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  1. Do you mean statistically or opinion wise? I believe he is all-time MWC top 10 in points, assists, FT%, 3PT %, 3PT made, win shares, total shooting percentage, and I'm sure a few other categories.
  2. That was a pretty enjoyable game to watch. Not just because the Aggies won but because there were great plays by both teams and there were very few whistles without the game getting ugly or out of hand. It just had a nice flow and even though there wasn't a lot of back and forth on the scoreboard it still felt like a game that could go either way.
  3. This is actually one of the first brackets in the past week that has shown USU out. As much as I think the guy is a hack, I tend to agree with Lunardi, USU still has work to do.
  4. Harris is the best player in the conference...and I don't think it is particularly close. Flynn is certainly deserving of the award and will win it due to what he and his team have done but Harris is the more talented player. Where would Nevada be without him this year? Flynn is important to what SDSU is capable of but he is also one of many balanced pieces that SDSU has.
  5. Gentry is an amazing get for the Aggies. It's nice that we seem to be developing a little relationship with North Shore which is always a top notch program not only in Houston but in the country. Last year we signed Ajani Carter, the kid who caught the game winning hail marry pass in the 6A Texas state championship, out of North Shore. Safety Upton Stout was a verbal this year right up until signing day when he decided to stay home. Now landing Gentry may open some more future doors down the road with that program. It's not often that a single high school has 2 of the top 50 RB's in the county in the same backfield but that is exactly the position North Shore found themselves in this year. The problem for Gentry was that the other guy, Zach Evans, is the #1 / #2 (depending on where you look) RB in the country. There were several articles written before signing day that speculated that had the work load been reversed between the two, that Gentry may very well have the 5 star rating next to his name. Even with how things ended up, Gentry still held offers from multiple SEC, Big 12, and PAC 12 teams so the fact that the Aggies were able to land him is quite the accomplishment. He is currently the second highest rated recruit in USU football history. In fact, USU's 2020 class includes the #2, #4, #14, and #17 highest rated recruits in school history. Of course the ridiculous "total points" rating systems don't reflect this because the Aggie's overall signing class was relatively small which gives them less overall points and was also offset by the inclusion of kickers, punters, long snappers signed in this same class that receive 2 stars basically because of their position. The misleading rating system that currently shows USU ranked 9th in the MWC also doesn't account for the impact transfers of Keegan Duncan or Marcus Moore (both of whom would be ranked in the top 5 recruits in school history). USU has never really been at the top of the conference recruiting rankings, yet despite that they are the third winningest team in the conference since joining. If they continue to improve their recruiting relative to their own history I can only assume it will keep them as a contender in the conference in the coming years.
  6. Coach Andersen mentioned this hire today in an interview and he sort of chuckled when he was asked about Dave Schramm and said they "go way back" to days at Utah and just thought it would be a good move to help with Running Backs and recruiting. Didn't sound like he was going to play a role in offensive scheming or play calling.
  7. Believe us, there are a shit ton of Aggie fans that wondered the same thing over the entire off-season. You can't watch the NCAA tourney game against Washington last season and not understand that we were 1 athletic PG away from having something really great. Relying on a walk-on that you handed a scholarship to mid-season to lead you to wins in a tourney that is dominated by guard play is ludicrous. Porter is only a JR (in eligibility) but he has already announced he is done after this season since he will be finished with his masters degree. I think coach Smith is grooming Bairstow to be able to handle some of the PG duties. Even though he is 6'-8", he does handle the ball pretty well and has had a few great passes in limited action. He is also very aggressive to the hoop which puts him in trouble as a freshman doing freshman things. The good news is Smith did bring in a PG after last season. The bad news is he is sitting on our bench as a P5 transfer and will never play with this group of players. This is Marco Anthony (6'-5", guard transfer from national champs Virginia). He is a lefty that has good handles and ability to drive and create his own shot. He had very little PT in the 2 years at Virginia and is using his redshirt this season as he sits out. The other commits so far for next season are Rollie Worster (6'-3" 205) who is the Montana Gatorade POY. He is a SG but is built like a TE. He had offers from BSU and a handful of WCC schools....Aggie fan excitement is mixed about him. The other commit is Nigel John (6'-9", 250) who appears to be a load on tape. He has really good footwork and a polished back to the basket game already. He held offers from Wash. St., Kansas St., Pitt, Tulsa, and a few other CUSA teams. He was supposedly just starting to get attention from Auburn and Arkansas when he committed. He looks to be someone that coach Smith anticipates to be a part of the puzzle of replacing Queta should he leave after his So. year.
  8. Hey now, you know damn well that 75% of the players and staff don't have a hair on their head.
  9. Agreed. SDSU is really making this Saturday a complete festival with Leonard's jersey retirement. Aggie fans are hoping for a repeat of the Jim McMahon jersey retirement night at BYU a few years back. Prime time nationally televised, McMahon jerseys worn by the entire stadium, undefeated BYU team coming off a big win over Texas, Taysom Hill being talked about as a Heisman candidate, talk of BYU going undefeated. It all came crashing down on that glorious night... Hey, we can all dream right?
