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  1. Too bad not much can be drawn from year to year in college football. This is an almost meaningless ranking and my guess is this will have no correlation whatsoever to actual strength of schedule as the season plays out.
  2. The current MWC membership began in 2013. Yes, my order above is total winning % including all championships and bowl games played. Your numbers above probably included the 2012 season where current teams were playing in different conferences so your %'s are affected by that. In any case, your numbers and order are only slightly off with the exception being Fresno St. Even if you were to factor in a perfect 13-0 for 2012 (actual record was 9-4) it gets you nowhere near .611 so I'm not sure how you came to that figure. The Bulldogs win % under current membership is .545 (60W-50L) and clearly behind USU and AFA.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. With Mims and Tyler both being Super Seniors - Wilmore's #2 role looked to be the same at either school for this season. Perhaps his decision just came down to what he sees beyond this year. There is not much proven talent behind Tyler at USU since Elelyon Noa decided to put his name in the transfer portal. We did sign a HS RB in Robert Briggs but he is a different build and skill set than Wilmore. I could easily see Wilmore becoming the starter next season.
  4. Wilmore posting moments ago that he is now an Aggie. So he feels better about backing up Tyler than he did Mims? I know he was originally a highly sought after Utah signee but left their crowded RB room for Fresno. Did the Covid 2020 season just mess up his plans there? and now Mims appears to be the guy? Any Bulldog fans with any insight here? I certainly welcome the depth, just wondering why this move came so late in the game?
  5. Agreed. It's pretty rare that the best team in the league has not been a part of the championship game. In fact, it usually is the top two teams that face off anyway so I'm not sure what this new scheduling arrangement is supposed to better accomplish? If they really want to protect the top team from getting knocked off and giving them a better chance at the NY6 bowl then they should just do away with the conference championship game entirely and crown the team with the best record of this single pool at the end of the regular season as the conference champion. Otherwise, I don't think this setup will yield any different results than what we have seen over the past 10 years under this same MWC membership. The top 5 teams will still be the top 5 teams and 95% of the time the champion will come from this set of schools. In order of winning % under current membership (9 seasons) / # bowl appearances in parenthesis BSU - (8) SDSU - (8) USU - (7) AFA - (5) Fresno St. - (5)
  6. I do think this "subcommittee" had to have been made up of the front range schools and possibly BSU, the preservation of the front range rivalries and the paved path of least resistance for the Donks sort of spells that out. I honestly don't have a problem with having BSU and SDSU as our guaranteed games if the thought process was to showcase top programs against one another or for TV arrangements, etc. What I do have a problem with is that the other two involved don't have to face one another (or Fresno for that matter) which makes this entire thing very slanted. The whole scheduling release is littered with this statement of having the top 2 teams meet up but it was just a way to give a helping hand to their two darlings in BSU and SDSU. It obviously won't guarantee that they make it to the championship but it certainly helps remove some of their traditional stumbling blocks that used to be annual match ups within the former divisions.
  7. Hey, leave facts like more games and a difference of 5 decades out of this. BTW, who would actually WANT AFA as their guaranteed game? I would be pissed about that arrangement. I look forward to finally having a 1 year break from them, finally a year without the unique game prep and worrying about which D-lineman won't make it past that game.
  8. I don't think USU's AD was involved in the subcommittee because he was asked about this scheduling arrangement weeks ago in a radio interview and he said he could not reveal who USU's guaranteed games were with but he did add that he was a little surprised by at least one of the schools when he found out. This made me think he must not have been a part of the process. He went on to say that one made geographical and competitive sense (assuming this was BSU) but he said the other one was a bit interesting and slightly shocking but said he thought Aggie fans would be happy with both teams.
  9. Hmmm....no losses to FCS or lower tier teams in the last 10 years for USU. That feels good to say considering where this program was just 15 years ago. Looking back at the schedule/results over the past decade it is hard to even identify even a single "embarrassing" loss. I suppose one could argue that the Aggies' most embarrassing losses have come in a couple of bowl games. 21-23 loss to Akron in 2015 Potato Bowl 20-26 OT loss to NMSU in 2017 Arizona Bowl The problem is that these were against bowl eligible teams, despite their brand name, and they were also closely fought contests against 6-6 Aggie teams both times. I honestly think the most embarrassing loss in the last 10 years was last year's loss to Wyoming. The game was not close and came against a title team at home. It served as a wake up call, but it was pretty damn embarrassing to sit through.
