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  1. LOL.....you're the best. Colombi is long gone and is now making his first start for Texas Tech this weekend. FWIW, he has looked really good so far in two relief appearances for them.
  2. Well damn. Rumor is that we will not get to see what USU is week 1 as they are going to have several major contributors / slated starters out on Saturday due to C-19 testing results. Should be a warm up scrimmage for BSU.
  3. This is what I don't understand. I thought the MWC sat down with NM and CA prior to the announcement of moving forward with 8-game conference only schedule to make sure they were on board and it could be done under their respective guidelines. Where was the breakdown before they even get to game 1?
  4. That was the only game I can remember seeing BSU players actually physically intimidated by an opponent. The hits some of their players took in that game were brutal- four of which lead the ball being jarred loose. It was like a shark to blood by halftime with the score 45-10 and already out of hand at the break. Has BSU ever been manhandled like that in conference before or since? As for this year....well, I am just happy to watch MWC football. I'm not sure what to make of the Aggies at this point, we look like we could be really good but being 14.5 point dogs makes it appear that no one
  5. Hack was a backup that was thrust into a starting role last year due to injuries and he struggled. The OL is probably the deepest group on the entire USU team this season and I think he saw the writing on the wall once the new guys were added to the returners and the depth charts were released. That MWC Connection article seems to be short on research since Koch is often labeled the most talented of the group and he's listed as a backup in that article. It also doesn't mention Falepule Alo who is battling for the starting C spot against returning starter Ali'ifua. Hack deciding to sit out or m
  6. For USU: There were a few players that entered the portal well before the announcement came and therefore were doing it for non-related reasons. There were also 2-3 players that announced they were opting out of the season prior to the cancellation (one was all-conference Savon Scarver). Once the season was back on all of those players have elected to now play given the protocols in place. The coaching staff welcomed them back. Two transfers have happened since the restart of the season, both coming this past week, which most fans associate with initial depth charts perhaps being pos
  7. I'm pretty sure the Josh Allen numbers are ironically his IQ and completion %?
  8. IMO we still won't know what BYU is or isn't at the end of the year. They could go undefeated and I don't think it would tell us anything with their schedule being downright awful (no fault of their own). While I enjoy having football back as a spectator, I am not paying any attention to rankings and polls this year with so many players not playing or opting out and leagues playing at different times of the season and in different weather against different opponents than planned. I think all we can conclude at the end of the year is that the respective league champions are better than the
  9. Interesting that the MWC usually tries to schedule USU vs BSU as the last week in order to decide the division but this year without division play being a factor, they have opted to let those two battle it out week 1 and instead give both of them the last week off by playing Wyo and CSU respectively. This is probably because the two will face of once again in the championship game the following week and no one wants to see the same teams play back-to-back.
  10. I was about to ask a related question. If Bohl supposedly has more NFL talent at his finger tips, why is it that his grand accomplishment is an 8 win season? I mean 8 wins in Laradise is like 12 for anyone else so maybe he really is amazing.
  11. Weird. This was the article link: https://www.ksl.com/article/50020881/mountain-west-announces-plans-for-abbreviated-fall-football-season There were statements from the MWC offices and details about AD's meeting today and then poof! gone.......
  12. Yeah, sorry Bob and all other WYO fans. I just remember a Josh Allen in college that couldn't hit a wide open guy 7 yards in front of him, had no touch on short or deep balls, and struggled in general to do anything that is asked of a traditional NFL QB. He was blessed with pro-style QB measurables and could run far better than most but to think that was enough for him to be given a chance to be a starter in the NFL was a stretch. I also remember scouts saying that perhaps he didn't have a supporting cast around him in Laramie and that he would get the chance to show what he could do in post s
  13. After watching him in college I honestly still can't believe he is an NFL QB. Kudos to him for working hard to better himself.
  14. Watched much less NFL than I normally would, don't know why but perhaps it was just the televised match ups I didn't like? Watched a lot of college football and was so glad I watched the Texas St. vs UTSA game....it was by far the best football game of the weekend and had numerous unreal plays and individual efforts.
  15. Is this a view shared by others? I honestly have never seen back-to-back series dominated so heavily by one team that has then struggled to win. The Knights/Canucks series was a carbon copy of this series with the Stars. Vegas has dominated in every facet of the game except the scoreboard. Game after game they dominate control of the puck, they live inside the opponent's zone, they create way more scoring opportunities, they heavily out-shoot their opponent, and yet....they somehow repeatedly find ways to lose games 1-0 or 2-1. I'm not sure if it is because Lehner and Fleury are lulled to
  16. All I know is I have seen a couple of HS teams play on ESPN that looked better than Navy. They looked like it was the first time they had gathered together as a team and BYU looked and played like this game was for the national title. Of course they always go into their season openers and rivalry games like nothing else matters....mainly because nothing else does in their case.
  17. All the more reason that the SEC Mountain should have just played. This is the true conference champion anyway. UNM would of course forfeit all games and end up with the same number of wins they do otherwise while the West Division could sit on their beaches and pick the sand out of their collective vaginas.
  18. Except USU was offered the invite before Fresno and Nevada, they held to the agreement and turned it down. This has since been confirmed by all involved. Having BSU, SDSU and UNLV come back was in the plans for the WAC. The project was the initial step to end the MWC and Thompson knew it, that is why he acted so quickly and sent out invites so hastily. Gonzaga was also not happy at the time in the WCC and without BYU being a 3rd competitor in that conference they would have looked for options.
  19. Still have disdain for Fresno St. and Nevada for their back-stabbing actions during this. Milton Glick and John Welty were big smelly vaginas. One coined the whole thing "The Project" and the other made demands and negotiations right up until the day he turned tail and ran. Honestly it doesn't matter much now because I think this conference is the collection of schools that should be together (swap SJSU for BYU if we're being honest). I said it then and it didn't go over well but I really think if this had gone through as planned, the front range schools that would have been on the outside lo
  20. well, there was this sheep once......
  21. Kuddos to the Coogs for giving it a go but man, .....you have to be a real die-hard BYU fan to get excited about seeing this slate of games. This is like taking the normal WTF opponents found in the 2nd half of the BYU's schedule and extending it over an entire season. We've seen what their fan's reaction and support is like for the second half of their seasons recently, will they turn it around and now jump on board for an entire season of it? especially with no purpose, championship, or maybe even bowl to work toward? Maybe we're all so desperate for football in any form that it will wo
  22. I'm not sure anyone really knows how many people have died from Covid. The minute that hospitals and nursing homes were financially incentivized in the US for handling or "treating" Covid patients the numbers and reporting lost all relevance. How many less people would have passed this year if they did not contract the virus but would have died in the next 2-3 years due to the conditions they already suffered from? How many of those that have passed this year would have had some other cause listed as their death this year if treating Covid patients was not incentivized? No one really knows. Al
  23. Man, pretty harsh ranking for MWC QB's. I feel like we went from a QB-rich conference last year to somewhat QB-poor this season. I'm also a little shocked to see Hank so low on this list.
  24. Am I volunteering my loved ones every time I put my kids in the car? Was everyone acting irresponsible in a world full of viruses, many of them deadly in the right situation, before we ever heard the words Covid-19? Not trying to start shit, just asking a question. The disporpotionate amount of fear associated with this virus seems ludicrous. We keep hearing all this talk in the media about positive cases and new clusters of people testing positive.......and so? For most people this means nothing, for many they don't even feel ill or different than any other day. And for the majority of t
  25. Man that game seems like years ago. It's hard to believe that was even 2020.
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