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  1. I have been trying to locate data on police killings of suspects. Data is pretty iffy. It is interesting that the most useful article came from perhaps one of the more leftist websites. https://www.vox.com/2020/6/2/21276472/police-killing-statistics-african-american Black Lives is starting to work despite all the negative news. In general, media wants us to believe that we are a terrible and irredeemable country that has to be torn down.
  2. What if it was you who owned those restaurants? The freedom to assemble does not include the right to destroy.
  3. Governors and mayors are being politically correct idiots and dont want to hurt the looters feelings....trump is an idiot for threatening local leaders.
  4. NYC is not using the NG. Trump is sending a threat to the governors....i dont like it either.
  5. If the store owner is protecting his property....not in my book.
  6. I agree...but when the local PD cant keep up, or the mayor says " plz go home?"
  7. The national guard has been used successfully many times.
  8. Looters are starting to get shot by store owners.....
  9. Why would some of these mayors not use the resources they have while property is getting destroyed?
  10. Several of the nations big city mayors think they're hurting Trump by letting their towns get destroyed. People had already begun leaving cities...now it will be in droves. This will deepen income and social divides....property values will suffer...taxes increase, etc etc.
  11. Hit the nail on the head. The self proclaimed " Party of Morality and Minorities" have been lying to their constituents for 3 generations that change is coming. It hasn't happened, no wonder cities burn when this crap happens. Minorities are pissed.
  12. Your liquor cabinet would be more interesting than ours: gin tonics, good stock of wines, merlots, cabernets, sturdy reds. Bacardi frozen drink mixes, pinacoladas are standard fair. We could branch out a bit more.
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