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  1. hickaggie

    Week 11 gifs

    CSU sleepwalking into this week's match-up.
  2. hickaggie

    Top Teams in the American.

    Once again my point about comparing these teams. First of all total defense doesn't come close to telling the story with USU. They give up a big pass play even with the 1s here and there but they more than make up for it by leading the country in TOs created, non-offensive scoring, and 3 and outs. Second the total offense and the ppg would be relatively similar if they were playing grind out close games against soft opponents rather than having their starters out halfway through the 3rd against the same sucky opponents. Just looking back I think almost 1/2 of the points scored on them have been against the 2nd-3rd team defense with at least a 4 score lead and they still only gave up 22 points a game compared to Cincy's 14. I will give them one thing They shut out Navy and the Aggies struggled a bit against the pitch on the triple against AFA, and Michigan State beat them by running the speed option pitch twice in the 4th quarter. Other than that I'd take the Aggie D any day.
  3. hickaggie

    Top Teams in the American.

    Of course they would but from any power index perspective beating Boise on the road and Fresno at home are both relatively equal or better wins. Style points will matter here. If USU had a couple Wyoming type victories where the offense's reputation takes a hit that will hurt. It would be a travesty in any event if they got the bid and would call into questions Wells good sportsmanship. The Aggies could have easily had 4-5 70 point victories if they hadn't shut down the tempo halfway through the 2nd and pulled the starters after the first 3rd quarter drive. Meanwhile Cincy has struggled or been ho hum against some below average teams.
  4. hickaggie

    Top Teams in the American.

    The only scenario for the AAC to get the AQ if Central Florida loses is Cinci if they beat them and win out. In that case, I can't imagine they would jump past USU if the Aggies win out with some style points. Right now Sagarin has 17 Fresno, 29 USU, and 31 Boise while UCF is 23 and Cinci 43. If USU beats those two teams (Boise on the Road) it would be a travesty if Cincy got the bid. If Fresno or Boise were to win out either of those teams would deserve the AQ but at least its an argument for Cincy because of 1 vs. 2. losses.
  5. hickaggie

    Rank ‘em

    I don't know that USU scores that many or not on the blue turf but if they come in prepared I think they do. Boise's defense is not the same juggernaut of year's past and your QB makes some great throws but also some mistakes when pressured. The Aggies laid an egg against a Wyoming team that was able to physical our receivers in cover 2 over the top and got a pass rush with 4 man line. You guys need to do the same to limit the Aggies and Love and this O-line have been fast learners so I have my doubts. IF USU, and thats a big if, can be mentally prepared for a place they haven't won in 30 years, BSU is gonna need some good bounces to stay with them. I feel like your O-line is suspect and that Rypien will get some huge plays but also force some errors. USU has just been too efficient for that. I think our starters have allowed 4 picks, and lost 2-3? fumbles along with the Scarver strip on KR that got AFA back in it. They had the stupid punt last week too but other than that they don't give opponents a lot of breaks. Boise is going to have to protect the ball against a very opportunistic defense on one hand and create TOs where no one else really has and beat a special team's unit that is very solid too. But maybe Wyoming is the true Aggie Offense against a good D... Hard to know with thie pansies we've played. In the only real comparisons you guys handled Wyoming a lot better than USU but almost loss at home to a dismal team the Aggies put away in the 1st quarter on the road. AFA put up more against you guys than the Aggies but judging performance against the triple is not a good guage except to the extent that the Aggies offense is RPO too.
  6. hickaggie

    Rank ‘em

    Rypien seemed to finally find himself vs. Fresno. However, your D doesn't impress me compared to past years and Rypien will get a bunch of yards against USU but I think we'll shut your run game down and force a couple picks or fumbles. Your Oline even let BYU (who has a garbage D-line) get to Rypien on occasion and he was getting hit all over vs. Air Force. I didn't see the SDSU game but it sounds like they really rattled him. The Zoobs never came close to touching Love when we played them so you have to wonder. So we'll see. If USU doesn't let the blue turf intimidate them I don't think Boise can keep up unless your Oline gets its act together.
  7. hickaggie

    SJSU @ Utah State Game Thread and Stream

    Kudos to the Spartans. Only team to put up a fight in Logan this year. They are gonna make some noise next year.
  8. hickaggie

    Uh oh, BYU BB

    I have to think the NCAA press release is wrong. Not about the alleged infractions but UVU or Weber State was supposed to get the punishment. Isn't that how it works with "High" major programs like BYU whose football team is "considered" P5. I'm sure a correction is pending.
  9. hickaggie

