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  1. hickaggie

    Fresno State @ Utah State

    Sam Merrill is decent at drawing fouls, a little home cooking, and a team devoid of an outside threat other than Merrill. When you can't hit 3s you drive and throw your hands up with a little acting. That's college BB these days. Fresno was much less aggressive. They didn't have to be.
  2. hickaggie

    Are Boise State HC’s turning down openings...

    Wells hiring at the salary and terms he got at TT is a huge head scratcher. Guarantee Harsin is the better coach. Obviously that hire only occurred because of the package deal of Yost. Harsin may not be Petersen but he's head and shoulders better than Wells whose teams only got worse until his AD hired an OC over the top of him. I think he was something like 2-12 in close games in the past 4 years including the CSU gift win.
  3. hickaggie

    Fresno State @ Utah State

    That's what happens when you take 31 3s. But hit 15 of them. And most of them from NBA range. Wow. That's impressive on the road. Great game. Could see that coming with every missed free throw by the Aggies and corresponding dagger by Huggins down the stretch.
  4. Right or wrong the changes in enforcement of the rule has changed college basketball into a free throw shooting contest with a ton of isolation. I prefer defense anyway and basketball has never been no contact. Whatever your position is its hard to argue that style of play has made basketball more watchable.
  5. hickaggie

    Mike Sanford Jr to USU as OC

    Its a win win for both sides on this. USU gets a great OC that can step in to a pretty loaded situation and Sanford gets to coach Jordan Love and Darwin Thompson to give him a big time year to attract some real money from a P5.
  6. The hand check rule changes at both the NBA and NCAA levels as have had just as much impact as 3 pointers in making the game hard to watch. Now its all isolation shit. Along with moving the 3 point shot out, let guys play defense both with the hand check and more incidental contact and strictly enforce traveling, palming, and ban the eurostep.
  7. hickaggie

    Mike Sanford Jr to USU as OC

    They lose 3 Olineman but there was already a lot of rotation and they were fairly deep. Ficklin may be the toughest replacement. Dax Raymond is declaring for the draft but his backup is pretty good. They lose Tarver and don't have a similar big receiver ready to step up. Jalen Greene is gone too but they have a lot of similar young depth there. Love needs to be more consistent in big games and the cold but if he makes a jump like he did last year this offense could be special. Both USUs RBs are back including Darwin Thompson. I think they do need to get a bigger JC receiver or 2.
  8. hickaggie

    Utah State rehires Gary Anderson

    Not even comparable. Hawkins took over in a great situation. Andersen turned around a culture of what may have been the worst FBS program in the country (at least in the bottom 3) and turned them into a 11-2 team that could play with anyone. If they had a FG kicker that could hit chip shots they would have been undefeated. I know it was the WAC but the WAC had a higher RPI than the MW in 2011 and his team beat a hot La Tech team and SJSU's ranked team on the road. They beat an average Utah. Had Wisconsin dead to rights and had their only bad game in the 6-3 Zoob loss in Provo. Gary is an unbelievable recruiter with local kids and has already turned a WSU commit from Utah. Are there questions? Of course. Something bad went down at OSU from all reports and at the very least the stress got to him in a serious way mentally when his team opened the 3rd year so bad. He also did a terrible job with his coordinators taking 2 guys USU was glad to have off their hands. So his staff is critical. But as far as motivation, recruiting the state of Utah, finding walk ons and diamonds in the rough locally, and especially his Poly connections. The difference I think between Gary and Wells to a great extent is that the team hated and then tolerated Wells as he grew as a coach but everyone that plays or coaches for Gary would run through a brick wall for him. His teams here from the get go believed they could play with anyone while Wells teams struggled with adversity and wilted from the get go in tough environments. I say all of this with a huge grain of salt because OSU happened. I think he inherited little there, made a bit of progress and then for whatever reason the wheels fell off with rumors of a bunch of personal issues and possibly a mental breakdown. The two mediocre coordinators he took from USU didn't help. How much is true who knows, but in my mind he's well worth the risks he brings. USU could have hired a coach to be good the next couple of years at which point he's taking bigger money and will probably leave the recruiting shelf entirely bare. There are only a few coaches who can have long term recruiting success at USU and it has to be based on the model Andersen set of having great Poly pipelines and connections, being able to utilize the missionary system for lineman/LBs in particular along with aggressive recruiting for skill guys in Texas, Florida, and California. He also has an incredible eye for diamond in the rough walk ons who are football junky types..i.e. Zack Vigil and 3-4 of the O-lineman from the 2012 team. If Gary's mind is right this gives the Aggies a chance to be solid and stable for a long time to come and next year could be really exciting if he gets the right staff together and can find a 2-3 JC Dbs.
  9. hickaggie

