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  1. So unless I missed something, there is no official word from BSU or the MW that this is resolved. Only a speculative article from San Diego.
  2. Yeah, and that is a big issue.. the USFL has a majority of teams in NFL cities. You can succeed (not to NFL level) if you aren’t playing in the same city.
  3. Different era then, now the NFL with their liberal, prima donna Kaepernick anti-American chase their fans away. XFL can pick up those fans.
  4. https://www.xfl.com/en-US/rules After reading the rules the XFL has I really like the changes. Wish they played in the fall still even against the NFL. Still can’t get into football at this time of the year.
  5. They will probably play against the MW. The Cheez bowl is so low in the pecking order, both conferences probably won’t field a team.
  6. The Big West doesn’t have a balance issue. With UCSD & CSU Bakersfield coming in next year they are balanced. They will also move to 20 conference games so no need to expand. Besides, BSU burned them once already and aren’t going to get burned again.
  7. Depending on the spring runoff, lots of rafting on the Wallowa River past Minam down to Troy
  8. Bison in Union County? Yeah, no jobs in the area unless you work at the mill or able to work at EOU. My bro works at EOU now, in addition to our friend who is now the president of EOU. Been awhile since my last trip, need to make it there again and see the folks. Yeah, go figure how Elgin it’s name. Fun fact: Our fight song is Notre Dame fight song. We took it in honor of a ND coach who came and coach football for a year and went back to coach at ND back in the 1920’s.
  9. I guess there hasn’t been any new developments? Thought maybe we would hear something else because the time for Boise to leave is coming soon. Perhaps after the basketball season ends? The AAC hasn’t developed the 2020 schedule yet.
  10. Nice. Grew up in Elgin. I do miss the area scenery, wished I could visit the folks there more often. I do miss the mountains. At least NM is 4 hrs away to take a weekend trip and do so now and to get my mountain fix.
  11. Wallowa county is one of my favorite places. How long have you lived there?
  12. https://themw.com/news/2020/1/24/general-mountain-west-and-jmi-sports-sign-12-year-multimedia-rights-agreement.aspx Some other MW news...unless Boise is upset about this also.
  13. I believe the votes have to be 3/4 to pass. Not sure Hawaii even gets a vote as they aren’t a full member. So the worst for it to pass is 8-3 which doesn’t give BSU any additional leverage.
  14. Nobody is following Boise out of the MW. The MW has plenty of options without Boise.