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  1. We seem to try different things every year just to try. We began spatchcocking last year and it worked great. This year we are using a recipe from the ""Salt Acid Fat Heat" lady. We are brining it in buttermilk and salt for 48 hours and roasting it. Pretty simple but she knows what she is doing and we're excited to try it. My bother also always smokes some breasts which are hard to beat.
  2. Indiana is getting screwed. How are they ranked behind Oklahoma and Georgia. Also, how is Iowa State 13 when one of there losses is to Louisiana, who should be ranked but isn't and Louisiana only loss is to undefeated Coastal Carolina which is #20 and also under ranked. Louisiana is getting screwed.
  3. https://www.newsweek.com/parler-censoring-write-trump-ga-hashtag-1549891
  4. I vote yes. Rudy fits better than the Tiger King. The TK isn't really an idiot saying crazy dumb things. He was a wierdo, scumbag, POS, that was maybe not the smartest but he wasn't trying to make compelling arguments like Rudy is(especially when you consider most arguments here are political). Also TK time in the cultural zeitgeist is winding down. I think we should update the buttons periodically for fun.
  5. He also took down the Mob. Or I guess I should clarify he took down the Italian Mob and opened the door for the Russian mob to take over.
  6. I don't really know. I would be curious to check it out and see what they have for the parallels. I imagine it isn't actually about George Floyd but using George Floyd as a individual face for the issue of police brutality and the murder of black americans. Which can be argued that the police as the government is systematically killing black people, obviously not at the level as the holocaust but I'm not the one making the argument. My usual reaction to something like this is"That seems weird, But lets see what the full story(or in this case what the actual exhibit) is before I give a hal
  7. I may agree with you but is it our choice. The museum decides its exhibits. They seem to think it is a fine place for such an exhibit so good for them. They want to draw the parallels and probably discuss it in the museum. Good for them.
  8. Whos gonna call Craig Thompson and tell him we got it planned?
  9. I guess we have to wait to be sure our opponents can't play next week. But I say screw em. Let them play each other if they can get healthy. I'd rather play SDSU than UNLV anyway.
  10. I would be for that. I would have BYU at the bottom of my list to play. I would prefer to play Utah since we were supposed to play them this year anyway but SDSU already scheduled a game wit hBYU(right?) so that combo is probably out. Then I would be up to play SDSU since we don't have you scheduled this year and wouldn't BYU-Utah want to play each other,or no? But I would be fine with scheduling BYU and SDSU playing Utah if it meant we got to play a game this week. The downside with scheduling Utah is if another PAC game becomes available by Thursday they will cancel your game to play th
  11. I'm not sure but the other team also hadn't had a chance to study you. I would be up for the challenge if I was a coach. I was wondering if we could pull something together with SJSU for sunday morning or something. But SJSU is currently undefeated so I get why they wouldn't want to risk that by playing a team with no time to prepare but with Wyoming at 1-2 I would be up for something like that just to see what happens.
  12. Trump has invited the Michigan state republican party leaders to the white house today to try to convince them to do exactly this. But it's Ok to continue to support the man/party that is trying to do this as long as it is unsuccessful. The fact he is attempting this doesn't matter?
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