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  1. You can hate the rule all day long but Merrill had perfect position in accordance with the rule outside of the circle and it wasn't much of a sell on the flop. He got hit pretty good with the knee. That was one of the least controversial calls. The calls inside were atrocious both ways. Quetas last 3 fouls were BS and I'm sure any one keeping track from the Nevada side could argue the same with the guys who fouled out. If Nevada had forced overtime they would have had to pick guys out of the stand to finish it. The 2nd half took an hour and nine minutes to play and there were something like 52 fouls called for the game.
  2. Who knows. Hopefully will all come out soon and go away so the teams can just play ball. Probably one of those things that despite video evidence the truth will never really come out and both sides bear blame. But this is nuts like I said. We've come a long way in the wrong direction the last 20 years. In the old days there had better have been blood and bruises before we would make a national scene of it.
  3. Once again I didn't post his account because I agreed with his conclusion. I do hope USU will be on top of this though and clearly get ahead of the completely false narratives that students interacted with players when they stormed the court or that anything rascist was said. Even Nevada sources seem to contradict the latter and as to the former the video evidence is clear on the stellar job done by court security.
  4. I said take it for what its worth. Supposedly its on security tapes so we'll see what pans out. I think the whole thing is extremely overblown and ridiculous either way. Unfortunately, nationally USU continues to get blamed for rascist stuff and completely unfounded shots at event security who did a great job keeping the students and players separated. I hope the conference clears it up and lets it all ride without formal sanctions on anyone.
  5. I agree at least to an extent. There should be some extra leeway in sporting events for what becomes "arrestable" behavior..IMO for disorderly conduct and even the punch in this circumstance. Emotion and walking that line is what makes sports great. Totally blow out of proportion. But that is what this new generation is insisting and that's what we'll get I'm afraid with poor Caroline probably bearing the brunt of it. Hope not.
  6. I don't agree with the conclusion at all. However, I do know the poster personally and he's usually pretty careful with his sources and opinions. I hope it just goes away. But when we blow everything so out of proportion these days thing like this get acted on. I hope not.
  7. I have no idea. It should be taken with a huge grain of salt. But come on what have we come too. It wasn't even a good old fashioned fist fight or a blue water bomb. Students were mean to an opposing player. One guy got incidentally touched when he was helping his teammate. A guy blew up after a tense game with shitty officials with a championship on the line. Coaches jawed at each other. This isn't even dramatic stuff. Yet here we are with a frickin national story. I could make a comment about millennial culture but I won't..lol Honestly how many opposing players have ever been injured in a court storming at any level of basketball? Even before the lawyer ordered security measures.
  8. Yeah, my mom was pretty excited. Good friends with the family. I'm out that loop now. He's an athlete and we did lose our top RB. If he can block I don't see why there shouldn't be some reps. I thought he was an underrated kick returner too as a freshman. Good kid. Who knows the Aggies have had some success lately with Zoob transfers.
  9. Thats going a bit far isnt' it..lol. I'm sure its Tarks fault somehow anyway.
  10. Nah. We're playing in the UTFL this year instead of the RMFL so Football season starts that week for me. I can lend you my Aggie gear though. Maybe you can get on the Packs nerves for us.
  11. For what its worth here is what the 247 Sports writer for USU is saying per his sources. He is usually really careful about his stuff and has good ins. The post is on the USU fan site for what its worth. If true its stranger that what is being reported. https://www.usufans.com/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=48919&view=unread#unread I still think it is overblown. Even if this version is accurate. Just move on. However, USU is getting trashed nationally for crowd control and alleged rascist statements, neither of which seems to have any basis in fact. USU security did a great job with the court rush in isolating Nevadas players from the fans. This version if too suggests that Nevada made it to their locker rooms and then Caroline rushed out followed by the team toward the USU side. If true it also possibly makes the cop's actions a bit more rational. Who knows.
  12. I sure hope you are right. You've got an emotional player who cares. Horribly reffed game in a tough environment. Just be happy he didn't get his hand cut up and move on. A renewed b-ball rivalry is a good thing.
  13. Sam Merrill is decent at drawing fouls, a little home cooking, and a team devoid of an outside threat other than Merrill. When you can't hit 3s you drive and throw your hands up with a little acting. That's college BB these days. Fresno was much less aggressive. They didn't have to be.