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  1. Married no. And three of the kids are mine.
  2. Unfortunately I agree. The MWC Won’t get three bids. If the Aggies don’t win today, I’m afraid they will get left out. I still remember when the Aggies got snubbed with a top 25 team.
  3. Because it’s all a smoke screen to cast doubt on the investigators.
  4. Then why did Trump pressure Sessions to open an investigation into the Clinton Foundation?
  5. Then why link an opinion piece by Craig Jarrett of all people?
  6. Selectively leaked portion of the testimony.
  7. Jesus, just tell me in plain English what you want to know!
  8. An Faux opinion piece based on a selectively leaked portion of the transcript.
  9. I don't think it is. Most of the emails were classified after the fact. And none of the emails were properly marked as classified.