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  1. Go ahead and delete this post. Just wanted to let you know the rest of the games on Saturday. colgate@air force 1:30 MT - ESPN3 SHSU @ New Mexico 4pm MT - MWDN SUU @ UNLV 7pm PT - MWDN
  2. Interesting stats. Nice Job!
  3. Apparently, if you have a Fire stick, there is a watch FB app that may work for the FB games. Not sure if Roku has it....I haven’t found it in my searching. There is FB apps for phones but all these require a FB account.
  4. Unfortunately, Facebook. However, hoping it can be on app.
  5. Colgate is pretty good. If they know how to stop the option, I don’t think AF will beat them. Colgate has some good offensive talent. Even though they lost some offense players, they still have their QB and defense from last year.
  6. I don’t trust you guys anymore ! Always get ahead then lose
  7. Yeah I hate Facebook games. I hate needing an account to watch it and I hate the format. I know Stadium produces the games but it would be better just to use the Stadium app rather than Facebook. I unfortunately won't be watching the Facebook games .
  8. https://connecticut.rivals.com/news/financial-breakdown-of-uconn-s-move-to-the-big-east so financial stuff. The ESPN+ is interesting about production costs. For 25 basketball games it’ll be up 500k/season. But there are also the other sports that need to be produced which will push the costs to $1 million/ year
  9. We’ll see what Disney + offers for the general public compared to Netflix or Prime. With all the losses of cable/satellite subscribers, Sling is still the only OTT platform that gained around 10k subs the past couple of quarters. Still they are only at 2.2 million subs and is the largest of them all. DirecTV Now is losing subs as well as Vue. The big majority of the those dropping cable/sat are going OTA only. Why should we sign up for ESPN+ when we already have a platform and can view games for free with our MWDN? The big reason those other conferences signed up with ESPN is because they didn’t have a digital network or one they didn’t invest in fully like the MW did. For them ESPN+ is their conference digital network. The Big 10 and PAC 12 don’t need ESPN+ because they already have a conference network that can stream.
  10. https://watchstadium.com/news/highschoolfootball2019-08-06-2019/ For those of you who are interested, there are several games being broadcasted in the MW area. Games in Las Vegas, Fresno and SLC area.
  11. UTEP, San Jose State add home/home series; 2026 at San Jose State, 2027 at UTEP Toledo, San Jose State add home/home series; 2023 at Toledo, 2028 at San Jose State
  12. We already have that. It’s called the Mountain West Digital Network.
  13. Over 70k in attendance right now playing the Galaxy. Who’d s football crazy state would have the much support for soccer?
  14. Nice cherry picking! Take OKSt out since it is a home game for them. Take out FSU 1.036 since that was the MW CCG. Take BC because it’s a bowl game. Then you have the real number. Otherwise add, BSU Troy 241k, BSU - UConn 233k, BSU-SDSU 269k. Then add the games of the other teams like USU/BYU. Including the other bowl games
  15. Your average is way off. Good thing TV networks have the real numbers. Also CBSSN can be Nielsen but they choose not too. BeIN is neilson rated and is in less households than CBSSN