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  1. Wanted to congratulate the Pack for apparently hiring the already best coach in the MWC after losing what was apparently the best coach in the MWC. The real travesty though? For Murray to not have Edwards ranked dead last. http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/ranking-the-mountain-wests-basketball-coaches-from-best-to-worst
  2. Stating AFA is a rival to themselves?...that is a bold move Bob.
  3. I would second this and add that being in the same division should help in developing a rivalry. Until the Aggies win a couple in Boise I'm not sure it will be considered a rivalry to most fans on both sides.
  4. It will be interesting if he does not grade out as a 1st rounder if he will return to school or settle for something less like. He has liked several tweets suggesting that he should return should he receive that sort of feedback from scouts. He's only appeared in the late 1st round in a couple of publications - most notably SI's latest mock - but he isn't even listed in the top 75 on most. It's got to be hard for kids like this that have families, especially in foreign countries, whose lives could change dramatically with even a little money.
  5. Never said anything about Smith not jumping ship when he gets a bigger opportunity but if you've listened to him for even a couple of minutes you know he is not in this for self promotion. I (and most every Aggie fan) fully expect him to move on if he maintains success and is presented with a great offer but I also know that while he's in Logan he cares about the long term health of the program and the actual kids that are in it. I didn't hate Muss for winning, I hated him for the way he and his wife went about things. Numerous Nevada fans have expressed the same disappointment in some of his low class antics as I did but since I am making the observations from the outside it is somehow different?
  6. Not true. I thought the TJO hire was one of the smarter things UNLV AD has ever done. I also like many of the current MWC coaches including Paul Weir, Hutson (pushed for USU to hire him after Stew), Leon Rice, and Brian Dutcher. I even liked Menzies and thought he deserved to stay but I also understand UNLV's need for change. I can't help it that Nevada decided to hire Musselman, who wasn't building anything during his time there except for a super dream team that would be his hopeful meal ticket out. His interest was never in building up Nevada for the long term or building up the conference or anything outside of promoting himself. I can't help it now if Alford ends up replacing him; another guy that has had issues at every stop he's been at and is by and large seen as a self-promoting jerk.
  7. Bahaha....I distinctly remember the last time he signed a 10 year deal in this very conference. He promptly left 13 days after signing it. I do agree that this hire ensures that UNR will have yet another asshole roaming the sidelines....very good for the rest of the conference wanting to maintain a measure of Pack hatred. It would have sucked if they hired a decent human being for a coach.
  8. Yes, I am booking it right now. I'm writing it right next to all the other things you have gotten right. There seems to be plenty of room for it there.
  9. Well, his wife is already on record as saying Logan, UT was completely unsafe for her daughter to attend a game due to the rampant racism and the crowd chanting the n-word during games so Arkansas should be paradise by comparison.
  10. So to recap: Musselman is not anyone's first choice among the schools that have an opening but Muss is flashing signs to all that will listen that he is definitely open to leaving Reno?
  11. Looks like some TCU fans are looking at Muss (or not) if Dixon goes... https://forum.killerfrogs.com/index.php?threads/if-jamie-goes-musselman-would-be-my-first-call-nm.219344/
  12. Who said anything about being Mormon? Or is that just the "go to" when you see the U-State logo? The same mentality Mrs. Muss when she claimed everyone in Utah was racist. I'm just pointing out that this isn't the first time she has run to her Twitter account to try and defend or speak for her husband and essentially the program. Last time he had to tell her to cool it and delete her ignorant posts and blatant lies.
  13. Good hell, does this woman stick her nose in everything? She seems to run to Twitter like a 16 year old girl every time to put her spin on the situation. I've never seen someone in her position act as though she's the self appointed spokesperson or director of social media for Musselman Inc. He already suffers from small man syndrome and he has to deal with his wife that demands to wear the pants too? That has to be annoying as +++++!
  14. That's not true. BSU football is model of HC's that have built an actual sustainable program. USU football is now a model of this thanks to a single HC that actually changed the culture and ultimately the future of the program. Gary Andersen went 11-2, finished #16 in the AP, left to Wisconsin but left the USU program in great shape with all the pieces to continue after his departure. Wells came in, picked up where GA left off and also left after an 11-2 season and finishing #22 in the AP. Stew's program went in the shitter 2-3 years before he ever retired. He drove it there, no one else did. Unfortunately, the guy that helped drive it there is who ended up with the HC gig afterward which only prolonged the downward spiral the program was already on. Stew had stopped building for the future over his last 3-4 years. He stopped recruiting because he hated the game of it and he felt increasingly out of touch with the majority of youth. His wife was battling cancer and he had more important life issues to deal with at the time. The point is he did build for the long term for many years until other factors caused him to lose the patience or will to do so. There are other examples of BBall programs with HC changes that sustain success because it has been built for the long term. NMSU is such a place, Menzies cleaned up the mess left by Theus, created an actual long term program that has been sustained by Weir and now by Jans.