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  1. Immigration Reform

    I dont disagree, but the out of touch elitists that said they represent the Dem party didnt speak of the middle class much from what i remember. Trump has pretty much appropriated that position (and others) from the dems recently.
  2. Immigration Reform

    All I am trying to say is the middle class feels forgotten, they showed it in the last election.
  3. Immigration Reform

    Yes press is part of it, but politicians rarely bring up middle class....who used to be the Dems base, but no more.
  4. Immigration Reform

    LOL, your brain has been on hot cycle and dried too long.
  5. Immigration Reform

    Really? You dont think migrants have gotten more press time than the middle class wage earner?
  6. Immigration Reform

    Just more double standard comparisons. You should compare other countries immigration policies to ours. If you think we are being bigoted , think again. It is also remarkable to me why so much consideration is given to our immigrants, legal or not. The average American working joe has been left out of it...and it is why Trump is president in the first place. The liberal policy of racial/cultural segregation and brainwashing is complete and it is hurting us.
  7. Immigration Reform

    If they didnt leave, what would happen to the wages in the host states?
  8. Immigration Reform

    We need border security. Limiting immigration would not be an economic/social disaster....It would support higher wages. Coupled with welfare reform that stops paying able bodied people to sit on their asses, steps toward ending generational poverty would help our country the most.
  9. Immigration Reform

    They came here legally.
  10. Trump Fatigue

    You guys are perhaps the best example of those who have completely lost sense of real issues because of hatred. I am far from being all in for Trump but the man you guys call a moron figured out how to be president. He beat the system, beat Hillary, and beat 2 political parties. He has now stolen the Dems only platform. 90% of his opposition cant see thru their hate to come up with a coherent issue, For example the Dems do not own immigration reform anymore. He has showed the "Resistance" is nothing but hatred so deep, they are willing to hurt migrants Yeah man...the dude is a moron for sure. All you can do is team up with those who cant think or analyze anymore, say snarky shit when you are confronted with difficult issues. The Russians are f'n laughing at us. Go get your shit together, our country needs people who can think.
  11. Immigration Reform

    My question is....if they are all clever, industrious and entrepreneurial, why do they have to leave in the 1st place?
  12. Immigration Reform

    Thats great, but you do not account for all illegal immigrants. Are there not citizens that could be working those jobs?
  13. Trump Fatigue

    I would say the answer is very clear...
  14. Trump Fatigue

    Another non answer
  15. Trump Fatigue

    Another non answer