    Boise vs Utah State smack talk thread

    Hope that's the attitude of the team because I don't see Boise being physically dominant against USU up front. The secondary is another question altogether. You're cherry picking there. CSU got a few runs but outside of AFA and their pitches no one has else has run on USU. USU mainly stopped themselves on offense last week. Love wasn't under any pressure all game. It was USU who brought the pressure and forced the bad throws from Hill. As far as common opponents go our o-line absolutely thrashed BYU and protected Love against all our other division opponents far better than Boise protected Rypien. 6 sacks to 27 doesn't lie. Thompson is the most athletic back and best runner after contact in the conference. Your receiver corp has nothing on the Aggies. Dittos for the LBs. Tipa is the biggest disruptive force on Defense in the conference. We have an all american kicker and a stud kick returner. You want to cherry pick bad games Boise has a couple of them at home. One they escaped with a win and one loss. We outperformed you guys relative to every common opponent faced this year other than CSU and Wyoming. Boise may well win this but your paper tiger view of this team is not accurate. I think we have a barn burner in store. I'll probably be eating my words when my Aggies embarrass themselves after defending them like this..lol...but I think they will come to play. 38-31 USU.
  10. hickaggie

    Boise vs Utah State smack talk thread

    The only really proven point you make here is that USU has never come close on the blue turf before. Talent wise the Aggies match up fine except for the depleted young secondary. Boise has played a better schedule but they are also 1-2 against decent teams. USU is 0-1 so there isn't much to base any opinion on. The Aggies O-line has given up 6 sacks this year, BSU 27. I don't care about SOS that's a huge disparity. Game will be decided by which Jordan Love shows up. Rypien will do his thing and get a lot of chunk yards but the Aggies will force a few mistakes. Love can't miss his throws. He also is going to a have to ignore the caution instilled by the coaches and keep the read enough to keep the ends honest.
  11. hickaggie

    Boise vs Utah State smack talk thread

    I agree there is not much if a talent gap. I'd put our oline, receivers, and front 7 up with just about anyone. Our 1/2 punch at rb is the best in the conference. Jordan love is young but is as talented as rypien. Where a gap exists is that Usu has a very underwhelming and depleted secondary. They'll try to make up for it by binging the house and being opportunistic. Keys to the game will be the QBs. Love has got to figure out how to throw in the cold and not whiff critical throws. Rypien can't get pressured into fumbles or a bad decision. Whichever QB brings it will win. I think love responds to his csu game and rypien is dialed in and we get a barnburner.
  12. Great game CSU. BS call at the end. Rypiens going to have a career day next week against our garbage dbs.
  13. hickaggie


    If the Ags don't overlook CSU it will be fun to see if they can come in with the focus they've had all year against Boise. We will finally find out if the Wyoming game was a fluke or a guide for a good defense to stop them. I'm voting for the former as Love just didn't look right. I also think Dax Raymond would have upset the whole dynamic of Wyoming's game plan. I think the biggest misconception of the Aggies is that its all about their offense. They lead the nation in TOs and 3 and outs on D. Probably 1/2 of the yards and points given up this year have come against the 2s and 3s. They also lead the country in non-offensive TDs. The secondary is vulnerable but they make up for it with big plays and TOs. They have also got healthier at LB, deeper, and much better as the year has gone on as everyone adjusted to Patterson and young guys like Woodward came into their own and Roquemore took his new hybrid DB/LB spot by storm. Its going to be a fun one on the blue turf.. I don't blame Boise fans for pointing out the crap competition and that the team has been a long time from facing any real adversity. I think they are more mature and prepared for it than you guys give them credit for. In any event, I think it will be a good one that will come down to the last possession or overtime. ;
  14. hickaggie

    Rank ‘em

    Go on. I've said the Aggies were horrible offensively against Wyoming. Says something about their overall game that even at their worst they didn't make it that exciting of a finish. Lets just agree its gonna be a good game and the Aggie Starters aren't going to pulling up lawn chairs by halftime like they have against everyone else on this putrid second half schedule I have no idea how its gonna play out. The Aggies have only played 3 close games in the 4th quarter. MSU made a couple of spectacular plays and broke out a speed option the Aggies weren't prepared for to beat them. 1st game who knows. The Aggies had AFA fairly comfortably beat and they got a score and the kickoff strip. Aggies responded and shut them down. Wyoming seemed like an easy win but the new QB running game flummoxed the Ags and the offense was putrid. So no the Aggies haven't won a close game against a good team. Wells has lost like the last 10 decided by 7 points or less so take heart. I really haven't watched enough of Boise so I'm cherry picking. They looked like a team on a mission against Fresno in the 2nd half with a QB who wasn't going to be denied. Our O might be overrated but I think our D and special teams are underrated. Be interesting to see how Love responds to some hits and adversity. Gonna be a great game if the Aggies come to play.
  15. hickaggie

    Rank ‘em

    I don't know since they could of scored a 100 and put up a thousand yards in 4-5 of those games had they wanted too. Wells has slowed the offense down usually by halfway through the second quarter and has subs in after the first drive of the second half. They left a bunch of points on the board against AFA too and made that one look closer than it should. How about BYU. The Aggies put it away in the 1st quarter and could have put up 70 if they didn't slow it down halfway through the second and then took out Love by the 4th quarter. Boise sure throttled them. I agree our schedule's been shit. You can only beat the team in front of you. I suppose you think because of the past this will be a walk in the park from your comments. I've been fair and told you I respect the hell out of Boise and maybe your right. As I said the Aggie O stunk up the joint against Wyoming for whatever reason. Might as well just bow to the mighty trucking school and not show up. In fact the Aggies will probably make it a moot point when they walk into CSU's new stadium and start shaking in their boots.