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  1. So is UNIV just going to shoot 3 pointers for the season?
  2. This should be playing on NYE, not mid-December.
  3. Congrats to the Aztecs and Aggies. Glad to see Utah St get in the CCG.
  4. Actually it’s #5 PAC Team
  5. Pods seem the same as divisions no matter how you set them up. Divisions are the best setup and gives teams a goal to claim a division title. In a true divisionless setup there be controversy with the big possibility of 3 or 4 teams with the same record.
  6. Wish I was able to split screen on my iPad for the multiple games going on. Guess I’ll have to use my phone and Roku’s with my iPad.
  7. Fumble by Army but recovered for a TD
  8. Damn., why? guy is big enough to block regular
  9. Uggh. Why do that stupid trick play?
  10. Congratulations NMSU! Glad to see you in CUSA.
  11. I think the Sun Belt will still have them. They can’t just pawn off to any conference. CUSA doesn’t need them .
  12. Glad to see NMSU get into a conference.
  13. Glad to see a good showing of the fans showing up in the stadium. It can be done for Nevada.
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