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  1. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -5.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.49
  2. Congrats!!! Wolf Pack. GG!! Strong is a hell of a QB and we have no secondary. No excuses, you guys ran us over....
  3. Fair point on the time in the pocket. Even if the protections allow for movement of the pocket and keep that DE or LB from getting into the face of our QB for .5 second longer, it will be a major improvement and should allow for more "non-panicked" decisions. Regarding "X", I think he has put himself into the conversation of being the top MWC RB. There are quite a few good ones in this conference. I base my observations (and biases) on what he did last year with the number of injuries on the O line and QB positions. He was realistically our only constant and I am expecting bigger things f
  4. Can someone clue me in to as why Wyoming is a 3 point favorite on the road? With all I'm hearing about UNR, I was thinking we were at least a 3 point dog in this game.
  5. @halfmanhalfbronco not going to address the other stuff. I don't defend either side on carrying it forward. Both points painted the population of both states with an unfairly broad brush and I personally don't get involved with rhetoric. As far as football goes. I think Shawn does have some questions to answer this year with his arm. There were a few that called out the same flaws with our last NFL quarterback early in his career and he did OK. I honestly believe our O line is going to make a world of difference in the pass game as they will give Shawn (or Levi) that extra second and
  6. ....and DAMN this feels good to be on this side of the board again!!!!!!
  7. That had nothing to do with the game... Just another Donk hit job in a thread that has nothing to do with his team....
  8. You show up in a thread that has nothing to do with your team and the first thing out of you mouth is... Then you proceed to trash our team with nonsensical bullshit... So, don't play the victim here. You didn't come to talk about the game, you came to start shit.
  9. If you weren't in here, wouldn't have happened.
  10. Leave it to Donk fans to come into another game thread they have no team in and derail it. Some shit never changes.....
  11. You're right! Ever since "Grab 'em by the pussy", shock value just isn't there. But please, stick to political commentary because you have much more credibility there than you do as a movie/video critic.
  12. Football game maybe, but neither side could score when it came to overtime. So, we are stuck with a tie....
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