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  1. I wonder if the thought of starting on the 31st and getting 8 games would include the championship. We play a 7 game regular season then on championship weekend the top 2 teams play but so does everyone else against another team, getting us to 8 total games. Similar to what the Big Ten is doing. Not Ideal but its something.
  2. Where is the source on that. I know that just here in Wyoming we have had already 2 or 3 games canceled due to covid cases. Seems like it is hard to directly link any case to the actual football game.
  3. I agree with this until just recently. I have come back to the NFL. A lot of it has to do with Josh Allen. I watch every Bills game now and probably Red Zone is the other reason. Its great zoning around catching the great plays and towards the end of the games you get to see the great endings no matter what.
  4. BRO you were the one that said you hadn't seen anything from Biden hat wasn't just "not trump" so I linked to Biden platform...... I didn't endorse it or anything. You asked for help and I provided a link for you. Whether you believe it or like it is completely up to you... Oof I dug through it I would find things I like and others I don't and things I hate. But you stated you didn't think he had any policy plans other than Trump bad so I cleared it up for you.
  5. I long for the days that politics are boring again.
  6. Well he also said Joe Biden and the democrats didn't institute a national mask mandate like they said they would...... The guy is off his rocker.
  7. It's not a continuation. It's the same exact document with a pledge to support the president at the beginning. If they updated it then it would make sense but they used the old one without one word changed. Including all the attacks on the current president. Really really dumb.
  8. So like we said they didn't adopt a platform in 2020 other than supporting the president... Why not at least update the 2016 one. But I do appreciate the parts of their platform condemning the current president and calling him a threat to the nation. I can support that.
  9. Except for what he said is completely factually true. The actual Gop platform is continue to support President Trump's America first policies. It isn't a dnc talking point.
  10. Not really this year... The actual gop platform is to support the presidents America first agenda. They didn't write one at all this year. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/republicans-to-forego-party-platform-in-favor-of-full-support-for-trumps-agenda-2020-08-23 The DNC platform is also linked in that article. As far as Biden’s plan I already linked to it earlier.
  11. Well the GOP doesn't have a platform this year other than support the president so I would say Bob does agree 100 percent with that.
  12. I went looking for the video I saw of him answering questions from the public off the cuff but I had seen it on Twitter a week or so ago and can't seem to find it and I have stuff to get done so I will concede, however,You can check him out yourself during a townhall on Thursday on ABC. I hope it goes better than the disaster of Trump's last night. As far as his platform being more than not trump here's his official platform. Appears to be pretty in depth to me. https://joebiden.com/joes-vision/ Especially when compared to Trump's platform.
  13. The two best days in a boat owners life: The day he buys his boat and the day he sells it.
  14. I rarely post on social media. BUt I agree that people get too worked up on it. There are posts from relatives I see on facebook that really annoy me and are spreading lies. I think about saying something even just to fact check but then I think is it really worth the the time and energy that is gonna come from it and the ripples that may occur so I just leave it alone and move on with my life. Social media can be fine but people get too worked up and feel like they have to post all of their thoughts and opinions. As others have said I use it to keep track of friends and family I'm too lazy to
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