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  1. Fools! Fox is going to get so many complaints they will not show a Boise home game again in the OTA channel. The rating will be pretty low because the blinding blue field will cause the viewers to turn away from the channel.
  2. Exactly, no network is going to show a blinding blue field on their OTA channel.
  3. yep. CBS isn’t going to show a blue field on their OTA station. Nice for the MW.
  4. If it was in San Jose maybe. But no network is going to show a BSU home game with the ugly FCS/High School blue field. BSU home games are for cable not OTA networks. They don't to blind their big audience.
  5. Every school admits any athlete they want regardless of their grades/SAT scores
  6. Unfortunately, we might be seeing back to back games between SJSU and Nev. Regular season game (last game of the season) and the MW Championship
  7. What NC games are there? Idaho st? Dixie st?
  8. That logic is flawed. The committee looks at the whole season to start with. The MW left no room for cancelled games. Any MW team will be 5 games behind the rest of the G5 and that will be a detriment to us. Also, Coastal Carolina is in the Sunbelt.
  9. Hmmm. Not surprised. They are NY and California bowl sites. NM will be cancelled. LA bowl will be cancelled, not sure of the Rose since they are a playoff bowl this year. MW still has the AZ bowl and maybe a TX bowl. NY6 is out of the reach since the MW started so late.
  10. Guess you miss all the BLM references in all the pro sports and from the talking heads. When BLM was on the mound in baseball that did it for me.
  11. How could you not when they are bleeding subscribers. Especially now they gotten more political.
  12. Fox is smart not to show the blue field on OTA Fox. Blue field is for cable stations and late weekday time slots.
  13. Correct but never was able to watch them because they were on the highest tier on packages
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