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  1. Both of my boys are over 6- 4, silly question.
  2. Sorry chums....I have stirred up my share of shit today. I have to finish some work by EOD because we are flying off to Italy for 10 days. I'm off. Im gonna look up the Pope's robe to see how he rolls.
  3. I wanted and got straight children. No one can convince me that they don't care. See above. Let the mocking begin....
  4. Would you rather have a gay child or heterosexual child? Yes/no.
  5. Fk if I know...I could only guess they are seeking validation of their wokeness so they can be part of the cool club.
  6. The main motivation here would be that the school (collectively) thinks that they know better than the student and parent.
  7. https://www.bizpacreview.com/2022/03/29/what-the-hell-is-going-on-texas-elementary-teacher-claims-20-of-32-students-have-come-out-to-her-as-lgbtqia-1218493/ We dont know what the schools motivation is....some folks just like control. Is it pop culture? Does anyone here know how damaging it is for a school to influence a kids sexuality??? Does anyone here know how long it takes to fix this kind of confusion in an adolescent? Does the councelor know what the hell they are doing? Fk no.
  8. I can't speak for anyone's child or family but my own....and I don't believe that may child is safer with the state than with my family Teens can barely drive much less make these kinds of decisions. If you mock me because I I am concerned about how my kid is counciled???? I know a HS coach that drove a 16yr old across state lines, helped her lie about her identity and age to get an abortion. The parents and close friends were absolutely crushed. These were the type of folks who would have taken in, loved and cherished that baby. Who made the decision?...who the hell knows.
  9. Say a kid is confused about his sex/gender... Did the school councilor coach/groom the kid? Is the kid taking any hormone drugs supplied to him by the school? Did the councilor encourage the kid to talk to the parents? Is the kid telling the truth? Is the kid influenced by popular media? Without the parent, we will never know will we. Having some shitty parents out there is no excuse for covering this up. If the school calls home because the kids a bully, in a fight, sick, cant learn or whatever they are already involved. Teachers are already teaching their morals and political views....Suddenly drawing a line on this issue is wrong .
  10. Never said I feared anything...but not knowing important things about your kid scares the hell out of me. I am thinking the parent may need to be more involved at home and should have an idea. We don't know how the school is counciling the kid in this kind of closed system. Do they encourage the kid to talk with parents or ask permission to involve them? Is the councilor encouraging transition? Kids are impressionable and can be talked into life changing decisions easily.
  11. https://cowboystatedaily.com/2022/09/14/sweetwater-school-board-defends-teachers-hiding-students-transgender-status-from-parents/ Its going on in Cheyenne, now Rock Springs. If this is Wyoming I cant imagine what the hell is going on in other parts of the country. Govt has long been trying to replace the core family; just another step.
  12. As I said...this country would be a better place if....
  13. I suppose I started this...but I'm not going down this rabbit hole today.
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