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  1. How was i wrong? So it was killed off the res. Im sure there is a token amount of wild game near the boundarys, but ever notice there are no deer or antelope there? Have you visited? Even tho the range is very healthy...there are no deer to be seen.
  2. The reason he was hunting off the res was because there is no big game left on the res.
  3. If you trip on the stage....there maybe a big dividend for you.
  4. No ...because first I don't know any details....and second it should not be my business anyway.
  5. Govt can not legislate morality where there is a conflict between a child's right to life and a mother's right to do as she wants with her body and murder a child. Unfortunately govt has no answer and life sucks for the kid....the murderess wins.
  6. What do you call someone who injects race into every issue?
  7. They cant hold a candle to the media.
  8. Most of these folks are liberal....why don't they follow the lead of Gates?....or better yet, just write huge checks to the IRS?
  9. I hear of no denouncement of the extreme racial hatred of Jews from the newest dems in Congress. The silence is deafening... amd the hypocracy is screaming. The idiot iowan repiblican senator looses his committee seat, the idiot freshman dems are celebrated.
  10. Those who claim the moral high ground.....dont usually own it.
  11. Racism...used as a political tool, is still racist and destructive to our country. Let it rest.
  12. This will be interesting...China does not react well from external pressures. The best we can do in the meantime is to encourage competition from other countries. If China sees they are losing market share, they may do the right thing.