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  1. Are the Wilson's even Mormon? I didn't ever get the impression they were. I'm pretty sure Zach never served a mission and all I've ever read is how their whole family were big Ute fans before Zach ended up in Provo.
  2. Holy sad news. This is going to crush Aggie fans. Year after year we have full threads dedicated to this dude on our fan board. He is someone we are so envious of and he has always been our favorite broadcaster. He was a big reason we looked forward to the years Hawaii would appear on our schedule. RIP big man. You were the best, your laid back style will be missed!
  3. They had horrendous EVERYTHING last year. It started with a coach that was not just disinterested in playing a season but was flat out against it and did zero to prepare his players or staff for the possibility of playing. He had some unproven first year OC that I think attended one of the games last year and then was never seen or heard from again. No one can still explain Gary's reasoning for bringing in Shelley from Utah and forcing Colombi to Texas Tech right before the season started but it proved to be the first of many poor decisions he made last year. So much has changed in Logan
  4. I agree with this and I'm not blaming officials but, as a fan of hockey, it's just sad to see a game like this be interfered with by officials. They have to be more aware of the situation. That is a call that is not getting made 7 times out of 10 during regulation let alone 40 or 50 seconds into OT of a hotly contested playoff game. I'm all for calling obvious or egregious penalties but I also would have rather watched the teams settle it.
  5. Yeah, that was nothing more than fighting for stick position on the face off and one guy losing the grip on his stick. Throwing your arms up and whining should not be rewarded.
  6. He definitely has the look down.
  7. The fact that he still has eligibility left might be more unbelievable. Seems like we were watching him on national TV at Gorman like 15 years ago and yet he's still in college?
  8. This is the problem though, determining who was pretty good. Everyone played uneven shortened schedules and matched up against teams when either they were missing key personnel or the other team was.
  9. I think the odd Covid season really messed with these O/U figures too. It seems that in some cases they are really relying on last year's results to set the number but I think we're going to find out that not a lot can be drawn from those games or that season when it comes to the final standings of this one. The safe bet would seem to be UNLV over....they have 2 wins in them right? I think Wyoming at 8.5 seems high considering that 8 games is the most Bohl has ever won in Laramie. Then again, take a look at their OOC and . WTF is that? Heart out of it, honestly I think U
  10. Ahh....Pumba the Pig Bull. I will never understand how this logo got so much traction in the media on behalf of USU. It was made as a "kid friendly" version of Big Blue to be used on merchandise targeted for kids. That logo was never an official mark or logo for the university and never appeared on a single athletic uniform in any sport. Yet, it will still occasionally pop up on a TV broadcast as the logo for USU.
  11. Wow...so crazy. I remember rooting for that 2007 team like it was yesterday.
  12. Yeah, I never thought I would see the day that Packer fans would turn on Rodgers but it's happening. I think more and more of them are growing tired of his drama, especially when he never delivers when it counts. As for Jordan Love, I feel bad for the guy. He had no control over who drafted him and by all accounts the Colts were going to take him before the Packers jumped over them to get to him first. I really wish he would have ended up in Indy. He could have sat behind Rivers for a year and started this season. The Packers made no sense from the start and now he has to endure the added
  13. LMAO!! I was about to say they should have just had a giant blue and gold asterisk put on the top instead of the helmet but then SJSU went ahead and did one better by just having Covid Champs literally put on them. Unreal. Got to give props for the honesty.
  14. so long as you wear socks with your sandals and don't have a beard, wearing these pants around campus is perfectly fine.
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