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  1. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    So AFA is using govt money, but Army and Navy is not?
  2. Wazzu QB commits suicide

    So OJ is innocent due to CTE.
  3. President Shithole

    Rioting and the power to arrest are two different things. Heck CSU fans rioted after a big football win. Heck we have people who believe the following are the same thing: Double Standard: Media Silent When Obama Called Libya a “S***” Show No win with this type of thinking.
  4. Hawai’i Ballistic Missile Warning

    If Obama was in power when this happened breitbart would say he is laying the groundwork for martial law.
  5. President Shithole

    Big deal? Now Trump supporters believe they can go into other countries and arrest people. Of course the person is brown. Trump is no Hitler, but to his supporters it looks like he has given them the power to be like the SS. Trump Supporters Attempt to 'Arrest' London Mayor
  6. Hawai’i Ballistic Missile Warning

    Seriously, what county would not be working on missiles and nuclear technology? You never know if the US would attack you if you did not follow the company line. Also if you did, you would never trust the US to put you under the bus like Ukraine.
  7. How does she/show decide what is a cult like religion? It is a very slippery slope in my opinion.
  8. The Face of the MWC, Craig Thompson, Speaks

    Is that Moe from the three stooges?
  9. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    I heard Bobo is waiting to hire the defensive coach from the superbowl champs. His is shooting for the stars.
  10. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    Another coach takes advantage of Bobo's inexperience in hiring coaches. First the one from FSU now Bama.
  11. Why would they have to? They can easy use money/lobbying to influence policy.
  12. Game Thread: Georgia vs Alabama

    Trump did call Atlanta a dump during the campaign. 'Falling apart?' Trump's insults not forgotten in Atlanta
  13. What is interesting about the Mongols. I saw this on the history channel. They filled up the canals of Bagdad. Killed off 90% of the Persians and as many as 0.5% of the world population is descended from Genghis Khan.
  14. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    I think the new OC is Bobo.
  15. I think it is more than colonialism. I think it was the abrupt way of laying out boundaries of countries in that region. A lot of countries in this region are not naturally causing them not to be economic efficient. A few examples: 1. Iraq - A lot of land, but not a large access to the sea. Remember they wanted Kuwait to increase their access to the sea. It is hard to be an economic power if you do not have more access to the sea. 2. Syria - Same thing here. The access from the big cities to the sea is not easy since. Lebanon used to be part of Syria. Now the major portion of the population needs to go up north to access the ocean. During ancient times, Syria and Iraq was one large country. 3. India - The countries surrounding it used to part of big India. Now, some rivers run through other countries to India and vice versa. Ancient India was bigger so more economic efficient. Luckily the US was able to establish naturally boundaries through war and expansion. The US controls all rivers in its area, which helps out with internal commerce. The above countries are not economic efficient and they will not be since there would be major push back from the UN and the west since expansion through war is possible the only way to increase the economic efficiency.