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  1. PokeTransplant

    Rank um basketball

  2. PokeTransplant

    That’s not how it works!

    who? people getting spun up over 7 retweets and 10 likes?
  3. PokeTransplant

    Hawaii at San Diego State

    Rocky shits the bed again
  4. PokeTransplant

    Hawaii at San Diego State

    Rocky going for "lose" again? Kick the damn extra point and put it on the D.
  5. PokeTransplant

    Even if she did mean it as a joke

    why is it always a "joke" after you've been called out on it? "j/k" has been around forever, and it has been used plenty of times in a social media comment before the actual comment was sent.... just saying....
  6. PokeTransplant

    Some humans are terrible people

    Probably the same type person that takes a family pet to the vet for "the final time" and not stay with the animal until the end.....
  7. PokeTransplant

    OFFICIAL - Border War Thread. Wyoming @ CSU

    How much of this season can be attributed to his health issues? He doesn't look good and wonder how much of that can be due to the pressures of being a D1 HC along with the physical challenges he has been facing. I, personally, would like to see him step aside and recover from the health issues....and for CSU to stand by him during that recovery. He's a good coach and the program would do well to help him in his time of need.
  8. PokeTransplant

    OT- GABF 2018 favorite beers!

    KRB is essentially in my backyard and my solid go to after work. Let me know what you think.
  9. PokeTransplant

    OT- GABF 2018 favorite beers!

    Check if Kern River Brewing made it this year. California brewery that won a medal for it's Citra DIPA a few years ago.
  10. PokeTransplant

    Do You Read Your Rival's Homer Board?

    Used to frequent RamNation quite often before i moved on from dial-up. Obviously, they decided the older formats are better...
  11. PokeTransplant

    Ken Burns Vietnam

    My dad was a Cobra pilot during 69-70. Flew for the 334th Attack Helicopter Co in Raider platoon. He left some 8mm film he took from the cockpit during some of his runs that I am working to get digitized. Once I do, I'll get it online to share with you all. Dad took a lot of pictures during his time there, both from the cockpit as well as in the city when he had a chance. Was a beautiful country with plenty of beautiful people (at least the ones Dad took pictures of....) Also left me a 2.75 in rocket that he painted commemorating his time with the 334th. Quoted on the rocket -- "First in Vietnam - First in Cambodia" in reference to attack helicopters. Some of the 8mm film is supposedly from some missions in Cambodia...from what he told me.
  12. PokeTransplant

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    Probably should have listed "Wyoming offensive coordinator" in place of the game. Once they let TVW play, we were much more effective on O instead of the run for 2 yds, run for 1 yd, pass on 3 and forever pattern the other 55 minutes of the game. Didn't help to have our top 2 RBs out along with top 2 TEs as well... We'll get pretty much everyone back for Boise, but we'll still have Vigen calling the plays...so, who knows what that will mean....
  13. PokeTransplant

    Only one thing to do

    While I do admire the respect you have for the Poke's defense this year, unfortunately we do not play the Trees. Therefore, they will escape that loss.
  14. PokeTransplant

    Kick Out CSU

    How are the acoustics in this bright shiny turd of a stadium at CSU. Maybe you could get people to come do youtube videos of echoes. Might even pay for all the empty seats in your future!!!
  15. PokeTransplant

    Week 1 gifs

    CSU football and their new stadium.