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  1. Great game Aztecs. Feels good to get the SDSU monkey off our backs in Bball and Fball finally. I must say I was shocked to see Byrd return! Not often you see a player leave the field on a cart and then return to play. It was so frustrating to watch the Aggie O move up and down the field pretty well and then settle for FG after FG. I know SUDS D had a say in that but we really did not execute very well in the redzone all night. Thank goodness for Jaylen Warren, dude is a beast with incredible balance and strength. It seemed like it took 4-5 guys to bring him down all night. He is sort of like Darwin Thompson in that way. In fact, it's sort of ironic that after Thompson left early to the NFL we went after Warren to replace him. Had Darwin stayed I'm not sure we get Warren.
  2. Yes, I'm definitely detecting a different kind of "prepare your anus" vibe on this one.
  3. Man, that sucks for him. He had so much going for him in the off season and the Manning Camp and such. He was already saddled with trying to cover for the woes of his D and then this happens. With him I think the Rams win the Border War, .......now? When it rains, it pours.
  4. last time I checked our mascot was a bull. not that it would change the status, I think all the animals (including a falcon) would be outsmarted and beaten by Aztecs, Spartans, Warriors, and Cowboys.
  5. ^This^ It's the same reason we see people crowing about how the ACC must surely be trash this year because after Clemson all most casual fans and media look for is where is FSU? where is Louisville? how are Miami and Va Tech doing? When reality is that those aren't the top teams this year - instead it's teams like Wake Forest and Virginia that have been building up over the past few seasons and are now filling those roles. But because those names don't carry the same traditional weight in college football they are brushed aside.
  6. UNM WYO BSU at the start BSU by the end Hawaii
  7. Ouch, the bye week took a toll on the Aggies.
  8. Wait...why are we talking about old SDSU helmets? This design is awesome but wasn't this released last year or the year before? Is it just being rediscovered?
  9. Agreed..... this is the closest assessment of a true ranking (not standings). I would flip Hawaii & Fresno St. for now and Wyoming & Air Force also.
  10. I don't think anyone is worried about BSU or the quality of their product moving forward. The biggest assumption is that BYU will still be fielding a football team at that point in time.
  11. BYU assuming a lot to schedule that far in the future.
  12. LMAO! I see OJ is still hot on the trail of the real killer.
  13. Loved the summaries KP! You should make this a weekly post. I really could not agree with you more on any of the games or thoughts moving forward. All-in-all a great opener for the league with a couple of close calls that could have made it historic.
  14. I love that the Pokes pulled this one off but I feel like I'm taking crazy pills with all this Wyoming is all of a sudden good talk. Did anyone actually watch the game? Or just see the final score? To say it was an odd outcome given the play on the field would be a giant understatement. It really felt like the game result was dictated by the Tigers play, not anything the Cowboys were doing. I was rooting like hell for Wyo to somehow find a way to win but Mizzou shot themselves in the foot more times than I can count. I'm not sure Wyo can count on their opponent doing that every week. The good? Chambers can still run the ball. The bad? It still appears to be all he can do. 6-16 for like 90 yards passing is not going to win a whole lot of games, especially when Wyo runs into teams that will shut down the run, or put up a ton of points, or control the clock against them.
  15. Agreed on that. It sure seems like a decade of misery in those P5 games. I guess time will tell about their ceiling. All I know is this program is in a whole different place than it was just 10-11 years ago and for that I am grateful.