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  1. The reality is this wil go on only if the conferences back down. Outside of maybe 1-10 players a team depending on the school who have NFL potential the rest of the team has little negotiating power. Other than for a few select CFL and Arena players there is no market for football player pay anywhere in the world that is much different than the player's scholarship values. There are a ton of marginal D-1 players that have eligibility and/or qualify under NCAA guidelines who will be playing Division III, JC, or recreational semi pro this year for nothing and in the latters case paying to play. Let the prima donna stars sit out and prepare for the NFL or give them their sponsorships and pay and tell the rest they can play football or not. Pretty simple. If they love football or have designs to prove they are NFL talent they will play. If not, the sport is better off without them.
  2. I think I can recall watching Jimmer twice. One was the Delta Center or whatever it was called then game when he was just coming into his own and I thought he looked promising. The next game was at the Spectrum when Pooh Williams and the crowd absolutely shut him down and Jared Quayle took over the game late and made him look absolutely silly on defense. Jaycee Carroll was a much better shooter and able to get his shot off in less space. He just was never allowed to play point and USU shot probably 1/3 less shots a game on average in Stew's system. As he has shown in Europe when asked to do so he is a far better and more creative one on one too one on one. Remember he was a 6'2 guard who shot well over .545 overall FG, percentage his senior year and .495 from 3 pt range. His 2 point percentage was about .600. That's unheard of from a volume scoring shooting guard. And that was on won of Stew's worst team's from those years. Nobody respected anyone outside of Jaycee and he was hounded all game long, getting his jersey pulled through screens exc, and being double teamed constantly. If you watch his tape you won't find much space on any of those shots, inside the arc or out or man. He is the singular best college shooter I have seen and its backed up by the NCAA https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-10-25/best-3-point-shooting-college-basketball-players-century. Jaycee hit a ton of big shots at USU and Real Madrid and sealed at least one of Real Madrid's Euroleague titles with a last second shot. However, I still want the ball in Sam's hands down the stretch over anyone I have watched play college basketball.
  3. https://www.usufans.com/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=52658 I post this not to suggest their is any bias. Far from it. USU was the beneficiary of some very 50/50 calls yesterday and throughout the year. However, I have seen some pretty inconsistent stuff out of MW refs this year on the way games are called 1/2 to 1/2 or game to game. This however takes the cake. The ref was five feet away staring down at something. It obviously wasn't Queta's foot though. There was 10-12 inches of space between him and the baseline..lol
  4. I don't necessarily agree with that. If he doesn't get drafted it is very hard with guaranteed contracts exc. for a free agent to crack that and even get past the summer camp sometimes. However, with the Developmental league and 2 way contracts its easier than it used to be. The question though will be whether his #1 whether his smarts and technique on D are good enough to overcome his lack of athleticism against the types of shooting guards he will face and whether he is able to find the right match. On the flip side, if he is the 12-14th man journeyman type he's far better off going to Europe anyway and being a star with consistent contract and home.
  5. Can't argue that one. We did have a couple of fun games aside from Ohio State. As a 15 seed we had Kansas on the ropes and missed on the last possession. Jared Quayle had Marquette beat and then fouled out. But other than that there wasn't much to cheer about. To be fair we always seemed to draw bad matchups but that's no excuse. I'm not completely buying the scheduling. The Aggies beat some really good Nevada and Utah teams those years. But yes the scheduling didn't help. Team seemed shell shocked by the length and athleticism of teams to start and when they calmed down they had built difficult holes to try to come back from.
  6. I think this is spot on. Sam will get overlooked iin the draft and there just won't be any spots in final cut downs for a boring free agent although he will impress in camp and preseason. He'll get a contract with a top 5 European team and have a long and lucrative career in the EuroLeague, make really good money, and be star over there.
  7. And those teams were USU and Nevada I think? Right? But they were about where the MW is now. 9th to 11th best league.
  8. In the tradition of the "this year is different" optimism that is usually crushed in the first 10 minutes of the NCAA tourney I feel that the Aggies are not the traditional 10-12 seed team this year and can play with anyone if the role players can hit open shots and they can stay out of foul trouble. This team's record is a combination of one bad stretch which included the blowout loss at AFA. Other than that every loss has come down to the end, even in the bad stretch except for the home loss to the Aztecs during that stretch where they didn't really challenge. Had they been as healthy as they are now they are probably a 5-6 seed with 4-5 losses. They have played a tougher schedule preseason which I hope helps. And if everyone comes to play and keeps things close its hard not to like our chances with Sam closing. Like I said "This year is different..lol. Probably be eating my words in two weeks but I am a fan.
