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  1. There is a path for certain schools to want their own TV rights and that is to go Indy.
  2. MWC Tex

    Air Force vs Utah State

    I watched on the App and Roku also.
  3. By the way, Stadium is now on Sling Blue and Orange. Stadium Plus is now part of the extra sports package on Sling. Also, Stadium is on PSVue Elite tier. https://watchstadium.com/news/stadium-debuts-linear-network-on-sling-tv/
  4. What program do they have where they scream at each other? Campus Insiders - no, Emerge - No, The Rally - no, Sauce and Shram - not really...I have yet to see them scream at each other.
  5. Yes, they do talk a lot about the G5 schools and in particular CUSA and MW. I like the Sauce and Schram show also, they are pretty good. Just some great banter between them and occasionally they talk about the MW. Stadium adding more cities in the MW footprint is a good thing. I say they will be making the MW a good offer on exposure and start times. They may not be able to offer a whole lot of money, but to have games shown on OTA TV and on their main channel on the plethora of streaming platforms will be awesome in my opinion.
  6. Bumped for new cities added. https://s23455.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/STADIUM-OTA-CHANNELS2-11-19.pdf
  7. MWC Tex

    OT: Pac 12 Network a bigger failure than you think

    Too many networks. Just cut it down to the national channel and the rest on a school produced digital network. Having 7 networks is very costly.
  8. MWC Tex

    Stadium TV series "Running with the Pack"

    Episode 2 up and loaded on Stadium or watch via OTA TV.
  9. MWC Tex

    AAF Games

    Dang. They should have a fall season so they capture the fans that fell away from the NFL due to the Kap and the players kneeling. I thought the whole reason for these new leagues was to go against the NFL and the players since the fans were so pissed. They want to watch football in the fall but not the NFL. And judging how low the ratings were for this Superbowl just gives more motivation to be the anti-NFL.
  10. MWC Tex

    AAF Games

    This is what the World League for the NFL. Same type of thing....spring games and tied to the NFL. Look for the XFL to compete in the same season as the NFL. I think they will be more successful than the AAF as they will be independent from the NFL as they were started as the anti-NFL kneeling players that pissed their fans away from the game. The AAF now being tied to the NFL stops what the AAF also was trying to do....compete against the NFL and gets the fans that fell away from he NFL.
  11. Series on Nevada basketball "Running with the Pack" will be showing on Stadium TV today at 5 pm PST. Watch it OTA, Roku, Pluto TV, Web...etc. They showed it on 1/29 but are playing episode 1 again today. (just another dig for Stadium and how well they are treating the MWC and by the way this is a Stadium produced series)
  12. I’m for UCD. They are AAU and they will have better athletic support from the school than the CSU schools that always struggle for athletic dollars.
  13. MWC Tex

    New Stadium in Sacramento

    So basically, Sacramento is taking the MLS spot that San Diego could have if the soccer stadium was going to be built in conjunction with SDSU.
  14. MWC Tex

    New Stadium in Sacramento

    Sacramento would be a good place for a bowl. Could have more local support than the Bay Area.
  15. MWC Tex

    Interesting info regarding OTT Service

    I currently use AT&T. 12 Mbs DSL for $40/month. They just laid fiber down in my town and have several packages from 100 mbs for $50/month to 1 gig for $80. I can also get internet via the cable company. Soon we will be seeing the 5G system role out for internet service.