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  1. Marshall 7 App St 0 ND running over USF. 28 - 0
  2. What could have been if the MW wasn’t scared to play. App St at Marshall will be on CBS OTA. Could have been a MW game.
  3. The only thing is when they become voters they will still vote the same way as they did in California bringing the mess they created and ruin another state. Oregon and Washington know this pretty well.
  4. I’ll wait and see if the Michigan schools will be playing. I hope so, but the way that governor is keeping things locked up not sure if visiting teams will be able to come. Just like NM governor slapping quarantine for two weeks.
  5. I don’t believe it would happen. It may be a closer vote but there are political implications if the Big 10 votes to have a season.
  6. Once the MW cancels basketball he’ll transfer to a school that WILL play thus season.
  7. It has been exciting. Not for anyone out west.
  8. Mountain West, MAC, Big 10 and Pac12 fading away to nothingness with every game that is played.
  9. Sun Belt strong. They got some transfers from conferences that decided not to play football.
  10. Not going to happen. Nobody is going to play in the Spring. It just not feasible to schedule winter games. What player is going to risk getting injured in the Spring only to not play in the Fall or draft status for the NFL.
  11. Liberal states ruling over the few conservative schools.
  12. They should put the postponed into cancelled because they aren’t going to be playing spring football.
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