never went anywhere.
  3. I haven't either cuz I don't care one way or the other about Elizabeth Warren. HSe isn't my senator. IT just seems like a really weird thing for the right to get hung up on and attack about. I have now today looked and read some things and it seems even more harmless than before. She doesn't appear to have used it in any way to get ahead and it was not considered when hiring her. https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2018/09/01/did-claiming-native-american-heritage-actually-help-elizabeth-warren-get-ahead-but-complicated/wUZZcrKKEOUv5Spnb7IO0K/story.html?p1=Article_Trending_Most_Viewed Again just a weird thing to obsess about.
  4. I mean isn't that basically what she has always claimed. Something about her grandmother telling her about Indian ancestry in their past. She never claimed a large part of her heritage as native.
  5. tspoke


    Well at least you are going into it with the right attitude. I'm sure if there are any issues it will be the girl's fault. /s
  6. I thought I remember discussion about this here back in April when this was written but maybe not.... Really sketchy.... Since nothing else has came up since then about this(that I know of) who knows if it's true but as you say, I could totally believe this.
  7. There are absolutely people that deserve to die. But that doesn't mean that we as a society should pull the trigger. We should be better than revenge killings. If it could be shown that the death penalty was a deterrent then maybe the dath penalty would have a place(but considering the other issues with it like chance of innocents being killed I would probably still be against it) I hear the argument about "what if it was your family member? Wouldn't you want the criminal executed? You're god damn right I would. But that doesn't mean we should allow it to happen as a society. The death penalty to me is more about us as a society than what the criminal deserves.
  8. FDR tried to do something similar in the 30's apparently. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judicial_Procedures_Reform_Bill_of_1937 But I agree that it is not really a good idea and is done for partisan reasons.
  9. I agree.I think it would go along ways to help people that feel they are underrepresented in congress. I think a lot of the calls for a change in the senate based on population would go away if the house actually had representation that was truly based on population.
  10. Well as far as the electoral college thing. I'm sure people were talking about it then but probably not as much because the EC and the popular vote produced the same winner for Obama and Clinton so it makes sense people wouldn't complain about it. As far as the other issues, I just did a quick check and found a couple articles from 2013 and 2014 talking about term limits for SC justices so it appears it also isn't a new issue. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/05/its-time-for-term-limits-for-the-supreme-court/371415/ https://www.ocregister.com/2013/08/04/erwin-chemerinsky-supreme-court-needs-term-limits/ So sure people on the left are talking more about some of these issues when they see things going against them. But it isn't them inventing rule changes because they can't win the game as it currently is. Its them picking up on ideas that have been around for a while and saying lets discuss this. Which I think leads to some good discussion as we have seen in this thread. Even if most of the ideas are bad ones.
  11. tspoke

    Man in the High Castle

    I haven't finished season 3 yeat so no spoilers but at this point he is one of my most relatable/likeable characters....you know except for the whole being a Nazi thing. His season 2 arc was great. I think the show is trying to show him as a good man who fought against the NAzi's in WW2 but became one after and is still a good family man and tries to do what is right but you know is still a Nazi. Just my opinion.
  12. I disagree. These issues/ideas have been around for longer than the past 2 years. No maybe they are getting louder or maybe the media is just covering the same people with these ideas more right now but there were people that had these same problems and wanted some of these rules changes for a lot longer than Trump.
  13. tspoke

    Mulled wine

    Odell doesn't put out a product I won't like. Their Pale/IPA lineup is amazing. Drumroll/Cloudcatcher Milkashake/Rupture/IPA are all amazining.
  14. tspoke

    Man in the High Castle

    I'm just a few episodes into season 3. Great show. Love the character and actor of Smith. Such a good well rounded character that happens to be a Nazi.
  15. tspoke

    Midterms 2018 Poll

    In the senate it is for sure due to red state senators. The house is less clear. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/is-kavanaugh-helping-republicans-midterm-chances/ Thought the last paragraph of this article was very good and I agree with(I can't copy and paste with my current browser for some reason so I'll paraphrase). Says a poll found that more voters will be angry than enthused if Kavanaugh is not confirmed and more voters will be angry than enthused if Kavanaugh is confirmed. Meaning whichever side loses this battle(I'm guessing the Dems) will be more angry than the other side will be excited and have a higher turnout.