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  1. Jackrabbit


    To this day, my wife has poor circulation in her hands because of frostbite from her 1.5 mile walk to and from her country school as a kid.
  2. Jackrabbit


    I am way more adventurous than you guys think. The other day, i didn't use ketchup on my hamburger.
  3. Jackrabbit


    Was helping wife with grocery shopping the other day. While grabbing a box of cheerios, is see a new flavor...pumpkin spice. About gagged.
  4. Jackrabbit

    FBI Investigations

    It is sad when the 1st thing i wondered about before another scotus nominee investigation was if the FBI could be trusted.
  5. My inheritance was the suitcase I rcd as a HS graduation gift.
  6. I got an inheritance!.?...holy shit ....no one told me
  7. Jackrabbit

    Washington Post: This Hurricane Is Trumps Fault

    As the planet/oceans warm, it makes sense that we would see more storms over a long period. Since mans role in the topic has been so weaponized and politicized, to me, pretty much all research is compromized.
  8. Jackrabbit

    Washington Post: This Hurricane Is Trumps Fault

    I am not surprised you think this way.
  9. Jackrabbit

    Nike Losses All Better

    My wife is a Democrat. The Nike move pissed her off. She said it was insensitive towards those who serve the country. She is an athlete and used a lot of Nike gear...says shes done with it. Shocked the crap out of me.
  10. Jackrabbit

    Winning the Trade War

    Parity was used broadly, let supply and demand do its thing with few tariffs.
  11. Jackrabbit

    Winning the Trade War

    Trump knew this would cause some pain....hence the need for the economic bump 1st. The way we traded needed to be fixed for decades. There is no winning a trade war , it would nt be sustainable. If we reach parity, that is a yuge win compared to where we have been.
  12. Jackrabbit

    Hang on, Don't go yet Mike

    Pretty clear you hate successful people...and this country for that matter. Trump tried a different approach....so what was wrong with that? Should he have done nothing and that would have made you happier? He didnt get played...what did he give up..... unlike other presidents?
  13. Jackrabbit

    Hang on, Don't go yet Mike

    This admin was very realistic about it and knew it was a longshot. It is disturbing when people dont want success.
  14. Jackrabbit

    Hang on, Don't go yet Mike

    You seem happy about this Putting your hatred of Trump above the welfare of our country and world shows us the person you really are.
  15. Jackrabbit

    Some Of The Oldest Ice In The Arctic Is Now Breaking Apart

    Thought this thread was going to be about Melania