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  1. Go Wolfpack! I hope your team comes together during all this coaching and player turmoil. Signed, the school down south that has had NOTHING BUT coaching and player turmoil. We feel your pain.
  2. UNLV’s last couple Athletic Directors have been a beacon of ineptitude.
  3. If the correct call made is made, UNLV moves into SDSU territory with first down and a minute or so to go. Rogers was on a roll. Bugger. Still proud of the Rebels putting up a competitive game against a top ranked football team. Good luck in your bid for a big bowl game Aztecs.
  4. I WAS a subscriber of the Review Journal/Sun for 35 years. Even with a win, the Rebels get shade. The glorification of “everything Raiders” and the social justice spin was just too much.
  5. EZRebel


    The NM game was the first time I’d seen Arroyo get fired up and aggressive with his players on the sidelines. Most of the time it appears like he’s looking over the IHOP menu trying to decide what to order. Glad to see him showing some mettle.
  6. This film should be added to the 💩of the week.
  7. For those in LV that have Cox, the game is being broadcast on channel 12 (even though it shows the movie “Alfie” on the program guide). Go Rebels!
  8. Oh, in a perfect world. Patterson will be getting a HUGE payoff from TCU. UNLV could offer him $1.5-2mil per year with $50k bonus for each W. Instant recruiting credentials. A proven winner. The stadium revenue from increased food and ticket sales would offset some of Arryo’s buyout. But let’s just keep Mr. 0-14 because MAYBE he’ll do better next year. The administration at UNLV are perfectly happy continuing the losing tradition in football because very few of them grew up here in LV and have their own alma mater team to root for on Saturday. Oh, in a perfect world.
  9. Hello Wolf Pack, our old friends, It’s Halloween football once again, Playing hard but never winning Two years opponents always grinning If the Rebels Take the cannon home again (we hope, amen) There’ll be no need For silence.
  10. The Rebels. Giving the game away (AGAIN!) in the final seconds. Poor coaching. The players and the fans deserve better.
  11. Offense is so predictable. Chuck Williams is amazing but try someone else on first down. Rebel defenders need to look for the ball instead of watching the receivers shoes.
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