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  1. MWC Tex

    San Diego State vs Arizona State Game Thread

    It doesn't matter what he says, we got the W. Now we need them to do well during the rest of the season. Same for UCLA, need them to get wins.
  2. MWC Tex

    San Diego State vs Arizona State Game Thread

    So the MW goes 3-3 vs P5 schools today. Better than most years.
  3. MWC Tex

    San Diego State vs Arizona State Game Thread

    All Jasmin had to do was just go down. Fighting for extra yards risked the fumble.
  4. MWC Tex

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    They should the name of the school also. Being along Beach is offensive to the beaches that are short.
  5. MWC Tex

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State game preview

    So... I’m guessing Oklahoma is rooting for Boise St. Hopefully BSU wins and then will be undefeated against both Ok schools.
  6. MWC Tex

    Big Sky Vandals

    So...same thing as the past 5 years.
  7. MWC Tex

    Big Sky Vandals

    Attendance was 10,566
  8. MWC Tex

    If anyone cares

    I think the WSU team is trying to play through a tragic event when their backup Qb commited suicide. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/washington-state-qb-tyler-hilinski-found-dead-of-apparent-suicide/?irgwc=1&irgwc=1&clickid=3u83-lREo1c40cBwKS0S-xENUkgxI9StMTpKRg0
  9. MWC Tex

    Big Sky Vandals

    What ESPN games? They get more exposure on Pluto TV
  10. MWC Tex

    Big Sky Vandals

    ???? That is their normal crowd.
  11. MWC Tex

    Fresno State at Minnesota Game Thread

    He looked in from the back angle. Regardless it was a stupid play.
  12. MWC Tex

    UConn @ Boise State

    I guess you guys are the only two who get ESPN U.
  13. http://www.themw.com/news/2018/9/5/general-mountain-west-partners-with-xos-digital-to-manage-and-license-video-assets.aspx http://www.xosdigital.com/blog-sport-licensing/ What has been used by many individual schools including some MW schools, the whole conference will partner with XOS Digital. They will manage archived video as well as providing licensing for video. This will give some additional revenue on licensing of MW video footage.
  14. MWC Tex

    Is BYU back?

    Will AZ have a winning record? BYU tends to only beat P5 teams that end up with a bad record.
  15. MWC Tex

    Oh Stadium.....

    Yeah, production on Facebook is totally different than regular games produced by Stadium. The North Texas vs SMU game on their TV channel was like the CBSSN.