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  1. So there was a misunderstanding about whether a form was or wasn't filled out before a potential recruit played some pick up ball with the team and the head coach tells the truth and doesn't try to hide a single thing in either case and he's fired? Good hell these are so small I hardly can categorize them as "minor" infractions. This just makes the Idaho AD look petty and ridiculous. They obviously had an agenda to fire Verlin but trying to use these "offenses" as legitimate reasons for their decision? c'mon! They should have just said it wasn't working out or they felt like the program needed to go in a new direction and part ways but of course they are looking for ways to fire with cause. That is far more slimy than anything Verlin or his staff did.
  2. Yeah, I would have to agree on the difference a quick PG would make. I don't remember a USU bball team in my lifetime ever referred to as athletic, it's sort of a stigma we live with. Obviously it's a direct reflection of the oftentimes "paleness" of our team but even when ethnic minorities have made up the majority of our team and/or been our star players, we still seem to carry the label. IMO the UW game was more of a match up problem with their unique defensive scheme than one of being athletically inferior. That same USU team hung with Arizona St. and Houston who were equally "athletic" but did not play the Syracuse zone D.
  3. As for strengths and weaknesses, I would say the strength is going to be depth and team defense. Yes, there are several players that can light up the scoreboard but this team will go as far as its defense takes it. It is a surprisingly big team with tons of length which should help with being a top defensive team. I remember a time when our center was 6'-6", now we have guards that height! so crazy! We lost Quinn Taylor and Dwayne Brown Jr. to graduation, Tuariawn Knight transferred, and another reserve, Ben Fakira, decided to go back home to Australia. Of that group, Taylor's production is the biggest need to fill but there are multiple new additions that should more than cover it. Weaknesses would include some depth a PG. Some may argue that Merrill is a decent enough backup at PG but the problem is that it would be nice to get that guy some rest instead of having him play PG for a few minutes while the starting PG gets a break. I also don't believe we have an elite ball handler or drive and dish type PG on the roster. We have guys that can create their own shot or create for others but not a quick PG that can go past his man and penetrate the lane with any sort of consistency. Conversely not having that quick PG poses problems when we face teams with multiple quick athletic guards that like to attack. Queta eliminates the possibility of going all the way to the rim for easy buckets but we get killed on drive and kickout situations. My best shot at the depth chart: Center - Neemias Queta, Jakub Karwowski, Klay Stall Neemias Queta- SO, 6'-11", 240 - I think most are familiar with his work Jakub "Kuba" Karwowski - JR, 7'-2", 230 - New JC transfer. Was signed as insurance in case Queta stayed in the draft. Looks to be very mobile and quick for his size, runs the floor well and tries to dunk every time he gets his hands on the ball anywhere in the lane. Will play immediately as a backup since he has no redshirt available. Klay Stall - JR, 6'-10", 240 - been at USU since 2016 and has experienced multiple injuries. Also missed his entire SR year of HS due to injury. He has shown talent in his brief time on the court but getting anything out of Stall at this point is just frosting. PF - Justin Bean, Liam McChesney, Roche Grootfaam Justin Bean - SO, 6'-7", 215 - A former walk-on that earned a scholarship mid-season last year. He brings lots of energy and seems to have a nose for the ball with his ability to rebound and get put back baskets. He doesn't look like an athlete at all but he is super quick off the floor and surprises people with his leaping ability. He even won the team dunk contest last year. Liam McChesney - FR, 6'-9", 195 - McChesney is one of two signed freshman that are creating a buzz and have Aggie fans excited. McChesney is the #1 rated HS player in Canada. He can spread the floor with the ability to shoot from deep or drive to the rim. He moves very well and has a game that more matches a traditional combo guard, but in a 6'-9" frame. Rumor is that USU coaches have made comments about Liam already being the best shooter on the team the moment he steps foot on campus. Roche Grootfaam - JR, 6'-8", 250 - Grootfaam was a JC signee last season but sat out due to an ACL injury suffered during the NCJAA championship game. Not known for scoring, but is a good rebounder and shot blocker, he's very strong, and has the body to bang down low. SF - Brock Miller, Alphonso Anderson, Diogo Brito, Sean Bairstow Brock Miller - SO, 6'-6", 205 - Obviously Miller's game is the 3 point shot, he took more than any freshman in USU history and made the second most ever. I would not say he is an elite shooter but has the potential to get there if he can eliminate being streaky and become more consistent. He's not really a factor on the boards and plays like he does not like contact. His defense improved as the season went on but he could still use some work in that department too. Alphonso Anderson - JR, 6'-7", 230 - Anderson is a new JC transfer. He can do a little of everything, he can score in bunches, he can rebound, he can play outside but is also comfortable with his back to the basket, and he can defend multiple positions. He is similar to Bean in that he can fill up a stat sheet but not be the main focus at either end of the court. Diogo