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  1. Times lots don’t matter for BYU especially against a rival! Show your “national fan base “ is all that you make it to be.
  2. Yeah… where is this vaunted national fan base of BYU? Only 1.5 million viewers? I’m sure half of that is from fans of the Utes. same goes for Navy and Air Force. Those “national fan bases” only drew 1.07 million viewers on CBS? https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/
  3. Tulsa sucks. Might as well get NMSU. but really their is no need to expand.
  4. They have commercials on the OTA stations. Also they get some fees from cable and OTT platforms they are on. Not sure if there are commercials on the OTT platforms like Sling, Fubo or YouTube TV. Perhaps someone can chime in that watched Stadium on any of those platforms. Regardless, I bet our third tier games on Stadium have had more exposure and viewers than being on Root or other regional network since Stadium is nationwide and can access streaming from anywhere in the US.
  5. Looking at the history since UNLV went D1, with the exception of John Robinson, no coach has lasted more than 5 seasons. I think UNLV needs to worry less about football success and settle for coach that will bring a winning season every now and then and keep them around for a while. I would like to have seen Bobby Hauck stay longer being he was the last coach to give UNLV a winning season.
  6. Glad to hear UNLV kept it interesting for a half. Better than getting smoked right out of the gate.
  7. The thing about ESPN+ is that they are not ESPN productions. They are produced by the schools or local TV. Same as the MW TV use school and local TV/Radio that uses Stadium as the platform. But I agree the Stadium produced games are top notch now. They invested more in production and commentators. They will get better and more visible as the years go by.
  8. Second game of the double header for the MW on Stadium.
  9. Nevada (1-0) vs. Idaho State (0-1) Saturday, Sept. 11 • 7:30 p.m. Reno, Nev. • Mackay Stadium Series: Nevada leads, 18-12 Last Meeting: Idaho State 30, Nevada 28 (Sept. 16, 2017) - Reno, Nev. TV: Stadium/Nevada Sports Net (PxP: Noah Coslov, Analyst: Jordan Palmer)
  10. Their value has never been in football but basketball.
  11. Must mean Kansas and Iowa St will be leaving then. Possibly OSU and KSU.
  12. I’m sure they had to put a statement out. A lot of people don’t know there are a lot of behind the scenes discussion going on. The MW is looking at various scenarios I’m quite sure.
  13. Why would we give up our only Post Christmas bowl?
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