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  1. tspoke

    BSA Scouts filing for Bankruptcy

    It was part of the BSA founding principals to be against homosexuality. They may have had a don't ask don't tell policy but it was definitely part of the program and was discussed as it took them over 2 years of discussion to get rid of the anti-gay policy in 2013. While maybe no boy was ever banned for being gay(I don't know but I didn't see anything) being gay was against the values of the BSA until 2013.
  2. tspoke

    BSA Scouts filing for Bankruptcy

    Exactly. If it wasn't a big deal and do one cared before then why would saying it cause a problem.
  3. tspoke

    BSA Scouts filing for Bankruptcy

    Or you know regular younger parents who don't want to send their kids to an organization that discriminates against gays. More than just gay people care about LGBTQ issues. Not saying it was a good business decision but I doubt it was the case were everything was fine until they allowed gay people to be scout masters and allowed girls. There was a reason they felt they had to make the change.
  4. tspoke

    BSA Scouts filing for Bankruptcy

    OR they were on the downhill slide and felt they ahd to become more inclusive to attempt to increase their base because just relying on the churches wasn't working anymore. And their attmpts to grow their base didn't work. I don't know. I don't know, I never scouted but I don't think things were going great for them before they allowed girls or became more inclusive to gay people.
  5. Even if the new trade deal brings in more money to the US(I still have some questions about the new deal and the effects it will have) the wall is a separate deal. The deal isn't dependent on us building the wall. So it is still costing us. If the deal brings in 20 billion dollars and we spend 5 billion on the wall we come out 15 billion ahead... Yay the wall paid for itself..... But wait if we didn't build the wall it would still bring in 20 billion and we wouldn't spend 5 billion on the wall so we would have 20 billion. So the wall still costs us 5 billion. (simplified to make the point obviously)
  6. tspoke

    Kevin Hart

    I liked Ricky Gervais's tweet about this after Kevin Hart stepped down. Something to the effect of: "Please let me host the Oscars this year. I promise not to make fun of anyone. Even Mel Gibson, who you guys nominated last year."
  7. Since we are discussing Anderson's tenure at OSU, Mike Riley did about the same in his second stint at OSU than he did in his first.
  8. tspoke

    OT: Bill Walton.

    Bill Walton is a national treasure!
  9. tspoke

    Wyoming vs SC

    We got our revenge for Marcus Bailey's knee. Did we win that game in 2002? I don't remember the outcome I just remember being in the front row of the student section and seeing Marcus go down then seeing his family going to the locker room knowing that it was bad.
  10. tspoke

    In like Flynn

    Trump should be thrilled. A lot of this started with trump asking comey to go easy on Flynn. Then comey was fired and Mueller was hired. Now Mueller is going easy on Flynn just like he wanted.
  11. tspoke

    Wisconsin No Longer Democracy

    I could be wrong but I believe the legislature just removed the ability of the governor to veto the redistricting lines.
  12. It is for federal employees. Trade it for a election holiday and then the whole nation could be #woke
  13. Trade it for Columbus Day.......Problem solved
  14. tspoke

    Captain Marvel trailer is out!

    Looks pretty awesome!!
  15. tspoke

    Christmas songs