    Fresno @ Boise

    Yeah, its gonna be interesting how the Aggies do when matched up in a close game. What Wyoming's physical secondary and pass rush did to our offense was worrisome and its hard to know if it was just and off night and if maybe Love's hand ding affected him. The only real comparison I can see is watching the Zoobs match up with Boise. I thought Rypien would light them up because of their lack of a pass rush but it never really happened. I also thought Boise could run all over them like the Aggies did but they really didn't.get a lot of sustained big runs either.
  10. hickaggie

    Turd of The Week- Week 10

    Sorry, no offense to the Donks but allowing a putrid FCS level team to be two yards away from beating them on the blue turf on national TV. They nearly caused an epic national embarrassment to the conference. That's the definition of turd of the week.
  11. hickaggie

    Rank ‘Em

    Agree 100% as an Aggie fan. I'm not concerned about the distant past but what worries me is the recent past where Wells hasn't won a 7 point game since Nevada in 2015 when gimpy Chuckie Keeton came in late to save them and Fackrell recovered a fumble in the endzone. I think USU needs to worry about beating Hawaii and finishing right and then they can go after their blue turf demons. I also want Boise to win out so the game is to play in the MW championship. No backing in on a loss like 2013. They need to beat Boise straight up or they don't deserve to go. While they found a way to win against Wyoming it was really concerning how the offense went askew when Wyoming got front 4 pressure and jammed our receivers with cover 2 help over the top. No other team has got pressure from rushing 4 like that but I'm assuming Boise and Fresno's lines are comparable to Wyoming and their DBs are better. The Aggies got to fix that. USU's secondary also is a concern. They play for broke and our good tacklers who cause TOs but they struggle in coverage, particularly over the middle,which has usually been an Aggie Strength. Their corners don't look for the ball either and get flagged constantly. I think they have to win a shootout in Boise and pressure Rypien into a couple bad decisions. From watching the AFA game Boise's O-line just doesn't look as solid as it normally is. They'll probably get that fixed but Tipa and the boys are gonna have to bring it.
  12. hickaggie

    BYU still sucks

    Shh..Don't talk logic here. Any MWC can play the Zoobies home and home on the scheduling date of their choice if they want. They are a relatively easy win and worse at home than on the road, their games get decent exposure and they pay out. Why would you want to ruin that by letting them back in and letting them play havoc trying to destroy the conference as soon as they come back.
  13. hickaggie

    UNLV at Utah State

    All this praise for the Aggies makes me nervous. Last time they got this much pub we had blown out Boise in Rypian;s Freshman year. That team had 5 guys playing on D who were eventually drafted or made NFL squads or practice squads, yet they one game the rest of the year. UNLV could be a dangerous letdown. I think this is a squad with a young coach who has gotten his act together a bit and an experienced group who won't let up. The biggest difference is Jordan Love. He is as cool as a cat at the QB position as I have ever seen from a sophomore and seems to be more in control every game. Jury is still out but I got a feeling this USU team may be special. I''ve probably jinxed them though saying that. Like my infamous "roll Tennesee" comments the first year Chuckie was supposed to be recovered.
  14. hickaggie

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    All you have to tell your QB against BYU is to just sit in the pocket until he finds a receiver that is too open to miss. USU was too busy rushing all over them to really worry about that though. BYU's season high is 30 points yet they are -14.5 against a really solid team has one of the best offenses in the country? I don't care if you are not on your first string Q, this spread looks like easy money.
  15. We have been here before after the Boise game in 2015 and the team laid an egg the rest of the year. I think this team is different though with Love leading it. However, we have not played Boise close on the blue turf ever and they are still the team to beat. I do think the Aggies are pretty complete. They have a veteran O-line, a bunch of blue collar depth at D-line, the LBs are finally getting off the injured list too. We have a really good group of receivers and TEs, and the 1 2 punch of Thompson and Bright if getting better evey week (I think Thompson is going to playing on Sundays). However, the key is Love. He has been cool as a cucumber and becoming more confident every week. He throws touch passes when needed, checks into the right plays, throws the ball away, and does a tremendous job with the RPO decisions. He looks like a senior out there directing that offense. We'll see. Jury is still out. Wyoming has a tougher defense than BYU, and UNLV has shown they can score in bunches. CSU is better that their start and SJSU has been competitve all year. Then what do you make of a New Mexico team that went off like they did. My biggest worry though is the travel to the Islands. If USU can navigate this minefield, it will be fun to see if they can throw a scare into the Donks.