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  1. Was a great episode. So many great moments. While lots of the reunions/conversations in episode one kinda fell flat for me this episode nailed all the little moments. Sansa embracing Theon. Sam giving hartsbane to Jorah. Arya, hound and Beric. The best part was the people around the fire. Jaime knighting Brienne was awesome and Podrick singing was great. Next week is going to be brutal.
  2. I get where your coming from about the law but at the same time the law was passed to give congress some oversight on corruption in the executive branch after the tea pot dome scandal. I think it is important to have this oversight. Maybe a better way? Don't know.
  3. Did they? I saw a lot of stories that they published that were called fake that turned out to be true. I didn't see where they had him convicted on collusion. There were some opinion pieces. I also saw some opinion pieces in the Wapo from the other side. I saw a lot of stories pointing out the shady things going on in the WH. I never saw them claim a smoking gun or that this will lead to a collusion or conspiracy charge. Nor at all claiming that there isn't bias on the part of Wapo or other media members but I don't think they ever claimed it was a open and shut case. I saw a lot about how its a hard thing to prove and if there isn't something BIG in the report we didn't know about then collusion from Trump would be hard to prove. I read quite a bit of the Washington POst because it is one of the major newspapers I get full access to at work. I completely agree there is a bias but they do pretty solid reporting.
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/mueller-report-suggests-the-fake-news-came-from-trump-not-the-news-media/2019/04/18/ca96e574-61f7-11e9-9412-daf3d2e67c6d_story.html?tid=a_inl_manual&utm_term=.9212cfe75690
  5. They questioned his personal lawyer who testified there are things in his taxes that should be looked at so that gives them the reason to look at it. Whether you believe his testimony or not isn't the issue. They have set out a pretty good case legally why this isn't a political move.
  6. I never saw where any conclusion was made or it was suggested a conclusion was decided on. They were just reporting on what the police believe at the time. That's pretty standard, to get some info out there if they have any leads one way or another.(Just like when someone dies and they say "they don't suspect any foul play is involved") The only way that would sound fishy to me was if I had already an outcome in my mind and it doesn't match up with what was said.
  7. Most of the Nights Watch is at Castle Black which is in the middle of the wall and the wall was breached at Eastwatch so they are a long ways from the breach so its possible most the nights watch wasn't aware yet.
  8. This is what you said. That the initial reports that thought it was an accident is fishy. Why would it be fishy? Because there was another cause that you believe to be true? Keeping an open mind doesn't mean casting doubt on on reports based on nothing. If you were just keeping an open mind you would have said something along the lines of" Interesting, Iwill be interested in seeing what they find out afterward." Not claiming its fishy. Also Happy never discounted the possibility of arson or anything. The first time he shows up in the thread is only to explain to you why they may know it was an accident already.
  9. I don't think in the show he has lands or a castle anymore. He was promised to the Stokeworth? girl before he went to Dorne but Jaime convinced him to go by promising him more so his engagement was broken off and he hasn't gotten a new one hence his bitching all season 7 about wanting a castle. Unless I am forgetting something. But if his wagon has enough gold........I think it would be great if Cersei asks Qyborn about Bronn and he responds with we lost contact with him but are reports of him boarding a ship for pentos or something.
  10. the French Civil defense authority only tweets in French except for this one. Wonder why.
  11. I hope we never see Bronn again. He just rides off with his wagon full of gold to Dorne or somewhere never to be seen again. (This wasn't my original idea, I saw it somewhere else online and stole it) And I love Bronn so I do want to see him in the story but it would be a great ending or character moment if he just disappears with the money.
  12. I wasn't advocating for a higher top tax bracket. Tax loop holes and the ideal tax rate are different topics. I was just trying to clarify what a marginal tax rate was when I saw stunner misinterpret it. That graph really isn't suprising considering the top marginal rate most likely doesn't affect many people.
  13. I'm just trying to clarify the point. I see the argument all the time about 70% tax rates and it seems like nobody understands marginal tax rates. I've heard people complaining saying they turned down a promotion/new job/etc because it would put them in a higher tax bracket and they would actually lose money. That's not how it works.