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  1. Gun violence answered !!! Problem SOLVED !!!

    Well in schools with large black populations they have metal detectors. Maybe that will solve the problem at white schools?
  2. UPDATE: For CSU Stadium Financial Naysayers

    Article is right on one point the record did not improve 7-6 forever by Bobo.
  3. UPDATE: For CSU Stadium Financial Naysayers

    Here you go watercolor of the money.
  4. Pence's bid to isolate North Korea at Olympics falls flat Does not stand for unified Korea. Only applauses US team. #MAGA.
  5. Larry Eustachy put on leave

    Up and coming. More like smoke and mirrors. Now the smoke has cleared and the mirrors have shattered.
  6. Larry Eustachy put on leave

    You might as well shut down basketball if you are going to pull this. Just make moby into a MJ swap meet.
  7. Well he did win that war on Christmas.
  8. I say this one. Daughter pleads guilty to marrying mom, who was once married to son
  9. Philli fan eats horse poop after superbowl win.
  10. Legal for minors in Greece is funny too or same sex siblings in Germany. What?
  11. SOTU Thread

    The story about the cop from NM who had a dream from God to adopt/take a baby from a pregnant women on heroin was weird. Not sure what the message here is. Take babies from drug users or follow any dreams you have from God?
  12. Just as bad as going to Spain and saying questioning is an inquisition. We had a guy at work do that, but they did not say anything.
  13. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    So AFA is using govt money, but Army and Navy is not?
  14. Wazzu QB commits suicide

    So OJ is innocent due to CTE.