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  1. How can anyone give a pervert like Trump credit for this? He just likes breasts and thats it.
  2. Kids Need to be Protected

    I guess it is easier to deny it happened than discuss it.
  3. Kids Need to be Protected

    I see no liberals want to honestly discuss this.
  4. Kids Need to be Protected

    Children no longer have a sense of pride or humility. If you ont take free stuff you are seen as stupid.
  5. Kids Need to be Protected

    A few weeks ago there was a bullying incident at a local elementary. It is puzzling that there was no news coverage, no tweets, no Facebook, no angry parents and no calls for sensitivity training by the school district. Fourth graders receiving free lunch called paying students dumb and stupid because they hadn’t figured out how to get free lunch. These humiliated students need our protection.
  6. This is Dems endgame

    The Democratic Platform: Hate Trump Climate Change Represent minorities Pro govt. Pro illegal immigrant Pro LGBT Issues Punish "political enemies" Pro entitlement Voted against perhaps the biggest boost to the economy in 3 decades Ignores the average working stiff. It has completely lost touch, it has nothing else.
  7. Interesting that libs said the original stimulus wasnt big enough. It could have been doubled with no affect. Now we have walmart setting a higher starting wage and bennies, with bonuses to those eligible. This economy is going to take off and the govt gets a bigger cut. A liberal nightmare.
  8. Oprah 2020

    You think so much like the hollywood elite.
  9. Oprah 2020

    Prediction. Trumps quits, Oprah vs Nikki.
  10. Oprah 2020

    IMO the economy would return to being enemic if Trumps policies were reversed and govt put the thumb back down on things. Big question. Would you rather have a flat economy or Trump as pres?
  11. How the "Poor" and the "Rich" Spend Their $

    The poor will always be with us. The war on poverty has provided more room and board since the 1960s but it also destroyed families and reinforced generational poverty. We dont need govt to know these things. Govt has become part of the problem.
  12. How the "Poor" and the "Rich" Spend Their $

    I dont think there is anything wrong with the middle class. I was asking why NVGiant thought there was something wrong with the middle class.
  13. How the "Poor" and the "Rich" Spend Their $

    Another non-answer. Tell us what is wrong with middle class? Explain how generations of scapegoating the rich and more govt policies have decreased the numbers of our poor. You cant.
  14. How the "Poor" and the "Rich" Spend Their $

    Why do you see a need to place people in classes? To judge them? To treat them differently? So much of our politics does this, for what reason?