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  1. Washington (CNN)Nearly a year before his letter Sunday telling lawmakers he did not believe President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice, Attorney General William Barr authored a memo saying he thought the obstruction investigation was "fatally misconceived." Barr, then a private citizen and former attorney general to President George H. W. Bush, issued the memo to senior Justice Department officials in June 2018. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/24/politics/barr-memo-mueller/index.html
  2. Disappointed in the way the AG is handeling it. There were over 100 contacts between Russians and the Trump campaign. They lied about every one. i think footnote one is important. It doesn’t say that there wasn’t activities taken in concert with people acting on behalf of the Russians. It says there was no agreement made between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. (Footnote 1: In assessing potential conspiracy charges, the Special Counsel also considered whether members of the Trump campaign “coordinated” with Russian election interference activities. The Special Counsel defined “coordination” as an “agreement — tacit or express — between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government on election interference.”)
  3. I’m disappointed, but I’m guessing the details of the report will not make Trump look good. The most relevant parts are the summary are the direct quotes from Mueller. The rest of it is from Barr. *It "does not conclude that the President committed a crime" but "also does not exonerate him" iIt has been reported that Mueller has passed off parts of his investigation to SDNY and the DC District who are continuing their investigations. Mueller was not involved in or consulted about the drafting of Barr’s letter.
  4. Married no. And three of the kids are mine.
  5. Unfortunately I agree. The MWC Won’t get three bids. If the Aggies don’t win today, I’m afraid they will get left out. I still remember when the Aggies got snubbed with a top 25 team.
  6. Because it’s all a smoke screen to cast doubt on the investigators.
  7. Then why did Trump pressure Sessions to open an investigation into the Clinton Foundation?
  8. Then why link an opinion piece by Craig Jarrett of all people?
  9. Selectively leaked portion of the testimony.