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  1. If only there was some sort of treaty we could have joined that would ha e worked to decrease china's influence over Asia and the US and help to create better opportunities asian countries other than China. Maybe something that the current president worked on when he was a member of another administration but was axed by the last president. If only something like that had existed.
  2. Mine too... But if this is the wrong take I would be happy to re-examine it.
  3. The height of comedy right there. I think I understand now. Ching chong Bing Bong...Hilarious.
  4. Good for you.... Seriously.... But then I'm confused why you are defending rushs awful views and comments on homosexuality. And back to my first comment all I said was I wasn't going to dance on his grave but I won't miss him but I can't fault others for being happy/relieved.
  5. Yeah I did pretty early on. But even at my most ignorant I wouldn't have made jokes and celebrated gays dying of aids.... That's +++++ing vile. Did you?
  6. Rush was a kid in the 80s? And did he ever grow out of it?
  7. Yeah he has sure been a friend of the gay community in his later years. Ask Pete "booty-judge" about the thing he said about him. Has he ever apologized for the aids death thing?
  8. This is where I'm at but then I saw this take and can't really argue with it either.
  9. As the oldest millennial, i remember when I needed my UW email to login to Facebook and the controversy when they began to allow high school emails. Then the horror of the facebook feed happening. People freaking out that what they said and did just showed up on each others main site and they didn't have to go to each others page to see what they are doing(like Myspace). Everyone freaked out about the lack of privacy and thought it would be the end of Facebook having a public feed. Now look at us and everything we share and want the world to see. MAybe those people that predicted the feed woul
  10. I think both his numbers are off. More than 500 climbing all over the capital.. Maybe... Maybe only 500 inside but those on the steps and climbing up the sides weren't just innocent protesters either and there is more than 500.and yeah 1 million is crazy.
  11. This sums it up for me with how fast and far the GOP has fallen.
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