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  1. I think you let the media control too much about what you think. I don't pay too close attention to any of it. I check different news sites throughout the day. Never watch news programs. I don't trust them but I do t believe they are some big bad trying to shape us. They are motivated by profit like most people. That means chasing the stories that get clicks.
  2. Isn't it more of an indictment of society than the media? THey run what gets them clicks/views/ratings and as HMHB said when bad things happen to pretty white girls, it sells. I agree that it is incredibly sad what happens on the reservations and to women of color more generally don't get the coverage of missing or murdered white girls but I see it more as the fault of society than turning it into some sort of cudgel against the media.
  3. I think this is the article you are mentioning. Came out today. https://theathletic.com/2826426/2021/09/15/conference-realignments-next-steps-what-im-hearing-about-the-american-sun-belt-and-more-in-the-group-of-5?source=user-shared-article Says aac is still the best g5 conference using certain rankings. Gives a bunch of options for expasion for the aac. Mentions a western move but says would probably be unlikely but some sources said they were listening. Says the mwc would probably hold pat unless Boise made a move as big 12 didn't say they were done expanding.
  4. I keep seeing this brought up and it is misleading at best. THe reason they said this was because at the time it seemed like we were on a pace to get the vaccines out in December JAnuary(like they ultimately did). THat was the timeline for quite a while. the quickest it could happen. Then in one of his stream of conscious ramblings, Trump said something along the lines of maybe I can get them to approve it in October. Which would have been doing exactly what the the Qs are claiming the FDA did anyway. Speed up the approval process without enough testing. That is when some politicians came out
  5. I think Biden took a page from texas's playbook.... It doesn't matter if it is constitutional. Just like the abortion law is about putting pressure on abortion providers and scare them into closing or not providing abortions,this rule will cause(or give cover to) many companies to put in their own vaccine requirements which are legal and by the time we get very far in the courts,the effects will already be felt for the better. Personally I don't really like it but I don't think it is too big of a deal and any sort of slippery slope.
  6. As my title states. I'm right there with you. Turn 40 in January but hav embraced my Millennial identity. Remeber Carmen Sandiego remeber power Rangers but never got into it. Blues clues was well before my time I beleive.
  7. LOL. I know.whatwas I thinking. .. Was just mentioning it again to see if I could get a response or more likely pointing out their hypocrisy again. Not needed I suppose.
  8. Like others have said.... Very close to me... I was a little more down and right nearer the party dot.
  9. Pretty much those 2 and maybe one other maybe in here arguing these are good rules. Im very aware of the boards makeup, even if I disagree with those percentages I was calling out the specific people in this argument arguing for these rules and claiming its for election security.
  10. So nothing from the republican talking heads here about how limiting hours and drive through voting makes the election more secure? Figured as much.
  11. Absentee voting is absolutly the same as mail in voting. Ok, in general. There are many different versions of absentee voting process over the 50 states and many different types of mail in voting over the 50 states but the process is exactly the same the vast majority of the time. And andy differences i've seen aren't any less secure. You're going to have to give some examples of how the "pandemic special" mail in voting is easily abused. You do realize that you can't send in more than one mail in ballot and have them counted or vote mail in and then vote in person and have them both count rig
  12. So if this is just about election security and not trying to make it more difficult to vote, what exactly does removing 24 hr voting and drive through voting accomplish? Is it harder to keep our election s secure at 10 pm than 10 am?
  13. Yeah I never doubted that he did get extorted. Thing is that doesn't make him innocent... If anything it looks worse for him..... This guy knew there was an investigation and told gaetz daddy he could make it go away for 25 million. Just one sleaze bag preying on another sleaze bag.
  14. Love it... I about made a thread a while ago about it.... I am still a couple behind. Christmas episode is the last I watched. Its just the show we need right now. It shouldn't work... It's over the top mushy and nice but they pull it off. I saw some saying you can binge it easy.... I actually recommend watching only one or two a day... It makes you feel good all day so stretch that feeling out over several weeks.
  15. You can say 4 in the top 10 since they include pistol pete. Not sure whats offensive about him but anything thats offensive about that version is also offensive about UW's Pistol Pete.
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