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  1. Low expectations are always good....was simply glad the hump day commercial came back for a while. Retiring very soon, when every day will be a saturday.....WHOOT WHOOT.
  2. Good for him, ,there is always an exception. Friend of mine has one in Russian....he works in a bookstore... wait, it closed.
  3. If you cant tell the difference in value between an engineering de gr ee and political science degree you just like to argue... I am sure you want your kids to go out and get a valuable german degree. ..at least they will be able to write good.
  4. You are so black and white, typical engineer. Valuable...STEM jobs, nursing, med techs of all kinds, business, trades, etc. Stupid without and applicable masters,: English, journalism, history, polsci, philosophy religions, race, gender studies etc. Both the school and student should be accountable for the waste of taxpayer money and time..
  5. You agree with others corrupting your thought, and that is dangerous my friend. I do not allow myself to be a victim.
  6. Your engineering degree is a bit different than a history degree....or haven't you noticed?
  7. Perhaps not worthless....maybe worth 10% of a technical or medical arts degree. The credit hours paid should reflect this.
  8. The term make America great again is well known as a trigger for everything bad....if you wont admit that you are playing dumb. People beleive it is insensitive to wear one because the left is trying to change the meaning of maga. It is the perfect example of PC. Undocumented immigrants...minimizes the rule of law.... It is insensitive to wash shit off sidewalks because firehoses were used against black protesters.... Safe spaces are supposed to protect sensitive people....how destructive is that?....want more?
  9. Getting triggered by a maga hat...holy shit! You cant see the left has defined them to be racist and non pc? The media has only reinforced this whole fiasco. A red hat has become a target all over the country....you know the people wearing them are all....deplorable!
  10. Good people getting destroyed by the media for wearing a maga hat.
  11. If govt cared anything about equal protection under the law and procecuted all crimes consistently....there would not be any whataboutisms.
  12. This is a rant about the left. Is political correctness not something very real that affects how we think and communicate? I am pointing out how serious and dangerous it is. The grievance industry was around long before trump hit the scene. You cant blame this bullshit on him....he only sent the progressives into overdrive. You missed.
  13. The best example is political correctness. It is a destructive tool created by the left. Its genius.... words can be manipulated, meanings changed and weaponized at will. Where would liberals be without it? This is one of the main tools used by the progressive grievance industry.
  14. The aggrevance industry was long in place long before trump. His insensitivities just put it into overdrive.