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  1. Jackrabbit

    What an embarrassment

    Which was stupid, just like you are being now.
  2. Jackrabbit

    What an embarrassment

    So our prez's security should be jeopardized because others have a lower requirement? Rain visibility distance , the prez doesnt make those decisions. If this was Obama, ithis wouldn't be a footnote. Quit going off half cocked.
  3. Jackrabbit

    What an embarrassment

    The secret service scrapped flying Marine One....the prez does not make that call.
  4. A more pure definition of fascism.
  5. China will be pulling this off sooner than we think..
  6. My intel says i will be holding a good whiskey in a few hrs.....the seal was broken
  7. Globalism....Each country will become a corporation, with an enslaved labor force that can be bought and sold. Everything from Nike shoes to soylent green. A liberals wet dream. All armies will become mercenaries to the highest bidder....in the name of security.
  8. Jackrabbit

    We’re a nation of tribes

    I do business with , employ, live and talk to those who i disagree with and vis versa. You embody all that is wrong in politics today. Get over it.
  9. Jackrabbit

    We’re a nation of tribes

    You have a a pretty divisive view....very sad. I disagree with many businesses political slants...but still buy their stuff.
  10. Jackrabbit

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    I know, poking fun at her before she was hurt was fun. Poking fun at her organ donors is fair game tho.
  11. Jackrabbit

    We’re a nation of tribes

    Tribal dems are really organized, have the media backing so they are really loud. Repubs are more like herding cats...the most stupid get s the medias attention. Libertarians just get ignored.
  12. Jackrabbit

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    Broken ribs. Liberals offering spare ribs and other body parts to keep her alive.
  13. CNN just created more clickbait for themselves.
  14. Jackrabbit

    Anybody have a medical background here?

    When i drink a lot of beer, I pee a lot. What do i do?
  15. Jackrabbit

    No more dog whistles, "I'm a Nationalist"

    Tell those kids about, how the closest thing we have to a global govt, the UN, did something to help them. You are naive.