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  1. Sorry, but the LA Bowl isn’t a huge deal for the MW. Sure it’s nice to get a bowl lined up but playing against the #8 PAC team is terrible. Rather play a better team from other G5 conferences that are ranked or nearly ranked than a team that always around #50 or worse.
  2. And still a FCS field. Time to grow up Boise and put the big boy pants and get the field green.
  3. I was waiting for them to see what they offer. Too expensive for me,
  4. Yeah, but, if we aren’t with CBS anymore then Sling Blue would be fine since they have FS1/2, Stadium and NBC SN
  5. https://watchstadium.com/live/2019-04-12-nevada-mens-basketball-steve-alford-introductory-event-press-conference/ Press conference going on. State that he is here for the long haul. (Probably true as he has ran his course at UCLA and being in a MW school will fit him better.)
  6. Lol. Lambs are in Idaho. What did I say was wrong. Stanford is the Harvard of the West. Apparently only people in Moscow think so highly of themselves. People who live and grew up outside of Idaho know UI isn’t anywhere near that status.
  7. Sorry, but Harvard of the West has always been Stanford U.
  8. YouTube TV is raising their prices to $50/month. Also adding the Discovery networks like HGTV...
  9. Yes. Given that they are the ones that make the Big 12 a power conference and give the Big 12 $35 million/school. Unlike the MW which would be fine w/o BSU and SDSU.
  10. Yeah, those which are would be on a RSN will be on ESPN+ that still doesn’t include any TX or OK games.
  11. It’s basically Thierry FCS games and some of the tier 3 games. No Texas or Oklahoma games are moving to ESPN +
  12. According to an interview by your AD 4 to 6 weeks. However, he also mentioned an exclusive period for ESPN after CBS and that the MW won't announce until Summer...probably during the summer meeting of presidents.
  13. https://watchstadium.com/videos/what-the-unlv-defense-can-do-to-improve-in-2019-football/ First up: UNLV Stadium starting to show the MW teams for spring practice and give some insight. (Yes, this was played on the OTA 24/7 channel.)
  14. MWC Tex

    Final Four

    Guns up! Go TX Tech.
  15. MWC Tex

    Final Four

    Mooney is feeling money!