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  1. It's Happening.

    So... BYU brings 25k to Boise home games? I don't think so. BYU on brings a few fans to opposing teams. They don't travel as well as they say they do.
  2. ESPN+

    We are already there with Stadium Plus. Same cost.
  3. It's Happening.

    BYU doesn't fill stadiums. Maybe a couple thousand is all.
  4. http://www.themw.com/news/2018/4/23/mw-summit-podcast.aspx?path=general Here is the first episode. http://www.themw.com/podcasts.aspx ""The Summit" podcast series will feature leaders from across the Conference discussing major themes that have helped shape the Mountain West during its first 19 years — and those that will define the Conference in the future. The inaugural episode of The Summit, which is available beginning today, features an insightful conversation with MW Commissioner Craig Thompson, looking at the first 19 years of the league, discussing the future of the Conference, the wider landscape of intercollegiate athletics, and looking ahead to the upcoming NFL Draft. In addition to Commissioner Thompson, subsequent episodes of The Summit will feature administrators, coaches, student-athletes, journalists and fans from across the Mountain West, sharing their unique perspective on a Conference that proudly reflects the pioneer spirit of the American West."
  5. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Poor Stadium. They keep scheduling the AF game on OTA but keeps getting postponed. Need to know to only schedule UNLV, SJSU, SDSU or Fresno home games.
  6. UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    San Jose is adding men's track next year actually,...speed city is coming back.
  7. Will the change for offensive blocks hurt Air Force even more?
  8. Grand Canyon University

    Thunder Dan just told the Suns he is staying at GCU.
  9. ESPN+

    It'll be free for quite some time. We get more viewers to watch games than we would with a subscription based. The MW decided that having free access to the MWDN is the best way to gain and retain fans. It has taken some time but now we get some revenue from ads and it would be much more than subs paying a fee. Don't assume the MW will have all these fans pay $10/month...they won't just like the PAC fans. Some of our content as well as the Patriot and WCC will be on Stadium Plus paid platform. As to your question about Stadium, yes subscribers are able to watch re-runs of football games, however, 95% of those are already available on VOD via Stadium on the MWDN for free. You'll just see some ads before it plays.
  10. https://player.watchstadium.com/47/index.html?asset_id=132894&codec=&player_id=47&type=vod Good or bad? He's done pretty well for SDSU.
  11. ESPN+

    Our conference network is free. Also, some games are on Stadium Plus which is also $4.99/month for some premium games. Stadium was ahead of ESPN on this. However, my take on this is that Stadium will pay the MW more than ESPN would for a streaming service.
  12. Update on Stadium's OTA list. https://s23455.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Stadium-Active-Markets-4-6.pdf Added cities since last thread: San Diego, Palm Springs, Chicago, Greenville NC, Salt Lake City Total stations now at 67. Stations in the Pac/Mtn Timezones: Bakersfield, Clovis NM, El Paso, Fresno-Visalia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Portland OR, Reno, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Seattle-Tacoma.
  13. More stress for U of I Athletics

    Worthless sports anyway to keep anyway.
  14. MW Definitely Looking into Streaming Only

    Well, since we are using Stadium's digital platform and I can watch it on TV via my Roku, I say go ahead. Paying $5 a month is fine by me compared to the $45 a month I'd have to pay to watch MW games.
  15. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    I see. Thanks!