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  1. Government Shutdown 2018

    There was a DACA bill or at least a bipartisian compromise on the table until Trump torpedoed it a day after saying he would be behind whatever they came up with so to say they don't have anything ready on DACA isn't really true. But it isn't only about DACA, there is also issues with funding that the Dems have issues with. Like an equal increase to domestic spending to military spending(which is apparently the way things have worked in the past so not outrageous) IMO its the party in powers job to drive the compromise if they need the other party's help. The Dems can't do much on their own and it seems that so far the repubs haven't came to them with much except for another short term deal and CHIP as a hostage. Just sit down and create a bipartisain budget. Compromise. both sides get some of what they want but not everything. Its how government is suppose to work.
  2. What is really being offered by the GOP in these negotiations? CHIP and DACA protections? Those are things that the WH claims to be supportive and want to get passed. That is not how negotiations work. "Gove me everything I want and I will give you something we both want. Unless the WH is being dishonest about wanting CHIP and DACA fixed. They should offer Trump funding for his wall in return for a whole lot more that they want like increased domestic spending to match defense spending and/or TPS protections extended for Haitians and El Salvadorans. The WH likes to talk about negotiating but it seems to me that means"Come around and do what we want or we won't pass these common sense laws that everyone wants"
  3. Trump and the Repubs claim to want to protect dreamers and have a fix for this. They can't then hold it hostage to get something they want(the wall) without giving something else up if they truly want to protect DACA. That's not how you negotiate. "Give me something I want and I will give you something we both want". And it sounds like they had a pretty good bipartisan deal worked out and called Trump up and he was excited and invited them to the WH. Then when they showed up Miller and Kelly had convinced him to torpedo the deal and invited the Immigration Hardliners to destroy the deal. So it isn't like nobody is trying to work on it, they are just being sabotaged from within.
  4. I agree that I don't want government to do anything about but then how do you propose we change that attitude? We were discussing government actions regarding immigration. You can't really do anything to change the way society behaves. Smaller families are the norm now. It is what it is. I haven't seen any animosity towards larger families but it could exist (I'm married in my 30's and childless and plan on 1 or 0 children in my future for full disclosure) Sounds like there are some real assholes talking to your wife getting in her business. I don't judge anyone for their family choices. Family's get smaller as nations wealth gains. Just the way it is and I don't know of anyway to reverse it. Are the house builders putting pressure on you to not have as many kids or are they reacting to the fact that most families are smaller and building more smaller houses in response. Edit: I just wanted to be clear I think we are on the same page. People should be able to have the type and size of family they desire and shouldn't be forced or pressured to do anything different.
  5. Children are an inferior good(economically speaking). Wealthy countries have fewer children than poorer countries. Not sure there is much the government can do to change that. Even if they could I don't think they should.
  6. Low ratings for title game could cause change

    How do you figure? In the BCS a G5 school had little to no chance of making the title game and an ok chance at making a different bcs bowl. Now a G5 team has little to no chance of making the title game and a guaranteed chance of making another NY6 game. Now other things that have taken place with the reorganization of the conferences during the same time has furthered the divide but I don't think that is the fault of the new playoff.
  7. Low ratings for title game could cause change

    I'm sure I'll go out with friends and watch this game just like I did with the semi finals. I like college football. The SEC is my least favorite conference but it is the last game of the year and should be exciting so I am going to watch. I didn't like the Alabama got in. Probably should have been OSU as the B1G was the best conference this year but I can see the reasons why they went the other way. Its an inexact science. And Alabama is probably the best team and will probably win again so its hard to say they don't deserve to be there. The playoff isn't perfect but it is better than the BCS. IF/When we go to 8 team playoff we will still complain about the 9th and 10 team not getting in.
  8. Apparently in the original story the prince has sex with Sleeping beauty and she gives birth to twins and only wakes up when one of her babies sucks on her finger where she was pricked. So...................... *source-one of those clickbait articles"15 things movies left out of the story" or whatever.
  9. Treasonous and unpatriotic

    The Trump White house sounds as insane as we all imagined it. And the author didn't sign any agreements and sounds like he had pretty great access to just sit and observe in the west wing. Any bets on Trump tweeting a self congratulations and taking credit for this book being the number one best seller. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/michael-wolff-my-insane-year-inside-trumps-white-house-1071504 Here is an article that is a bit of a preview of the book.
  10. Kurzgesagt

    I think it is a possible better system than what we currently have due to the reasons presented in the video and what Happy has been saying but I'm not smart enough to know for sure but I agree with you that the need for this is definitely coming sometime in the future(and probably sooner than we may think) so I think it is good we have places trying it out so we can get some data on the systems that work the best. Another thought I have had about it that I haven't heard many people talk about is that we could see an increase in small business start-up and more entrepreneurs. I think people would be more willing to take the risk and start something of their own knowing they had a fall back of UBI. I wonder how many great ideas/businesses never see the light of day because the person that had the idea was dependant on a paycheck somewhere else and could afford to take the risk. Would be interesting to see research on this as well.
  11. Returning Starters for 2018

    We redshirted a kid that looks to have a ton of talent but who knows who will start at QB. Its not like our offense could get much worse. It will hurt nothaving Allen but we get everyone else back so I think we will take a step forward next year. Our OL WR and RB's were all pretty new this year and we had a ton of growing pains. I think our run game will be better next year with more experience and weight room from the OL and RB and that should take some pressure off the QB hopefully. Our defense is going to be scary though.
  12. and some people won't accept collusion if it is the end result-look no further than other people in this thread.
  13. Well the argument people were making prior to my comment was that obviously Russia was going to try to get involved in the election and anyone who didn't know that was an idiot. So the FBI giving them a heads up means nothing but they didn't report the meeting in June (or the other communication) so either they were idiots who didn't know what Russia was up to or they knew and chose not to report it to the FBI. After meeting with the FBI if they didn't know, they should have told the FBI what had happened but they still didn't. Pappadoplis continued to communicate with his Russian contacts after Trump got the Nomination in July. I have no idea if there was collusion and at what if any level there was any coordination with Russia but neither does anyone else not involved or in the investigation. I want to see the investigation run its full course and find the truth. If it determines there was no collusion then great but if there is then I want to know.
  14. It was really cool. They had the duel in Cheyenne (Bryce Meredith's hometown). 2,500 people came out to watch(which hurt attendance at the UW bball game which they could have used some more energy from the crowd). IT was the first college wrestling event I've ever been to and it was a blast. May have to go check out some other big duals we host in Laramie.
  15. So if it was obvious that Russia was going to try to do this and that it is a bad thing then the campaign should have known not to engage with them and to report to the FBI any attempts by the Russians to infiltrate the campaign. And just to be sure the FBI told them explicitly the the Russians will most likely try to get involved in the election and this is what you should do if they try. Yet the campaign didn't do any of these things. I've often heard in defense of the Trump Tower meeting" Who wouldn't meet with someone who claimed to have dirt on your opponent?" Well when the FBI specifically tells you not to meet with them and to report it probably isn't the best idea to take the meeting.