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  1. tspoke

    Omarosa On 'Meet The Press' ???

    Well if you look at the new York times best sellers list. The 2 highest spots on the no-fiction list are pro-trump books so if she just wanted to sell books and make money she could have done it by being positive to Trump.
  2. I mean she is only comparing it to catcalling in that she shouldn't have to respond to it. The tweet was attacking her for not responding and she said shouldn't have to respond to a request just like you shouldn't have to respond to catcalls. That's the only comparison she made. I'm no fan of her or her politics but she sure seems to get under peoples skin. This tweet isn't a big deal.
  3. tspoke

    Oh Laura Ingram and Fox

    But when she is talking about changes to the culture and country she isn't talking about rich snobby people coming in and changing it like Jackson Hole. She is talking about immigrants both illegal and legal. The whole debate about immigration has been focused on the southern border. I doubt she is talking about immigrants from Canada coming in and now there are too much fires with gravy in this country "we" don't recognize it anymore.
  4. I actually think its a pretty clever response. Why should she debate him. He's not a politician. Not passing any judgement on her or her politics just saying I think this response is a clever, funny comeback.
  5. tspoke

    Aztecs killer new locker room

    Agree that all three are very nice. I am also a homer so I like ours the best and keeping with the theme. I'll post our new locker room.
  6. tspoke

    Aztecs killer new locker room

    That's beautiful.
  7. I actually enjoyed watching games on Facebook last year. Yeah I know the production quality wasn't as high as cable channels and it seems small time to stream games on facebook instead of TV but I had fun watching it. No commercials so the commentators rambled about dumb shit and I could watch people comment in real time. I had friends over to the house and we had beers and streamed a game to the big screen and spent as much time laughing at comment and the commentators as we did watching the game. I'm not upset that Wyoming isn't on Facebook but there are definitely things to enjoy about the facebook games.
  8. Is it that rare? I know Shyatt always tried to do a home and home in the no conference season. We weren't able to get teams as good as Oregon but he thought it prepared us for conference season by having to make adjustments the second game and adapt to the adjustments the other team makes against you. I think it is a really smart idea and more teams should do it.
  9. Alright you sold me. It will be a great rivalry between two teams with little to no history together(and the little history that exists is completely one-sided), two schools with no history or connection together, two campuses that are at least 10 hours apart, and two fanbases that don't have much common or much overlap. Hey the two states are kinda the most Cowboy-ish states in the nation so its a no brainer.
  10. Sigh. I'll bite. What exactly would make this unique?
  11. tspoke

    Spare NO expense !!!

    Guess I don't get the joke. Its a family fun night at the Albany County fair. Its not an event for the Cowboys. They went out to spend time with the community. Why is that a bad thing. They have some pretty minimal stuff set-up around them but again they are just one small part of a community-wide event. Play some games with the kids and visit with families and get the community behind you. Very good things. The Venue looks pretty rough but that is on the Albany County Fair not the team.
  12. I know you are just trolling but I'll bite a little. What exactly would make this a good rivalry? We've played 14 times total in our history and have won all 14 times. There is no history, no big overlap with fans or graduates. There is literally nothing tying these two teams together. You can troll better than this stunner. You're better than this.
  13. tspoke

    Pick 10: Team Boise fan

    South Alabama @SLCPoke you're back up.
  14. tspoke

    Pick 10: Team Boise fan