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  1. Remind me again..., what color is the Fremont Cannon?
  2. I hope SDSU gets their new stadium. Talking to a coworker the other day and he said how he thought it was so unfortunate that Allegiant stadium was sitting empty due to COVID and how maybe they shouldn’t have built it. I agreed that the timing wasn’t perfect with COVID, etc, but this project could have been eliminated if it wasn’t already under way. I am SO thankful (as a Rebel & Raiders fan) that Allegiant’s construction is complete. Good luck Aztec’s and hopefully we can both show off our new stadiums to the world very soon!
  3. Hits home, doesn’t it? I hope you get to keep the tradition alive with the true meaning in focus. Reeeehhhhh, bullllllllllsssss!!!
  4. I see where SJSU is now eliminating the “Spartan Up” hand gesture. When will it end? Obvious examples of anti-p.c. from each Mountain West school: UNLV: Southern Nevada’s amazing associated with good ol’ Dixie. Ignore the whole UNR separation thing. SJSU: somehow connected with Australia murderer Brenton Tarrant. Ignore the whole Spartan band director creating a cool symbol for fans. Could there be more Mountain West school anti-p.c. roadkill? Is your school next? CANCEL CULTURE: when critics suddenly see something they find distasteful and demand that it
  5. It’s interesting. When UNLV fans remember the glory days they are criticized because it was THIRTY YEARS ago! Yet those same critics aren’t afraid to jump back in their p.c. time machines to the 1960’s. Being a Rebel now has a whole different meaning than it did years ago. Just ask Billy Idol and Tom Petty. Yup, we’re all racists here in Southern Nevada and the Irish are all fighting in Indiana.
  6. Can we agree that the university has done everything possible (over the years) to remove anything remotely attached to the Civil War? I can see where someone who doesn’t know the history or reason for the name would find it offensive. Most folks who live in the state of NV don’t have a problem with it. You are correct. I can’t think of anything racist to say about our league partner, Colorado State Rams.
  7. Keep the Rebel name. Our campus is made of a racially diverse group and we take pride in that fact. Las Vegas has always been very different than other cities. UNLV’s Rebel is as connected to the 1860 Southern states as a Wildcat or a Golden Bear. It’s that simple. If you look hard enough, you can find racism in just about anything. Honor OUR past to gain independence from UNR. Keep the Rebels..., REBELS!
  8. Sad but true. I like where coach Otz is taking the program. SDSU been especially dominant against UNLV of late and the Rebel road win there was like getting a monkey off our backs.
  9. Thank you Tony Sanchez for improving our facilities, getting better recruits and of course, BEATING RENO!
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