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  1. MWC Tex

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Yes. It will.
  2. Well....I guess it depends. He could be a good fit for USU since he has done the P5 gigs. He would be there for quite some time which is what a program needs if he keeps USU winning. It would be better than finding a coach that would in 2 years and have to go through this all again.
  3. MWC Tex

    ESPN+ anybody use it?

    Don’t have a need for it. I guess the better question is who has Stadium Plus since we have a few games on there....even if it’s mostly women’s sports. I will subscribe to Stadium Plus when we get more football and basketball games on there in the next TV contract.
  4. MWC Tex

    USU... did Wells leave you anything?

    Heck...I'd let Keeton call the plays. Also, didn't Love make quite a bit choices on his own? This could be a game where Love channels Peyton and calls his own plays along with Keeton.
  5. Glad to see the truth coming out. I fell for “view total” myself. We are better off streaming our own games on the MWDN/ Stadium platform. the FAANG wheels are getting loose and ready to fall off. Especially, if the anti-trust breakup of some of those companies happen sooner than later.
  6. MWC Tex

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    #5... you will have to play 10 conference games to do that without divisions. You must play a round-robin or divisions. We don’t need BYU.
  7. MWC Tex

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Should be settled up by March of next year. With the number of bowl allowances now set by the Bowl Admin there must be negotiating still going on.
  8. That is the gig the MW gets with the PAC in the LV Bowl. We get the lowest ranked team......as I've state in other posts, we are better playing the CUSA Champ than the lowly P5 schools in the bowl game. This will be a blowout by Fresno, especially if the played defense like they did in the CCG. The bigger deal is beating P5 schools in OOC games. They are usually ranked higher when playing them and beating them. The bowls team from the P5 conferences are the lower quality unless you actually play the Oregon State's, Rutgers and the like.
  9. MWC Tex

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Ok....byu goes to the 1st resonders bowl and BSU plays in the Potato. Wyoming gets left still. So by screwing BYU, the conference gets a better bowl and a bigger payout.
  10. MWC Tex

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    In reality we probably screwed BYU since the probably were in line for the First Responders Bowl.
  11. MWC Tex

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Actually, Wyoming only chance was for Memphis winning. 5 ties and 7 teams eligible. Hair got SDSU to Frisco so it would still have one bowl short. Hair traded the Potato so BSU would play an ACC team. He did good getting the best of what was available and how we are disadvantaged the MW in geography and have how MW fans don't travel well except for BSU. For bowls its the tried and true gig. Filling the stands in bowls give you better bowls.
  12. MWC Tex

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    You can't replace a bowl if one doesn't exist. The next bowl cycle will be different. Depends if SDSU can get their stadium built.
  13. Not really. Both are 7-5 teams. Also BC lost their OC to coach Bowling Green. ASU has won the last 4 of 5 games and BC has a 3 game losing streak. Either way playing mediocre p5 teams doesn't the MW any good. Rather play the CUSA champion or AAC champ/#2 as they would be much higher rated.
  14. MWC Tex

    New Mexico Bowl: Utah State vs North Texas

    Why? We probably traded the Potato for the first responders bowl. Bigger payout so all members can get more $$$.
  15. MWC Tex

    New Mexico Bowl: Utah State vs North Texas

    So? I am a champs bowl with CUSA. Fresno vs UAB would be a great game.