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  1. Yeah, but our offense will make any team's mouth water. Same Bohl, different year...
  2. We had no right winning that game. Dominated from the opening kickoff and pulled multiple rabbits out of our asses down the stretch. Congrats to App State for beating our ass and congrats to my Pokes for being lucky. For all the hype / promises of bringing a new offense out this year, sure looks a lot like what we have seen the past 10 years...
  3. This is the biggest win of the year. App State is no joke.
  4. App state back up is all american compare to all of our qbs
  5. I'm done with Bohl. Dude's pride has kept him from seeing what everyone else in the country can see.
  6. Fair catch on the 5? Who the f'k is coaching these guys?
  7. As much as I admire Peas' toughness, he isn't cutting it. Time to sit him down.
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