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  1. ?? Seems legit. With Nevada and UNLV both playing away that leaves Arbor View HS as the best atmosphere in Nevada this weekend
  2. That is the million dollar question. After what happened last game and the coach's post-game comments aimed at Aggie fans that had booed them off the field it is going to be interesting to see how many fans return. Our bye week has now let that historic loss sit and fester among the fan base for two weeks....not good. Obviously the Mav is not huge but it is usually not less than 75% filled. I could see attendance dip below that for this game. The student section should be packed with their 6k alloted seats but beyond that? Who knows?
  3. USU fans are largely expecting a loss this week. What a crazy swing it has been for the Aggies. With all the off-season distractions going on with coach Anderson and his family it appears that this year's squad was just not prepared like last year. Maybe by the end if the year they'll find some answers but right now it is a giant mess in Logan. Add to that the injuries that have already depleted the thin amount of talent on this team and it is a recipe for an easy UNLV victory.
  4. touche...it was a Stew Morrill special.
  5. I was going to say Wyoming-esque scheduling but this works too. Line up those 4 auto wins and then pray and hope your can get a 5th and 6th win somewhere when you have to play the conference schedule.
  6. ouch...USU in the cellar with Hawaii and UNM eh?
  7. Peasley will be like this all year long. His lack of consistency is why he could never be the starter. He'd play great one week and be a big contributor to a victory and then the next week he would go 1 for 8 for 26 yards and throw 2 picks. His ability to scramble and his speed are by far his best attributes as a QB. His passing skills are questionable at best. Then again, he may look like a world class passer if the comparison is to L. Williams.
  8. I have said it before but for those that don't know. You're going to find Aggie fans on gameday in their live chat room. We're spoiled to have one of the nicest and comprehensive fan sites out there which includes our forums and a live chat room. There are not even game threads at USUFans.com because it is being talked about and watched live "together" by the online Aggie community. One can find numerous post game threads about various topics regarding the game but never an actual game thread during the event. USUFans.com is also the reason you see a smaller representative of Aggie fans here than many other MWC schools. It is full of Aggie related news articles, social media feeds, and a super active forum with 5k registered users and hundreds of regular posters. I like to visit this board too but with limited free time, it is difficult to digest everything over there and then find the time to pop in here. I have noticed that the MWCBoard is the place to go for fans of certain schools but I think that is because they don't have very good fan forums and/or low activity on what they do have.
  9. Damn that is scary. Peasley's ability to stay healthy was one of his biggest question marks. Blown knee, torn shoulder, he's done it all in limited action as a 2nd and 3rd stinger. He'll see a lot more reps now comparatively. Peasley was well liked by Aggie fans. I'm not sure there is a faster QB in all of college football. Dude has speed to burn!! If he had more consistent accuracy he would have challenged for the starting job in Logan. Pretty crazy to think that WYO took USU's third string QB and made him their starter while USU took WYO's starter and made him their 3rd string. Yet, WYO may have gotten the better end of the deal and made the bigger impact to their squad with the swap.
  10. Too bad not much can be drawn from year to year in college football. This is an almost meaningless ranking and my guess is this will have no correlation whatsoever to actual strength of schedule as the season plays out.
  11. The current MWC membership began in 2013. Yes, my order above is total winning % including all championships and bowl games played. Your numbers above probably included the 2012 season where current teams were playing in different conferences so your %'s are affected by that. In any case, your numbers and order are only slightly off with the exception being Fresno St. Even if you were to factor in a perfect 13-0 for 2012 (actual record was 9-4) it gets you nowhere near .611 so I'm not sure how you came to that figure. The Bulldogs win % under current membership is .545 (60W-50L) and clearly behind USU and AFA.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. With Mims and Tyler both being Super Seniors - Wilmore's #2 role looked to be the same at either school for this season. Perhaps his decision just came down to what he sees beyond this year. There is not much proven talent behind Tyler at USU since Elelyon Noa decided to put his name in the transfer portal. We did sign a HS RB in Robert Briggs but he is a different build and skill set than Wilmore. I could easily see Wilmore becoming the starter next season.
  13. Wilmore posting moments ago that he is now an Aggie. So he feels better about backing up Tyler than he did Mims? I know he was originally a highly sought after Utah signee but left their crowded RB room for Fresno. Did the Covid 2020 season just mess up his plans there? and now Mims appears to be the guy? Any Bulldog fans with any insight here? I certainly welcome the depth, just wondering why this move came so late in the game?
  14. Agreed. It's pretty rare that the best team in the league has not been a part of the championship game. In fact, it usually is the top two teams that face off anyway so I'm not sure what this new scheduling arrangement is supposed to better accomplish? If they really want to protect the top team from getting knocked off and giving them a better chance at the NY6 bowl then they should just do away with the conference championship game entirely and crown the team with the best record of this single pool at the end of the regular season as the conference champion. Otherwise, I don't think this setup will yield any different results than what we have seen over the past 10 years under this same MWC membership. The top 5 teams will still be the top 5 teams and 95% of the time the champion will come from this set of schools. In order of winning % under current membership (9 seasons) / # bowl appearances in parenthesis BSU - (8) SDSU - (8) USU - (7) AFA - (5) Fresno St. - (5)
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