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  1. TrueAg

    MWC Football Assistant Coach losses

    Gone from USU Head Coach - Matt Wells to Texas Tech OC - David Yost to Texas Tech DC - Keith Patterson to Texas Tech WR Coach - Jovon Bouknight to Texas Tech CB Coach - Julius Brown to Texas Tech OL Coach - Steve Farmer to Texas Tech RB Coach - Deandre Smith to Texas Tech TE Coach - Luke Wells to Texas Tech Head S&C Coach - Dave Scholz to Texas Tech Offensive GA - Chuckie Keeton to ??? So, not too many losses.....
  2. TrueAg

    MWC highlights

    Well tell him to stop with the praise, we need to keep him hidden and under the radar a little longer. I do agree though, poor Carvacho seemed to have no chance on either end of the court if Queta was out there.
  3. Bring back the rat! Bring back the rat! (wow, he has aged)
  4. TrueAg

    MWC highlights

    He's 19, has a summer (July) b-day. I would love to see him stay at least one more year in Logan but the NBA scouts are really starting to pay attention to him. He's getting noticeably better with each game that passes, showing he can stay out of foul trouble, and really starting to show how athletic he is...especially for his size.
  5. TrueAg

    MWC highlights

    Gentlemen, your MWC Freshman of the Year.....and let's hope not a 1 and done for USU's sake.
  6. SB Nation takes a look at which college teams are "punching above their weight classes" and which programs are under performing compared to their recruiting rankings. I suppose this could be viewed as "achieving more with less" but perhaps a better way to look at it is an accurate view of which programs are best at developing talent. Many posters around here like to participate in pissing matches about recruiting, star ratings, etc. but the true measure of how good a recruiting class is doesn't come for 2, 3, or 4 years down the road and by then everyone is busy arguing about the current recruiting class again. This study uses a four-year average recruiting ranking and I was pleasantly surprised to see nearly every MWC team is outperforming their 4-year recruiting rankings. The only programs not performing to the level of their recruiting is UNLV (barely at a -4), CSU (-22), and SJSU (-37). More impressive is what is found on the opposite end where 2 of the top 3 in the country are MWC teams (USU & Fresno St.)
  7. TrueAg

    If Harsin leaves, would Boise hire Tedford?

    Whoa! I feel like that movie Inception right now. A fishing story within a fishing thread....quick I need to spin a top to see if this is reality!
  8. TrueAg

    Moving on....

    Well, this is it. It took 40+ years to happen but I am moving on from Americas Team. Putting up with the Jones's as owners, employing incompetent head coaches, QB failure after QB failure leading this team since Aikman's departure, our "star" player is an ewok, it's just too much to take as a life long fan. Long gone are the days I proudly wore a Dorsett jersey around as a youth or one of several ball caps proudly repping the star. It's been an embarrassment for decades now but I held out hope that things would somehow change. Reality is they aren't going to as long as Jerra is the owner and true change will never happen in this organization until his stubborn and shortsighted ways leave with him. As foreign as it will be it's time to adopt a new team....
  9. TrueAg

    Are Boise State HC’s turning down openings...

    I think this is exactly it. It's sort of like players that don't get credit for being as good as they are because they are a part of a perceived "system" where it is thought that anyone with minimal talent would succeed. I think this definitely happens with BSU, which probably only adds to the long term benefit of their program. When P5's go looking, they are looking for the next young or hot "up and comer" or guy that seems to exceed the expectations of the place he is at. Look at how many total coaches have gone through Logan in the past 6 years or so...it's crazy to think that not only the head coaches but some of the top coordinators in the country made their name in Logan. Andersen brought in Dave Aranda and together they built a pretty stellar defense, then he takes Aranda with him to Wiscy and now Aranda is the highest paid coordinator in the land and LSU. Wells brings in Todd Orlando, who inherits a tons of defensive talent at USU, decides to learn the system that was in place instead of instilling his own and is now the DC for Texas using the same defense. Wells also brought in Josh Heupel as OC for a year, now HC at UCF....and on and on right up to this year with Wells, Yost, and Patterson (as well as pretty much the rest of the staff) leaving to TTU. Where BSU is more of a household name/brand, it is expected that they will win 9-10 games every year so there is not a perception that their coaches are exceeding expectations even though they are very good at what they do.
  10. TrueAg

    Fresno State @ Utah State

    Not to justify the mistakes by the PBP guy but this is actually the simulcast Aggie radio call so of course it is going to be "us" and "we", it is not like they are hired by Stadium to do TV broadcast only. Stadium is simply piping in the Aggie radio call to use for their streaming service.
  11. TrueAg

    Final AP Poll

    Yeah, perhaps in Dylan Sinn's case that is true. The other two didn't have Fresno St. ranked going into the bowls.
  12. TrueAg

    Final AP Poll

    You can actually see where each MWC team was voted by each pollster here: (Shameless plug for yet another awesome site founded and run by Aggies) Boise State Final AP votes (High- #15, Low- Unranked by 16 voters) Fresno State Final AP Votes (High- #11, Low- Unranked by 3 voters) Utah State Final AP Votes (High- #9, Low- Unranked by 20 voters) On a related note. The thing that burns me up the most about this is how poorly some of the pollsters that represent our region and particularly MWC markets represent MWC schools. All the southern and eastern based pollsters rank their conferences and regional teams high, yet we struggle to get any support at all from "our own". Some guys like Chris Murray finally got on board with his final rankings but then we have douche bags like Jon Wilner out of San Jose that put Fresno St. at #21 and didn't rank BSU or USU at all. They need to have their vote taken away.
  13. TrueAg

    Kliff Kingsbury

    The TTU AD was already facing some harsh criticism for canning him and then going with Wells. I can't imagine this has done him any favors with Red Raider fans.
  14. TrueAg

    Arizona Bowl

    If the Arizona Bowl payout was better this really could be the premier conference bowl game in the future. Of course the opponent would have to be upgraded to match the payout but Tucson as a destination, combined with the weather, and support of locals and UofA- it really is the best situation we have going when compared to the other MWC tie-ins. That even includes the LV Bowl. There was 40k in attendance last year for USU vs NMSU- more than either team gets for their own home games- nearly what they get combined! Of the MWC bowl destinations I've been to the AZ Bowl really does put on the best event.
  15. TrueAg

    Matt Wells To Texas Tech?

    In addition to this it has become apparent now that Wells and company were well into negotiations with TT a couple of weeks before the regular season ended. He did a disservice to not only his team but the conference as well for not seeing it through to the end. The last two weeks looked nothing like any of the other weeks in season from a preparedness stand point. Having him not involved in the bowl game proved to be the best thing for the team. I almost wish he would have made the announcement in week 10 and moved on and let the players and a bare bones staff finish things out because his time was obviously spent doing other things anyway.