  9. I see Merrill having a long career with a team like Real Madrid. In fact, Jaycee Carroll is retiring this year and they'll need another foreign guard and he could step right into Carroll's sharp shooter role there but as a better defender. Its good money with tax contract advantages, about 1/3 the games of the NBA schedule, and limited minutes the way they run their rotations. Maybe I'm wrong and Sam will surprise in the NBA. Certainly capable but he and Queta look like really good Euro players to me. As for the debate here, there was no sweeter shooter than Carroll. He could create off the dribble as he's shown since but Stew didn't let him and he played in Stew's slow down offense. I saw an a statistical analysis where he came out #1 or #2 as the best statistical 3 point shooter in NCAA history. He was one missed 3 off a 50 FGP, 50 3 pt, and 90 percentage FT his senior year. He's widely considered 1 of the top 2-3 shooters in Europe over the past decade. All that said there is no way Merrill isn't the better player when it counts. I've never seen anything like Merrill the last 7 minutes of these tourney games. Absolutely ruthless and cold. Don't get me wrong. I'm not comparing him to Jordan in any sense other that in my experience watching basketball he is the only one I can think of that can instill that kind of confidence in a fan with the ball in his hands when the game is on the line and the kind of sinking feeling and dread opposing teams and fans must have. The only comparable guy from a Utah State perspective in my lifetime was Jared Quayle who dominated Marquette down the stretch in the Tourney before fouling out and watching his team choke and who had Nevada's number. But Sam is on another level.
  10. Injuries all around. Merrill was playing on two bad ankles that bad whole stretch. Aggies didn't recruit a point guard for this year and Abel Porter has been a shadow of himself with the bad back. Then they had the two meltdowns on the road. They are fine now though\ because Sam is back.
  11. This is definitely not a win for the Aggies. Not only do they face a team on fire, their at large chances if they really existed just went to 0. I love the Pokes and am happy for them but even if the Aggies win it kills what's left of their NET.
  12. Hope that's the attitude of the team because I don't see Boise being physically dominant against USU up front. The secondary is another question altogether. You're cherry picking there. CSU got a few runs but outside of AFA and their pitches no one has else has run on USU. USU mainly stopped themselves on offense last week. Love wasn't under any pressure all game. It was USU who brought the pressure and forced the bad throws from Hill. As far as common opponents go our o-line absolutely thrashed BYU and protected Love against all our other division opponents far better than Boise protected Rypien. 6 sacks to 27 doesn't lie. Thompson is the most athletic back and best runner after contact in the conference. Your receiver corp has nothing on the Aggies. Dittos for the LBs. Tipa is the biggest disruptive force on Defense in the conference. We have an all american kicker and a stud kick returner. You want to cherry pick bad games Boise has a couple of them at home. One they escaped with a win and one loss. We outperformed you guys relative to every common opponent faced this year other than CSU and Wyoming. Boise may well win this but your paper tiger view of this team is not accurate. I think we have a barn burner in store. I'll probably be eating my words when my Aggies embarrass themselves after defending them like this..lol...but I think they will come to play. 38-31 USU.
  13. The only really proven point you make here is that USU has never come close on the blue turf before. Talent wise the Aggies match up fine except for the depleted young secondary. Boise has played a better schedule but they are also 1-2 against decent teams. USU is 0-1 so there isn't much to base any opinion on. The Aggies O-line has given up 6 sacks this year, BSU 27. I don't care about SOS that's a huge disparity. Game will be decided by which Jordan Love shows up. Rypien will do his thing and get a lot of chunk yards but the Aggies will force a few mistakes. Love can't miss his throws. He also is going to a have to ignore the caution instilled by the coaches and keep the read enough to keep the ends honest.
  14. I agree there is not much if a talent gap. I'd put our oline, receivers, and front 7 up with just about anyone. Our 1/2 punch at rb is the best in the conference. Jordan love is young but is as talented as rypien. Where a gap exists is that Usu has a very underwhelming and depleted secondary. They'll try to make up for it by binging the house and being opportunistic. Keys to the game will be the QBs. Love has got to figure out how to throw in the cold and not whiff critical throws. Rypien can't get pressured into fumbles or a bad decision. Whichever QB brings it will win. I think love responds to his csu game and rypien is dialed in and we get a barnburner.