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  1. Thats it...This crosses the line.......I will never vote for Hunter Biden.
  2. I'm the same. I always get into soccer during the WC and would try to keep it going by getting into the PL afterwards but I could never get it to stick until the Leicester run and I went full in and have become a big Leicester fan and now watch the games of theirs that I can(the last two years missing out on CL on the last day of the season have been brutal). I have also never played until my friend organized a adult rec team with a bunch of us in our mid-late 30s that have never played the game before. Playing against current and former HS college players was not fun at all when you had no id
  3. I mean this is how I have always pictured you. Not really but you do know @Joe from WY and I bet he knows a guy who knows a guy that could procure a kidney.
  4. That is the way I took it. I Think he is really dumb and thought he was making a good gotcha point but didn't realize that he completely lost any point he was trying to make. He probably thought he really stuck it to those "science people" afterwards but being to stupid to realize that nobody understood the point he was trying to make(which was also extremely stupid) and he looks that much dumber(which is hard to do). Or not, what do I know. He probably meant it completely earnestly and I am giving him the benefit of the doubt(which isn't much benefit because he is very dumb)
  5. He's trying (horribly) to make a point that if you can't change the orbit of the earth or the moon there is nothing the Forest Service or the BLM can do to affect climate change. What an ass.
  6. He knew the conditions of playing and what could happen. Sucks for him but he bought the ticket so he gets to ride the ride. If he had gotten vaccinated he wouldn't be out the prize money.
  7. So these last tweets bob has posted are the smoking gun to take down Fauci? Don't really see anything here shocking or even wrong. THey have always said there would be immunity after you were infected. What they didn't know was the level or how long it lasted. WHere does that email change that. And as far as masks go that email is also completely consistent with what we've heard since they started telling us to wear masks. It doesn't protect you. It helps protect others by reducing the amount of spittle you float into the air. Guess I expected more controversy by the amount of headlines
  8. In Wyoming, they spin 24 hours a day.
  9. I can just see the Chinese masterminds behind the intentional release. "Haha, this disease that isn't as bad than a current disease that already runs rampant around the globe every year and doesn't affect society much at all, will bring the world to its knees. hahahaha"
  10. I quickly misread the first sentence of the OP and wondered why Manchin was against Alzheimer legislation and why Born was happy he was blocking it, seems like a dick move. Then I wondered what the president's alzhemier legislation was and why I hadn't heard about it. Anyone else? Just me that can't read, ok.
  11. I'm guessing black and hispanic players are more likely to wear a durag under their hat than a white guy so that is wear the racist undertones come from. Him complaining about something that is mainly or completely something a POC does in baseball. That being said this is totally a situation of Bob Brenley being an old baseball guy and not racist. As others have said he is an old school guy and probably doesn't like a lot of things that go on in the game these days and it doesn't have anything to do with race just not keeping up with the times. I've always like Bob Brenley when he was wit
  12. I think like usual you could have just left this as your reply.
  13. Well he explained it better than me. Good stuff.
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