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  1. Yeah I deserved getting shit for that....what do you deserve for believing years of Russia, Ukraine lies, swallowing years of fbi doj propaganda...day after daya? In fact you still beleive it becuase you are an fn moron...useful idiot. Have you ever had an original idea??
  2. Just in time for the election year....So who on here have gotten the new jab? You trust an entire govt health dept that made their boss rich? How many other bureaucrats got rich? You trust big pharma to put out an effective vaccine that barely works while making billions? Better run, shots are going fast...stay home with your school kids, mask in your car alone, Time to panic, get your 2 yr old vaxed too.
  3. You refuse see a conspiracy even if it slapped you in the face. Your brainwashed buddies and you lapped up YEARS of Trump Russia lies from our DC overlords and you enjoyed every day of propaganda. When it was exposed as a fraud, there was no investigation and no heads rolled because there were no watchdogs with any power, and their watchdogs were compliant with that divisive DC shitshow. You weren't even curious and to this day... believe it all. Your precious elitists f'n own you...they laugh at you. they dont give a fk about you or the things that are important to you. If you cant see the corrupt motivations there, you are hopeless.
  4. Sure...You eat up anything you see on the news ...that makes you better? There are random bloggers that are more truthful than your news anytime. Unlike all you useful idiots, I admit that I'm wrong sometimes...that is a strength not a weakness.. And you LOVE regurgitating shit that makes you smile. Proof is in his thread.
  5. When "news" makes you smile, its propaganda. https://www.raptitude.com/2016/12/five-things-you-notice-when-you-quit-the-news/ After years of being told how to think...you guys are too far gone to even try.
  6. The articles about her success note that she is seriously outclassing her opponents ...also often included is mentioning that men pretending to be female will be competing in a new open class. Now im not sure about his/her sex..how many times does politically charged issues get buried by google?
  7. I see no one here wants to rationalize why transgender men should compete with women and destroy a women's sport You can't. Your indoctrination is now complete. ....the trans movement will hunt you down and destroy you if you try.
  8. OK toughguy...won't take me up on my challenge...oh Master of the PC?
  9. Instead of yelling transphobe at me....I want one of you chickenshits to tell us how they would explain this to their daughter: Your little girl has worked hard her whole life to win a college scholarship. She was just edged out by a guy with an unfair advantage. Let's hear it.
  10. He has been competing with women swimmers, and is set to break Phelps records for most gold medals. The AP calls him a female and doesn't mention his transness. This is so wrong on so many levels. To those who favor this shit, I want you to explain to the silver medalist why he should be allowed to compete like this.
  11. There is a need for better discipline in schools, in both behavior and work ethic. Now that our society has green lighted permissiveness, disruptive behavior and even disrespect to the teacher some bold moves are required. Removing a kid from the class, or sending them home removes them from their studies and gets them behind, it depends on the kid or their parents on how it works. Some schools send the kids to a "resource" room supervised by an aid, but too often the aid identifies with the kid telling them "its not your fault" or does their work for them. Being kept inside during recess, or staying after was one of the things that got my attention. Schools need to hold parents accountable by pulling them from work and causing some pain. I am sure ADHD has always been around but those meds are only given part of the time the kid needs them. Disrupting the class, respect for the teacher.... is the bottom line, The rights of your children to learn should be put first, but recently, it is the other way around. Teachers now, either required or by choice, spend too much time with teaching social issues or trying to deal with student disruptions...our kids scores suck.
  12. Thanks for reminding me to not give a fk what you think...
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