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  1. Got away with a huge facemask on that fumble.
  2. To be fair, neither of the 3 Utah State losses were with good teams and OSU got killed by everyone when Gary was there. Last year USU was in free fall by the Boise game with Woody's injury, a d-coordinator in over his head running the wrong scheme, and an O-coordinator running an offense he didn't understand or want to run. USU and Boise weren't in the same conference in Gary's only other 2 non-losing seasons. Point taken however. I expect another beatdown.
  3. I don't see a chance for the Aggies to contend but who knows. The Aggied did have that game in 2014 that came out of nowhere before they bombed he rest of the season. The Aggies will have a whole new offense, what should be a decent O-line, and 2 good backs. They are going back to the 3-4 / 3-3-5 scheme with a new coordinator so they do have the advantage of surprise a bit on both sides of the ball. There may be a good deal of rust on both sides that might keep the game closer than it should be allowing anything to happen late. Sounds like weather might be a factor which theoretica
  4. I sure hope they get their heads out of their asses. Cali schools be damned. The spring schedule never made any sense at all. Laramie/Logan/Fort Collins/Colorado Springs in February? It would have to be without fans in an indoor practice facility anyway. I suppose you could scheduled the games in California but I doubt they are going to be open to that during peak virus season. If it doesn't happen now I'm betting no football until next fall. Free the schools who want to and can play at least.
  5. The reality is this wil go on only if the conferences back down. Outside of maybe 1-10 players a team depending on the school who have NFL potential the rest of the team has little negotiating power. Other than for a few select CFL and Arena players there is no market for football player pay anywhere in the world that is much different than the player's scholarship values. There are a ton of marginal D-1 players that have eligibility and/or qualify under NCAA guidelines who will be playing Division III, JC, or recreational semi pro this year for nothing and in the latters case paying to pla
  6. Hope that's the attitude of the team because I don't see Boise being physically dominant against USU up front. The secondary is another question altogether. You're cherry picking there. CSU got a few runs but outside of AFA and their pitches no one has else has run on USU. USU mainly stopped themselves on offense last week. Love wasn't under any pressure all game. It was USU who brought the pressure and forced the bad throws from Hill. As far as common opponents go our o-line absolutely thrashed BYU and protected Love against all our other division opponents far better than Boise pr
  7. The only really proven point you make here is that USU has never come close on the blue turf before. Talent wise the Aggies match up fine except for the depleted young secondary. Boise has played a better schedule but they are also 1-2 against decent teams. USU is 0-1 so there isn't much to base any opinion on. The Aggies O-line has given up 6 sacks this year, BSU 27. I don't care about SOS that's a huge disparity. Game will be decided by which Jordan Love shows up. Rypien will do his thing and get a lot of chunk yards but the Aggies will force a few mistakes. Love can't miss his thr
  8. I agree there is not much if a talent gap. I'd put our oline, receivers, and front 7 up with just about anyone. Our 1/2 punch at rb is the best in the conference. Jordan love is young but is as talented as rypien. Where a gap exists is that Usu has a very underwhelming and depleted secondary. They'll try to make up for it by binging the house and being opportunistic. Keys to the game will be the QBs. Love has got to figure out how to throw in the cold and not whiff critical throws. Rypien can't get pressured into fumbles or a bad decision. Whichever QB brings it will win
  9. Great game CSU. BS call at the end. Rypiens going to have a career day next week against our garbage dbs.
  10. If the Ags don't overlook CSU it will be fun to see if they can come in with the focus they've had all year against Boise. We will finally find out if the Wyoming game was a fluke or a guide for a good defense to stop them. I'm voting for the former as Love just didn't look right. I also think Dax Raymond would have upset the whole dynamic of Wyoming's game plan. I think the biggest misconception of the Aggies is that its all about their offense. They lead the nation in TOs and 3 and outs on D. Probably 1/2 of the yards and points given up this year have come against the 2s and 3s. The
  11. Go on. I've said the Aggies were horrible offensively against Wyoming. Says something about their overall game that even at their worst they didn't make it that exciting of a finish. Lets just agree its gonna be a good game and the Aggie Starters aren't going to pulling up lawn chairs by halftime like they have against everyone else on this putrid second half schedule I have no idea how its gonna play out. The Aggies have only played 3 close games in the 4th quarter. MSU made a couple of spectacular plays and broke out a speed option the Aggies weren't prepared for to beat them. 1st game
  12. I don't know since they could of scored a 100 and put up a thousand yards in 4-5 of those games had they wanted too. Wells has slowed the offense down usually by halfway through the second quarter and has subs in after the first drive of the second half. They left a bunch of points on the board against AFA too and made that one look closer than it should. How about BYU. The Aggies put it away in the 1st quarter and could have put up 70 if they didn't slow it down halfway through the second and then took out Love by the 4th quarter. Boise sure throttled them. I agree our schedule's been
  13. It only is in the sense that it has the RPO read element to freeze the D and catch the ends crashing. This is Not saying its anything like the triple or that your DBs will hesitate like that. Its difficult to defend in its own right though because Thompson is so good and Love goes through the options and his progressions so fast. It also has some of the same concepts the way they use the outside receiver as an extended pitch to keep the corner from biting when Love keeps it on the run read. In other words you still gotta stay at home. Yeah, Boise's had the Ags number big time. Only c
  14. It was 10-10 in the second quarter. I forgot that AFA was at home and they made things interesting late but other than that you guys stayed in it longer than anyone else has in Logan. I thought you guys played from start to finish too
  15. No, just the bit I've watched. Getting after Love and disrupting receivers timing is what has worked so far. I have really only watched Boise in parts of the AFA and BYU game. USU really brings it too although from a multiple blitz perspective, although BSU's secondary is probably better. It'll come down to which of the two QBs, the senior or the sophomore maintains his composure. Rypien sure looked dialed in the 2nd half of the Fresno game. The wild card is the way USU is executing the RPO. Boise struggled against AFA with their secondary and LBs getting frozen against the triple
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