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  1. Sounds like they are getting more than what BeIn was offering and with more “exposure”. I’ve heard they were interested in us but we’ll see what they offer. The NFL Network isn’t on a lot of cord cutters packages or if they are, it is on a higher tier that no many viewers pay. With they way how TV is changing, it is more important to for viewers to have access to watch games. Streaming has not slowed down and only gaining momentum along with the true cord cutters.
  2. Pluto TV now has a channel showing the classic Dr. Who shows.
  3. https://themw.com/news/2019/6/5/general-mw-board-of-directors-hold-successful-annual-meeting.aspx?path=general No TV announcement as that will be on going through out the summer. The MW will bring back the conference volleyball tournament for the auto-bid. The tournament will be held at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Esports will continue during the basketball championship. Additional On-line seasons approved for competitive eSports.
  4. The problem is that conferences are moving to 20 games so there is less opportunity to fill good OOC schedule. We’ll probably move to 20 games eventually also.
  5. Yeah...sorry but how good is the #8 team....they are crap! That Oregon team lost it coach before the bowl game and so that was discounted by the MW victory.....in essence it didn't mean much. Just because it's a P5 team doesn't mean its good. If it is our #4 or #5 team then OK but not for the MW Champ. If we get the PAC #4 team then I will be happy with the bowl tie in.
  6. I knew they would move it to after Christmas. Such a farce they couldn't do it when the MW was tied to the Bowl.
  7. I disagree. We play better teams in the OOC. Our Champ bowl should be a reward not a punishment.
  8. https://watchstadium.com/news/college-football-bowl-game-lineup-for-next-six-seasons-to-be-announced-06-03-2019/ Notes of Interest: MW will get the #8 selection I'm sure for the MW champ in the new LA Bowl......big whoop! Give me the champ of another G5 conference rather than a #70 ranked 6-6 PAC team. Pac dropping the Cheez-it Bowl and will be Big 12 vs Big Ten. Big Ten dropping the Holiday Bowl for the Las Vegas Bowl. Holiday Bowl will be PAC12 vs ACC. Big Ten also dropping the Armed Forces and First Responders to play in the Cheez-It Bowl. Armed Forces and First Responders mostly likely will have G5 vs G5 matchups. MW will have the LA Bowl, Potato, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico and 1 other ESPN Events Bowl. Pac-12 (8) 2020-25 lineup: Rose vs. Big Ten Alamo vs. Big 12 Las Vegas vs. SEC/Big Ten Los Angeles vs. Mountain West Holiday vs. ACC Redbox vs. Big Ten Sun vs. ACC Independence vs. ACC Changes: The NCAA granted the Pac-12 an additional bowl bid in the new cycle and the Pac-12 is expected to add the Los Angeles Bowl vs. the Mountain West and the Independence Bowl against the ACC. The Pac-12 also will play against either the SEC or the Big Ten in the new Las Vegas Bowl. By adding two bowls, the Pac-12 had to drop one – it’s expected to be the Cheez-It Bowl. The Pac-12 will now have Power 5 opponents in seven of its eight bowls, including three from the ACC and at least two from the Big Ten.
  9. CU/CSU extend series for another 4 games. Played on each other campus. https://www.denverpost.com/2019/06/03/colorado-state-cu-football-rocky-mountain-showdown/
  10. Sinclair is only a partial owner. Stadium is owned by a collection of industry leaders including Sinclair Broadcast Group, BAMTech, the NHL, the PGA TOUR, and Meredith Corp https://watchstadium.com/news/stadium-partners-with-major-league-lacrosse-to-broadcast-twelve-games-nationally/ Stadium will broadcast Major League Lacrosse games this summer.
  11. https://watchstadium.com/news/stadium-partners-with-major-league-lacrosse-to-broadcast-twelve-games-nationally/ Stadium partners with MLL (Major League Lacrosse) and will show 12 game nationally.
  12. https://themw.com/news/2019/5/30/2019-mountain-west-football-championship-game-to-air-on-espn.aspx?path=fball Seems like they want to play nice only when they are in process of TV negotiations but then screw us later after the contracts are signed. I like the time slot for us.
  13. Stadium absorbs the costs for their production of games on Facebook. Other games that are on the Stadium streaming platform or that is shown on their TV network are produced by the schools already without additional costs.
  14. Games for tomorrow and Sunday (if necessary) will also be on Stadium TV. Nice to see all games being broadcasted on TV.