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  1. I can't imagine a Q1 road loss is going to affect SDSUs NET all that much if at all. Guess we'll see in the morning.
  2. Nice to see the Aggies finally shoot 3s like they had been prior to MWC play for once. That is really the difference bewteen being 1-5 in conference and 5-1. All those close losses while shooting 19% from 3....sheesh. Really impressed with Bradley and Baker. They just didn't get any help tonight. Mensah doesn't look any better than he has since arriving, he's a foul machine and should have fouled out about 4 times to tonight. I'm sure we'll get the return treatment and results in Viejas in a few weeks.
  3. LOL, yeah I don't think scared is word for it. You don't play someone for that long and suddenly become scared. Speaking of which, this "Battle of the Brothers" rivalry had been played 122 times since 1892 and from 1919-2009 it had been played every single year. It's sad to see these kind of series suddenly stop and go dormant for 10+ years with no end to it in sight. As for basketball, I do remember the reports after the 2010 game (the last time UU and USU actually played a true scheduled OOC game outside of the single forced Beehive Classic game in like 2017) when Utah chose not to renew the hoops series. At the time they said they needed some time to regroup as they felt the series was not as competitive as it once was. I'm not sure I buy that. The Aggies had handed the Utes 8 losses between 1998 and that last game in 2010 but conversely I think the Aggies only won twice against the Utes in the entire 90's. I mean if we're calling off rivalries due to competitiveness, there no way in hell UU and BYU should play the "Holy War". Unless a 65% to 35% historical advantage is considered competitive? BYU holds a 57% to 43% advantage in their all-time series with USU and we are labeled the little brother. What does that make them versus Utah?
  4. I used to think it had to do with USU sucking so bad in football that any loss would be seen as devastatingly bad. That 2011 game against Hawaii is largely looked at as the turning point of the entire program and next season will represent the final year of a full decade of what has been pretty good football for USU. We've ended the season ranked 3 times, been a regular bowl participant, and have completed a bunch of facility upgrades over that span. I feel like we've gotten the stink off us in a big way but at the same time I feel like the reasons to not play us have shifted to something else. What that is, I have no clue. The fact that it is in both major sports leads me to believe this is personal to someone at some level. I think we are at least a couple of years away from even discussing the potential of a bball match up. Craig Smith has gone on record to say he would like to help make it happen but not until the players he recruited (or took with him) have moved on. Then again, seeing how little he left behind in Logan, that may be as soon as next year.
  5. I think we'll see an eventual rotation or alternating year match ups with UU, USU, BYU. I don't think we'll see UU vs BYU every season and I don't think we'll see USU vs BYU every season. I'm not sure we'll see a UU vs USU match up ever again. Harlan has made comments about wanting to keep BYU on the future schedules when it works out for both sides but he has never addressed the USU situation. This game has not happened for a decade now and the more time that passes, the easier it is for Utah to pretend it wasn't one of the top 12 most played series in all of college football before it ended. For some reason he's fine with scheduling H/H's with other MWC teams but not the one next door to him that his school shares over 100 years of tradition with. Maybe BYU will follow suit and work USU out of their future schedules too, I don't know. We've always been a good partner for their needed Friday night game on conference weekend but maybe they will change their stance about that too. I have never known BYU to do anything but act in their own interests, although that is expected of any school. I've also never known them to do any favors for USU and have often done anything and everything to keep them out of anything that would be deemed to be on BYU's "level". At this point all 3 have grown into programs that have helped rep the state and it's a shame that we'll see less and less of the 3 of them matching up on the field.
  6. Was going to say the same thing. The hypocrisy is that MLB enjoyed a rebirth and an amazing renewed interest in their sport while America was busy watching one the most riveting summer/fall 1v1 battles ever between Sosa and McGuire. Then they shunned these guys like they were the plague after letting them help save the game.
  7. Hell, put them all in and create an entire wing called the Hall of Shame for them just so people can go and boo them forever.
  8. I'm all for wanting the MWC to be as highly rated as possible but it feels like a bit of fools gold this year with our conference NET ranking. It is obvious that there is a ton of parity this season and the league does look to be "deeper" than it has in a long time - meaning there are many teams that have raised their NET ranking this year. While that is great, it also feels like there are no elite teams either. The top teams from the past 2-3 years in the MWC would easily be the best team in this year's league. It's gonna get interesting by the end of next month for the MWC. This season reminds me of those times when a conference (sometimes the MWC) sort of found a loop hole in the old RPI formula and scheduled a bunch of circular OOC match ups to artificially boost their rankings. I mean you look at Wyoming's OOC schedule and it mirrors their football OOC schedule....a bunch of Q3 and Q4 wins but somehow they found themselves in the high 20's in the NET after that? I don't think that bodes well for post season success when matched up against teams that have played high caliber opponents all season.
