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  1. You’ll be shellacked no matter who you play and even worse when Norvell isn’t going to coach.
  2. It is weird, but it is nice sometimes. Like when the commentators talk about something other than the game.
  3. Tight game 50-46 BSU. no commentary for this game. Just hearing and watching like you would at the arena.
  4. Watching the ticker. Don’t get ESPN. Watching SEC and AAC games OTA.
  5. ESPN 2. CBS OTA ditched awhile ago. They had us playing 2 hrs after the end of the SEC game and after game stuff.
  6. I think that line is a bit high for the ACC game. I think Baylor wins this time.
  7. ESPN does not control the Arizona or Cure bowl. They are ESPN free and the TV contracts are under CBSSN.
  8. https://www.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=805bacb14ceb031f UNLV HC job posted on Indeed. However, from some comments on the csnbbs board, there are some legal consequences if they don’t post. Texas posted the DC and OC positions on Indeed. Houston was sued $25 million for not publicly posting.
  9. Interesting stat. The last 3 times the MW had a rematch in the CCG, the team that lost in the regular season won the CCG.
  10. Well that means BYU isn’t getting in a P5 conference! P5 contracts are up in 2024 and they start negotiating in a few years.
  11. Ha,ha!! You wish! you are part of the ESPN bowls...the only ones they control. More Hawaii, potato, Frisco..type bowls.
  12. I watched the second half. BSU seemed to up the tempo and UNCW couldn’t match it with their shooting. I didn’t have a any streaming issues.
  13. Nice comeback for Hawaii to be playing for the championship. Interesting how Dec. 7 landed this year to the CCG with Hawaii of all teams.
  14. Tried 3 different links but still says I must log in to continue.