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  1. Again they aren't making James bond a woman. They are having a character in the new James Bond movie that takes over his code name/number 007 after bond retires. This character happens to be a woman. She will have a name I imagine that is not James Bond. The movie is about James bond though and he will be back in action after something brings him out of retirement I'm guessing. This character will be a supporting character to James bond. At least that is what I gathered from reading the articles without actually knowing anything specific.
  2. I'm really the same. I make a little bit more money now but not a huge difference and it doesn't affect my quality of life in the slightest. I have a new born at home now so I don't know if that is positive or a negative.
  3. Yeah their approval is lower than most congress members. But will this change that and give them some sympathy where before the dems looked like they were in a civil war. Does this unify them? I dont think it's gonna have the effect they wanted but we will see.
  4. The comments about how dumb trump is and how he doesn't think these things through are missing the point. I think this was a calculated strategy. Not claiming it is a good one and won't bite them in the butt but I see the logic. In Trump's world everyone hates the 4 congresswomen he attacked. His attack is forcing the dems to defend them which will tie all dems to these 4 thus reducing the favorabilty of the entire party.
  5. I mean the country they came from is the US. One was born elsewhere and came as a child. Should we have told Trump to go back to Germany when he was campaigning on how bad the US had fallen. His campaign slogan was about how bad America was and needing to make it great again. So if we are pointing out hypocrisy. But I suppose that was different for reasons(most definitely not because of the differences in their skin tone)
  6. Well shit you got me there. I would change it to actor but I will leave it up to show the world my shame as a penance.
  7. How empty is your life that you make your wedding about someone else.
  8. Jeez guys this seems like a huge over reaction. Plus the title of the thread is completely wrong. In the next James Bond movie, James Bond(Daniel Craig) apparently retires. They replace James Bond agent with a new 007(in movie world they reuse the numbers) who happens to be this actress. I haven't seen anything that says she is going to be the main character in the movie as it is still a James Bond movie and she isn't James Bond. I'm sure something will happen that will bring James out of retirement. I also have not seen anything that says she will take over the series after Daniel Craig gives up being Bond(I think after this last movie but who knows). They may be heading that direction but they haven't said that's the plan from what I've seen. And that wouldn't make any sense because they are Bond films and she isn't James BOnd. I suppose they could do a spin-off if people like her character.
  9. I think the offense will be less qb runs. Chambers will have the full offense down this season where before I think they were using less of it. I do think he will be running plenty but not as much as last year. I hope he can stay healthy but I surprisingly have confidence in his backup as well. TVW has improved and learned a lot last year when he struggled. I think he will still have a part to play on this team before he is done.
  10. Why would the hitmen trying to make it look like a robbery forget to take his wallet? Pretty sloppy to give people evidence of the true motive.
  11. We have them in Wyoming too and I don't see what the big deal is. They don't sell mixed drinks or anything. Its just package liquor. There is literally no difference between using it and going in the store and walking back out to your car. Sure you can assume if a person is rolling up and buying a single can thye are probably going to crack it open in the car but I would assume the same if someone walked in and bought a single. That being said I never use the drive-up. I need to browse and see whats new.
  12. When I saw the notification that you had quoted me in this thread I was just glad to find out someone else hadn't picked them already.
  13. AAC C ECU SMU Tulane Tulsa UConn ACC Boston College Duke Louisville . UNC Big 12 Kansas Kansas St. BIG 10 Illinois Indiana Maryland Rutgers Conference USA Charlotte Middle Tennessee Old Dominion Rice UTSA UTEP W. Kentucky MAC Akron Ball St Bowling Green Central Michigan Eastern Michigan Kent State Miami (OH) Mountain West Colorado St UNM SJSU UNLV Pac 12 Cal Colorado Oregon St. SEC Arkansas S Carolina Vanderbilt Sunbelt Coastal Carolina Georgia State Louisiana UN Monroe S Alabama Texas St Independents NMSU UMass