  9. Wow...the WYO pride is in full effect here! That was an unbelievably entertaining game which was made possible, in part, by Allen's play. I continue to to be amazed at what Josh Allen has made of himself since entering the league. The team surrounding him, the coach, the city, it has all lined up perfectly for him and he has obviously worked hard to become the QB he is today. This is not the Allen that was at Wyoming. This is not the Allen that was drafted on his measurables, a strong arm, and the hope he could fulfill his potential. I get all the Wyoming fans that find pride in having Allen as a rep for their school. They should be proud and fans of the MWC should be proud even though there seems to be a bit of revisionist history when it comes to his time in Laramie or his "greatness" as a college player. No need to list the stats or records as everyone can look those up for themselves. No need to post the disparaging reviews and draft analyses after participating in pre-draft events like the Senior Bowl. All that matters is that he has greatly improved and taken his game to the next level and you can't hate on him for that.
  10. I'm going to say Kelly is just a lesser dick. The whole Poppinga clan is a collection of douches... but no doubt that Brady is king douche.
  11. If USU could figure out how to shoot the ball in conference I might wager they win this one but wow have they struggled. Outside of Iowa, every loss on the season has come down to the final minutes or even the final possession. I'm not sure this Aggie team is good enough to win any remaining game in convincing fashion. It will be nice to have a game at home, starting conference play with 4 out of 5 games on the road has not resulted in much success. The Aggie's biggest issue right now is confidence. They have been on the losing end of numerous close games this season both OOC and in conference and I think it is taking a mental toll of the team confidence. It has been reported by those in the know that Brock Miller's career is likely done due to his back problems. Amazingly that guy still had eligibility to return next season! Seems like he's been there since Stew Morrill. All I know is the Aggies were shooting just under 40% from 3-pt as a team before conference play and are shooting a woeful 18.6% in 5 conference games now. No one seems like they even want to take an outside shot now and opponents know it. They are daring USU to shoot it from outside....something I never thought I would see from an Aggie team.
  12. I just figured this site going down was a casualty of @Jeffkills head exploding after Sunday's debacle in Dallas. Speaking of which, has anyone seen or heard from him since?
  13. https://bracketologists.com/conference/MW# https://bracketologists.com/bracket/ BSU - currently last four in CSUF - currently first four out
  14. This is true....unfortunately I think that he and his family care more about that than putting a winning product on the field. There is nothing hard-nosed or gritty about this team and there hasn't been for 25 years. Going out and building a palace for his team to play in has made it a team full of princesses. Hiring one push over coach after another has allowed him and his sons to become far too involved in personnel and draft decisions. Players used to view the star on the helmet as something special and different than other organizations but now it's just another mediocre team that has a reputation for choking and underachieving. I agree the Cowboys are not elite and have not been for a very long time. The NFC East? yeah, it has been down the last few years but it is still the most storied division in the NFL. I believe they still hold the most Super Bowl titles of any division and are also the only division in the NFL where every organization has won a SB.
  15. Moore called the QB draw...McCarthy was on the headset and didn't disapprove or overrule him. Both are boneheads. The whole organization is a joke. Listening to Romo call the game got me to thinking this is the future for Dak as well. Neither one is/was ever going to lead Dallas to a Super Bowl. Until the Jones's are willing to hire a coach that is not a yes man, this franchise will remain a bunch of underachievers.
  16. It is pretty funny. The irony is that the Cowboys are in this position as a direct result of Jones and his ownership though. He and his family have driven that franchise into the ground with amazing efficiency. He's the one who hires loser coaches like Jason Garrett and Mike McCarthy and yet, he expects winning results? That team will never win with McCarthy in charge, or Dak at QB, or Zeke at RB....the entire organization is the epitome of soft and undisciplined. It's a reflection of the culture set by the Jones family and unless they sell, it will never change.
  17. No it wouldn't, but how does a team that put up 18 more shots than its opponent lose? Taking 1/3rd of those shots from 3 and only hitting 23% of them is how.
