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  1. TrueAg

    College Football News 2018-19 Bowl Predictions

    Wow, these are some of the worst bowl predictions I have seen so far. There is no way these were selected by looking at actual 2018-19 schedules or team evaluations. Having AFA, CSU, & WYO all win 6 or more? not likely.. Also, if these predictions prove to be accurate then bye bye Matt Wells. 6 wins is seen as the floor...and even that may not be enough to save his job.
  2. The thing I don't understand is when some people explain that they are trying to use the slogan to help redefine what "cowboy" means, those offended by the slogan then say how stupid that is and how impossible it is to redefine the term "cowboy". Remind me again who is being close minded?
  3. You can't be a part-timer until you have received that top notch training: Don't settle for anything but the best: https://cdltrainingtoday.com/schools/id/boise-state-university/
  4. TrueAg

    RIP Dwight Clark

    That was one of my earliest memories of crying over sports. I had nightmares of that damn catch and wondered how in the hell that prayer was answered.
  5. As a follow up to this dick measuring contest, here are the final counts for MWC entries into the T&F National Championships this next week in Eugene: USU - 7 (5 men, 2 women) UNM - 7 (3 men, 4 women) BSU - 6 (6 women) SDSU - 5 (5 women) AFA - 4 (4 women) CSU - 4 (3 men, 1 woman) UNLV -4 (4 women) WYO - 2 (2 women) Fresno St. - 1 (woman) SJSU - 1 (woman) UNR - 0
  6. TrueAg

    USU vs. Alabama

    USU had Wisconsin beat as well at Camp Randall the following year too but allowed a late punt return to lose the lead. The Aggies then missed the game winning FG from 37 yards with 6 sec. left and lost 14-16. The season after that we lost 14-17 @ USC. We also had games at Oklahoma and at Texas A&M that weren't decided until the final possession. We've come close so many times, it would sure be nice to pull one of these road "money games" off for once. Who knows what Alabama will look like in 4 years but if it's anything like they are right now I'm not feeling too confident that this will be the one where we finally get the "W".
  7. TrueAg

    Please Dear Lord!!

    I about died when #19 came around and it was indeed LVE. All I could picture before the pick was announced was Jeff staring intently at the TV with a voodoo doll of Ridley in his hands and repeatedly jabbing it with a pin....haha!
  8. TrueAg

    Please Dear Lord!!

    I completely agree on body measureables. The quote above said "talent and production" though.
  9. TrueAg

    Please Dear Lord!!

    Both Zach Vigil and Nick Vigil put up equal or better numbers than LVE during college and both are starting LB's in the NFL. Fackrell has more of the body type measurables but I think LVE is a better overall player than Fackrell and will prove it at the next level. As for talent, there's not much argument for who that is in recent years. It's hard to leave out a 4-time Pro Bowler, 4-time All Pro, Super Bowl Champion, All-Rookie team member, highest paid MLB in the league, and center piece and play caller of one of the more dominant defenses in the past 10 years - Bobby Wagner. Perhaps he's forgotten because is was technically drafted the season before USU joined the MWC? In any case he represents a MWC team.
  10. TrueAg

    Please Dear Lord!!

    I'm sort of shocked by LVE's stock rising so much over the past 6 months. He's a good player but there have been similar and more talented LB's out of the MWC that didn't get anywhere near the hype this guy is getting. I'm a huge Cowboy's fan, despite the horrid ownership we have had to endure for nearly 3 decades now. Since Jimmy J. left I have not been impressed with what the Cowboys have done through the draft. I don't think they have good scouts that are fully invested in finding talent throughout the country, instead they over-focus on SEC schools (mainly from Jerry's beloved southern states) and the occasional Big 10 or Big 12 player. As for LVE, I wouldn't mind seeing him don the star but I'm not sure he is better than anyone else we already have in place. I am hoping that Jaylon Smith will start to pay off at MLB, I'm not a Sean Lee fan and wouldn't be sad to see him move on (or just stay injured one of the many times he is), and who knows what is going on at the 3rd LB spot (Lewis? I suppose). Perhaps LVE could work his way into a starting role. As for BSU players on the Cowboys, it has been hit and miss. I loved the D. Lawrence selection, T. Crawford was okay, but couldn't stand having O. Scandrick on the team.
  11. Multiple sources have already reported that McEwen requested his release prior to the coaching change. He was leaving no matter what. Coach Duryea also said last off-season that several AAU coaches were involved in shopping him around to P5 schools prior to this year. This is the state of college athletics right now. Many P5 schools just do their "recruiting" at G5 schools by targeting proven players rather than taking a chance on a HS kid that may need development. The pressure to win now and at all costs has never been greater.
  12. TrueAg

    Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Agreed. That is why I said "arguably" - SDSU's recent success has been impressive.
  13. TrueAg

    Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Wow, I never thought I would see the day when Aggie football would be considered by people on the outside as an asset to the conference but Aggie hoops as something that will struggle. Aggie basketball was sort of our identity and calling card. It's success was the main reason we were ever in the conversation for inclusion in the MWC. Behind UNLV, USU has arguably the most impressive program history in the conference. They are currently tied with UNLV for the most NCAA tourney appearances but have struggled mightily since the 2012-13 season (yes, the Aggies were 21-10 that season but that was struggling compared to previous years and also given the insanely poor competition that was left in the WAC that year). The struggle has continued, due in large part to an inept coach. I'm not really buying the budget argument seeing that Nevada has a smaller budget than USU and yet they find themselves at the top of the standings. I do agree it is an athlete/talent issue right now- but doesn't that point back to the crappy coach? Is it not his responsibility to evaluate and bring in talent? It may seem a bit harsh to some on the outside looking in and say 3 years is too short of a time to put his guys in place but you have to remember that Duryea was an assistant under Stew for 14 years and was already a part of the last few years of Stew's tenure when things really started to fall apart. This is part of the reason that nearly every Aggie fan (outside of Duryea's family and a couple of former players) didn't want to see him hired. This Aggie team would be clobbered by pretty much any Aggie team from 2000-2011 so from that stand point, maybe Aggie fans are living in the past. It does suck watching Nevada, the team you essentially dethroned as king of the WAC, now establish themselves as a competitor in the MWC while the best the Aggies have been able to do in 5 years of membership is 4th place (2014-15). I don't think it would hurt as much if we didn't know what the possibilities are with the other factors such as The Spectrum and now the new Estes basketball Center in place. We just need a coach with some vision and fire and the ability to recruit and Aggie fans would get behind this team.
  14. TrueAg

    OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    Congrats on reppin the D3! The Aggies will be there as well rooting you on. http://achahockey.org/view/achahockey/acha-hockey-news/news_499909
  15. TrueAg

    BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    You had better hope that isn't the case or you can just expect USU and UNR to dominate year in and year out. I mean, I'm all for that but didn't that get old for you? I personally like being a part of the current makeup of the league where any number of teams can win it and also represent the league on a national level.