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  1. TrueAg

    We should get rid of the AP poll

    This is how it should be done. I know all the magazines and networks want to have little numbers by the team names to attract viewers or entice people to pay for their pre-season "rankings" but without those rankings being based on actual game results, we are largely left with the same P5 teams being handed rankings that they have no business possessing and really good G5 teams having to put an entire season portfolio together before finally cracking the top 20 near the end of the year. It just so happens that Wisconsin is one of the prime P5 examples this year. Even Badger fans wondered why they were in the top 10- and that was before this past weekend. If anyone watched #15 TCU vs #4 OSU or #7 Auburn vs #12 LSU this past weekend and came away thinking that Wisconsin is anywhere near this level of play they're crazy. The polls are so bad that even after the Badger's lackluster play against UNM last week, they were still one of three teams garnering first place votes (along with Clemson and Alabama)....LMAO!
  2. TrueAg

    We should get rid of the AP poll

    I agree with the general take on this but in Michigan State's defense, they didn't look bad in either game. It is obvious that they have weapons all over the field but the circumstances they faced in their first two games didn't turn out to be as easy as they may have appeared on paper before the season started. They have also fallen 13 spots in the polls from losing one game on the road on a last second field goal which seems appropriate. It is teams like Michigan and Wisconsin that continue to live off of past reputation rather than actual in-season game results that make the whole thing a joke. Wisconsin looked no better last week against UNM than they did this week and yet they only fell a single spot (from #5 to #6) last week because lazy voters just looked at final scores instead of what happened in the games. And heaven help us if teams like Notre Dame or Florida State happen to win - they will rocket up the polls past more deserving teams.
  3. TrueAg

    Tennessee Tech at Utah State

    Still there and very much still a destination. It is in Farson, WY. The Farr signs are gone but they still serve the biggest cones I have ever seen.
  4. TrueAg

    MWC game highlights

    No special occasion, that is what the student section looks like pretty much every game. It is 6k student section for football (although it is suspected that more than that are in attendance) and 4k for basketball and is usually packed for both. Now, the upper corners of the stadium were left empty by the general public but that is an entirely different problem. And yes, these dark blue jerseys and the helmets were new. Only slight variations from the previous ones - the matte helmet with the black to blue fade is gone and has been replaced with a super dark blue/black glossy helmet, the new blue uniforms also have the custom Nike pattern removed from inside the numbering and have a slightly different pattern added to the sleeve and pant leg.
  5. TrueAg

    Derek Carr is regressing....

    I'd say he morphing more than regressing. Morphing into David.
  6. TrueAg

    Rypien MWC Offensive Player of the Week

    Not talked much about on here but Eberle set the MWC record and tied the all-time NCAA records for points scored by a kicker in a single game with 24, (going 6/6 on FG's and 6-6 on XP's) and also FG's made over 50 yards in a single game (3). He also had 10 kickoffs in the game that resulted in a touch back. If our 3rd string freshman QB wouldn't have fumbled the ball in the 4th qtr. deep in NMSU territory, Eberle would have broken the points scored record. NMSU seems to be the victim when the northern Aggies re-write the NCAA record books. In 2000, USU Aggie RB Emmett White set the single game record for all-purpose yards against NMSU with 578.........and I can't imagine that record ever falling. That total is hard for an entire team to reach.
  7. TrueAg

    Why This Board Rules

    You wear your obsession and disdain on your sleeve. I like it!
  8. TrueAg

    Is BYU back?

    LMAO...they don't "travel" at all. They simply show up from the local church meeting houses in whatever city the road games are being played.
  9. TrueAg

    Is BYU back?

    ^^This^^. I'm not sure we learned much about BYU at all other than they can celebrate being 1-0 like they just won a NY6 bowl. On the other hand, Arizona looked so awful there are hardly words. Tate needs to put down all the magazines he's on the cover of and start to get serious about how to do his part to make his team better. I really think the 'Cats only hope for "W's" this year is to win in shootout fashion because their defense is non-existent. I'm not sure they had a player in position to make a defensive stop all night.
  10. TrueAg

    USU @ MSU game thread

    Yet another close call in a big P5 match up for the Aggies. I really wish we could seal the deal one of these times. It would have been nice to bring that one home for the conference. I believe the Mountain Division is going to be a battle!
  11. LOL, you know you have cut to the bone when BYU fans resort to their own Ogden joke. I've never seen a group of people make up what they believe is such a clever joke, tell it to each other over and over and find it hilarious every time, while literally no one else gets why they think it is funny. Such an odd culture in Provo. The 3 major Utah schools (+Weber St.) all sit on the foothills of the exact same mountain range and the only real difference is that each campus and setting is progressively less beautiful the further south you go.
  12. This was my favorite Jimmy Mac moment as well. What a night that was eh? You had the #18 ranked and undefeated Cougar team fresh off their beat downs of Texas, Houston, and Virginia. There was talk that BYU would go undefeated, play in a major bowl, and Taysom Hill would likely win the Heisman. On top of all of that ESPN placed the game in their prime time slot on Friday night so a captive national audience could witness the prodigal son finally return home to Provo to be honored after so many years. Then the Aggies showed up and promptly stomped on the hearts of Coog fans everywhere and left the rest of the nation celebrating.
  13. TrueAg

    Pre-Week 1 Rank-EM

    I was at the AZ Bowl as well, it was awesome to see that many NMSU fans all in one place. Lord knows their diehards deserved that experience after such a long drought but I'm not going to pretend that both Aggie programs are suddenly equally matched because of that game. It was two 6-6 teams, one that was ecstatic about having 6 wins and the other that was disappointed in having 6 wins. For the Saggies, that game was a culmination of nearly 6 decades of pent up frustration and their players knew it meant everything to their fan base. For the Naggies the game represented the 6th bowl appearance in the last 7 years and was a nice destination with good weather. It was essentially a home game for NMSU (perhaps even better than any home game they have experienced) and USU certainly didn't play well or inspired. Despite USU not playing a very good game, it is not often that a team wins the battles in rushing yards, passing yards, total yards, turnover margin, and time of possession and loses the game. Yet USU found a way. And who can forget the USU place kicking? Eberle had spent the earlier part of bowl week back east as one of three finalist for the Lou Groza award after missing only two FG's all season long. Somehow he managed to miss 4 FG in that single game. The point is, the circumstances surrounding this year's game are nothing like that bowl game. I didn't think talent was equal in the bowl game and that was with Rogers, Scott, and Rose - I think the gap will only widen this year with them gone. The Baggies are 30-8 all time against the Raggies and if nothing else, revenge should play a part in W #31.
  14. TrueAg

    Pre-Week 1 Rank-EM

    You could be right, perhaps I am being blinded by what seems like a crazy amount of respect given to WYO in these preseason rankings and polls.
  15. TrueAg

    Pre-Week 1 Rank-EM

    Unless the WYO defense doesn't live up to the hype, I honestly can't see the WYO vs NMSU game being all that close. NMSU is not going to be the version they were last year, which was historically good for them, but still not that great of a team in the overall scheme of things. If WYO struggles to win this game then I don't think it spells good things for their season. Yes, teams can and do improve over the course of the season but this should be a warm up game in every sense of the word for the Pokes. I expect no less from USU when they face NMSU in Week 2.