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  1. I mean we have covered this already. She sucks hard. she claims she didn't compare them. Just used some hypotheticals to illustrate her views(or-compare). She is on a roll this session you should hear her defense of the death penalty she gave yesterday. https://www.mwcboard.com/index.php?/topic/80848-a-big-f-u-to-the-gays-from-the-wyo-legislature/&page=6
  2. They only need a couple if all the dems vote against it(or more accurately for the overturn of the NE). All the dems will vote to overturn and it only has to be a majority. At least from everything I've seen about it. Have to think there will be a couple with long range vision or a couple that just got elected and know they have plenty of time to bounce back from pissing off the Trump base.
  3. I think he was boxed in here. I think trump told him or he very strongly believed that trump would not sign the spending bill if he didn't support him on the national emergency. As of last week he was telling trump not to declare a national emergency. This could blow up for them big time. If he declares a NE, the house will vote to over rule it, the senate will be forced to vote on overruling it,forcing every senator to endorse this or not. Some of them will be put in a tough spot they don't want to be. It will only take a couple gop senators to turn to over rule the NE. Should be interesting.
  4. tspoke

    Ted Cruz "El Chapo" Border Wall Idea

    I still think there would be better uses for that money. Its not like if they didn't use it for the wall they wouldn't receive the money. But it is a great idea politically.
  5. tspoke

    Trump Installs Golf Simulator

    While I completely agree that this is a non story, I don't see anything dishonest about the reporting. Even the opinion piece says it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Then goes into a retread of the hypocrisy of Trump saying he wouldn't glif and hiscriticism of Obama for golfing. Which is a legit criticism but one we have heard many times now. I didn't see anything in either article criticizing trump for building it(other than pointing out the hypocrisy). The part I found funny was they said he hadn't used it yet. Maybe he hasn't figured out how to turn it on.
  6. You mean you don't hear about when parents do their job and love their children as often as times when parents show themselves to be awful humans and treat their children horrible after coming out. That shouldn't be a shock. IT isn't usually news when things go right and people do their job.
  7. Good news....... you can still have all that if your son is gay.
  8. Which is less than the 65 miles he would have gotten in December.
  9. tspoke

    Green New Deal

    So "staff"? Not claiming she didn't back down after getting beat up but it appears this wasn't something that was approved by lets of democrats. The thing that other democrats are talking about wasn't the FAQ. Also the explanation/backtract on the "unwilling to work" at the end of the article was an interesting wrinkle. Not supporting it but it is more interesting and nuanced than welfare for whoever doesn't want to work.
  10. tspoke

    Green New Deal

    I don't really have any plans on wading into this debate but I came across this bit of news that I thought was pertinent to this discussion and didn't know if it had already been posted in the thread.( I hadn't seen it but haven't read it all) Apparently the FAQ that was mentioned in the OP wasn't approved by anyone and was released by staffers and lots of the crazier parts of it aren't a part of the GND. A rookie mistake as the branding has already taken off with these things being used to attack it.(again not claiming it doesn't have parts that need attacking) https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/02/11/ocasio-cortez-retracts-erroneous-information-about-green-new-deal-backed-by-democratic-candidates/?utm_term=.2e0106f7d3ac
  11. tspoke

    A BIG F U to the Gays from the wyo legislature.

    They were a group of kids that went to the legislature to take part in the process and discussed a bill that they cared about with law makers. They talked to several lawmakers that day and Hutchinson was the only one to behave this way. They didn't attack her or anything. Its completely fine and I would say a good thing for young people to get involved in government and talk to lawmakers about things that they care about. I don't see how it changes anything(especially since this has been the story from the beginning, there never was a claim she tracked these kids down to attack them randomly)
  12. tspoke

    A BIG F U to the Gays from the wyo legislature.

    I haven't seen anything about a transcript. Do you have a link? The rest of those facts have been part of the story from the beginning, I don't see how it affects the story.
  13. I bet he doesn't know the extent of what it is but he knows it would be an insult so he went for it. It's gross
  14. tspoke

    OT - New Mexican chile "Christmas"?

    I thought there might have been some confusion there too but never clarified.... It's like having 2 separate dishes on one plate. Adovada is my favorite thing.... Had it for the first time when I went to spring training in az(a legit new Mexican place in Phoenix) later tried to figure out what it was and realized it was a nm style. Have it whenever I get the chance(multiple spring trainings and new Mexico bowls)
  15. tspoke

    CSU -@- wyo: Men's Hoops