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  1. If you look down your nose at your patients who ask a fair question......you are a shitty doctor.
  2. I beleive they should have a choice and not be villainized if they choose not to vax. ....Lefties used to not trust Corporate America....why do you suddenly believe in them now? Especially when so much evil money is at stake?
  3. Has Chicago ever been mentioned in this thread?
  4. They are also part of the govt-media-corp apparatus controlling the information that we see....so absolutely.
  5. BE VERY AFRAID. BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ. QUESTION NOTHING. I now fear the FDA/Big pharma more than rhis virus.
  6. No elk yet...Yellowstone Plateau from the Hares Ears.
  7. Have a week of elk hunting starting friday, Wyoming area 40 west side in Bighorn Mtns. Top just got 2 ft of snow. Will be quite an adventure.
  8. Calling out elites who were able to conduct "legal coup"?? Do you believe it is possible there is a powerful group similar to Eisenhowers "industrial military" complex that operates behind the scenes in DC?
  9. The elites are politicians from both parties, govt, media, educators...the FBI CiA, DOj State media, etc all wanted trump out. And nearly did it.
  10. The only way a coup would work ....is if the elites wanted it to happen. It doesnt have a chance. If the media wants to make a up a story....they will. On the other the elites almost got it done with Trump.
  11. The oft mis-quoted Lenin term "useful idiot" has a lot of pertinence today. He actually just called them" simpletons". All the elites calling for more socialism are simpletons. They honestly beleive it will improve lives more than capitalism....and it wont effect theirs.
  12. Yeah i know male/females are wired completely different and the whole thing is unlikely....some one needs to stir up some shit around here. Our culture is headed there.
  13. LOL i am stretching the free part...but i fear its not far away. Insurance companies and our rates are considering this shit.
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