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  1. Rampage

    Israel Attacks Iranian Targets in Syria

    No. Every member of congress gets a free trip to Israel when they are elected. The US Jewish population increased after WW2 and the US is more involved in wars in the middle east since WW2. Just stating facts. Hard to disagree with the data. From wiki: Israel 6,336,400[1] United States 5,700,000[1] France 460,000[1] Canada 388,000[1] United Kingdom 290,000[1] Argentina 180,700[1] Russia 179,500[1] Germany 117,000[1] Australia 113,000[1] Brazil 94,200[1] South Africa 69,500[1] Ukraine 56,000[1] Hungary 47,600[1] Mexico 40,000[1] Netherlands 29,900[1] Belgium 29,500[1] Italy 27,400[1] Switzerland 18,800[1] Chile 18,300[1] Uruguay 17,000[1] Turkey 15,500[1] Sweden 15,000[1] Rest of the world 167,400[1]
  2. Rampage

    Israel Attacks Iranian Targets in Syria

    Well there is peace in Europe after WW2 and plenty of wars in the middle east after WW2. I wonder what population left Europe and moved to the middle east? Hmm...
  3. Rampage

    World War 1. 100 years ago right now

    Good think this was not in Bama or he would have split the two babies in half like Solomon.
  4. Rampage

    World War 1. 100 years ago right now

    I did not know Trotsky was Jewish. I knew about Lenin. I guess it is true what Churchill said most Jews were commies or commie sympathizers.
  5. Rampage

    World War 1. 100 years ago right now

    Interesting read. The quote about the "reconstitution of the destroyed Kingdom of Serbia." What? I believe Yugoslavia was created after WWI.
  6. Rampage

    World War 1. 100 years ago right now

    Fake news existed back then too.
  7. Rampage

    World War 1. 100 years ago right now

    I saw old footage on WW1 on NHK World on TV. Here is the link: World War 1 footage UTube of that show. There are 3 parts. I could only find part 3 online. Some amazing news footage from that time.
  8. You mean his one mwc championship. He one only one MWC championship!!!
  9. Rampage

    Kangaroos in Wyoming.

    First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming When you cannot get people to move there. Get the next best thing kangaroos. University of Wyoming Kangaroos
  10. Rampage

    Spring Football

    Well, Bobo practiced inside. He is from the SEC. Rain is too much for them.
  11. Rampage

    Spring Football

    Well, it is going to snow tomorrow. I wonder if Bobo is going to scrimmage inside or outside. After the bowl game, he should toughen up his players.
  12. Rampage

    Employment drug screening

    Didn't Bush say the war on terrorism and drugs is the same? Can Trump ban drug testing like refugees? :
  13. Rampage

    Congrats Vegas!

    This will be interesting to see in my opinion. SDSU NFL leaves town. UNLV NFL team comes to town. In 5 years who is the better football team? Did the NFL hurt or help?
  14. Rampage

    America's 200 Most Educated Cities

    Look at the education and poverty rankings.