  18. Queta would be valuable to any team and he did dictate what happened on the defensive side of the court but this team's woes are on the other end of the court. Wide open shots every game and can't shoot to save their lives. Not sure I have seen a worse 3-point shooting Aggie team than this one. We are now shooting 18% from beyond the arc over the past three games on some serious volume. Most of the looks are wide open uncontested shots. Teams are just daring us to shoot it from out there and we keep failing.
  19. Those radio announcers would piss me off as an opponent too. Thought Ike and Maldonado were good tonight but I guess that's all you need if you're the Cowboys. This Aggie team is so lost right now. They are a shadow of the team that played in Myrtle Beach and I don't see them turning it around at this point. Missing players is not the issue...missinh talent is.
  20. His ability to run is definitely his biggest asset. You can watch his highlights for yourself but you'll notice he is a very different runner than Chambers or Williams. He has elite speed for a QB and doesn't need much room to take it to the house from anywhere on the field. His issue with never winning the starting job in Logan came down to his inability to be a consistent passer. He does throw a nice deep ball but struggles with short and intermediate range throws.
  21. Peasley probably has less competition to be a starter. I also think he is probably left looking at FCS opportunities if WYO doesn't throw him a life jacket. The kid has wheels and speed to burn but has struggled with consistency throwing the ball. The other thing that would worry me about him is his injury history. While at USU he has blown a knee and then wrecked his shoulder (needed surgery) this year which caused him miss the end of the season. There's always that unknown of how well has he healed or how will his body respond - but I think he is worth the risk. Wish him the best of luck in Laramie, he's an awesome kid with an amazing attitude.
  22. Thay was one of the poorest called games I have seen. Period. There were questionable calls all over the place but the critical ones thay were so blatant and obvious to be incorrect all went in CSU's favor tonight. Sometimes it just goes that way to no fault of either team. It just sucks that it happened in a game that was ultimately decided by a single possession. Awarding the ball back to a team that just simply threw it out of bounds on a miscommunication, calling fouls after obvious no contact and well after watching shots go missed are not judgement calls that could go either way. These are calls that have a correct answer to them - and could be called correctly if they took a short time to review the video. The result of 2-3 of those type of plays affects the outcome in a game like this.
  23. I look for CSU to slowly take this game over. USU is just out matched and has far too many players playing injured to make this a game. Even with healthy players it would be a tall order but without them it is going to spell blowout. I am shocked at how far the Aggie 3-point shooting has fallen off over the past 3 games.
  24. The only ones I take exceptions to: AFA - an A-? really? they were a solid A, what were the expectations? picked 3rd in the MTN and they took 2nd. I think they met them with room to spare. UNR- a B?...hmm. Maybe I am remembering it incorrectly but there was a LOT of hype about this team being "the one". This was the season they had waited to come together. Picked pre-season 1st in the WEST (by a wide margin) and finished 3rd by winning 8 games. Seems more like a C when considering what they were supposed to do with an NFL QB, WR's and tenured coach. SJSU - using the same measuring stick as UNR above, one could argue that SJSU should be lower than a C- but did anyone really believe that they would finish 2nd in the WEST as predicted in the pre-season? Was probably never fair to judge them on the results of the 2020 "season". WYO - I guess I can see why some fans of the Pokes think they should have received something lower than a C. Picked pre-season to finish 2nd in the MTN and ended up finishing 4th. Doesn't sound too bad until you consider they had a few first place votes in the pre-season, still only reached 7 wins despite having one of the most cream puff OOC schedules ever assembled, and could only muster 2 MWC wins. Maybe a D based on hype expectations? Then again, 8 wins is the tops for Bohl so where does the real expectation fall?
  25. I'm not sure anything worse could have happened for the Aggies leading up to the game tonight in Fort Collins. CSU getting smashed in SD does not bode well for an Aggie team that is going to be limping into this one. Bean is playing hurt (heavily taped ankle), Miller has been sitting out (back issues), Bairstow has been in and out (broken wrist & dislocated/cut finger), and Rylan Jones got leveled in NM (ribs - which he has broken before) and will probably need to play limited minutes if at all. At this point the Aggies are a not anywhere near the team they were in Myrtle Beach. The Rams will be pissed off and they will be pumped up for this one because they will build it up as a big match up. Truth is USU is a middle of the MWC team at best this year. I could see Aggies losing by 20. Bet it all on CSU to cover with ease.
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