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  1. This game is also being broadcasted on Stadium’s OTA channel
  2. Probably doesn’t matter, the are many at large bids that they will have a team in the playoffs.
  3. No worries Wyoming, you’ll be in the Big 12 when you and 20 other states secede with Texas.
  4. Hmmm..maybe he will be like coach Pete? Stay quite a while and only take a P5 job if it’s the right fit?
  5. So our first year with Fox showing the CCG did pretty well with 1.42 million viewers. It doubled and sometimes tripled the viewership from ESPN broadcast. It’s the 3rd highest rating since CBS showed the CCG in 2013 (1.7 million) and 2014 (1.5 million). I hope Fox shows our CCG on OTA next year and at the same time slot.
  6. Will this kill the special deal Boise has? No AD, no coach, no bowl.
  7. So could this be why Boise turned down playing a bowl game?
  8. The one thing about the MAC was they had 13 teams. They were granted a waiver to not have the bigger division play a round robin. They could still have 8 conference games. with 11 teams, I think you will have to play 7 conference games to work ok. Keeping 8 makes you play a team twice.
  9. The Big 12 didn’t get an exception. The rule was changed for them to hold a CCG with 10 members. The AAC is worried because they have 1 year left on their exception to have division-less competition. Afterwards, they either have to play unbalanced divisions ( which nobody wants), expand to 12 or play a round robin schedule which means 10 conference games.
  10. No expansion available for their football stadium. I agree with getting into Arizona. I would convince GCU to join if they add football.
  11. Their waiver expires next year. They either expand to 12 or play 10 conference games to hold a CCG.
  12. It’s ok to work for other sports, just not in football with 11 teams. It’s better with 13 teams for unbalanced divisions
  13. I don’t think Hawaii will go Indy, so expansion will have to happen.
  14. The rule is that if you have less than 12 teams, you must play a round robin. So an 11 team conference can either have unbalanced divisions or play 10 conference games. The Sunbelt 10 football teams split into divisions of five, otherwise they would have to play 9 conference games.
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