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  1. Small potatoes. Is Thomas wrong....yes. Most congressman end up as multimillionaires after serving for a while. I beleive a recent bipartisan bill requiring more politician family financials just got tanked. HRC destroyed evidence under subpoena trump chose not to ask for prosecutionn. How did ukraine and china fare after they gave a certain family millions? We will never find out. I remember when Brennan blatantly lied to congress....no consequences....none.
  2. Boomers are/were the largest, most productive generation in history. Competing against each pther kept labor costs down. Time for the rest to get their asses to work and quit bitching. Anypne with marketable skills will be fine and can make huge money...if they want to work.
  3. Trump has raised more money in the last 24 h rs than Biden has all last month.
  4. Most Americans know what fair play is....and this trial ain't it. 30 yrs ago when I left the Dem party I honestly thought the unintended consequences caused by their policies were just naive. This is intentional destruction of our court system. Coming soon to a court room near you...your ass in the defendants chair for breaking a law no one can satisfactorily explain. Trump now wins by an landslide.
  5. The dude is under attack for his personal views on family more than if he beat his wife.
  6. Our Elites , Uniparty, Federal Govt, Media...everything from pharma to military complex do not want any centrism. The more bad info intentionally fed to us by their media propaganda arm ...the more Rs & Ds fight, and fewer of us have our eyes on the ball. Centrism is bad for their business.
  7. The Ds have some real winners too. I will look into this...did you actually read this?...when I get some time. I have hard time believing the Mueller probe was narrow...the dude had power to chase anything.
  8. So what was the Mueller Investigation about?
  9. You laugh at the same old joke a dozen times....just like my 2 yr old used to.
  10. Don't you think this was investigated to death?
  11. I am never shy about mentioning my wife..a very smart centrist. You guys are jealous I have a wife ...you have a hand that talks to you?
  12. I admitted my miatake.....You bought years of the Russia hoax propaganda and indoctrination. My mistake X 1000. ...and you still are incapable of seeing it.
  13. Was Patterson a history teacher about 15 yrs ago?. Not sure, one of my kids instructors
  14. This is where the discussion goes when I am right and you have nothing.
  15. You keep your face in the litter box.... here kitty kitty!
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