Brito, SR, 6-5", 205 - Brito really came into his own last season and improved in so many ways. He will likely spend more time at the 2 than here at the 3 but he is capable of playing the 1, 2, or 3. He is a player that can knock down the 3, is a gifted passer, and is serviceable at being the main ball handler. Sean Bairstow, FR, 6'-8", 185 - Bairstow is the younger brother of former Lobo Cam Bairstow and is the other freshman Aggie fans are excited about. His game appears to be very different from Cam's. Sean is a true combo guard that can score in all sorts of ways and is an excellent passer. Coaches have also commented on how good of a rebounder he is and I would expect him to be able to eventually play the 1, 2, or 3 as needed. SG - Sam Merrill, Diogo Brito, Brock Miller, Sean Bairstow Sam Merrill - SR, 6'-5", 205 - he's a bum (just seeing if you're still reading) PG - Abel Porter, Sam Merrill, Diogo Brito, Sean Bairstow Abel Porter - JR, 6'-3", 195 - Former walk-on that earned a scholarship mid-season along with Bean last year. A couple of years ago if you would have told me that the walk-on guy at the end of the bench that looks like he could be the equipment manager would eventually be our starting PG I would have told you our program was in big trouble. Porter and Bean were both surprises as walk-ons but because of the amount of time he is on the court and how much he handles the ball, I would say Porter has been the most pleasant surprise. Porter hit some big shots and his confidence increased as the season wore on. Scholarships left = 1
  4. So do we apply the same principle to the consensus preseason rankings, the weekly in-season top 10 ranking, and all the post season predictions for the Pack too? None were written by a Nevada fan either so are we to treat them as invalid and instead believe that Nevada actually overachieved this past year? They were supposed to walk their way to a conference title, and at least achieve the same post season success as the previous season with the hopes of perhaps even being a final 4 team. Like it or not, those were the expectations from everyone, including Muss himself who claimed he didn't care about conference championships and that his team was solely focused on the only on the NCAA Tourney because that was all that mattered. To say this past season was not a colossal flop for the Pack is denying reality.
  5. Overall records aside, it's still hard to justify "best in their history" when there have been Sweet Sixteen and even an elite eight team in USU bball history.
  6. haha....yep, looks like the softball team got all bent out shape and decided to try and drum up some support and that is all they could get to join their cause.
  7. As my first act, I will shut the entire shit show down. As my last act before resigning, we will install a permanent tent over the 30k seat (a complete lie) football stadium where a prominent circus will move in and call it home. It will be the best entertainment provided in that space in decades.
  8. Sounds like nothing more than an entire disgruntled women's softball team. Why is is being presented like it is more widespread than that? These gals are upset that the AD shows favoritism toward the revenue generating sports and doesn't stick up for the females like she should because she is one? pfft...interesting coming from a group that could probably grow a beard faster than anyone on their football team.
  9. May 29th is the deadline for all NCAA undergrads to withdraw their name. Queta has personal workouts with 4 NBA teams scheduled so he will likely take those just to get additional feedback and then announce his intentions.
  10. Glad you brought this one up. I thought the two areas that appeared least informed were the TE's and LB's after the 1st teamers. I don't expect to see any of those 3 TE's after Rice to earn those awards and I think there will be many more LB's appear on the 2nd-4th team from the usual LB producing schools than what is shown. Interestingly Athlon states the exact opposite: "These are based on how players will perform in 2019-20. Career statistics and awards matter in the evaluation, but choosing players for the 2019 all-conference team is largely based on predicting and projecting the best for the upcoming year." That said, I agree with you on Moa and Whimpey. Sometimes I think these type of player's ranking or accolades suffer from being out of mind because of being out of sight.
  11. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/mountain-west-football-2019-all-conference-team Interesting Takes: Broncos have a rep at every OL spot on the list Broncos have a rep at all but 1 spot on DL The entire 1st team of LB's and DB's is one hell of a collection of players made up entirely of 3 teams (SDSU, CSUF, USU) USU has twice as many 1st team selections as BSU, SDSU, or CSUF UNM is the only team with no 1st or 2nd team selections but they do have 6 players named to the 3rd and 4th teams Any areas where you think they missed the boat? Discuss.
  12. I agree he should come back for another year. Most of the reports from the combine suggest that Queta should return to USU for another year. Sometimes it's hard to remember that these big guys are so young because they look like grown men. Queta is 19 and should return to Logan and improve his stock for next year's draft. In the mean time, coach Smith signed a 7'-2" JC guy in Jakub Karwowski as an insurance policy if Queta elects to not return. He appears to move really well, perhaps even better than Queta. I would love to see the two of them on the court together.....yikes!
  13. What about the birds!? The poor birds that will be duped once again as they dive to their death on this new and improved hue of blue....