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  1. You must have grown up on land not lived on by a native american tribe.
  2. When did you realize that Mt Rushmore was an abomination? What would you do to the monument to make it acceptable in your eyes?
  3. Dont forget the pyramids......they enslaved the Jews and gave us Moses.
  4. IMO this whole fiasco really does not have much to do with race anymore. These people want to destroy more than statues and have always been with us. When a "woke" govt looks the other way ...its really dangerous in so many ways
  5. IMO this is a form of fascism. Books, movies, statues, buildings, churches....muzzling people....ends with violence. Does any of this sound familiar? 1930's? Granted much of this is being done in the private sector but it is slowly becoming public policy.
  6. Ive said this before...Our entire universe is a bit of pus, in a boil on a giant baboons ass.
  7. My company will pay travel and lodging to go to fort collins or slc. Many procedures cost 50% and it keeps our premiums down.
  8. Really...the only option Wyoming has is Obamacare...and is trying to bring in some kind of competition....but thats not the arguement here. Trumps EO should not have been needed in the first place. The only thing that makes any sense at all if for the federal govt to standardize health insurance standards across state lines so we dot have to deal with this horseshit.
  9. Its both...while on that...the federal govt should have zero involvement in our healthcare system to start with. It has no authority in the constitution. I was trying to give something specific...but in general many unwanted regulations drive up consumer costs. IRS taxes on small businesses have created an unholy alliance between accountants, banks and the IRS. That one is huge for me.
  10. The tenth amendment specifically defines what the federal gov is allowed to do. We ignore it because it is not taught anymore. Executive orders should only be used in an emergency and require congress to vote on it within 30 days. Congress giving unelected govt bureaucrats decision powers happens all the time..... is very wrong All are examples of us stupidly voting our rights away for a few federal trinkets. Now we fight each other rather than fighting the cause of it all.
  11. I am not allowed to buy healthcare insurance from an out of state company. We have one provider.
  12. It still would be a problem for the state govt......but one at least the federal govt wouldnt be a part of
  13. We can talk about getting along and kumbaya all we want....it still a symptom. The reason the 2 political sides are so divided....they are trying to divide up federal powers that shouldn't be there to start with.
  14. If we get back to the 10th amendment and let federalism work....we would be fine. It is very wrong that a president can make such a difference in our personal lives. He has way too much power over things he shouldn't and congress has legislated away most of its power to govt.
  15. This war momnger knew about the bad intelligence...pitched the Iraq WMD anyway Trump would nt give Bolton the Syrian wars he wanted.... then Bolton was fired now he's a hero. Trump is perhaps the most antiwar prez we have had in 30 yrs....no one gives him credit for that. If we had another Clinton, or Biden you guys would be absolutely happy with another war.
  16. Yes....We have enough fed holidays. Even if we were given another, most private companies would take one away. Not that we would notice fed employees staying home.
  17. Its not complicated....all i am saying is that anyone who illegally crosses the border without doing the paperwork risks their or their family's residency. Now we have a previous prez unconstitutional exec order that cant be undone. The scotus just gave their power to the exec branch.
  18. I know this pisses you off....but why is it up to us to correct a problem caused by a parent breaking a law? Understand that i beleive a path to citizenship should be offered to these kids if they are not already citezens....it the right thing ro do. The parents who put their family in this situation should be held accountable...i dont know what the right answer is but this crap needs to stop. Our border should be respected.
  19. The parents have the choice....go home w or w/o the kid.
  20. Upon further thought....it would turn oil into a great renewable energy resource.. requires no fracking. Sinclair could get their mascot back and just need a dino farm behind the gas station.
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