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  1. Weird. Just noticed we haven't gotten a poll update in a little while. I wonder why that is.
  2. I mean aren't they basically a laptop that you carry in your pocket. I always find it interesting that we are willing to spend that money on a computer but shrink it down and put it in your pocket and use it much more than your computer and it becomes too expensive(and yes I do realize there is a difference in computing power but it functions the same for most people-browsing internet and social media, watching videos, listening to music) I do the same thing so I am not criticizing your statement there just piggybacking off of it.
  3. There is an article from The Athletic that delves into the changes he made. Looks like he took a hard look at his mistakes at NM and made changes. Here is a link if anyone subscribes to the Athletic(its a pretty good deal and is probably the best sports coverage out there). I also think he is more at home on the East coast. https://theathletic.com/1100668/2019/07/29/mike-locksley-maryland-new-mexico-journal/?redirected=1
  4. The apple store will replace the battery on his pixel? That's service.
  5. I want to say. THis is a great thread with a lot of good respectful discussion. I think they idea has some merit for the people proposing it. If all the best black college athletes went to HBCU then those games would become more demanded to broadcast because that is where the best players and games would be. THis would cause more money to flow into those conferences(what do they play in FCS?D2?). They wouldn't need to join the FBS/create a new conference. It would happen slowly but those games would become the must watch games for ESPN/ FOX and would lead to more money into those schools and help rise the the status of the schools as well. They might not reach the level of the current large conferences but it would shift some of the power that direction. Which I understand as a desired goal. I also see this as a what if/wish list. They aren't saying they should force these athletes to go there, just imagine if they did. And maybe the goal is to start slowly. If they can convince a few high profile recruits into the HBCU it might start something where in later years it will make more sense for more top athletes to make that choice and then more and more and then who knows. Ultimately, I think it is an unrealistic but worthy goal/discussion.
  6. Oh shit..... Yeah I guess it does.... Meant Wyoming is gonna never loss again starting now.
  7. tspoke

    Freshman QBs

    I Want to hate this due to my feelings toward van pelt but I think it's pretty accurate.
  8. My Son's first game at 3 months old. doesn't get much better than that. He's 1-0. might not ever witness a loss.
  9. tspoke


    Heres another video about their punch and eyes.
  10. tspoke


    He wasn't big enough to break the glass.....at least I don't think he was. I think there have been some examples of them breaking glass but for the most part they don't want to do it.
  11. tspoke


    They are awesome to have in their own aquarium. My brother had one for a couple years. Very cool. The bigger ones can hit with their club/claw with the power of a .22 they say. It was fun to feed and hear him hitting the chop stick you would put some frozen shrimp on or to hear him breaking the shells on the crabs that were in there for food(crabs would last quite a while as long as you fed him enough). Was amazing to watch how fast and powerful their strike is. But one could definitely wreck a reef tank if left in there.
  12. Yup that was just a gathering of amateur sculptors showing their support of a statue. Nothing more.
  13. As Harrison Ford told him "George, you may be able to type this shit but you can't say it"
  14. Jackson is a cool place but its its own world. A good place to stop in on vacation every once in a while. The University would not have made sense up there. Laramie is a great place for the university. A cute little town that is closer to the Denver Metro area than other options. A few of my other favorite towns in Wyoming Lander, Saratoga, Thermopolis, and maybe a bit biased but Sundance(the whole NE corner of the state gets overlooked somewhat I feel with Devils Tower and the Wyoming Portion of the Black Hills)