  10. Pretty cool to see 3 MWC QBs listed in the top 10.
  11. I believe you're thinking Nevada. USU is currently 62. https://bracketologists.com/team/utah-state-aggies
  12. We have had two real bad games on the season, @ UNLV and @ AFA......and unfortunately those two games have affected the rankings and outlook of an entire season. Of course the 3.5 minute debacle at BSU can't be overlooked but that was more of a miracle moment than anything else. The remaining and somewhat excusable losses Loss at St. Mary's - there were something like 23 lead changes and 13 ties...it was right down to the last couple of minutes (also played without Queta). Loss vs. BYU - back and forth game the whole time that went down to the last couple of possessions (Queta's 2nd appearance in a game this year) Loss vs. SDSU - team played okay but shot horribly - as they have most of the season
  13. I do find this year's NET rankings to be quite interesting - mostly because of what SDSU has been able to accomplish as an undefeated team thus far. Obviously having a "0" in the L column goes a long way toward any ranking and should not be easily overlooked but it is interesting to speculate and think about what-ifs. One thing that immediately sticks out about SDSU's resume is the lack of Q1 games played (4 total right now - with zero left to play). By comparison there are only two other teams in the top 50 NET rankings that are slated to play equal or less Q1 games. Those two are #42 E.Tenn St. (3 Q1 games with zero left) & #49 N. Iowa (2 Q1 games with zero left). The really interesting part is that given the lack of quality opponents on their schedule, E. Tenn St. is currently listed as #118 SOS, N. Iowa as #92 SOS, while SDSU is #174 SOS. This would lead me to believe that N.Iowa must play a ton of Q2 games to have a top 100 SOS right? Nope, 3 played with 2 possible left. This means they have the possibility of playing 7 total teams on the season that are either Q1 or Q2. The bulk of their schedule is made up of Q3 and Q4 teams yet they are projected to make the tournament and somehow currently have a top 100 SOS. It's hard to believe that going 1-1 in their Q1 games against West Virginia and Colorado would prove to be enough to carry them into the tourney or make them worthy to have a #49 NET ranking. The other thing that I have found interesting is the lack of travel associated with SDSU this season. The furthest they have traveled to play any game this season has been to Laramie to play a conference game. That is crazy to think about. Normally it is the teams like Duke that never leave NC during OOC play that get ripped for that tactic but even they went to NYC a couple of times and to East Lansing during OOC this season. I think about where USU has been this season - to Jamaica to play LSU & N. Texas, then to Moraga, CA to play St. Mary's, then to Houston to play S. Florida. Then to San Jose to play SJSU, then to Florida to play Florida....the air miles logged is crazy! Does the travel make you a more prepared team in March? Does it give you an advantage later in the season or does it wear on your team? Is it a disadvantage early in the season? So how much is really riding on those two games played early in the season in Las Vegas for SDSU? I would say nearly everything to anyone that looks beyond the numbers. The BYU game looks good on paper but are the committee members that are looking for reasons to discount the Aztecs going to look further and note that the game was before the return of Childs? If the Aztecs end with 2 or less losses on the season I don't think anyone will bother looking past the numbers so it will likely be a moot point.
  14. I'm not sure there will be a lead big enough for any Aggie fan to ever feel comfortable again this season. Luckily it looks like the team is sort of feeling the same way since that debacle. Looking back, this has seemed like 3-4 seasons being all played in one season with how many lineup changes and injuries there has been. The team has only played a few games the entire season where everyone was mostly healthy and those have come in the last week or so. I want to believe we are finally seeing the Aggies of last season but it may be too late now.
  15. It's Monday and I'm still sickened by this game. This isn't one that you just get over as a fan and I don't think this team will either. You would think the effort against AFA and UNLV would have been enough to wake the Aggies up but then they somehow find a way to reach an even lower low. The facts, numbers, and stats from this one are absolutely mind boggling! There's just no other way to describe what happened. USU lost a game in which they never trailed for a single second of regulation. With 3:36 left in the game, BSU had scored 48 points in the game (36:24 expired). They then proceeded to score 40 points over the next 8:13. During that same 8:13 seconds, USU had ZERO made FGs. With 4:24 left and the score 64-46, the ESPN win probability for USU was at 99.9% Diogo Brito had 3 turnovers in the final 17 sec. of regulation, the second to last led to a tied game and the last led to a last second shot for BSU to win in regulation. 5 Bronco points scored in the last 8 seconds without an Aggie ever possessing the ball in play. Both Merrill and Miller had fast breaks or 2 on 1 situations with less than a minute left and chose to drive to the rim instead of pull the ball out and eat clock and wait to get fouled. Several Aggies missed FT's in the final 2 min., any 1 of which would have been the difference in the game. The number of things that had to go right for BSU to win were only outnumbered by the amount of things that had to go wrong for USU to lose. The crazy thing is that absolutely every one of those things happened over the final 3:30 of that game. Hell, the Aggies could have just held the ball for 30 seconds on each possession and taken a shot clock violation and won the game but instead they panicked and made poor decision after poor decision. Credit to the Broncos for never quitting and for the coaching staff having the courage to sit some starters and give the bench guys a crack at it. Sure wish the Aggie coaches would learn to do that. Instead, we sit and watch guys play nearly the entire game even though they have been ineffective the entire time. The moment that coach Smith trotted out the same 5 guys to start OT that had just let an 18 point lead slip in 4 min. it was over.