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  1. tspoke

    Werewolves vs. Vampires

    Haha. That's funny that this game gets brought back around and I am leaving again. No it isn't her brothers next wedding although he is eligible to be married again, it didn't last long(just because you got crazy pregnant doesn't mean you have to marry crazy).
  2. Really sad. This one hurts more for some reason. Loved his shows and one of them even inspired me to go on my favorite trip of my life(Croatia). Please reach out to someone if you are having suicidal thoughts.
  3. tspoke

    Werewolves vs. Vampires

    I'm probably out this game. I leave on Tuesday for Iceland and Sweden.
  4. tspoke

    So now no reaction emojis on the OT board?

    Fair enough. Then we should probably get rid of them everywhere and just keep the nice buttons. Personally I have no problem with the idiot or facepalm buttons even though I have never used them. Maybe a dislike button would work since that isn't insulting. The emoji buttons are my favorite part of this site vs my homer site and I wish on the homer site I had a way to let someone know I agree with them without having to make a new post.
  5. tspoke

    So now no reaction emojis on the OT board?

    Why change anything with the buttons? I guess I missed the part with people crying about the idiot and facepalm buttons. I only got a few in my time but they didn't hurt my feelings too bad.
  6. tspoke

    So now no reaction emojis on the OT board?

    But seriously if this is a part of the new moderation/direction of the OT board. it is a bad idea. We wanted to get rid of all the extra posts between 2 or 3 people personally insulting people but now we will have many pages of extra posts with a +1 or agreed when it was easier just to hit the like button. ITs an easy way to let someone know you appreciate their post without having to make another post to let them know.
  7. It was on southwest which doesn't have seated tickets so that makes it harder to identify the man I'm sure.
  8. tspoke

    Weight loss

    Lookin good Mug.
  9. tspoke

    Vlad is catching up with Hillary ...

    Apparently not. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/30/europe/russian-arkady-babchenko-ukraine-television-intl/index.html Crazy story. Sounds like they faked the assassination to catch the person who set it up.
  10. Really surprised ABC canceled it. It was a big hit for them. Roseanne just couldn't keep her mouth shut. There have been several times since the show started that she would tweet crazy conspiracy theory tweets and hatful bigoted tweets. They must have understood that it would continue to get worse. Not to mention it was probably going to be hard to keep the other people working on it. I saw that Wanda Sykes who was a lead writer for it said she wasn't coming back in response to the tweets before they canceled it.
  11. Solo was actually pretty great. Ron Howard did an amazing job in a short amount of time. Was it perfect? No. But it was a fun scifi action movie. The young Han actor did a better job than I expected. I bought him as Han(again not perfect but no one will be) and Donald Glover as Lando was perfect casting he nailed Lando. I enjoyed TFA and TLJ but in retrospect I guess I don't care for TLJ much since I had my wife pick up the blu ray the week it was released but I still haven't watched it again since the first time in the theater. The problem I have with the sequel trilogy so far is that it seems small. I'm not sure why or how but they don't seem like the galaxy is on the line or that the galaxy even exists outside their little bubble which diminishes it I think.
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2018/05/20/china-is-winning-trumps-trade-war/?utm_term=.e50db40da748 Not sure if this is behind a paywall. At work I can read all the articles I want(must have a deal) but on my phone or at home I can only read articles sometimes.
  13. tspoke

    Dog People

    Newfoundlands don't need the amount of walking that other dogs do. They are pretty happy laying around. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't walk him but in my experience newfoundlands don't have a whole lot of excess energy to burn off. Newfoundlands are great dogs. My family had one when I was in high school and my brother currently owns one. One suggestion I would have since you have a puppy, is to be careful about how much you wrestle around with him and have him as a lap dog now. He looks like a little bear cub or ball of fur and it is fun to wrestle but as the get BIG they don't always learn their new size and will still try to wrestle with you the same way or be in your lap. Also always have a towel ready, the slobber is serious. Pics?