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  1. I'm sure the autobids would just go to the regular season champ. The WAC's press release announced that NMSU would be given the autobid in accordance with their bylaws....all that being said, the NCAA Tourney isn't gonna happen.
  2. It looks like Creighton is the team that pushed SDSU up today. They were considered a Quad 2 win yesterday and became a Quad 1 win today (makind SDSU 3-0 in those games). I built a new website that breaks down teams schedules by Quadrant and also has a NET based bracket on it. https://www.bracketologists.com/team/san-diego-state-aztecs
  3. Weber State is definitely not the Bearcats.
  4. You can mirror a phone screen but it doesn't work well. The app doesn't have Chromecast support.
  5. Why do they have to make these Hawaii games so difficult to watch? No one wants to watch on a phone screen. At least make the games available on the Stadium Roku app.
  6. They are currently selling upper bowl tickets on UNLVTickets.com. Does this mean they've decided against curtaining it off?
  7. Utah State brought that many to the WAC tournaments in Vegas when they dominated the conference but it's hard for fans to spend a lot of money to support the team when you are at best an 8 seed and predicted to lose in the 1st round. If USU ever get's to top 3 in the league then numbers will be back up.
  8. This is what I've never understood. BYU fans claim that independence is what allows them to play a schedule like this but that just simply isn't true. They are still playing 3 MWC opponents and 3 opponents that are below or at MWC level. That's half the schedule right there. Throw in a couple of mediocre teams from BCS conferences and then top it off with a couple of really good games. There is no reason that MWC schedule couldn't be just as good.
  9. I have a brother that's lived in Murfreesboro and he didn't know anyone there that supported MTSU. Last year their attendance was lower than USU's by 3,000 even though their city population is more than double that of Logan's. Cache county has a population of 112,000 people and isn't close to any larger cities. Murfreesboro is a suburb of Nashville with over 1 million people living there. To say that the 2 Universities are comparable just isn't true. USU may be 3rd fiddle in Utah but it still has far better support than MTSU does and the national recognition is getting better. When I travel people talk to me about seeing USU play. I read a breakdown of USU's schedule earlier on the Deseret News and the section about BYU said that BYU would be coming off a game against an easy FCS opponent in Middle Tennessee State. How's that for national brand when a newspaper doesn't even know what level they play at.