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  1. I wanted to ask on a personal level...separate from the national narrative.
  2. This is true....they identify as being something other than American because they are ashamed.
  3. Being old and white ...we are supposed to accept being separated out.
  4. Wow....since sensitive , diverse and tolerant progressives love new words....look up agism.
  5. You clearly don't understand that throwing the racism card is a major tool of the progressives. It is used to squash valid criticism. It's use is getting very old to many voters.
  6. He asked the question: Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?
  7. Not defending trump....but.... Why does no one ever find it offensive that these progressive congressional upstarts constantly run down this country? More Americans find this offensive. These folks , who found great life changing success here, call us racist , xenophobic rigged, etc etc. Something they would have never found in the shit hole countries they came from. While trumps stupid comment is divisive...its not racist to point out hypocrisies. Disagreeing with progressives is now racist and you guys buy in on it.
  8. She's wearing a suit and there will be a bunch of scantily clad male bad guy assistants giving here the eye?
  9. Anyone disagreeing with a liberal is a Nazi....so the camps are named accordingly.
  10. We give often to the Salvation army, minimal admin costs and they never contact you.
  11. I dropped my membership....got tired of the incessant phone calls for donations and junkmail/emails. I asked them to stop.
  12. Earth first, We'll drill the other planets later.