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  1. The G5 will lose in court and on the field. Conference only games allow for scheduling flexibility that may be needed. You will be able to have 5 to 6 bye weeks to be able to reschedule or to give extra time between games for any infected players to get cleared. P5 conference will breakaway for good if the G5 sue as a whole.
  2. True and it could be that it is much less infectious than the flu. Every year around 45+ million people in the US get the flu. We are at 3.3 million in the US for the COVID
  3. Join for a year with a $120,000,000 entrance fee. It pocket change for them
  4. I think the MW will play conference only games also. It'll be 8 game schedule. Just like the P5 conferences it's about keeping the schedule flexible to make adjustments. You'll have 14 weeks to play 8 games that can be adjusted easily for any COVID related quarantines and when all clear can reschedule the conference game. It'll be almost a like a 2 week quarantine for any COVID related issues playing just about every other week.
  5. Because that will fit the narrative from before that the G5 should play spring ball while the P5 plays in the fall with the traditional season.
  6. Stanford had a men’s vb club. I guess there club team will be getting some better talent. In fact, the club sports may be getting higher talent and more competitive as more schools cut varsity sports.
  7. Sure. We need to stop sports because there are too many athletes that get permanent brain damage or permanently disabled.
  8. Why? Cases does not equal death or hospitalizations. In fact I have had a few friends that got it. They stayed home and a week later they were back to work. Such is the case with 99% who get it. Getting it over with quickly is better than dragging it over a long period of time and keeping everyone panicked about it. Yeah, our case increase in Texas was expected with ending the lockdown but the hospitals are not being overwhelmed. It’s something we have to live with and go about our lives. Which we Texans have decided to do. Just as people who get the flu even when vaccinated have to be hospitalized and even die.
  9. Best to have everyone get it right now and get it over with.
  10. It makes sense, but the reality is LA Tech and ULM will not be in a conference together regardless of what is happening.
  11. So the same size as the soccer stadium? Wasn’t that the big issue before?
  12. Most likely it’s that they either open at 100% or not at all. Limiting capacity doesn’t help them from what quite a few restaurant owners have said.
  13. They are testing it in a couple markets. It will be a slow transition over as both versions will be broadcasted over the air (estimates around 8 years) you’ll need to get a new TV with that capability...no converter box to my knowledge for this. If I understand correctly this will be on a different spectrum and allow more channels even sub channels to be broadcasted in HD