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  1. TrueAg

    SJSU @ Utah State Game Thread and Stream

    The only thing that remains hard to swallow each week is seeing opponents put up junk time yards and points against our 2's and 3's for half the 3rd qtr. and the entire 4th qtr. The 600, 700, 800 yards of offense and 50, 60, 70 points each week help take the sting out but it doesn't make games this season feel any less awkward. As fans we seem to leave games each week with sort of a down feeling, having just watched the Aggies usually lose the 4th qtr with the scoring subsided and the starters long gone from the game. Our defense doesn't get its due since they are only in the game for 2.5 qtrs each week and poor Jordan Love has only played in four 4th quarters all season! 491 yards passing, 5 TDs, 0 INTs today and he only played 2.5 qtrs. What would his numbers look like if he actually played full games? What would our defensive stats look like if the starters played a full game? I'm glad to see the individual stats given up for the health and season goals of the team but I hope some of these guys on the defense don't get snubbed from earning individual honors because of it.
  2. TrueAg

    Byu @ (#7) Nevada game thread

    Game and result felt scripted.
  3. TrueAg

    Bold basketball predictions

    Merrill wasn't bad either with his 37 points.
  4. TrueAg

    Byu @ (#7) Nevada game thread

    Is it bad when BYU looks more athletic than the supposed #7 team in the land? Does UNR have a game plan other than to jack NBA 3s? You would think they would catch on that none of them can shoot? Also never noticed how much smaller the Martins play than their actual height.
  5. TrueAg

    Fresno @ Boise

    Even after watching nine weeks of games I have no idea what to make of this match up. All I now is this: BSU does not look like their normal dominant selves - partly due to their OL and lack of ability to just run over teams when needed, partly due to key injuries mounting up Fresno St. has looked comfortably in control of nearly every game. Fresno St. defensive numbers are partly inflated due to a truly horrid lineup of offenses they have faced all season. Also aided by playing an uncharacteristically poor UCLA team early in the season, a Gangi-less UNR, a WYO that was still playing Vander Waal, etc. BSU's pass defense can be taken advantage of (currently #74 in pass yards allowed - that is CSU bad) Rypien can look incredible on one drive and hapless the next Fresno St. has not faced a single team that has a positive Football Power Index rating. There are currently 67 FBS schools with a positive FPI rating and BSU will be the first one that Fresno St. has faced all season (and will be the only one unless they face USU in a MWCCG). On the surface it appears Fresno St. should win this game but the stats say this is by far the best team they have faced to this point. So how will they react? How will BSU cope with potential key losses on both sides of the ball? I don't see this game getting away from either team so I think it will come down to the wire.
  6. TrueAg

    Bold basketball predictions

    Just you, because you're brilliant.......and you actually pay attention. Seriously though, I don't think the so called media "experts" had a clue in the preseason. I will give credit to the few here that did warn everyone to watch out for the Aggies.
  7. TrueAg

    Bold basketball predictions

    Hey, there's no way I would have believed the Aggies would have won 3 of the last 4 against UNLV with how poor we have been since joining the MWC but somehow that is what has happened.
  8. TrueAg

    Bold basketball predictions

    shhh....let's not speak of this. USU will suck, just like their preseason predicted 4th place finish in their own division in football.
  9. TrueAg

    First CFP Rankings

    I'm fine with USU not appearing on the initial ranking. Our schedule has not been particularly difficult and we still control our own destiny. I don't think UCF remains unbeaten and there's lots of football yet to be played. Like coach Wells says, we are only worried about going 1-0 this week.
  10. Again, USU won the Mtn. Division and played in the championship game in the first year (2013), the year before (2012) they ended the season ranked #16 in the AP, the year after (2014) they won 10 games and a bowl. At the end of this season the three teams with the most wins under the current conference configuration will be in order... 1.BSU, 2.SDSU, 3.USU.
  11. TrueAg

    Phuck You Wyoming.

    Reading is not your strong suit, it's okay.
  12. TrueAg

    Phuck You Wyoming.

    This looks about as full as the new stadium gets - I thought having it on campus was going to change everything?
  13. TrueAg

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    your chum game is as weak as your beloved team.
  14. TrueAg

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    This is reality for all MWC schools playing BYU. These games are more or less exhibition games played for nothing more than pride - they hold no importance to anyone other than BYU who is trying to fill out a schedule and get to 6 wins so they can make it to their per-determined bowl.
  15. TrueAg

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    And don't forget the beatdown of a ranked and undefeated BYU team in 2014 that was surely headed to a NY6 bowl with their Heisman QB and previous wins over Texas, Houston, and Virginia. Oh wait, wins over BYU don't count apparently.