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  1. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    It would be good to see that offense again. It tend to be an equalizer if you have an ok D.
  2. Stadium now has a Roku Channel

    Yes. It is in HD and the $4.99 is only for a few games, not all of them. If you go to Stadiums website you'll see the MW Network games being shown but a couple you will see listed as premium which will shown to people who pay the $5/month. https://watchstadium.com/schedule/
  3. Stadium now has a Roku Channel

    Nope. Go to skip and it will take you to the menu. However, you can register and get updates. Also, there may be some games on Stadium plus and it's $4.99/month.
  4. Stadium now has a Roku channel and it navigates pretty well. Now while Stadium is also on Pluto TV there is are no MW games to watch unless it is put on the national channel. Now with the Stadium Roku channel, we can watch the MW produced games on the MW Network on TV via the Stadium channel on Roku. This is a bigger step now for Stadium and now also for the MW in addition to the Patriot League which has a lot of games on Stadium and the Patriot League Network via Stadium. (Thanks for UNLV2001 for the mention of the Roku channel.)
  5. I blame Mugtang for the increase with the embedding of games into the website! Some interesting stull regarding the MW fan base. Thanks to the MW Conference for posting some info regarding some stats for the digital viewer ship.http://www.themw.com/news/2018/1/12/look...l2017.aspx or https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_conti...ly2HAtd0z8Quick Notes: Football on FacebookIn partnership with Stadium 6 Facebook games were broadcasted.Total 4.5 million views.Averaged 5,700 engagements (chat section during the games)New MW WebsiteJuly 2017 to December 2017 reported a 12.4% increase in the number of sessions over last period of July 2016 to December 2016.Average duration increased 31 seconds from 2016.Football Media SummitContent reached more than 7.5 million people.Twitter video views increase 1,289%Basketball Media SummitHad 91,902 viewers during the event.Twitter combined audience handles had a 15% increase. Women's (@MW_WBB) has a 26% increase.Instagram total audience had a 15% increase.Facebook: The MW became the first to partner with the NCAA to simulcast institutionally-produced men's basketball games to March Madness channels.Comparisons of Twitter audience reached compared to other conferences.MW: 39,514,704PAC: 31,290,865B10: 27,945,138AAC:13,784,725Rank of the MW against the 10 FBS conferences:Instagram content posted: 2ndFacebook content posted: 3rdTwitter content posted: 5thTwitter engagement rate: 5th
  6. The Face of the MWC, Craig Thompson, Speaks

    Same as why Aresco was silenced when raising heck and came out stating 4 is fine.
  7. Vandals getting new BBall Arena

    And Idaho St is going to be building one also.
  8. Greek system isn't needed anyway.
  9. Peach Bowl

    This is the first real D UCF has played.
  10. Holiday Bowl Attendance

    I don't care for the Vegas bowl as the #1 bowl unless it gets moved to after Christmas.
  11. Arizona Bowl - NMSU vs Utah State

    39,132 is the official attendance. Highest MW bowl attendance.
  12. Arizona Bowl - NMSU vs Utah State

    No kidding. He's going to be great for Utah St the next 2 years.
  13. Arizona Bowl - NMSU vs Utah State

    Aggies becoming the flaggies.
  14. Arizona Bowl - NMSU vs Utah State

    Just heard on CBS SN that over 40k tickets were sold. This will be the highest bowl attendance for the MW bowls.
  15. Yes...they were. Finished in the top 25 in football that year. We needed a baseball playing school. Utah St and UTEP don't have baseball. Who else was there? NMSU was the lowest of the low and none of the university presidents wanted them. So....tell me who would YOU added that played baseball and to get the MW over 8 full members at that time and saved the baseball autobid???