  10. The best part of this list? No Aggies. Let the doubt and disrespect begin.
  11. The PAC willl still have the upper hand on the Big XII even with UW, Oregon, UCLA, and USC gone. They will have their choice of Big XII teams....to back fill with. Both Kansas schools plus OSU and TTU would jump in a heartbeat. It will be interesting to see the 2 tear each other apart to remain alive. If more PAC teams join the B1G than the 4 we know about then all bets are off.
  12. Is this your way of coping with the football team in Laradise?
  13. I'll give a shot at USU offense first: Offense QB- Logan Bonner broke many of Jordan Love's school records in his first season in Logan last year and will return as the starter this season. He's a quick decision maker, accurate with the ball, but does struggle with the deep ball at times. Similar to Hank, he gets hit a lot and is tough as nails. Behind him are Cooper Legas, who filled in at the LA Bowl after Bonner went down, and Wyoming transfer Levi Williams, who was their starter down the stretch last season. Aggies also signed freshman Bishop Davenport from Spring, TX and Chase Tuatagaloa from Orem, UT this season. This may be the deepest QB room there has been at USU. RB- Calvin Tyler Jr. returns as the starter once again after leading the team in rushing with 884 yards on 4.5/ypc. He will be backed up by Jr. John Gentry who has seen action in his first two years at Utah State but will need to take on a larger role this season. Along with those two is Pailate Makakona who has been 3rd or 4th on the depth chart and will be relied on as a change of pace back. It's a bunch of journeymen and inexperience after these 3. The Aggies will also add FR Robert Briggs out of Bellville, TX this summer. The Aggies have tried to sign another RB to replace the loss of Elelyon Noa but have not been successful yet. If Tyler goes down for any length of time, this group is suddenly very thin. The only bright side of that is the Aggie offense is a spread 'em out and pass first so it doesn't rely on the run very much. WR- Bad news, good news. Bad news is that the Aggies lost a lot of offensive production at this spot. Many preseason predictors and pundits see this loss on paper and point to the loss of Deven Thompkins, Brandon Bowling, and Derek Wright as the main reason the Aggies will take a step back this year. Good news is there were already very good WR's in line behind these guys on the roster waiting their turn and the Aggies have signed a slew of new talent to add to the mix too. The Aggies will return one starter in Justin McGriff - at 6'-6" he will once again be the possession and goal line type receiver he has been the last 2 seasons at USU. Also returning are slot WR's Kyle Van Leeuwen and NyNy Davis. Both of them looked good last year and could have started if it weren't for the sheer amount of talented upperclassmen in front of them. Joining the returners will be Maryland graduate transfer Brian Cobbs (6'-2" / 205) who started games for the Terrapins all four years he was there. Also arriving and possibly playing opposite Cobbs is Alabama transfer Xavier Williams (6'-0" / 195). Another new addition that has shined since arriving is JC All-American Terrell Vaughn (5'-7" / 175). Much like Davis, he is looking to fill the role of the small quick guy left open by Thompkins' departure for the NFL. There are several other WR's not mentioned that have also shown the ability to work their way into playing time too. There are lots of options and lots of talent with this group. 4 and even 5 WR sets are possible and they will be a handful to slow down with several talented QB's to distribute the ball. This group has the depth and potential to be even better than last year. OL- This group started to come together a little better toward the end of last season but they always seemed to have someone injured and didn't have the depth to overcome without taking a step back. Things were looking pretty good for a solid 2 deep at all spots this year until the loss of Quazzel White a few weeks ago. Now it looks more like last year with solid returners at pretty much every spot and more experience but some young guys may have to step into those backup roles this year. It seems like 50% of the signing class were high school OL which is great for the future but doesn't provide much in the way of immediate help should we lose a couple of starters. There's 8-9 solid guys but not 10+ so it would be best if the Aggies didn't suffer many injuries here. TE- TE? who needs a stinkin' TE? I mean, apparently SDSU lost 24 of them prior to the championship game which caused them to get crushed. But outside of that...? Honestly, the Aggies lost Carson Terrell to graduation but look forward to the return of Broc Lane who was looking real good last year before being lost for the season prior to game 1.
  14. Should be an exciting FB season with several monster match ups for sure! Can you imagine the tie-breaker scenarios that would have come into play if it did come down to these 5 and the MWC would have done away with divisions for this coming season?
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