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  1. 8:30/9pm starts do nothing for exposure for the MW. The central and eastern time zones have tuned out by then which is 75% of the population. At those times you are placating to the few Mtn and Pacific fans that maybe still wanting to watch football that late. In essence, if only the people watching the games are regional anyway, we might as well just have the MWDN show games or take less money to get day games which fans want to show up. Getting attendance up will more than makeup the loss of TV revenue. It not just ticket revenue but concessions revenue in addition. This will also apply to basketball also.
  2. Probably will happen as more conferences are going to 20 games and that gives less opportunities for OOC games.
  3. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-basketball/unlv-not-expected-to-be-a-darling-of-mw-media-1870385/amp/ See section #3 Basically, this is why our TV contract is delayed. My guess, the old WAC schools, especially BSU, want more money and 9 pm start times. The older MW schools want better start times for less TV $$$. Probably, why Calhoun is rethinking AF being in the MW.
  4. CBS only cares about the Army - Navy game. That is why they pay over $10 million for that game. The games on CBSSN are most likely no dollar amount but CBS will absorb the production cost. Air Force is an afterthought in regards to Army or Navy.
  5. I don’t get the complaint of travel. It’s going to be bad regardless. If they want to be with Navy or eastern exposure, then by all means go to the AAC. The WAC or Summit would love to have the other sports. The MW will be fine.
  6. Didn’t they review that play? The ball never hit the ground.
  7. The have gone downhill ever since they left the MW.
  8. Congrats UNLV! #9 P5 win for the MW. Have to wonder if this signals a turnaround with this win as San Jose St did with the win over Arkansas. Guess we will find out.
  9. AT&T sports net pretty much considers the whole US as in market. Even in Texas, I am geoblocked from watching ATT games even though I am out of the market area.
  10. Est times Noon #16 Michigan @ Illinois ABC #6 Oklahoma vs #11 Texas FOX 2:30 Old Dominion @ Marshall Stadium 3:30 Florida St @ #2 Clemson ABC #1 Alabama @ #25 Texas A&M CBS 7:00 Army @ WKU Stadium 7:30 USC @ #9 Notre Dame NBC #10 Penn St @ #17 Iowa ABC
  11. And Montana vs Montana St (Brawl of the Wild). Third oldest it seems West of the Mississippi .
  12. SJSU vs Nevada is being broadcasted on Stadium TV.
  13. Basically, this must mean we are playing out the exclusive timeline with the current TV providers to see offers from other providers like Fox and NBC. We must’ve had some insight on other offers but had to wait till the exclusive period expires before talking with other networks.
  14. Well you can always go back to the WAC and restart FBS football there. Doubt anyone would follow. Besides BSU chose to be in the Mtn Division.