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  1. I wonder how many of the 877 beds have Covid patients and how many are with heart attacks, flu, accidents and other diseases. We will never know because that gives panic news.
  2. But that is hardly anything to panic over to close the country and ruin an economy like we are doing. The amount of cases equals .03% of the total population. So we wait and see. Yes there will be more cases they seem to be taking a non-panic and fear approach unlike the rest of the world that is caught up in a frenzy.
  3. Well I guess we'll have to see what happens in Sweden then. They'll come out ahead when the second wave hits.
  4. Pay attention to the Netherlands and Sweden. They are doing herd-immunity and very lax on restrictions. Sweden has a population of 10.1 million and Netherlands 17.1 million.
  5. My wife works in a medical clinic and yeah she is a little worried, but she is more worried that people are starting to get desperate and will be robbing and rioting and killing to get basic items. By the way, she is from Venezuela and people get desperate to start stealing and killing to get things for themselves. I have family in Houston, also from Venezuela and they are worried about getting shot and gangs breaking into people homes to get basic supplies. So yeah, people get infections and diseases and some die just like every year the the flu infects tens millions of people and 50,000+ die every year just in the US (even with a flu shot) but I guess those deaths are acceptable to not shut the country down every year. Hey I would be singing a different tune if millions and millions were dying. But that is not the case here. This isn’t the Black Plague, helI, this isn’t at the low end of the Swine Flu back in 2009. I’m sure there are tens millions of people here who have the virus or carry without symptoms ( yes, just like you are carrying the flu virus right now). People are hyped up thinking it’s a death sentence the moment you get it when it’s far from the truth. Remember this come October when the flu starts infection 65+ million people despite getting the vaccine and tens of thousands start dying...but that won’t be a big deal right because it’s just the flu.
  6. It is actually. Have you seen the stores? How do you think the goods show up? How do you think the goods get grown and processed? It doesn't happen by magic. You'll see more deaths from a Depression than you'll see from this virus. Already, there have more cases than normal of child abuse happening because people are getting stir-crazy at home. Everyone talks about a flattening the curve but all the does is expand the life cycle of the virus and give time for it to mutate. That's why there are second and third waves of infections because the virus was able to survive and mutate. You want to kill the virus quickly, get everyone infected and it'll die much quicker. Keep in mind that the flu virus mutates quite a bit slower than the cold virus. It one of the reasons why you can have a somewhat effective flu vaccine and why there isn't a vaccine for cold viruses. The US is pretty good at adapting to rapid situations more so than back in 1918. We can setup instant hospitals and hotels and cruise ships are offering space for the infected patients that need hospitalization. Yeah, perhaps 30% -40% of the population will be infected just like the flu, but not all will have symptoms heavy enough for hospitalization. I've seen the charts from the Spanish flu of Philly vs St. Louis. Sure Philly had a large spike but it was over much, much quicker than St. Louis. Yeah, it scares people but the long politician drag this on, there will be other consequences and death that will cause even more harm than the virus itself.
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/simonchandler/2020/02/05/how-ai-is-making-software-development-easier-for-companies-and-coders/#71c323866415 AI doing self testing and programming. Just another step towards the Matrix. Currently watching The Matrix and introducing my daughter to this movie and the special effects that led other movies to copy it. A lot of what was mentioned in this 1999 movie about AI is coming to fruition 20 years later.
  8. I don’t think the PAC will take BSU or BYU. I can see UNLV and New Mexico.
  9. 16 makes it easier than 14. Divisions can be more geographic and rivals kept. The PAC will still survive if 6 are taken and still be power status. The MW would have pull in NMSU and some FCS schools like the Montanas and likely UC Davis.
  10. Death rate less than estimated. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/wuhan-death-rate-from-coronavirus-lower-than-previously-estimated-study-finds-2020-03-20?mod=home-page
  11. Good to see. There are a lot of people out and about here. Kids are playing at the playground together, people are going to church with hundreds to thousands gathered together. We are currently on Spring Break, will extend another week before school starts again. Teachers are heading back next week though so they can get paid.
  12. I hope all you freaked out people feel the same for the next flu season and people are dying by the tens of thousands! (Well actually the flu season is still going and claiming more lives than the COVID). We should shut down every year!!!!!
  13. Models vs real data. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/preliminary-in-season-estimates.htm
  14. OMG. The Mexicans are going to start dropping like flies!!!! https://apnews.com/96c71c1f4bd4c202d1d06e00b9f36d51
  15. They can try, but the cold virus mutates so quickly you can’t develop a vaccine. Which is why there is no vaccine for the common cold despite efforts to do so. You can help develop to treat the symptoms but from the all of the “survivors” of COVID-19 they just had a sore throat and slight fever that went away in a few days.