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  1. Isn't that most games though? It's not like this was an extra game, it was a postponed game being played on a new date.
  2. We don't know the full story on the USU/Wyoming cancelations but we do know that there were no positive tests in either program and that Wyomings coach mentioned watching out for his players mental health as well as a reason to not play those games. Based on your description, those games should have been declared a forfeit as well. I'm guessing that there are details of each situation that as fans we don't have access to. If the situations are actually the same but the conference is only counting 1 series as a forfeit then that would be pretty crappy.
  3. While I'd normally have a problem with that, there is no way that SDSU would have lost to UNM had they played and the games in no way should have been canceled.
  4. They announced no fans today as well. https://bigwest.org/news/2021/2/22/general-big-west-announces-basketball-championship-will-be-held-without-fans.aspx
  5. It's official now. https://themw.com/news/2021/2/22/mens-basketball-2021-air-force-reserve-mountain-west-basketball-championships-to-be-held-without-spectators.aspx
  6. No one knows. He apparently played in the Fresno game hurt and they decided after that he shouldn't play anymore. Coach said in postgame that he wouldn't have played in the 2nd Fresno game. He said it's day to day right now but no one really knows for sure what's up.
  7. We now have confirmation that Worster is out too. In a boot. Hopefully it's nothing major.
  8. I hope you're right. If they announce the night before games start that they are letting fans in then I'll be there. They really need to make a decision soon though if it's going to happen. If it were going to happen I think you'd see fans at a few UNLV games first though.
  9. I haven't missed a conference tournament in several years and this year would be no different if allowed but I just don't see it unfortunately. I don't think that Nevada's current regulations allow for fans. To have fans they'd likely need to move the tournament to Utah or I guess Wyoming as I'm not sure any other western states allow fans at this time.
  10. That game was rightfully declared a forfeit. It was embarrassing and you won't find any Aggie fans making excuses for how the season ended.
  11. Something could still be worked out. It's only been a couple of hours since the postponement and there have been rumors that USU is looking for a replacement game.
  12. I'm not going to claim that the conference is out to get us but I do think this entire situation is weird. If you look at any announcement from the conference this season on postponements the reason has always been "Due to COVID-19 issues within the [INSERT TEAM'S NAME] men’s basketball program." For these 3 cancelations it's been a more vague "Due to health and safety concerns, the men’s basketball game between..." Both teams are saying that they are testing and don't have any cases. People have speculated an outbreak at USU but the evidence doesn't seem to suggest that. Just seems strange to
  13. They went to the Final Four during the 2016-17 season...they beat you by 21. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/game?gameId=400919921 The following year you beat them by 2 at home. Gonzaga was a Sweet 16 team that year. I'd hardly consider that a rolling.
  14. You can when the other team takes a 12 minute break between FG's.
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