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  1. You said yourself you hate conservatives. I never said i hate anyone. Roaches do what roaches do.
  2. You need to stop making so much sense...it takes only seconds to post another standard lefty falsehood...and then it takes 15 minutes to correct them. By then they have moved their bullshit somewhere else....like cockroaches.
  3. I still use a military grade S5 .
  4. The Ford debacle was shameful...even w o corroboration she was given actors training. The messed hair and childlike and victimized appearance with the end of each sentence with a little voice was over the top.
  5. If I recall, you are an engineer. LoL. I guess i better explain before there is a meltdown.... When I 1st posted that, it was 100% a joke, after i saw the serious reaction, i openly questioned if it was a joke or not just to throw it out there. i was talking about trump hatred. Time after time, folks are so serious they cant see any humor. We need to chill folks.
  6. You guys are just asking to be messed with. I find it entertaining that hatred can run so deep that you take a bullshit comment seriously.
  7. Or...... is that because it may become true?
  8. Loosen up...I know its a foreign concept but you guys need to get some sense of humor training.
  9. Bolton will now suddenly be the new darling of the left and will now serve as a cnn regular.
  10. The only thing i would like to see is full disclosure. At our request, tech compnaies should show us the data they have on us. It would be an eye opener.
  11. I have used in enough to know how and why the searches are so skewed...many folks dont care.
  12. Google provides about 80 or 90 percent of internet searches....like it or not. I do try to go googless...but keep getting sucked back into it.