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  1. and thank you San Diego as well! https://www.kusi.com/helix-high-schools-elelyon-noa-makes-his-college-decision-live-on-good-morning-san-diego/
  2. I would be happy to donate one Mike Sanford Jr.
  3. Love Sitake's quotes about already going to a bowl.game. Everyone knows they already played their bowl games vs. BSU & USU. They played like their program depended on it - good for them and good for Sitake building up these late season MWC match ups to his team. I mean what else is there to play for or sell to his guys? These games for them are far bigger than any bowl game they would get. Too bad these games are just a nuisance during conference play to the other teams involved.
  4. I think we're forgetting that Josh Allen is somehow a starting QB in the NFL. Love has more passing talent in one finger than that dude could ever muster.
  5. ......and 8 has been the peak under Bohl (which looks like he has 50/50 shot at getting there again if they can pull off a bowl win this season). Not exactly access bowl material.
  6. I'd like to nominate the following: Mr. Nathan Troy Calhoun - does this guy own a facial expression that doesn't make one want to smack the bejesus out him? The answer is no. Besides, Howdy Doody should retain a Turd of Year award in perpetuity just for being himself. Mr. Michael Gunar William Sanford - you sir are not your father. Gary Andersen should have known better than to hire a guy that only took two years to completely ruin what Jeff Brohm had built at WKU. Along the path to losing 9 games in your last season as a HC you somehow managed to lose to FCS Maine. Maine! That should have been sign enough that you have no clue what you are doing. Mr. Robert Edwin Davie Jr. - how are you still employed? I didn't even know Maine had a football team and I don't think they would hire you but somehow New Mexico welcomes you back each year to add to your already shit reputation. UNLV football.
  7. Everyone knows the Donks have been saving the return of Hank for this week. It has been circled on their calendar from the moment he went down. USU is down their top DL, top DB, top LB, and is operating with Love, a single other returning starter on O, and the worst OC we have seen in a long while and still has a legit shot at winning this game. In fact, can we play for the rights to Sanford? USU wins, you take him with you to Boise. BSU wins and we have to keep him. As much as Donk fans seem to love Sanford, this may be quite the conundrum for you.
  8. Honestly, this game looked like a sure win for the Aggies about 3 weeks into the season but that team is long gone and now it looks like it would take a miracle to come out on top, even at home. The Aggie D is so decimated it is almost unrecognizable. Losing 1 or 2 guys here or there can be overcome but you can't lose your best DB (Ingram), your best DL (Leilua), your best LB (all-American Woodward), and you best edge rusher (Galeai) and hope to compete. Even some of their backups are out and we're on to 3rd and 4th stringers that didn't think they would be playing this season. The D was supposed to be the strength of this year's team and it has turned out to be a disaster and probably the worst defense we have had in 10 years. Aggie fans have not been impressed with the new DC or OC so far. I don't think anyone would shed a tear to see Sanford be dismissed after his first year- what a disappointment he has been. It's crazy to see the arc and trajectory of his coaching career thus far. He was once considered a young and bright offensive mind but WKU fans couldn't stand him and claimed he set their program back for years to come with his ineptitude. Of course Aggie fans just thought Hilltopper fans were disgruntled because they sucked but much of what they said is exactly what we have seen this year on offense. ZERO creativity, ZERO ability to scheme or design plays, ZERO ability to play call effectively, ZERO adjustments. As poor as WYO may be on O, USU is currently far worse on D. Unless Love and Co. can run up the score quickly I don't have much hope that our D will prove to be tough enough or experienced enough to stop anyone left on our schedule, including UNM.
  9. Almost exact same with USU in 2009 too. A freshman pledge died of alcohol poisoning after a hazing party that was thrown in his honor. He was "kidnapped" by Chi Omega sorority members and brought to a Sigma Nu fraternity home where he was bound with duct tape, painted blue, and made to drink a fifth of vodka. He was found not breathing at 3am that night. The incident caused USU to cut ties with both Chi Omega and Sigma Nu and both chapters were eventually shut down in Logan. Some of the individual students involved got cited for alcohol offenses and the parents reached confidential settlements with both Greek organizations. The frat scene in Logan has never been the same since.
  10. Perhaps USU can represent the West Div. instead? 3-0 vs. those guys this year (2 out of 3 on the road). In fact, that makes it 3 straight years that USU has swept the West Div. side of their schedule.
  11. Good hell - I really want to like AFA for all they stand for and represent but they sure do make it hard. I have never seen an institute with more whiners at every level. Today's statement from their AD regarding the rescheduling of the game: Why include the last two sentences? Just shut your fat mouth and move on, it makes you sound petty and picked on. https://goairforcefalcons.com/news/2019/11/6/air-force-at-new-mexico-football-game-rescheduled.aspx
  12. He injured his knee in late July playing for Portugal in the FIBA championship. Initial reports were no ligament damage but a dislocated knee cap. He has not played or practiced (other than light shoot around) since then and no time table has been given for his return. Some fans speculate we'll see him at our first significant OOC game, others claim it won't be until main conference play starts in January, and still others claim he could be out for the season. No one really knows and coach Smith has not provided any answers (perhaps because he has no clue himself). The national media seems to have just swept it under the rug and assumed it was a minor injury and he'll be good to go at some point. The lack of info and details surrounding the whole thing tells me there is more to the story than what is being told and the coaching staff is protecting him from something else or from doing damage to his possible draft future.
  13. Definitely problems for the creators of the Jamaica Classic. It isn't a good look for them to attract future participants in their tourney when they couldn't fulfill their end of the deal. The first two games of this tournament were supposed to be played on campuses and then the final two played in Jamaica. LSU and USU were the headliners and ever since these two were announced there was shuffling going on with various teams pulling out and/or declining to play road games at either location. Each week new team logos popped up on their website showing different schools that were supposed to participate and by the end they could barely find two others that would agree to play LSU and USU in Jamaica. The two campus games were scratched and the schools were left to try and fill the openings on their own at a point when most teams had already finalized their schedules. Coach Smith expressed his disappointment in not being able to find a single D1 team to come to Logan for either opening but not being able to get P5 teams to Logan is nothing new. Playing @ Florida, @ So. Florida, @ St. Mary's, BYU (neutral), LSU (neutral) is a WAC schedule? The two NAIA games were not USU's doing, they are what we were left with in order to fill 2 gaps we were stuck with late in the game. If it weren't for these two games the Aggies would not even have a single home game between November 18th and January 4th. They don't affect NET rating or anything else, they are just a way to have a two home games over a 6 week span.
  14. Wow, the last 4 games were already going to be difficult but this would really be bad if true.
  15. The Aggies also played their exhibition last night against The College of Idaho. Neither Queta or his backup (Kuba Karwowski) played at all, Merrill played only 14 min., and the minutes were pretty evenly split between starters and backups at the other spots. I'm not sure any conclusions can be made about the team except that it appears that some of the newcomers will most likely contribute this year. The most notable was made by true freshman Sean Bairstow (younger brother of Cam Bairstow) who put up 11 points, 7 assists, & 6 rebounds in 24 min. of action. At 6'-8" he played both PG and Wing and looked like he could play anywhere on the court except the 5. The other thing that stands out about this Aggie team is that they are HUGE. Queta is all of a sudden the 3rd tallest guy on the team and neither of the 7'+ guys are stiffs like we have traditionally had with guys that tall. 6'-5" Sam Merrill looks like a shrimp on his own team.