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  1. What a sour ending to the season for the Rams. Just when I thought there couldn't be a worse ending to the season than last year when the dumpster fire Aggies didn't even bother to show up for the final week's game against the Rams. Now this? Did they build the new stadium on an indigenous burial ground or something? They have angered the ancient ones!
  2. USU to UNM.... just hold still, this will only hurt for a little bit USU keeping one eye on SDSU during the game and being pleasantly surprised.
  3. Just be gentle Aztecs. I would like to get to 10 wins in our bowl and be healthy enough to secure a good win for the MWC.
  4. WTF? I just got back in range of internet/phone service and saw the score. How? How the hell can Wyoming march into Logan and look like it's their super bowl and beat the Aggies down 1 week ago and then lose like this? USU beat the living daylights out of both UH and UNM and yet both had their way with WYO on their own field.
  5. Nevada... What in the actual F*CK? How on earth is this team, with this roster, have 4 losses in 5 tries??! HOW? ....and a couple haven't even been competitive.... Many thought this was a top 3 MWC club this season.
  6. As sick as it makes me to say it, I almost feel like if we are truly in search of the top 4 then OSU and Michigan both should be there but one or the other will be eliminated. I now must go puke.
  7. Honest answer: yes & yes. It has been a patchwork line all year with various guys moving around or filling in for injured starters and that game was no different. We have been without our starting center since about week 3 and both tackles have missed time as well. There's just no consistency because they are each switching around from game to game and some have little to no experience. It's pretty apparent that the OL is this coaching staff's focus since a huge number of their first recruiting class are OLs coming in next year. Now, question for Poke fans. There is a not so secr
  8. Oh my hell.....is there any question? The egg laying we suspected might happen at SJSU last week was just delayed a week after returning home. Better for this Aggie team to just stay on the road - they don't seem to play with the same effort or energy at home. On the bright side, this does help the hype around Blake Anderson die down a bit - if only for a week.
  9. I was convinced that the Groves brothers, Goldwire, and Gipson were going to kill us today but Horvath and Bean were able to answer the bell one more time in this invitational and bring home the championship.
  10. ^^this. You could also add to AFA that if all three teams win they also get in. In other words, all Aggies are Aztec fans this week and all Falcon fans are Bronco fans this week.
  11. man....such a good way to wash the trash out of our mouth from the football team's effort last night. Bean has just taken his game to some other planet this season. He walks around with 20-30 points and 15+ rebounds like it is just normal.
  12. The rest of the country was fighting a war. Where were the Cowboys when it mattered most? Hiding in a gym playing the Sisters of the Poor every week and claiming a "National Championship" during years where most respectable programs were shut down in order to send their MEN to fight for what was right.
  13. I believe there are perhaps 2 starters in total between the entire offense and defense that are even from Utah and only one of them is "Mormon". I suppose that one player's religion is the unfair advantage you speak of?
  14. No one thinks any changes need to be made until they do. All it will take is a minor shift from the Power 4 to decide they want to go to the full 16 and it will affect everyone all over again. I'm honestly not even sure the new Big12 plays a single season under the proposed realignment. The remaining teams from the original Big12 will always be the jilted and looking for a way to move on because they feel left behind by their peers. That collection of teams as it stands does not have the rivalries, common geographic interests, or any of the traditional things that spell success for a college c
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