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  1. Duke / Zags was a hell of a game! Trojans / Aztecs...not so much.....
  2. Convincing win for the Aztecs! Not sure how good G'town will be, but it is a win over the BE.
  3. And honestly....I think CJL can bring those days back with the philosophy he has brought to Wyoming BB. After tonight's win, I'm sold on his game plan and it is obvious that the players have bought in as well.
  4. The Dome was one of the most feared places to play in the early 2000's. One of the loudest, most intimidating places in the country back then.....
  5. Please. For the sake of all that is sacred on this board. Do Not Change! You are the RR of the new generation!!
  6. I don't know, man. At this level you know if you jumped, held, etc.
  7. Except when you keep shooting yourself in the foot with dumb penalties. As much as I've been a Bohl critic, this one is on the players for undisciplined play.....
  8. Wyoming was a 20 point favorite at home against the Lobos and shit the bed. What on this earth do you see that gives you any indication that Wyoming will win another game? I sure as hell can't find one.
  9. Chambers might as well point to the guy he is throwing to as much as he sits and stares down his targets.....
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